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Spectropop - Digest Number 377

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There are 11 messages in this issue of Spectropop.

Topics in this Digest Number 377:

      1. comments and a cry for (off-list) help
           From: "Paul Payton" 
      2. Dora Hall
           From: Simon White 
      3. 5 cds of Phil Outtakes
           From: "Ed Rothstein" 
      4. Re: On Aki, On Dante, On & On
           From: Patrick Rands 
      5. Aki Thanks
           From: Marc Miller 
      6. Re: The Archies
           From: "Don Charles" 
      7. Re: O Aki, On Dante, On & On
           From: "Martin Roberts" 
      8. Rock Flowers
           From: "Don Charles" 
      9. Jerry Samuels
           From: "Spectropop Administration" 
     10. The Peels
           From: Guy Lawrence 
     11. Spector ........ Jack
           From: "Peter Lerner" 


Message: 1
   Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 19:23:04 -0500
   From: "Paul Payton" 
Subject: comments and a cry for (off-list) help

Glenn Sadin wrote: 
> that Manchesters/Chartbusters album is also really good!

I had the pleasure of seeing the Chartbusters live when
"She's The One" (super song) was hitting; it was a
sizable hit in Providence, RI. The band was great -
hard-rockin' and exciting. I never knew who was in the
group or what happened to them afterward....

DJJimmyBee wrote:
> Is there someone here knowledgable enough to print up a
> discography of Beetle rekkids? I would love to know just
> how many were made.

Do you have half a lifetime to read said list, never mind
listen to them all? :-)

Kingsley Abbott wrote: 
> Seems like anything Andrew Gold is involved with is
> pretty classy and good for members of this list.

I'll second that. There's lots more at his website than
you imagined he'd issued.(And no, I'm not his promo guy!)

Justin McDevitt: "The Mountain's High," Dick & DeeDee,
Liberty (1961), is indeed astounding and still exciting
listening! You probably already know that Dick sang both
the highest and lowest parts, with DeeDee doing the
middle two. Dick St. John was also a writer and producer;
someone with more knowledge can expanded on that. And
Justin, one doesn't have to be visually impaired to screw
up song titles (noted from personal experience)!

By the way, Dick St. John also did one solo 45 (that I
know of) on Dot using his regular low-register voice. It
sank like a stone. However, thinking about it put me in
mind of another Dot 45 of the same c.-1965 era, which was
excellent: Brian Hyland's "Come Away," which took a lot
of inspiration from the Rolling Stones' "2000 Light Years
>From Home." Put another less bubblegum-associated name on
it and it would have been a smash IMO.

Re: my Don Drowty ("Dante") conversation, there has
already been one question regarding one of the tracks I
mentioned. As with the other Dante (Ron) regarding the
Archies concert, time does indeed blur some things; I'm
relying on the verity of Don's recollections of 30-to-40
years ago.

Finally, a plea for help - yep, musica listening
difficulties again. This time when I try to play anything
on the Windows Media Player, I get a message box saying
"this program has performed an illegal function and will
be shut down." Files appear to have made it onto the
playlist, but now I can't make anything on the Windows
Media Player list play at all. Is this new version of the
Player THAT unstable? (Hmmmmm, maybe I'm that unstable....)
Do musica files play on other plug-ins, such as Real
Player, which is installed too? Darn, this is frustrating!!!!!
Off-line help or suggestions from those more
knowledgeable than I is eagerly welcomed. Maybe someone
can offer a checklist of what I should look for in order
to function properly; perhaps something is missing, I
don't know....

With thanks in advance,
Country Paul

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Message: 2
   Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 19:35:56 +0000
   From: Simon White 
Subject: Dora Hall

Paul Payton wrote on 7/2/02:
> Interesting to see the reference to Dora Hall. I had been
> told her records were "vanity projects," although I have
> one Patsy Cline-flavored 45 on Premore, "Hello Faithless,"
> which is quite good.

Paul you're right they were "vanity projects'. What
amazes me is the sheer scope of recording styles from
awful showtunes to covers of Drifters and Len Barry and
more than likely, many others .  ' Pretty Boy ' is
wonderful. Here's the address -

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Message: 3
   Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 13:55:52 -0500
   From: "Ed Rothstein" 
Subject: 5 cds of Phil Outtakes

Does anyone have any info on these 5 cd sets of Phil
outtakes being sold on ebay?


Ed Rothstein

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Message: 4
   Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 08:33:36 -0500
   From: Patrick Rands 
Subject: Re: On Aki, On Dante, On & On

> By coincidence, I was on the phone with Don Drowty
> tonight. Don was "Dante" in "Dante & the Evergreens"
> ("Alley Oop," Madison Records). 

Funny how things works somedays. Just last night I was
looking at my collection of cds entitled Hey Look What I
Found (a many Volume series of 50s/60s/70s odds and sods
with many wonderful gems) when I saw the group/song
DANTE & THE EVERGREENS - Alley- Oop - and I was left
wondering - is that Ron Dante in this group? Or somebody
else? And here is my answer - amazing how that works,
isn't it?

