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Spectropop - Digest Number 391

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                     The First Name in Entertainment

There are 5 messages in this issue.

Topics in this Digest Number 391:

      1. The Teardrops
           From: Simon White 
      2. Court to Hear Ronettes Case - AGAIN
           From: LePageWeb 
      3. Flash Cadillac
           From: "Kingsley Abbott" 
      4. Fake party encore: Ray Stevens
           From: "Paul Payton" 
      5. Top Court to Hear Ronettes Case 
           From: Bob Zinway 


Message: 1
   Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 08:38:29 +0000
   From: Simon White 
Subject: The Teardrops

I've been told  that  a Teardrops cd  has been released
but I can find nothing.  Obviously  I have left some
stones unturned although I thought I had left no stone
unturned. Anyone ?

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Message: 2
   Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 11:26:36 +0900
   From: LePageWeb 
Subject: Court to Hear Ronettes Case - AGAIN

According to an AP press story dated Feb 20, New York's
highest court will consider the case of Phil Spector and
the Ronettes later this year.

Many here will recall when last November, the state
Supreme Court ordered Spector to pay $2.97 million plus
interest to the Ronettes.

Here is the link to the story on the latest chapter:



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Message: 3
   Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 09:26:55 -0000
   From: "Kingsley Abbott" 
Subject: Flash Cadillac

Javed's mention of Flash and the Kids reminded me how
splendid their "Sons Of The Beaches" Surf/harmony
pastiche album was.  Hidden away on that is one of my
all time faves - "Time Will Tell" - that i first heard
being played in the wonderful Rock On shop in London's
Camden Town (where the Ace Records empire grew).  "Time
Will Tell" is the most gorgeous slab of full on harmony
pop, which also popped up on the b-side of their "Hot
summer girls" 45 issue from the album.

I'm so jealous of all the tales of 45s grab bags!   I
once found and bought a box of 1000 or so US singles in
a junk shop in Deptford (SE London), and the best one in
there was Josephine Sunday's single "You Won't Even Know
My Name" on Tower!

Kingsley Abbott

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Message: 4
   Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 22:41:52 -0500
   From: "Paul Payton" 
Subject: Fake party encore: Ray Stevens

Addendum: the "fake party sounds" discussion missed, I
think, Ray Stevens (also a recent topic of discussion).
Both Sides

Now's monumental Monument Records discography:

SLP-18115 - Gitarzan - Ray Stevens [1969] (6-69, #57)
This album features new recordings of two of his
Mercury hits. The songs on the LP are all overdubbed
with audience noise to give the feel of a live
recording. The major hit from this album, "Gitarzan,"
has audience noise overdubbed at the beginning of the
song, while the 45 version did not. Yakety Yak
(S)/Little Egypt (S)/Mr. Custer (S)/Freddie Feel Good
(And His Funky Little Five Piece Band) (S,
overdubs)/Sir Thanks-A-Lot (S)/Gitarzan (S)//Along
Came Jones (S)/Alley Oop (S)/Harry The Hairy Ape (S,
new recording)/Bagpipes-That's My Bag (S)/Ahab The
Arab (S, new recording)

(I'd also forgotten than Tommy Roe also did a couple
of albums for Monument in the 70's.)

Country Paul

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Message: 5
   Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 01:23:52 +0900
   From: Bob Zinway
Subject:  Top Court to Hear Ronettes Case

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - The state's highest court decided it
will consider the case of record producer Phil Spector
and '60s rock group the Ronettes over millions of
dollars in movie soundtrack royalties.

The state Court of Appeals is expected to hear the case
late this year.

Last November, the state Supreme Court's Appellate
Division upheld a lower court finding that Spector had
violated his 1963 contract with the three women ? one of
whom was his wife ? and ordered him to pay $2.97 million
plus interest.

The contract dealt only with royalties on sales of
records, but Spector was accused of illegally keeping
fees and making millions of dollars by selling the
recordings for use as background music in movies and

The Ronettes' lawyer, Alexander Peltz, said he was
surprised by the court's latest move on Tuesday.

"I'm somewhat amazed that the Court of Appeals decided to
grant the motion, but anything can happen," Peltz said.
"Obviously, this always puts a wrinkle in things."

Spector's attorney, Andrew Bart, said, "Obviously, I'm
very happy that the Court of Appeals has agreed to hear
this and to consider the serious issues that are
considered. Beyond that, I don't have any comment."

Spector declined comment through a spokesman for Abkco
Music Inc., which manages Spector's business affairs.

Spector discovered the trio that included lead singer
Veronica "Ronnie" Bennett, her sister Estelle Bennett and
their cousin Nedra Talley Ross in the early 1960s. He
signed them to a contract, wrote music for them and
managed their careers.

The Ronettes recorded 28 songs for Spector's Philles
Records between 1963 and 1967. Their greatest success
came with the chart-topping hit "Be My Baby."

In 1968, Ronnie Bennett went solo and married Spector.
The couple divorced six years later.

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