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Spectropop V#0354

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 12/06/99

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       Volume #0354                        December 7, 1999   
            exciting full-color sketchbook look inside
    Subject:     Chapel date
    Received:    12/06/99 10:23 pm
    From:        WASE RADIO,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    To John Frank:  
    The Dixie Cups' version of "Chapel of Love" was recorded
    February 3rd, 1964 at Mirasound studios in New York.
    Michael G, Marvin
    WASE radio
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    Subject:     Re: Mrs. O'Leary's Cow?
    Received:    12/06/99 10:23 pm
    From:        Brad Elliott,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Michael G. Marvin wrote:
    > Fearing that the song had
    > something to do with this strange phenomonon, he had most
    > of the tape destroyed-except for about two minutes of it
    > which languishes in the Capitol vaults.
    Aah, mythology -- a wonderful thing, isn't it?
    Actually, Brian doesn't seem to have destroyed any of the 
    tapes. The full session tape -- all 18 takes of it -- 
    survives to this day, as well as several different 
    mixdowns from 1966 (including one with snap-crackle-pop 
    sound effects).
    BTW, none of it is sitting in the Capitol vaults. Rather, 
    it's in the Beach Boys' own vault.
    Surf's up! 
    P.S. -- Most of the "Fire" session tape was bootlegged 
    during the summer on the Sea of Tunes label's "Unsurpassed
    Masters, Vol. 17" CD (subtitled "Smile Sessions"). If 
    you're into it, it's an interesting listen!
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    Subject:     "Fire" sessions - Brian Wilson
    Received:    12/06/99 10:23 pm
    From:        Carol Kaye,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Michael Marvin says:  
    >He assembled a small string section and had the studio 
    >janitor actually built a fire in a bucket-and placed the 
    >burning container in the studio.
    I was on those dates of "Fire" at Gold Star with Brian 
    Wilson, Hal Blaine, etc. and certainly don't remember any 
    "fire" built in a bucket at all! 
    We did those things at Gold Star, and I was amazed at the 
    beauty and depth of sounds he wrote, especially of the 
    cellos that Brian wrote for....the eerie sounds they got 
    sounded just like fire engines going to a fire, and fire 
    sounds, etc., plus we all did the "rebuilding" sounds of 
    hammers pounding, Lyle Ritz operated the riveting machine 
    while I helped Gene Estes hold the wood while he pounded 
    it, others were having a ball sawing away, doing all kinds
    of carpentry sounds.
    Brian did bring firehats to the recording session, but 
    from what I remember he and Lyle Ritz were the only 
    ones who wore them, otherwise it was a usual record date 
    scene except for the after-date carpentry thing which we 
    got a lot of money for, and it was kind of fun, like group
    therapy or something.
    You're probably right about Brian getting a little spooked
    about all the fires around LA, but as I have understood it 
    for years now (studio musicians talk about this stuff too)
    from long ago: 
    There were 2 big fires around LA, like we have every year 
    with our santana winds. The 3rd fire was the biggie tho', 
    the Malibu fire which was the straw that broke the camel's
    back....everytime Brian played his master, coincidentally 
    one of those fires started and the 3rd time was the start 
    of the Malibu fire.
    I finally got word to him later (I think - not sure what 
    time-frame here) that I personally saw the Malibu fire 
    I was driving in on the 101 from Camarillo (where I lived 
    for about 8 mos. then moved back to LA area) to master the
    Joe Pass Guitar Style book recording I had just cut with 
    Joe Pass -- still available for his book btw, through my 
    catalog page:  
    and rounded the bend at the Malibu turn-off, saw this wisp
    of smoke in what turned out to be a little fire in a 
    trash-can and saw small truck w/camper-shell driving off 
    from this little rest-stop alongside the freeway - 
    evidently that it had just deposited some burning trash. 
    In my rear-view mirror - it was a long stretch of road 
    there, I watched in horror as I saw the winds just whip 
    that little trashcan fire up the side of the adjoining 
    mountainside so quick it probably took all of 2-3 seconds.
    ...I had a long-time sweeping view as it was fairly 
    straight, very long slight-curve road after that. 
    Couldn't believe it as I saw that whole mountainside catch
    fire, and was hoping they would catch that fire, saw many 
    cars really slow down at that checking it all out --- the 
    winds were blowing HARD that day.
    Went to master the Joe Pass Guitar Style tape of Joe's in 
    the Valley, and then late that day (around 4PM) barely got
    through all the smokey haze to return home. It looked like 
    the whole world was on fire. 
    The next day I was out in my yard watering down my 
    roof-top, preparing to move the publishing company masters
    and photos, other important documents were in my car ready 
    to evacuate at a minute's notice as the flames were coming
    up to the top of the hill I lived on in Camarillo, coming 
    in the back way, and this was about 30 miles from where 
    the fire originally started, the wind was so fierce. 
    Ashes were raining down on my roof (house was 2/3 the way 
    down the hill, I had a little time but flames were licking
    at the top of the hill, you could see them). And fire 
    companies managed to stop that part of the fire. 
