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Spectropop - Digest Number 385

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There are 25 messages in this issue of Spectropop.

Topics in this Digest Number 385:

      1. RE: Al Hazan
           From: "Rex Strother" 
      2. Brit Covers - Julie Grant
           From: "Vlaovic B" 
      3. Three-hour Diane Renay interview show is TONIGHT!
           From: Ronnie Allen 
      4. Meet up
           From: "John Lester" 
      5. Re: Anglos 'Incense'
           From: Scott Swanson 
      6. RE: Five for 88 cents
           From: Lou Bova 
      7. Re: Five for 88 cents
           From: Ron Buono 
      8. Need help with "Bermuda" / "Hiccups"
           From: "Rex Strother" 
      9. Re: Brit Covers
           From: "Don Charles" 
     10. Re: Five for 88 cents
           From: Ron 
     11. Re - Kokomo
           From: James Botticelli 
     12. Re: five for 88 cents
           From: "Sean Anglum" 
     13. What about 10 for $.99 boxes circa 1962?
           From: Thomas Taber 
     14. Bumbles and Beatles
           From: "Joseph Scott" 
     15. Bobby Vee
           From: "Jeff Lemlich" 
     16. Bobby Vee
           From: James Botticelli 
     17. Boettcher musica, Jeffrey?
           From: Ron 
     18. Re: Brit Covers
           From: Mike Carter 
     19. Re: five for 88 cents
           From: Tony Waitekus 
     20. Re: Brit Covers - Julie Grant
           From: Phil Chapman 
     21. Re: Brit Covers
           From: Paul Richards 
     22. Re: Five for 88 cents
           From: Randy 
     23. Re: Anglos 'Incense'
           From: "Keith Beach" 
     24. The Liquid Room-2/10/2002
           From: "Ponak, David" 
     25. Scram 15 out now-Gary Usher, Brute Force
           From: Kim Cooper 


Message: 1
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 08:42:15 -0700
   From: "Rex Strother" 
Subject: RE: Al Hazan

I just wanted to sort of "defend" Al Hazan (not Hazen,
poor fellow gets more misspellings) "London/Meet the
Beatles" memories on my "More About Hazan" page.  If you
read the page - it merely says that he was "invited over
to do interviews and such."  Maybe it could be stated
more clearly in the text, but Mr. Hazan did not perform
as a member of the "touring" version(s) of B. Bumble and
the Stingers.  Because he was also a
songwriter/performer/producer, he did get invited to
England due to the popularity of the song which he
performed on at the recording session (and never received
Dime One in artist royalties or session fee, I should add).

Admittedly the memory of the Beatles' dinner is also thin
and possibly "unconvincing" because it was a long time
ago and Al had no idea who they were at the time.  I
suggested he add it because I thought it might be
interesting to others, but it admittedly isn't
particularly fleshed out; we are still hoping some
corroborating evidence might pop up in Beatles archives
or among their fans.

I hope to continue adding to that page (as well as the
Bell Sisters pages at as more info
and research detail becomes available; using the
assistance of the thorough folks at Spectropop!  

Rex Strother

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Message: 2
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 10:48:14 -0500
   From: "Vlaovic B" 
Subject: Brit Covers - Julie Grant

I imagine it's controversial, but I really admire Julie
Grant's version of 'Up on the Roof' almost as much as the
Drifters original.  It's done rather differently from the
original with a single lyric change:  'ratrace noise' is
substituted with 'dreadful noise'.  It's light and poppy,
but really Julie Grant was a terrific vocalist and she
scored on this one, even became a top 30 UK hit.  It's a
little faster than the original with a more prominent
samba beat, Jordanaires type backing vocals, sweeping
middle string section and prominent 'plinking' (a la Dee
Clark's "Raindrops").  It's really terrific and really
quite lovely.

Archived by Spectropop

Message: 3
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 10:18:24 EST
   From: Ronnie Allen 
Subject: Three-hour Diane Renay interview show is TONIGHT!

Why did the normally mild-mannered Diane Renay once tell
a big-name recording star in total seriousness to SHUT UP???

Why did Diane record a SUPER DANCE TRACK (in the opinion
of most who've heard it) and then refuse to allow it to
be released?

