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The Dixie Cups

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The Dixie Cups

"The Dixie Cups recorded Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich 's 'Chapel Of Love' despite the fact that both the Ronettes and the Crystals had failed to have hits with the song, which was described by co-producer Mike Leiber as 'a record I hated with a passion'. Released as the debut Red Bird single, the trio's first single reached number 1 in the USA during the summer of 1964 (the trio later claimed that they received only a few hundred dollars for their part in the recording). Following that hit, the Dixie Cups toured the USA and released a number of follow-up singles for Red Bird, four of which charted. 'People Say', the second, made number 12 and the last, 'Iko Iko', a traditional New Orleans chant, reached number 20..." >>>presented by Yahoo Music

The Dixie Cups

"The Dixie Cups came from New Orleans and had one giant hit along with several other records before slipping into rock history.
The three girls who comprised the group were Barbara Ann Hawkins [born 1943], her sister Rosa Lee Hawkins [born 1944] and their cousin Joan Marie Johnson [born 1945]. All were from New Orleans. Originally known as Little Miss and the Muffets, the girls were discovered at a talent contest. New Orleans record producer/singer Joe Jones, who had a top ten hit of his own in 1960 with You Talk Too Much, liked their act and brought the girls to the Brill Building in New York..." >>>presented by Tom Simon
The Dixie Cups Iko, Iko
AMG's modest page on the Dixie Cups lists some available recordings on this essential Red Bird Records-related girl group.
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The Dixie Cups

"The Dixie Cups were a black girl group that hit the top of the charts in 1964 with "Chapel of Love," a song that producer Phil Spector with Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich, had originally written for the Ronettes. The trio consisting of sisters Barbara and Rosa Hawkins and their cousin Joan Johnson, from the Calliope housing project in New Orleans. They first sang together in grade school. Originally they were to be called Little Miss and the Muffets, but were named the Dixie Cups just prior to their first release..."
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The Dixie Cups

"New Orleans has produced some famous jazz and rythym acts, but none would play such a big part in the Girl Group era as three Dixie Cups and their manager/producer, Joe Jones. Joan Marie Johnson and her cousins Barbara Ann and Rosa Lee Hawkins were originally known as the Meltones, and through a musical connection with Jones, they soon found their way to the fledging Red Bird label.

Although all the girls were all enrolled in school at the time, they decided to put their career aspirations on hold. Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry were anxious to find the first hit for the company and decided to dig into their own catalogue to fashion the group something borrowed, yet uniquely their's. "Chapel Of Love" had been recorded by the Crystals, the Ronettes, and Darlene Love. None of these versions had been rreleased by Phil Spector on his Philles label, however, and Barry and Grreenwich thought that the song shouldn't go to waste. >>>presented by Girl Group Chronicles

Listen to The Dixie Cups

P>Listen to Real Audio and LiquidAudio samples of all the great songs by the Dixie Cups here:< 1 Chapel of Love; 2 People Say; 3 Iko Iko; 4 Thank You Mama, Thank You Papa; 5 Girls Can Tell; 6 I'm Gonna Get You Yet; 7 Gee The Moon Is Shining Bright; 8 Another Boy Like Mine; 9 Gee Baby Gee; 10 Ain't That Nice; 11 All Grown Up; 12 No True Love; 13 You Should Have Seen The Way He Looked At Me; 14 Little Bell; 15 People Say; 16 Iko Iko - (previously unreleased, alternate take).
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Listen to the Red Bird Story
Listen to Real Audio and LiquidAudio samples of all the great songs by the Dixie Cups here:

The definitive 4 disc box set collection of recordings from the Red Bird and Blue Cat labels. Released by Charly Records in 1991.

