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Spectropop - Digest Number 403

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Topics in this Digest Number 403:

      1. Re: Upcoming three-hour Bobby Vee interview show
           From: "Justin McDevitt" 
      2. where are/were they now/then
           From: "Jack Madani" 
      3. Re: Bryndle/Andrew Gold
           From: "Peter Lerner" 
      4. Shelby Flint
           From: Ronnie Allen 
      5. Re: Dan Folger
           From: "Jeff Lemlich" 
      6. Re: The Red Coats
           From: Michael Rashkow 
      7. Lloyd Thaxton
           From: "Ken Levine" 


Message: 1
   Date: Sun, 03 Mar 2002 21:59:32 -0600
   From: "Justin McDevitt" 
Subject: Re: Upcoming three-hour Bobby Vee interview show

Hi Ronnie and group,

Looking forward to the Bobby Vee interview. Bobby is a
Twin Cities favorite and has performed many times in
numerous venues here over the years (including I believe,
The Carlton Celebrity Room, featured in the movie Fargo).
Of course, as many of you know, Bobby hails from the city
of Fargo.

Bobby's early tunes on Red House Records, recorded here in
the Twin Cities, (1959) are great rock 'n roll and
available on CD.


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Message: 2
   Date: Sun, 03 Mar 2002 23:27:18 -0500
   From: "Jack Madani" 
Subject: where are/were they now/then

I was yet again watching the 1977 Disney animated feature
"The Rescuers" with my son, and noted as I do every time
that the songs were co-written by Carol Connors.  But what
finally caught my attention this time that I hadn't
noticed before was that the female vocalist with the
delicate voice who sang all the songs was Shelby Flint. 
Thought I'd pass that along.

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Message: 3
   Date: Sat, 02 Mar 2002 23:17:33 -0000
   From: "Peter Lerner" 
Subject: Re: Bryndle/Andrew Gold

Will wrote regarding Bryndle:

> unreleased tracks would be from the trio of
> Waldman/Bonoff/Edwards. I really have no idea what
> any of them are doing now. They seem to have gotten
> discouraged and vanished. Our loss!

Wendy Waldman seems to be writing songs in Nashville now
and occasionally sings backing tracks. As does Karla
Bonoff - on some of the same songs. Incidentally, Karla's
nice seventies version of When You Walk in the Room has
Jackie DeShannon on backing vocals.


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Message: 4
   Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2002 01:00:31 EST
   From: Ronnie Allen 
Subject: Shelby Flint

To all fans of Shelby Flint,

Over the past few weeks I've received several e-mails from
people here and elsewhere asking about Shelby Flint, who
sang the beautiful hit from 1961 called "Angel On My
Shoulder." This is one of my all-time favorite oldies from
the 60s. I had happily announced several weeks ago that I
was planning an interview show with Shelby.

I would like to take this opportunity to explain briefly
the up-to-date events relevant to that proposed interview.

A few weeks ago I was able to establish my first
communication with Shelby thanks to the help of a musician
who had over the past few years worked with closely with
her. I talked to him about my proposed show and he in turn
talked to Shelby and then provided me with her e-mail
address. He said that Shelby definitely wanted to do the
show and that I should e-mail her.

I did and Shelby wrote back and confirmed that she was
gung-ho about doing the show. She pointed out  the
"serendipity" in the timing (her word) because Collectors
Choice was about to release a compilation n CD consisting
of material from three of her old Warner Brothers (Valiant)
LPs. She also told me that she would send me a reference
copy of that CD plus additional material I could use for
the show.

Around the beginning of February I received in the mail
the promised material from Shelby. She did request that,
because it was a "reference CD," she'd like the material
returned after we did our show. And of course I planned to
honor that request.

My original plan I had been to do the show on the same
Bucks County, PA radio station that had carried my
interview show with Janie Grant and Diane Renay. However
that station had a major commitment to high school hockey
games and shortly before I received the CDs from Shelby
the station management informed me that they would not be
able to guarantee a "definite" date for any show several
days in advance. Unfortunately, without at least a week of
advance notice, there was no way I could in good
conscience plan and promote a show. So reluctantly I had
to cancel my plans for doing the show on that station. 