What were the THREE reasons Diane chose not to go to
Japan even though "Navy Blue" was #1 there for twelve
weeks in a row?

What did Diane's singing voice sound like when she was
only 13 or 14 years old?

No, there won't be any surprise quiz.

But the answers are most interesting. And you can find
them all out, as well as learning a lot more about Diane
Renay and hearing some really enjoyable music, this

Tonight -- Wednesday February 13 from 9 PM to Midnight
E.S.T. on M-PAK Radio -- I'll be presenting a special
THREE-HOUR interview show featuring 60's recording star
Diane Renay. This will kinda be a musical "This Is Your
Life" covering more than thirty years of her recording
career. And for the most part we'll be moving in
chronological order. Diane will talk about and I'll be
playing her hits "Navy Blue" and "Kiss Me, Sailor" plus
many selections from her new double-CD "Diane Renay Sings
Some Things Old And Some Things New", most of them not
played on my previous interview show with Diane from last
December 6th. But unlike that show we'll ALSO be
featuring songs from her original now-out-of-print "Navy
Blue" LP plus a few hard-to-find Renay rarities. Included
in this show, in response to e-mail requests, will be
Diane's "tough girl" MGM recording of "Watch Out Sally"
and her pre-"Navy-Blue" hard-to-find Atco single "Tender"
and "A Dime A Dozen."

And toward the end of the first hour Diane will tell the
story of a harrowing experience in which she, along with
a couple of other well-known recording stars, almost
became instant legends. It's a moving story that
up-to-now was known for the most part only by members of
her family and others close to her. And, oh yes, you'll
find out why a rather animated Diane did her Little
Richard routine as noted in the first sentence above!
Unlike Richard, Diane was TOTALLY SERIOUS!!!

As an added bonus Diane and I will be giving away as
prizes four copies of Diane's double-CD. If you've
emailed me previously with the subject "Make Me Eligible"
you are AUTOMATICALLY ELIGIBLE to win this time around.
If you haven't yet done so but would like a chance to win
one of her CDs on tonight's show please e-mail me at
 at any time prior to 4 PM this
afternoon EST with the subject line "Make Me Eligible"
and please include your name and address. 

The show will be heard exclusively on the internet on
MPAK-Radio. You can hear it by using either of the
following URLs: this
is the M-PAK home page;  click on "Streaming by Warp" on the upper-right to

..... this gets

you directly into the broadcast itself.

Diane has told me that it will, in fact, be the most
extensive radio interview show she has ever done. I hope
that you can join us. 

Ronnie Allen

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Message: 4
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 09:02:33 -0000
   From: "John Lester" 
Subject: Meet up

When is the next gathering for members of Spectropop?  I
want to make sure I come to the next one...and I need to
plan my diary.......

I don't want to miss the next one otherwise I shall be
joining Brenda Holloway singing "Crying Time"

Archived by Spectropop

Message: 5
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 04:40:55 -0800
   From: Scott Swanson 
Subject: Re: Anglos 'Incense'

>In the mid 60s, Stevie Winwood, whilst still in the Spencer
>Davis Group, released a fabulous single 'Incense' under the
>name The Anglos. Anyone seen it issued on a CD? My vinyl
>copy hasn't got a groove left.

Unfortunately, this record (probably) had nothing to do
with Steve Winwood. Jimmy Miller claimed they were a New
York-area group that he produced, and Winwood confirmed
this in a recent interview.

As far as I know, it's never been issued on CD.

A bit of trivia: this was the song that Robert Plant
wanted to record to launch his solo career in 1966.  But
the record company objected, and he ended up recording a
cheesy Italian ballad ("Our Song") instead.



Archived by Spectropop

Message: 6
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 09:29:30 -0800
   From: Lou Bova 
Subject: RE: Five for 88 cents

   From: Dan Hughes 

> When I was in high school, some of the local department
> stores (Grant's, Kresge) had bargain tables in their
> record departments, where you could buy a
> plastic-wrapped set of five 45 rpm records for 88 cents.
> The series was labelled "Hits You Missed."
> The two outside records (the ones you could see through
> the clear plastic) were generally minor hits, and the
> three others hidden inside were total unknowns.
> What were some of your great finds in those Hits You
> Missed packages??