1 Bossa Nova Baby - Tippie And The Clovers; 2 My Heart Said (The Bossa Nova) - Tippie And The Clovers; 3 Big Bad World - Cathy Saint; 4 Mr. Heartbreak - Cathy Saint; 5 Everybody Come Clap Your Hands - Moody And The Deltas; 6 He Ain't No Angel - Leola And The Lovejoys; 7 I Won't Be Me Anymore - Vic Donna; 8 Go Now - Bessie Banks; 9 It Sounds Like My Baby - Bessie Banks; 10 Boy From New York City, The - Ad Libs; 11 Searchin' - Alvin Robinson; 12 Something You Got - Alvin Robinson; 13 Chapel Of Love - Dixie Cups; 14 I Want To Love Him So Bad - Jelly Beans; 15 I Know He Loves Me - Chi Chi McCauley; 16 Top Down Time - Rock Always; 17 Keep It Up - Soul Brothers; 18 I Got A Dream - Soul Brothers; 19 People Say - Dixie Cups; 20 How Can I Get Over You - Alvin Robinson; 21 I'm Gonna Put Some Hurt On You - Alvin Robinson; 22 Remember (Walking In The Sand) - Shangri-Las; 23 Goodnight Baby - Butterflies; 24 Down Home Girl - Alvin Robinson; 25 Let The Good Times Roll - Alvin Robinson; 1 Bottom Of My Soul - Alvin Robinson; 2 Fever - Alvin Robinson; 3 Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget - Jelly Beans; 4 Baby Be Mine - Jelly Beans; 5 Ask Anybody - Ad Libs; 6 He Ain't No Angel - Ad Libs; 7 Welcome To My Heart - The Bouquets; 8 Having A Party - Ronnie Mitchell; 9 Bad As They Come - Sam Hawkins; 10 Hold On Baby - Sam Hawkins; 11 Dum Dum Ditty, The - The Goodies; 12 Sophisticated Boom Boom - The Goodies; 13 Standing By - Dee Dee Warwick; 14 Don't Think My Baby's Coming Back - Dee Dee Warwick; 15 Leader Of The Pack - Shangri-Las; 16 What Is Love - Shangri-Las; 17 Take Me For A Little While - Evie Sands; 18 Run Home To Your Mama - Evie Sands; 19 I Know It's Alright - Evie Sands; 20 Amy - Barry Mann; 21 Gee, Baby Gee - The Butterflies; 22 I Wonder - The Butterflies; 23 Little Bell - Dixie Cups; 24 Another Boy Like Mine - Dixie Cups; 25 Give Him A Great Big Kiss - Shangri-Las; 1 Twist And Shout - Shangri-Las; 2 Maybe - Shangri Las; 3 Shout - Shangri-las; 4 I Can't Let Go - Evie Sands; 5 New York Is A Lonely Town - Tradewinds; 6 I'm Just A Down Home Girl - Ad Libs; 7 Iko, Iko - Dixie Cups; 8 Gee, Baby Gee - Dixie Cups; 9 I Hurt On The Other Side - Sidney Barnes; 10 I'm Gonna Get You Yet - Dixie Cups; 11 Out In The Streets - Shangri-Las; 12 Our Love Can Still Be Saved - Jeff Barry; 13 I'll Still Love You - Jeff Barry; 14 Give Us Your Blessings - Shangri-Las; 15 Heaven Only Knows - Shangri-Las; 16 Gee The Moon Is Shining Bright - Dixie Cups; 17 You Don't Know - Ellie Greenwich; 18 Baby - Ellie Greenwich; 19 Right Now And Not Later - Shangri-Las; 20 Train From Kansas City, The - Shangri-Las; 21 If There's Anything Else You Want (Let Me Know) - Roddie Joy; 22 Fugitive From Love - Linda Jones; 23 You Hit Me Like T. N. T. - Linda Jones; 24 I'm So Glad - Sidney Barnes; 25 I Hear You Say (I Love You Baby) - Andy Kim; 1 Hey Little Girl - Jimmie Cross; 2 I Can Never Go Home Anymore - Shangri-Las; 3 Sophisticated Boom Boom - Shangri-Las; 4 Long Live Our Love - Shangri-Las; 5 He Cried - Shangri-Las; 6 Dressed In Black - Shangri-Las; 7 It Will Only Make Me Love You More - Ral Donner; 8 He Will Break Your Heart - Kane & Abel; 9 Past Present And Future - Shangri-Las; 10 Paradise - Shangri-Las; 11 Love You More Than Yesterday - Shangri-Las; 12 Mary Weiss Speaks; 13 Let The Music - Didi Noel; 14 It Was A Lie - Booby Moore & The Fourmosts; 15 Dressed In Black - Shadow Morton; 16 Chapel Of Love - Jelly Beans; 17 Here She Comes - Jelly Beans; 18 Ain't Love A Funny Thing - Jelly Beans; 19 Whisper Sweet Things - Jelly Beans; 20 Goodnight Baby - Jelly Beans; 21 Do Wah Diddy - Jelly Beans; >>>presented by Yahoo Music

Listen to the Very Best Of Red Bird & Blue Cat Records

Listen to Real Audio and LiquidAudio samples of all the great songs by the Dixie Cups here:

A fabulous collection of recordings from the Red Bird and Blue Cat labels, including remixes of many of the Dixie Cups' well known recordings.

Tracks: Chapel Of Love (The Dixie Cups); I Wanna Love Him So Bad (The Jelly Beans); People Say (The Dixie Cups); Remember (Walkin' In The Sand) (The Shangri-Las); Good Night Baby (The Butterflys); Baby Be Mine (The Jelly Beans); Leader Of The Pack (The Shangri-Las); You Should Have Seen The Way He Looked At Me (The Dixie Cups); Give Him A Great Big Kiss (The Shangri-Las); The Boy From New York City (The Ad Libs); Little Bell (The Dixie Cups); New York's A Lonely Town (The Trade Winds); Iko Iko (The Dixie Cups); He Ain't No Angel (The Ad Libs); I Can Never Go Home Anymore (The Shangri-Las) >>>presented by Yahoo Music

The Red Bird Discography
A Complete Listing of Albums released by Red Bird Records during their brief term of life between 1964 and 1967,
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