The Paris Sisters Sing Their Favorites

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Produced by Phil Spector except where noted otherwise

Be My Boy
I Love How You Love Me
All Through The Night
He Knows I Love Him Too Much
A Lonely Girl's Prayer
Let Me Be The One
What am I to Do
Dream Lover (Nitzsche-produced)
My Good Friend (Greene/Stone-produced)
Sincerely (Nitzsche-produced)
See That Boy (Nitzsche-produced)
You (Greene/Stone-produced)
Long After Tonight is All Over (Nitzsche-produced)
Some of your Lovin' (Nitzsche-produced)
Too Good to be True (Greene/Stone-produced)
I'm Me (Greene/Stone-produced)
It's My Party (Nitzsche-produced)
Born to be With You (Nitzsche-produced)
Daughter, Daughter (1956-producer unknown)
I Love How You Love Me (Curb-produced)

A-side Paris Sisters CD

AZ-8001 (1992)

A-Side Records AZ-8001

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