>From : Lou Bova  

Gee, I thought that I was the only one who when being
towed around by their parents on a shopping trip begged
for a treat that wasn't candy or a toy but a bag of
those "Hits You Missed " 45s!

Here's a few that I got:
"Respectable"  - Isley Bros
"Tomboy" - Perry Como
"Summertime Blues" - Blue Cheer
" Ain't Got Nothin' Yet" - Blues Magoos
"In-A Gadda-Da-Vida" - Iron Butterfly
just to name a few .

How about this topic ?: Best LP finds  in the cut out
bins at the same type of dep't or 5 & 10 cent (
Woolworth's) stores,

My luck ran hot & cold but I did find:
"Two Virgins" - John & Yoko
"Lola vs, Powerman.....- The Kinks
" Soft Machine 7 " - Soft Machine
"Radio City" - Big Star
and who didn't get their 1st copy of
"The Who Sell Out" - The Who
out of the dump bin.


Archived by Spectropop

Message: 7
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 10:07:37 EST
   From: Ron Buono 
Subject: Re: Five for 88 cents

Here's one for the books: i remember, as a kid, mulling
around the record department of PERGAMENTS Dept. store
(remember when they HAD a record department?). Anyway,
in the "bargain bin" there were older LPs that hadn't
sold, marked down to 69 (or 89) cents. It was there that
I found a copy of THE SHERRYS'  "At The Hop" LP! I still
have it to this day. Is that a FIND, or WHAT? Today this
LP must sell for $200, or there-about. Anybody else
wanna share a "great find"?


Archived by Spectropop

Message: 8
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 16:02:58 -0000
   From: "Rex Strother" 
Subject: Need help with "Bermuda" / "Hiccups"

Sneaking back to the late 1950s...

I'm trying to confirm that the following versions of
"Bermuda" are the song written by Cynthia Strother (my
aunt) and first recorded by the Bell Sisters on RCA:

Art Lassiter - Ballad 1020 in 1956 - "Bermuda / 
Just Another Day in the Life"
John Ashley - Intro 6097 (date unknown) - "Bermuda / Let Yourself Go"
Polyannas - Kings-X 3363 (date unknown) - "Bermuda / Satisfied"

If anyone has the 45, to check, I would be in heaven! 
If anyone has an MP3 of these versions (if they're
Strother composition) and a scan of the label, I'd be in
7th Heaven.

Also trying to confirm these versions of "Hiccups" are
the Al Hazan composition first recorded by Roddy Jackson
on Specialty:

Marie May & Poptones - Savoy 1613 in 1962 "Hiccups /
[don't know b- side]" Jimmy Harrison - Atco 6144 in 1959
"Hiccups / Geometry of Love" [would love to check out
this b-side also]

Rex Strother

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Message: 9
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 20:06:00 +0000
   From: "Don Charles" 
Subject: Re: Brit Covers

>From: "Vlaovic B":

> I imagine it's controversial, but I really admire
> Julie Grant's version of 'Up on the Roof' almost as
> much as the Drifters original. It's done rather
> differently from the original with a single lyric
> change: 'ratrace noise' is substituted with 'dreadful
> noise'...It's a little faster than the original with a
> more prominent samba beat, Jordanaires type backing
> vocals, sweeping middle string section and prominent
> 'plinking' (a la Dee Clark's "Raindrops"). 

This track is great, as are nearly all the tracks on
Sequel Record's excellent GOIN' BACK Goffin and King
songbook CD.  I can't recommend it often enough!!!

Don Charles

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Message: 10
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 20:10:23 -0000
   From: Ron 
Subject: Re: Five for 88 cents

A large part of my record collection came from bargin
bins and 45 grab bag type packages.  I have a lot of "BB"
holes in both 45's and LP's.  A couple of "great finds":
I got a promo copy the much discussed "I Still Love Him"
by the Joys at a local McDonald's type hamburger joint
(Sandy's Drive In) give away, and a Promo stamped LP of
"Hot Rod High" by the Knights (Gary Usher Produced) in a
bargin bin. 


