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The Shangri-Las
Mary Weiss Look out, look out, look out, look out!

The story of their 1977 comeback.

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The Shangri-Las

"The Shangri-Las were another of the great 60's girl groups. They gained recognition not only for the content of their songs but also for their visual appearance.

Twenty-two year old producer George "Shadow" Morton -- so named for his habit of disappearing for several days at a time -- recruited two sets of sisters out of Andrew Jackson High School in Queens, New York to be the Shangri-Las. Mary Weiss and her sister Betty joined with twins Marge and Mary Ann Ganser to form the group. While the girls were still high school students the charismatic Morton conceived the idea of having them record Remember [Walkin' In The Sand]. He made a demo tape and took it to Kama Sutra Productions and Artie Ripp. Brill Building songwriters Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich were added to help with the actual production of the song [Greenwich had attended the same high school as Morton], the sound of seagulls screaching in the background was added, and it was leased to Red Bird Records. The song entered the charts in September, 1964 and peaked at the number 5 position. The Shangri-Las were on their way..." >>>presented by Tom Simon

"Late entrants in the early 60s school of 'girl groups', the Shangri-Las comprised two pairs of sisters, Mary-Ann (b. c .1948) and Margie Ganser (b. c .1947, d. August 1996) and Betty (b. c .1948) and Mary Weiss (b. c .1947). During 1963 they were discovered by George 'Shadow' Morton and recorded two singles under the name Bon Bons before signing to the newly formed Red Bird label. Relaunched as the Shangri-Las, they secured a worldwide hit with 'Remember (Walkin' In The Sand)', a delightful arrangement complete with the sound of crashing waves and crying seagulls. It was the sound-effect of a reving motorbike engine which opened their distinctive follow-up, 'Leader Of The Pack', which was even more successful and a prime candidate for the 'death disc' genre with its narrative of teenage love cut short because of a motorcycle accident..."
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The Shangri-Las Bio

"Along with the Shirelles and the Ronettes, the Shangri-Las were the greatest girl group; if judged solely on the basis of attitude, they were the greatest of them all. They combined an innocent adolescent charm with more than a hint of darkness, singing about dead bikers, teenage runaways, and doomed love affairs as well as ebullient high-school crushes. These could be delivered with either infectious, hand-clapping harmonies or melodramatic, almost operatic recitatives that were contrived but utterly effective. Tying it all together in the studio was Shadow Morton, a mad genius of a producer that may have been second in eccentric imagination only to Phil Spector in the mid-'60s..." >>>presented by All Music Guide
"The Shangri-Las were the most broadly appealing of all the '60s girl groups. What they sang about had a lot to do with it. The "hip" look combined with a measure of innocence also helped convince the kids of the sincerity of the Shangri-Las message.

The group consisted of four sisters Mary (lead) and Liz (Betty) Weiss, and identical twins Marge and Mary Ann Ganser. All were 15 and 16 when they began singing at Andrew Jackson High School In the Cambria Heights section of Queens, New York Influenced by Little Anthony and the Imperials and the Four Seasons, they began playing school shows, talent shows and teen hops. The girls came to the attention of Artie Ripp, who arranged the groups first record deals with Smash, where they recorded "Simon Says" and and with Spokane for Wishing Well..." >>>presented by History of Rock

The Shangri-Las Photo Gallery

The Shangri-Las photo gallery features photographs of the group, both posed shots and live in concert photos.

Shangri-Las enthusiasts are sure to like these photos of Mary and the others as presented through the links here at Spectropop. >>>presented by Girl Groups Fan Club

'"Is she really going out with him?" "Well, there she is, letfs ask her!" Ask her they did, and rock has never been the same since. The Shangri-las, sisters Mary and Betty Weiss, and twins Mary Ann and Marge Ganser, were high school friends in Queens, New York. The girls loved the new music that was emerging in the early 60s, and in the typical fashion, they put together a group and started performing around the New York area at dances and parties. The Shangra-las as they were called first found themselves on vinyl in late 1963 with "Simon Says," on Smash records. Some people believe a group called the Bon Bons ("Come On Baby") who recorded in early 1964, were actually the Shangri-las in disguise, but this has never been confirmed..."
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The Shangri-Las - Best Of The Shangri-Las

