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"Girl Groups - Fabulous Females That Rocked The World"
by John Clemente

Over five years in the making, "Girl Groups -- Fabulous Females That Rocked The World" is an in-depth account of 60 female groups, ranging from the 50s through the 80s. The information in most of the articles was taken from recent interviews with group members, some of whom had never before been interviewed. Also included is a comprehensive index of girl groups and their respective record labels, a rare record pricing index, and an introduction by the Queen of Pop herself, Ellie Greenwich >>>presented by Spectropop

An Introduction to 60s Girl Groups
Cha Cha Charming

The Girl Group Chronicles
After Elvis shipped off to serve his country and before the Beatles wanted to hold your hand, Rock 'n' Roll went through a so-called barren period and desperately needed a shot in the arm to stay relevant. Teen idols like Fabian and Frankie Avalon just weren't cutting it, and baby-boomers couldn't relate to older crooners and novelty acts. They needed a sound of their own - and they found it in groups of teenage girls. Providing the soundtrack to a generation of young lovers, good-bad rebels, the candy store crowd and soulful swingers were artists with names like the Shirelles, the Ronettes, the Crystals, the Shangri-las, the Supremes, the Chiffons, the Pixies Three, the Toys, the Cookies, the Rag Dolls - and hundreds more whose time in the spotlight was as brief as a kiss on the cheek.
These are their stories and their sounds... the Girl Group Chronicles. >>>presented by Will Stos

Guide to all the Girl Groups - List of Artists
The girl groups sound was one of the most popular rock & roll genres in the early '60s. The sound drew from earlier and much rawer 50s rock & roll and rhythm & blues records, but the girl group sound had far more polish and sheen than its predecessors, mainly because it was a product of professional record producers and Brill Building songwriters who commandeered the groups and tailored their repertoire. The vocalists often came from gospel and R&B backgrounds, while their creators were schooled in traditional pop, Follow this link here to a comprehensive list of web sites and pages on all the girl groups of the 1960s.
>>>presented by Spectropop & Cha Cha Charming
Guide to all the Female Vocalists - List of Artists

By definition, female vocalists can hardly be called "girl groups". However, many solo singers of the 1960s sang material written in the girl group style and were produced in the same fashion as the girl groups themselves. Fans of the genre consider solo singers such as Lesley Gore and Dusty Springfield to be synonymous with the girl group sound. Follow the link here to a comprehensive list of pages on female vocalists of the 1960s. >>>presented by Spectropop and Cha Cha Charming

Various Artists - Growin' Up Too Fast: The Girl Group Anthology

This double disc set contains fifty girl group tracks of both girl group hits and obscure favorites culled from the catalogs of Smash, Philips, Fontana, MGM, 20th Century and Mercury. A treasured collection, many consider this one of the best girl group compilations available. Featuring the Shangri-Las, Lesley Gore, Dusty Springfield, the Angels, the Royalettes, Ginny Arnell, the Pixies Three, Beverly Washburn and many others. Diane Renay's "Watch Out, Sally!," alone is worth the price of admission. Listen to G2 and Liquid Audio samples of every song from this collection right here at Spectropop.
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60's Girl Groups
Warner Brothers girl group compilation with the following tracks:
1. That's When the Tears Start - Blossoms 2. You're Absolutely Right - Apollas 3. There He Goes - Royalettes 4. Contact - Three Degrees 5. And That Reminds Me - Dolls 6. Pretty Red Balloons - Apollas 7. Good Good Lovin' - Blossoms 8. Wounded performed by Cookies 9. Come Go with Me - Sugar & Spice 10. Deep into My Heart - Blossoms 11. No, No Not Again - Three Degrees 12. Come to Me Darling - Royalettes 13. If I Had a Choice - Pearls 14. Mr. Creator - Apollas 15. Doctor of Hearts - Chiffons 16. After Last Night - Revlons 17. He's a Doll - Honeys
Listen to G2 and Liquid Audio samples of every song from this collection right here at Spectropop.
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Various Artists - - Best Of The Girl Groups, Vol 2