    Somehow I do believe that Brian never realized his own 
    talent so much that he tho't (maybe) it was a direct 
    feeling of connection with God, Jaco Pastorius the 
    bassist also has been quoted speaking this way. 
    Don't forget, Brian never had the chance to really grow up
    without all the hoopla surrounding the success of the Beach
    Boys, his productions, etc. too....that's pretty difficult 
    and a lot of pressure on a young man, especially if he's 
    had a tough childhood.
    But the rumors surrounding the way Brian recorded (and 
    thought of) his sessions of "Fire" should be laid to rest 
    once the truth is understood. 
    Great news: Earl Palmer is the first inductee into the 
    Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame under the new studio musician 
    category, "Sideman". Rumor has it that Hal Blaine is next 
    and yes, they've mentioned my name too. The first thing 
    that Earl said was: "we ALL should be in there for all the
    60s recordings we ALL did created together", that's our 
    Earl, Congratulations Earl Palmer!!! 
    Carol Kaye
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    Subject:     Re: Mrs. O'Leary's Cow?
    Received:    12/06/99 10:23 pm
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Michael G. Marvin wrote:
    >In late 1966, Brian Wilson recorded a song called "Fire"
    > me it made for uncomfortable listening. 
    Well, it certainly wasn't Surfin' Safari! I know what you 
    mean, Michael, but Fire and all the other unfinished 
    Smile masters are incredible recordings, thought by many 
    to be the peak of Brian Wilson's creativity. While it is 
    regrettable the project wasn't completed or released in a
    timely fashion, I think thirty-some years after the fact it
    is fairly safe to say that Brian was intent on evoking 
    moods, much as a composer for a film score might, e.g., 
    evoking fear or discomfort from a fire. I simply adore 
    this recording. What makes it so eerie? The bass line. 
    n.p. "Hicksville" (SOT17 disc one)
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    Subject:     Girl Group Stuff
    Received:    12/06/99 10:23 pm
    From:        Stos, William,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Some items to pass along to you Spectropopers. I've 
    started up a girl group discussion list on iname and some 
    people have finally found it, and there's a lot of 
    discussion brewing. Thought I'd pop over to this group a 
    see if anyone can contribute.
    Does anyone know a 60s girl singer named Hannah Dean? 
    Aside from "Quite A Reputation," what else did the Chymes 
    Also, one of the people on the list is putting together 
    tracks for two new Girls in the Garage comps, and two 
    other series. One new comp will feature virtually unknown 
    gals: any requests?
    Thanks Spectropoppers!
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    Subject:     Spectropop newsletter questions
    Received:    12/02/99 1:23 am
    From:        Rob Wicker, RobtWxxxxxcom
    I have a few questions for Carol Kaye, Jerry Riopell and 
    any other subscribers that may have been at the "A 
    Christmas Gift For You" Philles recording sessions.
    1. Were any other songs recorded, but not used on the 
    2. Were there any songs on the album recorded by other 
    artists, but not used?
    3. Do you have any memories from these sessions that stand
    out that you would like to share?
    If you participated in these sessions, thank you - your 
    contributions are enjoyed every year! - Robert
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    Subject:     Philles 115 "Then He Kissed Me"
    Received:    12/04/99 6:08 pm
    From:        bruns, xxxxxedu
    I have a copy of The Crystals' "Then He Kissed Me" b/w 
    "Brother Julius" (Philles 115). The record is in mint 
    condition, and the original jacket (with the logo and 
    slogan "Tomorrow's Sound...Today!") is in good condition 
    (there are no rips or tears and no stains, though the paper
    is faded somewhat). Inscribed on the inner groove of the 45
    are the words "Phil + Annette," which I understand was 
    Phil's own signature --a dedication to his then wife which
    appeared on a limited number of pressings. Is this correct?
    Can you give me some indication as to how much this item is
    worth, or where I might be able get an informed estimate?
    Thank you
    John Bruns
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    Subject:     Jimmy Webb solo albums?
    Received:    12/06/99 10:23 pm
    From:        Poopdeck Pappy,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jimmy Webb mentions in passing in his book that he's 
    recorded several solo albums. Aside of "Ten Easy Pieces", 
    what are the titles of the others, do they contain any of 
    his hits, and are they as good as his early stuff with The
    5th Dimension and Glen Campbell?
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    Subject:     Victorians
    Received:    12/06/99 10:23 pm
    From:        Ian Chapman,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jamie wrote:-
    > The liners to the recent comp CD Girls Will
    > Be Girls mention that Marty worked with the Victorians
    > for Liberty Records. (Can you elaborate, Mr. Chapman?)
    Hi Jamie,
    There's nothing I can really add to Alan's post about the 
    Victorians, although I do think anyone who has an ear for 
    Darlene Love's voice will agree that she's in there, even 
    though it's not her singing lead. Not too surprising, 
    given the Cooper/Nitzsche connections.
    BTW, John Frank - you just made my day!
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