Listen to Real Audio and LiquidAudio samples of all the great songs by the Shangri-Lashere:

1 Remember (Walkin' In The Sand); 2 Leader Of The Pack; 3 What Is Love?; 4 Give Him A Great Big Kiss; 5 Maybe; 6 Out In The Streets; 7 Give Us Your Blessings; 8 Heaven Only Knows; 9 Never Again; 10 What's A Girl Supposed To Do?; 11 Dum Dum Ditty, The; 12 Right Now And Not Later; 13 Train From Kansas City, The; 14 I Can Never Go Home Anymore; 15 Long Live Our Love; 16 Sophisticated Boom Boom; 17 He Cried; 18 Dressed In Black; 19 Past, Present And Future; 20 Paradise; 21 Love You More Than Yesterday; 22 Sweet Sounds Of Summer, The; 23 I'll Never Learn; 24 Take The Time; 25 Footsteps On The Roof >>>presented by Yahoo Music

Listen to the Red Bird Story
Listen to Real Audio and LiquidAudio samples of all the great songs by the Shangri-Las here:

The definitive 4 disc box set collection of recordings from the Red Bird and Blue Cat labels. Released by Charly Records in 1991.

1 Bossa Nova Baby - Tippie And The Clovers; 2 My Heart Said (The Bossa Nova) - Tippie And The Clovers; 3 Big Bad World - Cathy Saint; 4 Mr. Heartbreak - Cathy Saint; 5 Everybody Come Clap Your Hands - Moody And The Deltas; 6 He Ain't No Angel - Leola And The Lovejoys; 7 I Won't Be Me Anymore - Vic Donna; 8 Go Now - Bessie Banks; 9 It Sounds Like My Baby - Bessie Banks; 10 Boy From New York City, The - Ad Libs; 11 Searchin' - Alvin Robinson; 12 Something You Got - Alvin Robinson; 13 Chapel Of Love - Dixie Cups; 14 I Want To Love Him So Bad - Jelly Beans; 15 I Know He Loves Me - Chi Chi McCauley; 16 Top Down Time - Rock Always; 17 Keep It Up - Soul Brothers; 18 I Got A Dream - Soul Brothers; 19 People Say - Dixie Cups; 20 How Can I Get Over You - Alvin Robinson; 21 I'm Gonna Put Some Hurt On You - Alvin Robinson; 22 Remember (Walking In The Sand) - Shangri-Las; 23 Goodnight Baby - Butterflies; 24 Down Home Girl - Alvin Robinson; 25 Let The Good Times Roll - Alvin Robinson; 1 Bottom Of My Soul - Alvin Robinson; 2 Fever - Alvin Robinson; 3 Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget - Jelly Beans; 4 Baby Be Mine - Jelly Beans; 5 Ask Anybody - Ad Libs; 6 He Ain't No Angel - Ad Libs; 7 Welcome To My Heart - The Bouquets; 8 Having A Party - Ronnie Mitchell; 9 Bad As They Come - Sam Hawkins; 10 Hold On Baby - Sam Hawkins; 11 Dum Dum Ditty, The - The Goodies; 12 Sophisticated Boom Boom - The Goodies; 13 Standing By - Dee Dee Warwick; 14 Don't Think My Baby's Coming Back - Dee Dee Warwick; 15 Leader Of The Pack - Shangri-Las; 16 What Is Love - Shangri-Las; 17 Take Me For A Little While - Evie Sands; 18 Run Home To Your Mama - Evie Sands; 19 I Know It's Alright - Evie Sands; 20 Amy - Barry Mann; 21 Gee, Baby Gee - The Butterflies; 22 I Wonder - The Butterflies; 23 Little Bell - Dixie Cups; 24 Another Boy Like Mine - Dixie Cups; 25 Give Him A Great Big Kiss - Shangri-Las; 1 Twist And Shout - Shangri-Las; 2 Maybe - Shangri Las; 3 Shout - Shangri-las; 4 I Can't Let Go - Evie Sands; 5 New York Is A Lonely Town - Tradewinds; 6 I'm Just A Down Home Girl - Ad Libs; 7 Iko, Iko - Dixie Cups; 8 Gee, Baby Gee - Dixie Cups; 9 I Hurt On The Other Side - Sidney Barnes; 10 I'm Gonna Get You Yet - Dixie Cups; 11 Out In The Streets - Shangri-Las; 12 Our Love Can Still Be Saved - Jeff Barry; 13 I'll Still Love You - Jeff Barry; 14 Give Us Your Blessings - Shangri-Las; 15 Heaven Only Knows - Shangri-Las; 16 Gee The Moon Is Shining Bright - Dixie Cups; 17 You Don't Know - Ellie Greenwich; 18 Baby - Ellie Greenwich; 19 Right Now And Not Later - Shangri-Las; 20 Train From Kansas City, The - Shangri-Las; 21 If There's Anything Else You Want (Let Me Know) - Roddie Joy; 22 Fugitive From Love - Linda Jones; 23 You Hit Me Like T. N. T. - Linda Jones; 24 I'm So Glad - Sidney Barnes; 25 I Hear You Say (I Love You Baby) - Andy Kim; 1 Hey Little Girl - Jimmie Cross; 2 I Can Never Go Home Anymore - Shangri-Las; 3 Sophisticated Boom Boom - Shangri-Las; 4 Long Live Our Love - Shangri-Las; 5 He Cried - Shangri-Las; 6 Dressed In Black - Shangri-Las; 7 It Will Only Make Me Love You More - Ral Donner; 8 He Will Break Your Heart - Kane & Abel; 9 Past Present And Future - Shangri-Las; 10 Paradise - Shangri-Las; 11 Love You More Than Yesterday - Shangri-Las; 12 Mary Weiss Speaks; 13 Let The Music - Didi Noel; 14 It Was A Lie - Booby Moore & The Fourmosts; 15 Dressed In Black - Shadow Morton; 16 Chapel Of Love - Jelly Beans; 17 Here She Comes - Jelly Beans; 18 Ain't Love A Funny Thing - Jelly Beans; 19 Whisper Sweet Things - Jelly Beans; 20 Goodnight Baby - Jelly Beans; 21 Do Wah Diddy - Jelly Beans; >>>presented by Yahoo Music

