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Spectropop V#0355

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 12/12/99

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       Volume #0355                       December 13, 1999   
                         Hitsville, U.S.A.                    
    Subject:     Spectropop newsletter questions
    Received:    12/12/99 11:32 pm
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hello Rob Wicker,
    If you get a chance to look at the Christmas Album cover 
    with P. Spector on the cover dressed as Santa look at his 
    hand. He is actually wearing an Ace bandage from an auto 
    accident he was in. and his "S" Ring was actually pressed 
    to the point that the Doctors had to cut the ring off 
    sometime after the picture was taken. I do believe that he
    had it restored or remade and still wears it.
    I hope this counts the kind of interesting info you were
    looking for even though it might be on a later album than 
    you were asking about.
    G. Spector
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    Subject:     christmas
    Received:    12/12/99 11:33 pm
    From:        Joey Stec, Jxxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    THOUSAND******************** YEARS....AND******** REMEMBER
    JOEY STEC LOVES************** YOU**************************
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    Subject:     Jimmy Webb's solo albums
    Received:    12/12/99 11:33 pm
    From:        Harvey
    To:          spectropop,
    Hi there.
    Tobias was asking about the titles & quality of Jimmy's 
    solo LPs. Here's the info (subjective version). Fistly a 
    warning; these LPs are '70s singer-songwriter' LPs. They 
    do not have that 5D/Glen C. sound. That said, there's 
    plenty of great songs to discover in here....
    Ignoring the 1968 LP for Epic, entitled 'Jim (sic) Webb 
    Sings Jim Webb', which was a collection of his demos 
    tarted up behind his back & released without his 
    permission, his first LP proper, 'Words & Music' was 
    released in 1971, on Reprise. Weird but patchy, it 
    includes the fabulous 'PF Sloan', and the charming 'Three 
    Songs', amidst much music biz bitterness. It benefits (or 
    suffers, depending on your point of view) from a very -
    ahem- 'low-key' & intimate production technique, as do the
    next two. The follow up, 'And so; On', also from 1971, was 
    equally patchy, but features the sublime 'Met Her on a 
    Plane' and 'One Lady', as well as the definitive version 
    of 'If Ships Were Meant to Sail'. Much of the material for
    this LP seems to have been destined for some themed concept
    work, perhaps even a musical.
    His 1972 LP 'Letters', however, is a stone classic. Not a 
    duff tune in sight, it includes a dark solo re-reading of 
    Galveston much more. Buy this record!! You will 
    not be disappointed. 'Land's End' from 1975 has a more 
    produced sound, removing some of the intimacy of the 
    previous 3 LPs, and yet is my least favourite up to this 
    date. The sense of artistry has rather disappeared by this
    stage, and the best songs are the most casual (Lady Fits 
    Her Blue Jeans, fergawdsake!!). Crying In My Sleep is on 
    here, but it's not as awesome as Artie's version (on 
    His 1977 LP 'El Mirage' was produced & arranged by Geo. 
    Martin, so that warm, homespun production technique is, as
    you might expect, nowhere to be heard. Tho' you do get to 
    hear the sound of Jimmy's glider landing on (I think) 'If 
    You See Me Getting Smaller, I'm Leaving', undoubtedly the 
    best song title ever. Also includes 'The Highwayman' and 
    the oft overlooked classic 'Christian, No'. (Christian, of
    course, being Webb's son & one half of hot indie combo The 
    Webb Brothers).
    'Angel Heart' from 1982 really is best avoided, its one 
    redeeming feature being the inclusion of 'Scissors Cut', 
    but again, Artie's version tops it.
    Finally, 'Suspending Disbelief' from 1993 has some great 
    songs (Adios, It Won't Bring Her Back) but is let down by 
    What Does A Woman See In A Man, possibly his worst ever 
    Many of the best songs from his first 5 LPs were collected
    in 1993 on a comp. entitled 'Archive'. Very well compiled &
    annotated, it should still be on catalogue somewhere in the
    world. None of the Lps are currently available on CD, as 
    far as I'm aware, and I don't think any of them sold too 
    well at the time, but they shouldn't be too difficult to 
    BTW, if anyone out there has ever come across his 
    publishers demo LP, I'd be very interested in hearing from
    Harvey Williams.