This Rhino release features many girl group favorites. Tracks include: 1. My Boyfriend's Back - Angels; 2. Sweet Talkin' Guy - Chiffons; 3. Loco-Motion - Little Eva; 4. Lover's Concerto - Toys; 5. Kind of Boy You Can't Forget - Raindrops; 6. You Don't Know - Ellie Greenwich; 7. Chains - Cookies; 8. Popsicles and Icicles - Murmaids; 9. One You Can't Have - Honeys; 10. Tell Him - Exciters; 11. Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby) - Cookies; 12. I Met Him on a Sunday - Shirelles; 13. Wonderful Summer - Robin Ward; 14. It Might as Well Rain Until September - Carole King; 15. You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry - Caravelles; 16. Easier Said Than Done - Essex; 17. I Love How You Love Me - Paris Sisters; 18. Johnny Get Angry -Joanie Sommers.
Listen to G2 and Liquid Audio samples of every song from this collection right here at Spectropop.
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Dream Boy Volumes 1, 2 and 3

Volume One - Miss Cathy Brasher - Too Late to Be Lovers, Ann-Margret - Hey Little Star, Susan Wayne - Ridin' on a Rainbow, Shelley Fabares - Football Season's Over, Andrea Carroll - Please Don't Talk to the Lifeguard, Jill Jackson - All Over Again, Roberta Wynn - Dream Boy, Miss Cathy Brasher - Sh...Listen, Dean Cannon - When Love Goes Wrong, Ruth Anne & the Footsteps - Lonely Footsteps, Carol Connors - Listen to the Beat, Cyd & Cheri - I'm a-Lookin' for Blue Eyes, Linda Laurie - All Winter Long, Jackie & Gayle - I Can't Go Out Tonight, Crystalettes -Just Think of Me, Susan Rafey - A Kiss to Remember You By, Ellie Gaye - Cha Cha Charming, Ginger & the Snaps - Seven Days in September, Cannon Sisters - I'm Sorry I Went, Courtney Rain - Too Late to Be Lovers

Volume Two - Miss Cathy Brasher - Only When I Dream, Sheila North - Golly Gee, Maureen Arthur - Don't Make the Angels Cry, Diane Emond - The Beginning of The End, Ruth Anne & the Footsteps - Little Angel, Vicki Sallee - Wild Angel, Carol Connors - What Do You See in Him, Cannon Sisters - Second Best, Carol & Cheryl - Sunny Winter, Kathie King - Handle with Care, , Disc #2, Connie Stevens - Lost in Wonderland, Shannons - Born Too Late, Rochelle Lara - Steady, Musique & the Lyrics - My Love and Life, Linda Laurie - Where Do You Go, Diane Ray - Snowman, Linda Wilson - Dreamy Eyes, Annette Bard - Alibi, Ginger & the Snaps - Growing Up Is Hard to Do, Carole King - A Very Special Boy,

Volume Three - Miss Cathy Brasher - I'll Remember Jimmy, Gee Sisters - Telstar, Jill Jackson - Hey Handsome Boy, Mandi Martin - Don't Let Him Get Away from You, Chi Chi McCauley - Memory Lane Without You, Nancy Mason - Won't Been Telling Him, Vicki Sallee - Jimmy Darling, Kathy Young - I'll Love That Man, Rose DuBats - Signals from Saturn, Alicia Adams - Oom Dooby Doom, Debbie Woods - Like I Gotta Get Away, Palisades- Make the Night a Little Longer, Jean Thomas - He's So Near (Yet So Far Away), Wendy Turner - Joanie, Dee & I - Dream, Crystalettes - We're in Love, Sammy Lynn - I Could Have Loved You, Little Jonna Jaye - Dear Jimmy, Piccola Pupa - Break Away, Kathy Jay - It's Boys Like You. >>>M and M Record information presented by Spectropop


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