--- In spectropop, Ron Buono wrote:

>  Anybody else wanna share a "great find"?

Archived by Spectropop

Message: 11
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 15:15:30 EST
   From: James Botticelli 
Subject: Re - Kokomo

In a message dated 2/13/02, richard havers writes:

>Wisner did not return to jazz, he stayed in mainstream
>pop, arranging and producing. 

Thanks for bringing up Jimmy Wisner Richard....His
credits appear on a large volume of my 45's...he had a
soulfully sweet poppish sound that has that 'no time or
place' sound i often seek out in my music..well,
actually the "no time or place" sound is late
sixties/early 70's soul/pop crossover string-laden,
bassy (for its time) and very melodic. Found often on
Mercury and ABC singles....and others I can't remember
at the moment....JB

Archived by Spectropop

Message: 12
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 11:19:37 -0700
   From: "Sean Anglum" 
Subject: Re: five for 88 cents

> What were some of your great finds in those Hits You
> Missed packages??

I found many a wonderful 45s in those packs....two that
are burned in my memory are more of a group thing. I
found "I'm Alive" by the Hollies and played the grooves
off that record. That final vocal chording still sends
chills up my spine. I also found "Heaven and Hell" by the
Easybeats (a great, great forgotten record with some
rockin' harpsichord) and the first relese of "Get
Together" by the Youngbloods (it took a re-release to
make it a hit). I could go on, my collection has many of
these ("1941" by Tom Northcutt!), and I still pull them
out to play from time to time. Matter of fact, I've
recently committed many of these 45s to CD for my playing

"I'm alive, I'm a--l-iiiiiiiii-vv--e!"

Raised On Records,
Sean Anglum

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Message: 13
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 10:19:46 -0800 (PST)
   From: Thomas Taber 
Subject: What about 10 for $.99 boxes circa 1962?

I got (and still have) "Reminiscing" and "I'm Gonna Love
You Too" - Buddy Holly; and "Hey Baby...Downtown" by Joe
Therien.  No holes in them, either! I remember a neighbor
around 1967 getting "Who Shot The La-La?" which I thought
was the worst record ever. I believe I later saw it
listed as the 1st record on GNP Crescendo.

 Around 1975 I was found like 15 copies of the LP "Rev Up"
 by the Vettes at $.57 each, and sold them for $4.00 each
 to some guy in Sweden.  

Tom Taber

Archived by Spectropop

Message: 14
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 10:40:57 -0700
   From: "Joseph Scott" 
Subject: Bumbles and Beatles

Hi all,

I don't agree that Hazan's account of meeting the Beatles
is "unconvincing." Having a meal with an American who'd
had a number one U.K. hit that year is the sort of thing
the Beatles enjoyed doing as of '62 (and beyond), and
very few Americans had heard of the Beatles in '62.

"B. Bumble And The Stingers" was a fictional group. I
wouldn't rule out the possibilities that the personnel of
the group that toured the U.K. in '62 under that name did
not remain constant, or that two groups toured the U.K.
under the same name simultaneously in '62 to cash in on
the record's success, or that there was one touring group
and Hazan was in it, but a different bunch of guys were
used to pose for photos for the press.

The way Hazan describes himself as not entirely happy
with his playing on the take they chose is characteristic
of musicians who did play on hit records, and
uncharacteristic of musicians who falsely claim to have
played on hit records. Ernie Freeman said he played piano
on some, but not all of the "B. Bumble" recordings. Rene
Hall worked with Freeman in the studios regularly, so
Hazan's story rings true re being asked to sub for
Freeman one day and Hall being among the musicians.

Joseph Scott

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Message: 15
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 13:03:06 -0500
   From: "Jeff Lemlich" 
Subject: Bobby Vee

Country Paul wrote: 

> Now, on original material that sounded like the covers,
> I propose Bobby Vee's excellent "Look at Me Girl" as
> being an American equivalent to the UK feeling of the
> time.

