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Spectropop V#0094

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 05/30/98
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                     S  P  E  C  T  R  O  P  O  P
             Volume #0094                    May 31, 1998
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    Subject:     A name is a name is a name
    Sent:        05/30/98 1:36 am
    Received:    05/30/98 1:43 am
    To:          Spectropop List,
    joel thomas wrote:
    >i recently referred to Pixies 3 on cd and said we listened to 
    >it at work. actually, what we listened to was called "Death to 
    >the Pixies" and that was a 3 cd set.
    LOL! It's cool, Joel. I often kid people by saying I really 
    like Cake, especially Baby That's Me. Also, whenever Usher's 
    name comes up, I say I like his work with the Hondells and Curt
    B. And let's not leave Nirvana out of this either. That 
    British psyche-folk group from the mid-60's made some pretty 
    decent records!
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    Subject:     Home Of The Brave
    Sent:        05/30/98 12:26 am
    Received:    05/30/98 1:03 am
    From:        Paul Urbahns, PaulurbXXX@XXXXXXm
    To:          Spectropop List,
    In a message dated 98-05-29 10:14:56 EDT, you write:
    >I personally think he did both Home of the Brave and Close Your
    >Eyes by Bonnie...
    According to the producer of Home Of The Brave, the label 
    credit is correct, Spector didn't do it.
    The record credits Jerry Riopell as the producer. In an article
    I saw a few years ago with him he took credit for the record. It
    is not mentioned in Ronnie Spector's book at all. Does anybody 
    know who is singing on this gem? Since it had a chart history 
    and lost out to Jody Miller (better name recognition than 
    Bonnie & The Treasures) I am surprised nobody seems to be 
    taking credit for it.
    Paul URbahns
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    Subject:     Re: RPM Records
    Sent:        05/30/98 12:25 am
    Received:    05/30/98 1:03 am
    From:        David Bash, BashXXX@XXXXXXm
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jack Madani wrote:
    << And how can people in the USA get RPM discs? >>
    Hi Jack,
    You might want to check out the RPM website at  
    RPM advertises themselves as being "by collectors, for 
    collectors", and that is an accurate self-appraisal. Send an 
    e-mail straight from the site to either Mark or Simon, and I'm 
    sure they'll be able to help set you up with what you want.
    Spectropop Rules!!!!!
    Take Care,
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