    --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]--------------------
    Subject:     More Victoriana to amuse...or not
    Received:    12/12/99 11:33 pm
    From:        Kingsley Abbott,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    The recent postings about the lovely Liberty Victorians 
    reminded me of a different record by another bunch of 
    Victorians. On Reprise 0434 you will find "Baby Toys"/ "I 
    saw My Girl". Both sides are marked as Produced by Nick 
    Massi Productions Inc. and I'm pretty sure date from just 
    after Nick left The Four Seasons. "Baby Toys" is a perfect
    65/6 Philips Seasons sound, and I guess was Nick Massi's 
    stab at maintaining some similar momentum with a great 
    soundalike. He also wrote the B side.
    On another tack, Spectropoppers may well care to check out
    the new Kit Kats double CD on Jamie Guyden. Some great 
    harmony pop sounds. A bit like a more restrained Lou 
    Christie meets The Association in parts. The second CD has
    a video clip of the band live. A great addition to a 'from 
    the vaults' compilation, for other companies to follow. 
    You can get the CD online from their website 
    As I send all fellow Poppers seasonal greetings, I'm just 
    finishing up Ripples Vol 5 & 6 "Folk/Rock" & "Beach Bash".
    Choosing summer songs in December is total Anders/Poncia 
    land! What a funny world!
    Kingsley Abbott
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    Subject:     Neil Young and other topics
    Received:    12/12/99 11:32 pm
    From:        Dave Mirich, Dmxxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I was recently listening some CDs getting ready for the 
    CSNY concert. The old Buffalo Springfield stuff is 
    wonderful. I don't know why noone mentioned it during the 
    thread on '60s psyche-rock. And pulled out my old favorite
    , Everybody knows this is Nowhere and read the liner notes
    at a stoplight. I never realized his first 2 LPs were 
    recorded before CSNY, before 1969. 
    Also, although Dr. Sardonicus was 1970 (I think) the 
    Spirit album is still incredible. Does this bring any 
    others to mind? Other random thoughts: Did anybody get to 
    hear a Boulder-based group back then, Zephyr? Very good 
    stuff w/ a young Tommy Bolin. How about a modern Spanish 
    band, Los Esclaricidos? Their music is outstanding. 
    I keep going back to 2 collections in particular of the 
    most wonderful, polished examples of 60s music and become 
    ever more impressed: The Sunrays, and Yellow Balloon. 
    Thanks for the recommendations here for The Critters, and 
    David Mirich
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    Subject:     Phil & Tina
    Received:    12/12/99 11:33 pm
    From:        Ian Chapman,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Last week in the UK, we had a TV showing of a Tina Turner 
    special, which was basically Tina live in concert in 
    London on her 60th birthday, interspersed with interview 
    segments with Tina, plus contributions and tributes from 
    other artists. Lots of retrospective clips, and of course,
    special mention of "River Deep Mountain High". Don't know 
    if it's yet been aired in the States, but for anyone who 
    missed it, here's how the Spector bit went:-
    First, ex-Ikette P.P. Arnold commented thus: "Phil Spector
    wanted to record Tina - Ike allowed it to happen as long as
    he produced half of the album and Phil produced the other 
    half - and that was a great time for Tina."
    Cher then appeared, saying "I remember when Philip was 
    playing it and how excited he was."
    Then Tina herself: " He was so much behind that project; 
    something he strongly, strongly believed in. I gotta tell 
    you, it was 75 backing vocals, it was a choir, it was 
    people - the room was full of singers. I just wouldn't 
    have said no at that time to singing with Phil Spector 
    because he was the top, top producer at the time." 
    Then Philip himself appears, (familiar shades, hair 
    longish and curly) and continues: "At the time I was 
    working with what I felt were the best songwriters in the 
    world, and we were writing together - I was recording with
    the best musicians in the world, they were recording with 
    me and I needed someone at that point in time to elevate 
    everything, more the way I heard it. She added an energy, 
    and a beauty, and a tone and a quality to the recordings 
    that I felt I needed, and knowing how good she was made it
    a lot easier to write "River Deep Mountain High" and to 
    record it. She was just that good." 