Bobby's single was excellent, but it was a nearly
note-for-note duplication of the original by Texas band
PLAYBOYS OF EDINBURGH (Columbia).  Bobby seemed to do
well covering U.S. garage bands--   "Come Back When You
Grow Up" (Shadden & The King Lears) and "Let's Call It A
Day Girl" (the Razor's Edge), among them.  Bobby seemed
to have quite a number of songs in the late 60s with the
word "girl" in the title!

Jeff Lemlich

P.S.  If Katherine Harris were a song, it would be

Archived by Spectropop

Message: 16
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 15:06:45 EST
   From: James Botticelli 
Subject: Bobby Vee

In a message dated 2/12/02, Spectropop writes:

>I also agree with whoever said Bobby Vee is
>under-rated -

A young fella from Fargo, North Dakota who's main musical
ambition seems to be, it seems to me, to be Buddy Holly
2.....JB/My .02

Archived by Spectropop

Message: 17
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 20:16:01 -0000
   From: Ron 
Subject: Boettcher musica, Jeffrey?

I for one would love to hear ANYTHING Curt Boettcher 
related. (or PF Sloan for that matter.)


"Jeffrey Glenn" wrote:
> Oh, and Curt Boettcher (and probably the other Millenium
> guys too - this was during the time that Usher was using
> them in the studio on his productions so they could make
> some money while recording the Millenium LP - Joey Stec
> are you on this?) is singing background on this single
> (he's very clearly audible on "Enamorado").

Archived by Spectropop

Message: 18
   Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 00:40:09 -0000
   From: Mike Carter 
Subject: Re: Brit Covers

> This track is great, as are nearly all the tracks on
> Sequel Record's excellent GOIN' BACK Goffin and King
> songbook CD.  I can't recommend it often enough!!!
> Don Charles

I love Julie G.'s version of Up On The Roof and many
others on that great Goffin and King comp.  

Some other Brit covers I love to hear and still do some
30 odd years later: Petula Clark's version of "Have I The
Right" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand", (this version is
breathless, breath taking, sensual and absolutely
wonderful.  To top it off: It WORKS!) not to mention from
her Downtown album:  "You Belong To Me" and "True Love
Never Runs Smooth" (with those wonderful mandolins or
possibly the hammer dulcimer?  I'm still trying to decide!)
Tony Hatch gave Clark such new and different arrangements,
especially the slowing down of a 'poppy" pop melody. 
Carole King did the same thing with her classic melodies
(Will You Love Me Tomorrow and Some King Of Wonderful and
her definitive version of Up On The Roof).  Wonderful!

Mike C.

Archived by Spectropop

Message: 19
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 16:44:21 -0600
   From: Tony Waitekus 
Subject: Re: five for 88 cents

Two records come to mind purchased in a pack of 5 at G. C.
Murphy's in Berwyn, IL.  Neither record had I heard of
but I played them on my Admiral record changer a lot. 
"Sing Donna Go" by Preston Epps on the Embasy label, and
"Playmates" by the Regents on Blue Cat...a very cool

Tony Waitekus
WHTS/All Hit 98-9
Mercury Broadcasting, Inc.
3535 E. Kimberly Rd.
Davenport, IA   52807
Phone:  563-344-9487
Fax:  563-344-7037

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Message: 20
   Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 00:10:52 -0000
   From: Phil Chapman 
Subject: Re: Brit Covers - Julie Grant

Vlaovic B:
> I imagine it's controversial, but I really admire Julie
> Grant's version of 'Up on the Roof' almost as much as the
> Drifters original.

Julie Grant's records are great. I like her version of
"Up On the Roof" just as much as The Drifters' (and
Carole King's). If I didn't love The Marvelettes so much,
I would say hers is the better version of "As Long As I
Know He's Mine", certainly more punchy. Same applies to
Julie's recordings of "Baby Baby I Still Love You",
"Every Day I Have To Cry" and "Watch What You Do With My
Baby". I would post the whole lot for y'all to enjoy, but
I think they are available on CD comps? Fortunately for
me, at the height of the beat boom, girlgroup records
were dismissed as rubbish, and I was able to build a
lasting collection from Woolworth's bargain bin. Phil

Archived by Spectropop

Message: 21
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 18:46:24 EST
   From: Paul Richards 
Subject: Re: Brit Covers