For those curious about tracklistings for Hey Look What
I Found collections here's a link:


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Message: 5
   Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 12:04:51 -0500
   From: Marc Miller 
Subject: Aki Thanks

Thanks to all who came forth with info about Aki Aleong. 
I had no idea he was an actor! If you want to hear one of
the craziest records ever made, find a copy (yeah, right)
of Sheriff & The Revels "Shombolar" which I believe he


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Message: 6
   Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 17:20:10 +0000
   From: "Don Charles" 
Subject: Re: The Archies

>From: "Mike Arcidiacono":

>Well, then Ron must have a bad Memory, since there are
>PICTURES of him from the Gig!! Laura has them on her
>website, folks!!! I'll cut him some slack, tho..... after
>all, it WAS 30 years ago!!

My experience with Ron Dante is that he has a very good
memory, but I'm willing to give you benefit of the doubt.
I want details.  Which issue of Goldmine has Ron Dante
saying this?  What's the name of the article?  Who wrote
it?  What exactly is the quote?  Which photos from
Laura's website are you talking about?

Don Charles

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Message: 7
   Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 07:31:46 -0000
   From: "Martin Roberts" 
Subject: Re: O Aki, On Dante, On & On

Great stuff from Country Paul. And with all missives like
this more questions than answers and more records that I
want to hear than I have!

'Interesting' Don's claim that their version was first. I
wonder what Gary Paxton would say?! I'd heard about but
never 'heard' Emerald City Ramblers "Full Blown Caddy"
(and featuring Dean Torrance?) Something for Doc Rock to
talk about I'd guess. 

Don't think I've heard "Raising Cain" but Herb & Lou's Pr
& Wr "Poor Boy Needs A Preacher" is surely these
Californian giants greatest 2min 20sec. From 1959 sounds
like they've just listened to The Drifters "There Goes My
Baby", been inspired and then created a great piece of
string drenched, doowop/soul with a slightly 'laid back'
West Coast slant. Voices supplied by 'The Untouchables'
whose progression from this to The Alley Cats to Africa
might even tax John Clemente!


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Message: 8
   Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 17:17:25 +0000
   From: "Don Charles" 
Subject: Rock Flowers

Here are the songs from the two Rock Flowers albums:

You're My Kind Of Music
You Shouldn't Have Set My Soul On Fire
Uptight World
Shake It, Wake It
Heaven Help The Non-Beleiver (great Toni Wine ballad)
Sunday Dreaming (also cut by The Shirelles)
Mother You, Smother You
Gettin' Together (the Ellie Greenwich-Toni Wine song)
Number Wonderful
It Was Always, Always You
And Then He Says He Loves Me

Double Scoop
A Little At A Time
If You Loved Me Once (the Ellie Greenwich-Toni Wine song)
Don't You Ever Give Up On Me, Baby (excellent Tony Romeo ballad)
What's So Good About Good-Bye?
Stop Light (by Jacquie Wiseman of the group)
Sticks 'N' Stones
See No Evil
Ain't Supposed To Feel This Way
The Image Of You
It Takes A Real Man To Bring Out The Woman In Me

Both albums produced by Wes Farrell

Don Charles

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Message: 9
   Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 13:36:25 +0900
   From: "Spectropop Administration" 
Subject: Jerry Samuels

Posted to the Spectropop Bulletin Board by Bob Rashkow 
 on Thu, 07 Feb 2002

Recent discussion in the forum about Jerry Samuels aka
"Napoleon XIV" - - I have a copy of the album he did under
that name as a follow-up, purchased it after long Sunday
evenings giggling to some of the looney tunes on DR.
DEMENTO. Has anyone ever heard it? It's VERY dated but the
great thing about it is that it could ONLY have been from
the Sensational Sixties! Titles include "I Live In A
Split-Level Head" and "The Place Where The Nuts Hunt the
Squirrels"--aboslutely insane & probably wouldn't pass
muster with today's kids and teens!

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Message: 10
   Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 22:27:37 -0000
   From: Guy Lawrence 
Subject: The Peels

O.K. - so no one out there could help me with my Ron
Winters enquiry - but surely someone can tell me
something about The Peels, who had a small hit with
"Juanita Banana" and whose absolute classic, best song
ever about dairy farming, "Scrooey Mooey" was included on
"Bug Out! volume 2" a few years back? In hope, Guy.  

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Message: 11
   Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 23:12:28 -0000
   From: "Peter Lerner" 
Subject: Spector ........ Jack

As this is after all Spectropop, can you grant me an
indulgence. Back around 1964/65, the pirate radio ship
Caroline used to broadcast great pop music to the
north-west of England. Nightly at 6pm was an hour long
show recorded in New York by a DJ called Jack Spector,
who played brilliant US 45s otherwise totally unheard
over here. These formed the staple part of my record
collection at that time. He had a weekly competition
which was simple; listeners wrote to him in NY with their
name on a postcard. If he picked your name out, he sent
you the current US Top Ten. I won it once, and still have
all (well, most) of the vinyl.

My question - who was Jack Spector? Was this his real
name? Was he any relation? I'll tell you, his shows were


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