    Here, P.P. Arnold continued with the familiar story about 
    the record being too white for black radio stations and 
    too black for the white stations.
    Then Philip again: "I was disappointed that the record did
    not become successful in America because I felt I'd let 
    Tina down". 
    Tina: "I'm happy that the song is a classic for me and for
    Phil Spector because it was such a loss for him, for it not
    to have caught fire, so to speak - but it lasted, which I 
    think is better sometimes - it goes on."
    Near the end of the show, many of the celebs sign off with
    a birthday message to Tina. This was Phil's; "I love you - 
    happy birthday - and if you wanna make some historic 
    records, just call me." 
    --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]--------------------
    Subject:     Re: "Fire"
    Received:    12/12/99 11:33 pm
    From:        Poopdeck Pappy,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    JLP wrote:
    >I think thirty-some years after the fact it is fairly safe
    >to say that Brian was intent on evoking moods, much as a 
    >composer for a film score might, e.g., evoking fear or 
    >discomfort from a fire.
    Excellent point, Jamie. I don't want to play Brian down - 
    because Fire truly is one of the few completely unique 
    recordings by a pop group ever - but when was, for example, 
    Bernard Hermann's "Psycho" score released? 1959? The one
    thing I hate about all the "Smile" myths is that "Fire" is 
    always said to represent Brian's final breakdown, or a 
    major sign of his increasing mental illness. That's all 
    NONSENSE in my (and hopefully, everbody else's) opinion. 
    For one thing, Brian can be heard on the "Fire" sessions 
    being as sane and completely in control as he was when he 
    cut "Dance Dance Dance" or "California Girls". Insinuating
    that you have to be insane or on drugs to come up with 
    imaginative music like "Fire" is an enormous insult, both 
    to Brian's natural talents and to people who actually are 
    mentally ill.
    "Fire" is a damn good example of a songwriter brilliantly 
    carrying through a thought from the initial idea in his 
    head/at the piano to the finished version in the studio.
    Not many people got the talent to tell professional 
    musicians "Today we will cut a song imitating a fire", and
    get them to actually perform a song that not only imitates 
    a fire but also evokes feelings of panic and fear in the 
    listener! It takes REAL TALENT to actually SCARE the 
    listeners with music [not the same as just making a loud 
    noise that turns people off; I'm talking about music which
    triggers off our primary instincts and forces the body to 
    pump adrenalin out in the blood veins; in the same way as 
    Thonk felt when he heard a twig break in the woods 40,000 
    years ago, frightened a big animal would jump out in front
    of him], or move them emotionally in any other positive or 
    negative way, for that matter (professional comedians 
    could probably attest to how hard it is to make people 
    I'm positive that Brian still can do it again and again 
    today, tomorrow and for the rest of his life - talent like
    that will never disappear, though self-confidence certainly
    >What makes it so eerie? The bass line.
    ...and the atonal flutes over the chromatic strings 
    don't exactly sound like Perry Como...what are the two 
    chords in "Fire"? I can't for the world make them out...
    >n.p. "Hicksville" (SOT17 disc one)
    Actually, it's "Hitsville".
    --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]--------------------
    Subject:     Re: "Fire"
    Received:    12/12/99 11:33 pm
    From:        WASE RADIO,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Thanks for the posts about the "Fire" sessions. I have 
    read so many accounts about this song. I need to find the 
    books that I have on the Beach Boys, and leave posts on 
    what they said. I have the Brian Wilson autography 
    "Wouldn't It Be Nice" and I was truly astounded at how his 
    life was. Growing up with an abusive father, and how much 
    pressure all the fame has brought to him. In one point he 
    mentioned that the song "Fire" was suppose to symbolize 
    all the inner turmoil he felt inside. The way the 
    autobiography words it, Being the chief Beach Boy was not 
    all fun, fun, fun. But anyway Brian Wilson has written 
    some of the greatest songs of all time. Fun songs like 
    "Dance Dance Dance", and "Surfin' USA" and really complex 
    songs like "Good Vibrations", and "Heroes and Villains".