Happily I found another station that would be willing to
carry the Shelby Flint interview show ..... either live or
on tape ..... and this would provide me with additional

So I e-mailed Shelby to let her know that I had received
the material and thanked her for it. I explained that I
would be doing the show on a different station that
previously planned but, because of the Internet access,
the perspective audience might be even larger than on the
previous station. I told her that I and her many fans
throughout the country and throughout the world were
looking forward very much to this show and I asked her to
e-mail me back to let me know what dates would be
convenient for her.

Shelby did NOT reply to my e-mail. So I sent her another

No reply.

I've since sent three additional e-mails.

No replies to any of them.

This to me seems very strange. Our communications were all
extremely cordial and Shelby several times told me how
much she was looking forward to doing the show. There was
no hint of ANY change of mind. The fact that she not only
sent me the Collector's Choice material but also
personally burned a CD for me especially for the upcoming
show was to me an indication not only that it was a
definite "go" but she was eagerly looking forward to being
the subject of the musical showcase I had planned.

I can understand that something MAY have come up which may
have resulted in a change of mind. But I cannot understand
how, after Shelby sent me the material and told me that
she was looking forward to hearing from me again, how I
could send several e-mails to her which all of a sudden
are unanswered. If there was a change of mind -- and these
things DO happen -- a simple e-mail from her saying "I
can't do the show at this time" would have been fine.

I've been debating for the past couple of weeks whether to
share this publicly. But because I'm still receiving
e-mails from fans of Shelby Flint asking about the show I
felt the need at this time to go public and let everybody
know what the facts are.

I have not changed MY mind about doing a show with Shelby.
I would like very much to do it. And until I hear from her
personally I would like to assume that she show is still
ON. Only the date needs to be determined. 

The reason that I have not able to proceed is because of
lack of communication -- for whatever reason -- from the
recording artist.

Yes it's possible that her e-mail address has changed.
There's also OTHER possibilities for the temporary
breakdown in communications but I'd rather not speculate.

If any of you know have contact with her personally please
let her know that I still would like very much to do the
show that we were planning and ask her if there's a way I
can touch base with her again.

Meanwhile I must tell you that the material that she sent
me is absolutely EXCELLENT. Interview or no interview
Shelby Flint is one of the most underrated artists of the
60s with a voice that I would describe as "angelic."
Assuming the reference CD that she sent me contains the
exact material on the CD compilation I must tell you that
I VERY HIGHLY recommend it.

Ronnie Allen

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Message: 5
   Date: Sat, 02 Mar 2002 22:40:52 -0500
   From: "Jeff Lemlich" 
Subject: Re: Dan Folger

Will George wrote:

> Has anyone ever seen anything by Dan Folger on CD? Did
> he actually release any records? I have a poor quality
> copy of his song "Tell Her For Me", which is excellent.

There is a Dan Folger web site (under construction) at

The site has some run time errors, and the discography
isn't up yet, but at least it gives you a little info
about him.

He was a Nashville guy who was involved with one of my
favorite producers, Buzz Cason, who released his
"Northern" beat ballad, "The Way Of The Crowd", on Elf
90,004.  That track can be heard on the Kent CD "Northern
Soul's Classiest Rarities".

I haven't heard "Tell Her For Me".  I know he had several
releases on Hickory, so perhaps this might be one of them.

Jeff Lemlich

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Message: 6
   Date: Sun, 03 Mar 2002 15:38:26 EST
   From: Michael Rashkow 
Subject: Re: The Red Coats

In a message dated 3/1/2002 jeffrey_glenn writes:

> Hey Mike, I said that (from hearing your 45!)!

Sorry, I misread the credits.  You're the one who has the
best taste.

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Message: 7
   Date: Sun, 03 Mar 2002 23:26:08 -0800
   From: "Ken Levine" 
Subject: Lloyd Thaxton

Great to see that some people remember Lloyd Thaxton.  He
was the Ernie Kovacs of Teen television.  His show
originated from Channel 13 in Los Angeles in the early and
mid 60's with a budget of maybe eleven cents.  But to make
the music come alive Thaxton would lip sync,  play faux
piano, faux sax, use finger puppets, or do duets with a
rubber mask.  For all the music videos with complex
production values today, none can compare to the treatment
given a song by Lloyd Thaxton.  

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