The Jimmy Webb Songbook on Sequel is also great with the
fabulous Jefferson version of 'Montage' although the Love
Generation's version comes pretty close. I also like
Buddy Greco's 'Pocketful of Keys' and his version of
'Everybody gets to go to the moon.' Their 'Ripples'
series also cannot be recommended enough, although
they've missed a lot with the best version of the
Nichols/Williams masterpiece 'Trust' by 'The Two of Each'. I
think a lot of the softpop from Pye/Page One/Major
Minor/Decca/Parlophone was totally mind blowing.I wish
more was available on CD.The sooner the better. UK
softpop rocks.

Archived by Spectropop

Message: 22
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 20:01:01 EST
   From: Randy 
Subject: Re: Five for 88 cents

In a message dated 2/13/2002, Spectropop writes:

Dan Hughes wrote
> What were some of your great finds in those Hits You
> Missed packages??

"Mike Arcidiacono" wrote:
> I remember getting Sonny & Cher's "All I Need Is You"
> this way.  I sure wish I had bought 'em all and never
> opened them. Fat chance!!

Oh, gosh, Kmart used to have simliar deals back in the
early 70's. I used to wait for records i wanted to fall
off the charts, then i'd go get them there. They would
have them bagged at different price points-from 9 cents
(yes, nine cents!) to .99. Some of the singles for .09
included Imagine by John Lennon, and Badfinger-in fact,
for some reason i remember getting a lot of apple
singles in this way. I used to score some pretty good
albums the same way for between .99 and 1.99 as well.

Ah, for time travel...

as a btw, enjoying the new jack nitzsche cd from Rhino
Handmade...and mine was copy #1, which just tickled me.


Archived by Spectropop

Message: 23
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 17:18:13 -0000
   From: "Keith Beach" 
Subject: Re: Anglos 'Incense'

	Scott Swanson wrote

>Unfortunately, this record (probably) had nothing to do
>with Steve Winwood. Jimmy Miller claimed they were a New
>York-area group that he produced, and Winwood confirmed
>this in a recent interview.

So is it a myth that Winwood was involved? I believed it
when I bought the record, and it sure sounds like his
distinctive voice to me. It doesn't lessen it's impact as
a great record either way. It makes me wanna dance every
time I hear it.

Does anyone have a listenable copy they could play to
musica files?

keith beach 

Archived by Spectropop

Message: 24
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 16:43:07 -0500
   From: "Ponak, David" 
Subject: The Liquid Room-2/10/2002

The Liquid Room, (usually) hosted by David Ponak (me),
airs every Saturday night from Midnight to 3AM (PDT) on
90.7FM KPFK Los Angeles, as well as streaming at 

This coming weekend, Tony "The Hunk" Tucci will be
filling in for me while I jet off to London. 

When I return to the air on February 23, my very special
guest will be Terry Kirkman, founding member of the
Association. Rhino's "Just The Right Sound-The
Association Anthology" hits the stores on Feb. 19.

If you're in Los Angeles this weekend, be sure to check
out 3 of southern California's best musical acts:

The Ray Makers 12am (crippled dick/transistor recordings)
Seksu Roba  11pm (
Majestic 10pm  (
plus DJ Soju and DJ Maurice dancefloor fun

Mr. T's Bowl
Los Angeles, CA
5621 1/2 Figueroa St.
live webcast
$6 cheap
doors 9:30pm

The Liquid Room-2/10/2002

1. The Association/Come On In
Birthday (WB)

2.Cymbals/Higher Than The Sun (FPM Contact Mix)
Well Done (JVC Victor-Japan)

3.Monique Thubert/Avec LeDreilles
Wizz (Musique Hybrid-Japan)

4.Smokey & Miho/Summer Rain
Smokey & Miho (Afro Samba)

5.Electrocugat/3 De Hedonisimo
Visconti Con Hielo (Plastic-Japan)

6.Namco/Meta Magic Game
The Return Of Video Game (Scriton-Japan)

7.Cornelius/Bird Watching At Inner Forest
Point (Matador)

8.Strawberry Switchblade/Let Her Go
Strawberry Switchblade (WEA-Japan)