    Brad: I said in my last post that "Fire" made for 
    uncomfortable listening. That was only from hearing about 
    20 seconds of it on a Beach Boys special. Maybe if I heard
    the entire track, I may have a different perspective. 
    Thanks for the tip. Now if I can find that CD.
    Thanks again Carol and the other 349 musicians who worked 
    the LA music scene for all the great music. You all are 
    the greatest. Good Luck Carol on getting that special 
    Michael G. Marvin
    WASE radio
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    Subject:     Spector`s sessions
    Received:    12/12/99 11:33 pm
    From:        john rausch,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    For Carol Kaye:
    I was just re-reading the Richard Williams book (Out Of 
    His head...The Sound Of Phil Spector) and there is a 
    passage that caught my eye. Talking about Hal Blaine, he 
    then goes on to say ...(He was later replaced by Earl 
    Palmer, whom Phil liked even more because "he had better 
    time." Ultimately, Ritchie Frost was brought into play a 
    second kit alongside Palmer.) We all know Hal and Earl but
    who is Ritchie Frost? And is this true according to your 
    recollection? On another note I would also like to know 
    the following questions that have been bugging me for a 
    long time: Jack Nitzsche as arranger- What does an 
    arranger actually do? Larry Levine as engineer- What is an
    engineer`s actual job? I hope these questions are not too 
    mundane but I would really like to know.
    John Rausch
    Phil Spector`s Wall Of Sound at
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    Subject:     The Cake
    Received:    12/12/99 11:33 pm
    From:        Lindsay Martin,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I once had a tape recording, taken from a radio show in 
    the late 70s, of a female group called The Cake doing a 
    song called (I think) "Baby That's You". (Not "Baby ITS 
    You"!) I think the announcer said it had been recorded at 
    Goldstar Studios. It sounded like something in the Spector
    /girl group/Red Bird/Brill style, but I don't know whether
    it was original 60s or some later revival.
    I've been unable to find any trace of the group or this 
    (wonderful) song on the Internet. Does anyone here know 
    anything about them?
    --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]--------------------
    Subject:     Capitalism vs. Spectropop!
    Received:    12/12/99 11:33 pm
    From:        Michael White,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi everybody!
    I understand that commercial posts aren't generally 
    encouraged here, but I figure that the following items - 
    all of which I plan to purge - should be of interest to 
    some of you fellow Spectropoppers. Please e-mail me 
    personally at if you'd like to bid on
    any of the following items. I'll be accepting offers for 
    the next week (until Dec. 14). All items are in absolute 
    mint condition.
    Mike White
    Vancouver, BC
    The Beach Boys 
    "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (stereo mix)/
    Wouldn't It Be Nice (vocals only)/
    Here Today (stereo backing track)
    (Sub Pop 7")
    *two copies*
    The Strawberry Alarm Clock
    "Incense And Peppermints" (Universal Japan CD)
    "Wake Up...It's Tomorrow" (Universal Japan CD)
    "The World In A Shell" (Universal Japan CD)
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    Subject:     Liquid Room Playlist
    Received:    12/12/99 11:32 pm
    From:        Ponak, David, david.xxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop,
    The Liquid Room airs every Saturday Morning (Friday night)
    from 3-6 on 90.7 FM KPFK. (98.7 in Santa Barbara County).
    Also check out my show The Nice Age at Monday and
    Wednesday evenings from 
    8-10, PST.
