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Jimmy Webb

"A music major at California's San Bernadino Valley College, Webb arranged a single for girl-group the Contessas while still a student. Inspired he moved to Hollywood where he secured work with Jobete Music, the publishing wing of Tamla/ Motown Records. He wrote 'This Time Last Summer' for Brenda Holloway and 'My Christmas Tree' for the Supremes, before recording demo tapes of other compositions at a local recording studio. These reached singer Johnny Rivers, who recorded the original version of Webb's 'By The Time I Get To Phoenix' in October 1966..." >>>presented by Yahoo Music

Jimmy Webb

"The sad fact that so many songwriters kill themselves and destroy themselves in other ways is something we can't politely ignore anymore," Webb says. "There has to be some reason for that. I'm not really qualified to go into the psychological reasons for it, but I do know that there is a good incidence of manic depression in our ranks because it just seems to go with the creative persona. That's pretty fairly demonstrated and documented. It's a kind of lone eagle kind of mentality. We really do work alone. When one imagines jolly songwriters, like in the movies, writing songs together and laughing it up, they have the wrong picture. It's a lonely profession, and I don't mean to sound self-pitying, because I really do love my life. Writers get off into weird areas emotionally and it's very strange terrain. We travel it, for the most part, alone..." >>>presented by Jimmy Webb
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"Jimmy Webb was born the son of a Baptist minister in Elk City, Oklahoma on August 15, 1946. An avid music enthusiast as a boy, he made his first public appearance as a performer playing the organ at his father's church, and even then, he improvised and re-arranged and reharmonized the hymns. In his teens he began his composing career with religious songs, and later led his own rock 'n roll band..."
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Jimmy Webb

"This page is a personal website dedicated to furthering the music of Jimmy Webb. It includes reviews of many Webb works, and includes sections on Webb's lyrics, discographies, bio etc."
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Jimmy Webb

"Webb is the only artist to ever receive Grammy awards for music, lyrics, and orchestration; he is a member of the National Academy of Popular Music Songwriters' Hall of Fame, the Nashville Songwriter's Hall of Fame; and, according to some sources, his "By The Time I Get To Phoenix," has been the third most performed song in the last fifty years, with "Up, Up and Away" on the same list in the top thirty. Webb's "Wichita Lineman" has been listed in Mojo Magazine's worldwide survey of the best one hundred singles of all time in the top fifty." >>>presented by ASCAP

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