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Spectropop V#0084

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 05/14/98
            ###  #### ####  ### ##### ###   ##  ####  ##  #### 
            #    #  # #    ##     #   # #  #  # #  # #  # #  # 
            ##   #  # ###  #      #   # #  #  # #  # #  # #  # 
              ## ###  #    #      #   ##   #  # ###  #  # ###  
               # #    #    ##     #   # #  #  # #    #  # #    
            ###  #    ####  ###   #   #  #  ##  #     ##  #      
           Volume #0084                           May 14, 1998
               Fun and entertainment that every home needs
    Subject:     Association
    Sent:        05/13/98 1:36 pm
    Received:    05/14/98 12:04 am
    From:        Paulurbahn, PaulurbXXX@XXXXXXm
    In a message dated 98-05-12 18:38:35 EDT, you write:
    << Funny that Sagittarius and Yellow Balloon are reissued In US 
     but Association is generally unavailable. >>
    Isn't their Greatest Hits still available? Pair Records had out
    a double length CD which I believe paired their first two albums. 
    I agree they need a better hits set out, I always like Goodbye 
    Columbus theme, luckily I have the album.
    Paul URbahns
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    Subject:     Frankie Valli
    Sent:        05/13/98 12:08 pm
    Received:    05/14/98 12:04 am
    From:        JohnBarone,
    Anyone notice Frankie Valli in an acting role in the TV mob 
    flick , Witness To The Mob, that ran a couple of nights ago? 
    Never knew Frankie was an actor. He even has some lines . Not 
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    Subject:     Re: Richard Addrisi
    Sent:        05/13/98 12:37 pm
    Received:    05/14/98 12:04 am
    From:        Marc Wielage,
    Doc Rock commented [about The Addrisi Brothers]:
    >They composed the hit "Never My Love," which they recorded,
    >then gave to the Association to try. Eventually, the tune was
    >recorded over 300 times,  Today, that song gets radio play over
    >1,000 time a day, mostly by the Association, making it the
    >second most played song in history after "Yesterday."
    Actually, according to BMI, they claim that The Righteous 
    Brothers' "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" -- appropriate for 
    this group, being a Spector production -- is the #1 song of all
    time for radio airplay, as of 1997. Right behind that is The 
    Beatles' "Yesterday," and "Never My Love" is #3.
    I gots no idea how the hits stack up after that, though.
    -= Marc Wielage      |   "The computerized authority     =-
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    Subject:     Who Do You Love
    Sent:        05/14/98 1:40 am
    Received:    05/14/98 2:04 am
    I was listening to a compilation tape tonight and heard "Who Do 
    You Love" by Reparta and the Delrons. I believe this song is from a 
    Gamble/Huff single if memory serves. Can't recall that artist name. 
    Anyone know the record I am talking about?
    Regarding Reparta and the Delrons, I only learned of them through 
    recent reissue. They seemed to have come out of nowhere, but 
    apparently I just didn't ever hear of them. It seems they were 
    doing the GG thing a bit too late in 66/67, or do I have my 
    timeframe mixed up? Who are the arranger/producers? Reparta: She's 
    still a mystery to me.
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    Subject:     Re: Peter And Gordon
    Sent:        05/13/98 8:40 am
    Received:    05/14/98 12:04 am
    From:        BashPop, BashXXX@XXXXXXm
    << From:        Doc Rock, docroXXX@XXXXXXom
     Does anyone know if Peter and Gordon LPs have been reissued on CD?>>
    Hi Doc,
    Indeed they have! Collectables, I believe, has released 3 CDs, 
    each containing two different Peter and Gordon albums. I'll get
    back to the list with further info, unless someone else can shed
    more light.
    Spectropop Rules!!!!!
    Take Care,
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    Subject:     Peter And Gordon
    Sent:        05/13/98 11:52 pm
    Received:    05/14/98 12:04 am
    From:        David Marsteller,
    On Wed, 13 May 1998, Doc Rock wrote:
    > Does anyone know if Peter and Gordon LPs have been reissued on CD?
    Collectables has just issued three CDs that are two-fers:
    I Go To Pieces/True Love Ways
    A World Without Love/I Don't Want To See You Again
    Woman/Lady Godiva
    The track listings are at their web site (look under new releases):
    I notice that tracks from Knight In Rusty Armour and In London 
    For Tea are used as bonus tracks, so it appears that those lps 
    and the Nashville one won't be getting the reissue treatment. I
    haven't seen or heard the CDs myself.
    /**   "Reach out and grab a fistful of now"                            **/
    /**                                             Thornetta Davis        **/
    /**      David Marsteller                       **/
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    Subject:     Re: Peter and Gordon
    Sent:        05/13/98 9:05 pm
    Received:    05/14/98 12:04 am
    From:        Jeff Glenn,
    <Does anyone know if Peter and Gordon LPs have been reissued on CD?>
    Hi Doc!
    It's your lucky day!  Collectables Records has just released three 
    Peter & Gordon two-fers:
    They're selling in my local Tower Records for $18, but you can order 
    them all from CDNow ( for $12.99 each
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    Subject:     Re: Spectropop V#0083
    Sent:        05/13/98 12:14 pm
    Received:    05/14/98 12:04 am
    From:        David Feldman,
    > Funny that Sagittarius and Yellow Balloon are reissued In US 
    > but Association is generally unavailable. I guess by virtue of 
    > their chart success Association are regarded as one step away 
    > from bubblegum even today, while minor acts like Flowerpot Men 
    > and Left Banke are available and highly lauded by fans and 
    > critics. With the current pop resurgence in alternative slowly 
    > creeping into mainstream, perhaps the interest in successful 60's 
    > artists will increase. I think artists such as Fifth Dimension, 
    > Spanky & Our Gang and Association should have a more comprehensive 
    > CD catalog available.
    Here Here! on everything you say (except for the reference to the 
    Left Banke, whose Pretty Ballerina album is brilliant an singular 
    (and they almost have enough good stuff to fill their 2-CD compilaton 
    But Spanky, Association, and Fifth are woefully neglected.  What they 
    have in common, is wonderful musicianship and melodiousness and 
    luscious vocals. They also all had the chops to perform their 
    toughest material live.
    I'm particularly partial to the first two albums by the Fifth.  I 
    think Magic Garden is better, but Jimmy Webb's "Rosecrans Blvd." on 
    the first is an all-time fave paranoid song.
    I once saw one of the weirder triple bills ever at the Forum in L.A.: 
    Spanky, Vanilla Fudge, and Bee Gees. It took all my composure to 
    sit through VF while waiting for the BG's (although their rendition 
    of "Moonlight Sonata" was a camp classic), but by that time Spanky & 
    Our Gang had stolen the show from both acts -- and this was an 
    audience that was there, largely, to see VF.  
    I still can't hear "Give a Damn" without getting chills, not because 
    of its message, but because of its beauty. 
    Dave Feldman
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