    The Liquid Room 12/4/99:
    1.The Comittee-California My Way
    Happy Together: The Best Of White Whale Records (Varese Sarabande)
    2.Springs-The Way To Another Side
    Picnic (Universal-Japan)
    3.Jack Jones-Light My Fire	
    Where Is Love (RCA)
    4.Stereolab-The Super It
    The Stereolab Underground Is Coming (Tour only 7"-Duophonic)
    5.Pizzicato Five-Serial Stories
    Pizzicato Five (BRAND NEW ALBUM!) (Heatwave-Japan)
    6.Paul Williams-Someday Man
    Someday Man (Reprise)
    7.Teenage Fanclub-Kickabout
    Ain't That Enough (single b-side) (Creation-UK)
    8.Lalo Schifrin-Vaccinated Mushrooms
    There's A Whole Lalo Schifrin Goin' On (Dot)
    9.The Divine Comedy-Vapour Trail (Ride cover version)
    The Pop Singer's Fear Of The Pollen Count (single b-side) (Setanta-UK)
    10.The Kitchen Cinq-You'll Be Sorry Some Day
    The Kitchen Cinq (LHI)
    11.The Mark Wirtz Orchestra And Chorus-If Illusion Met Fantasy
    The Go Go Music Of... (Sequel-UK)
    12.Space Ponch-Tengs Of Thugs
    The World Shopping With Space Ponch (Transonic/Flavour-Japan)
    13.Yuji Oniki-Amnesiascape
    Orange (1 Plus 1)
    14.Yellow Magic Orchestra-Rydeen
    Solid State Survivors (Restless)
    15.Hugo Montenegro-Theme For Thee
    Greatest Themes And Schemes (BMG)
    16.Fun Lovin' Criminals-Crazy Train (Ozzy cover version!)
    Mimosa (Chrysalis-UK)
    17.Aimee Mann-Driving Sideways
    Magnolia (Soundtrack) (WB)
    18.The Beach Boys-Wonderful/Water
    Smile (Sea Of Tunes)
    19.Dubstar-Cathedral Park
    Goodbye (Food-UK)
    20.The Cyrkle-Don't Cry No Fears No Tears Coming Your Way
    Neon (Sony)
    21.Flipper's Guitar (Cornelius)-Coffee Milk Crazy 
    Three Cheers For Our Side (Polystar-Japan)
    22.Our Hour-Anarchy In The UK
    Not Dead (LD&K-Japan)
    23.The Aluminum Group-A Blur In Your Vision
    Pedals (Minty Fresh) (LIVE AT SPACELAND-LOS ANGELES- 12/16/99)
    24.The Remo Four-In The First Place (Produced by George Harrison during 
    Wonderwall sessions)
    Single (Pilar-UK)
    25.Squarepusher-Tommorrow World
    Selection Sixteen (Warp/Nothing)
    26.Bhen Lanzaroni-Easy (Produced and written by Bob Crewe/Charles Fox)
    In Classic From (Dynovoice)
    27.Brendan Perry-Saturday's Child
    Eye On The Hunter (4AD)
    28.Bee Gees-Odessa (City On The Black Sea)
    Odessa (Polydor)
    29.Faye Wong-Postman
    Love For Strangers Only (EMI-Hong Kong)
    30.Watermelon-The Gate Of Japonesia
    Cool Music (Alpha-Japan)
    31.Dodgy-Good Enough
    Free Peace Sweet (A&M-UK)
    32.The Free Design-The Symbols Ring
    Umbrellas (Siesta-Spain)
    33.Michel Legrand-Souvenirs
    Windmills Of Your Mind (United Artists)
    34.Pizzicato Five-Roma
    Pizzicato Five (Heatwave-Japan)
    35.Combustible Edison-Bluebeard (F.P.M. Old Fashioned Mix)
    Bluebeard (single) (Bungalow-Germany)
    36.Eartha Kitt-I Want To Be Evil
    Purr-fect: The Best Of.. (7n)
    37.Bertand Burgalat-Dans L'avion
    Quadrille (Soundtrack) (Tricatel-France)
    Midnight Vultures (DGC)
    39.R. Dean Taylor-Gotta See Jane
    I Think Therefore I Am (Rare Earth)
    40.The 98% American Mom & Apple Pie 1929 Crash Band-Summer Wine
    The 98% American Mom & Apple Pie 1929 Crash Band (LHI)  (Thank You 
    41.The Shacklefords-A Stranger In Your Town
    Single (Mercury)
    42.Scritti Politti-Mystic Handyman
    Anomie & Bonhomie (Virgin)
    43.Reparta & The Delrons-Bye Bye Baby
    Whenever A Teenager Cries (World Artists)
    44.Jean Jacques Perry-the Little Girl From Mars
    The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound Of Jean Jacques Perry (Vanguard)
    45. Death In Vegas-Neptune City
    The Contino Sessions (Time Bomb)
    46.Chappie-Seta No Yoru, Kimi Ni....
    New Chappie (Sony-Japan)
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