Various Artists - The Best Of Red Bird/Blue Cat Records

Listen to Real Audio and LiquidAudio samples of all the great songs by the Shangri-Las here:

A fabulous collection of recordings from the Red Bird and Blue Cat labels, including remixes of many of the Dixie Cups' well known recordings.

Tracks: Chapel Of Love (The Dixie Cups); I Wanna Love Him So Bad (The Jelly Beans); People Say (The Dixie Cups); Remember (Walkin' In The Sand) (The Shangri-Las); Good Night Baby (The Butterflys); Baby Be Mine (The Jelly Beans); Leader Of The Pack (The Shangri-Las); You Should Have Seen The Way He Looked At Me (The Dixie Cups); Give Him A Great Big Kiss (The Shangri-Las); The Boy From New York City (The Ad Libs); Little Bell (The Dixie Cups); New York's A Lonely Town (The Trade Winds); Iko Iko (The Dixie Cups); He Ain't No Angel (The Ad Libs); I Can Never Go Home Anymore (The Shangri-Las) >>>presented by Yahoo Music

The Red Bird Discography
A Complete Listing of Albums released by Red Bird Records during their brief term of life between 1964 and 1967,
>>>presented by Both Sides Now
There he was justa walking down the street Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry

Spectropop presents one of the most beloved songwriting duos of the Brill Building, the husband/wife team of Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich. Together, they wrote and/or produced hits for Phil Spector (Philles), Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller (Red Bird) and many others. Their hits include "Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Hearts, "Da Doo Ron Ron," "Then He Kissed Me," "Be My Baby," "Baby I Love You, "The Kind of Boy You Can't Forget," "I Have a Boyfriend," "Do Wah Diddy Diddy," "Chapel of Love," "River Deep, Mountain High" and "I Can Hear Music."
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