9.Jack Jones/Wives And Lovers (disco version!)
Nobody Does It Better (MGM)

10.The Easy Access Orchestra/Swinging London
The Affair (Irma-Italy)

11.Annette/Lonely Guitar
A Musical Reunion... (Vista)

12.Buffalo Daughter/Discoteque Du Paradis
I (Emperor Norton)

13.Bent/A Ribbon For My Hair
Programmed To Love (Ministry Of Sound)

14.Park Avenue Music/Petals
To Take With You (Zero Pop)

15.Joe Byrd And The Field Hippies/You Can't Ever Come Down
The American Metaphysical Circus (Columbia)

16.The Divine Comedy/Make It Easy On Yourself
Everybody Knows (Except You) (Setanta-UK)

17.The Divine Comedy/A Perfect Lovesong
Regeneration (Nettwerk)

18.Harper's Bizarre/Rasberry Rug
Feelin' Groovy (Sundazed)

19.Koop/Summer Sun
Waltz For Koop (Jazzanova/Germany)

ABC Pico First (Kitty-Japan)

21.Chocolat/Roller Girl
Henry (Warner Music-Japan)

22.The Critters/Awake In A Dream
Touch 'N Go (Project 3)

23.The Diff'rent Strokes/Last Night
This Isn't It

24.Marc Eric/Laura's Changing
A Midsummer's Day Dream (Revue)

Wake Up, Come Out And Play (Shelf-Life)

26.Seksu Roba/Up, Up And Away

27.The Ray Makers/What Would You Like To Play
7" single (Transister)

28.Arling & Cameron/5th Dimension
We Are A&C (Emperor Norton)

29.Wayne Newton/Rhythm Rhapsody
Night Eagles (Aries II)

30.Les Maledictus Sound/Jim Clark Was Driving Recklessly
Les Maledictus Sound 

31.Asha Bhosle/Aa Dekhen Zara
The Best Of...

32.Mum/Ruxpin Remix 1
Lucid Dream Target

33.The Chaquito Big Band/The Anderson Tapes
Spies And Dolls (Phillips-UK)

34.The Chemical Brothers/Pioneers Skies
Come With Us (Astralwerks)

35.Memphis/The Ferry Boy
A Good Day Sailing (Le Grand Magistery)

36.The Zodiac/Aquarius
Cosmic Sounds Of The Zodiac (Elektra)

37.Steve & Eydie/It Never Rains In Southern California
Feelin' (MGM)

38.James Last/Voodoo Lady Love
Voodoo Party (Polydor-Germany)

39.The Love Generation/Fluffy Rain
A Generation Of Love (Imperial)

40.Liberace/Parks & Recreatiion 
(MacArthur Park, Cherryhill Park, Echo Park)
A Brand New Me (WB)

41.Don Costa/Heroes And Villians
Modern Delights (Verve)

42.Mike Melvoin/Along Comes Mary
Keys To Your Mind (Liberty)

43.Gershon Kingsley/Paperback Writier
Music To Moog By (Audio Fidelity)

44.The Match/Mornin' I'll Be Movin' On
A New Light (RCA)

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Message: 25
   Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 09:30:11 -0800
   From: Kim Cooper 
Subject: Scram 15 out now-Gary Usher, Brute Force

Dear Spectropoppers,

Please excuse the commercial announcement, but I thought
you'd like to know that the new issue of Scram is now
available.  This one features Gene Sculatti's unpublished
1971 Gary Usher interview--conducted on the very day RCA
fired him--where Gary ranges over topics including the
Beach Boys, Byrds, fake hot rod albums, his
collaborations with Curt Boettcher and plans for the
future.  In a sidebar, Dick Campbell recalls his friend
and professional mentor, and he also provided some
exclusive pix of Gary from his scrapbook.  Also, Phantom
Surfer Mike Lucas interviews Brute Force about his
remarkable career--from Tokens to Chiffons, Apple's "King
of Fuh" to his attempt to swim from Alaska to the USSR
for world peace.  If interested in obtaining the magazine,
info is on the Scram website.

PO Box 461626
Hollywood, CA 90046-1626

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