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Topics in this Digest Number 376:

      1. Egyptian Shumba
           From: "Guy Lawrence" 
      2. Re: Something From Ages Back.
           From: Michael Rashkow 
      3. Re: Bugged- Calling to Glenn Sadin
           From: "Ryan" 
      4. mooorrrree grace...
           From: Alan Gordon 
      5. Re: Something From Ages Back.
           From: Dan Hughes 
      6. The Archies
           From: "Don Charles" 
      7. Re: New Archies
           From: "Laura.E.Pinto" 
      8. Re: Rock Flowers
           From: "Don Charles" 
      9. Buggs
           From: Glenn Sadin 
     10. Re:  Beetle Beat
     11. Re: Rock Flowers
           From: Patrick Rands 
     12. Re: DORA HALL
           From: Ron Buono 
     13. Bryndle
           From: "Kingsley Abbott" 
     14. Re: NEED SOME HELP
           From: "Robert Conway" 
     15. Re: The Archies
           From: "Mike Arcidiacono" 
     16. Re: Rock Flowers
           From: "Mike Arcidiacono" 
     17. Jangle Radio/Spectropop Radio
           From: "Javed Jafri" 
     18. DICK AND dEE dEE
           From: "Justin McDevitt" 
     19. On Aki, On Dante, On & On
           From: "Paul Payton" 


Message: 1
   Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 21:11:57 -0000
   From: "Guy Lawrence" 
Subject: Egyptian Shumba

For all U.K. readers I can confirm that Lou Christie and
the Tammy's "Egyptian Shumba" CD has finally shipped out
to record shops.Not in very large amounts but it is dead
cheap! The U.K. distributor is Pinnacle. Talking of new
CDs, Rhino have a two disc Association anthology due on
Feb.19th and the poorly-reissued Mama Cass has a budget
priced compilation released next week in the U.K.



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Message: 2
   Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 18:10:21 EST
   From: Michael Rashkow 
Subject: Re: Something From Ages Back.

In a message dated 2/5/2002 10:40:23 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
drdoowop writes:


That would be right. 

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Message: 3
   Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 21:10:48 -0000
   From: "Ryan" 
Subject: Re: Bugged- Calling to Glenn Sadin

Hi Glenn,  Ryan here lost contact with you again please
email me at  we can conclude our

Thanks, Ryan

-- In spectropop, Glenn Sadin wrote:

> Paul Urbahns - RE the Buggs' album, it's one of the best
> of the ersatz American "Beetle" albums. Most likely the
> band is from the NYC area. A local group here in San
> Francisco, the Saturn V featuring Orbit, have released a
> single with their great cover version of "Mersey Mercy"
> (otherwise known as "You Got Me Bugged").

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Message: 4
   Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 11:40:59 -0800
   From: Alan Gordon 
Subject: mooorrrree grace...

Don Charles re: Idolmaker
> I'm a bit confused about what you mean by "80s-sounding."
> At the time "The Idolmaker" soundtrack album was
> released, the music on the radio was power ballads, New
> Wave rock 'n' roll and the remnants of disco. Those
> tracks don't sound anything like that to me. 

no offense, don, but that's exactly what the production
(not the actual bare boned songs) sounded like to me:
"Power Ballads."

but maybe my memory serves me wrong... i'll have a
re-listen this weekend. 

"Robert Conway" Re: Grace of My Heart
> To Alan Gordon:  It does seem silly to pursue this as
> we'll never know unless we ask the writer and/or the
> director.  In any case, kudos to Spectropop for
> re-evaluating, dissecting, and resurrecting  an
> overlooked and generally panned, trippy, revisionist
> movie, which I just happen to really enjoy.

Bob:  actually you can "know" a lot about what the writer
and/or director thinks about this movie from the
commentary on the DVD.  Allison Anders (the writer and
director) has loads to say about "Grace...", copping to
it's melodrama and much more.  check it out.

al babe

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Message: 5
   Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 13:04:02 -0600
   From: Dan Hughes 
Subject: Re: Something From Ages Back.

I think They're Coming To Take Me Away was written by the
artist, a NYC recording engineer named Jerry Samuels. 
Had no idea he wrote anything else, much less a classic
like Shelter of Your Arms!


On the subject of Shelter et al Rashkovsky wrote:

> It may interest someone that Shelter Of  Your Arms was
> written by the same person responsible for the
> unforgettable " They're Coming To Take Me Away". Wish I
> could remember his name...

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Message: 6
   Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 17:37:59 +0000
   From: "Don Charles" 
Subject: The Archies

"Mike Arcidiacono" wrote:

> Well, here is something you folks may not know. The
> Archies DID do one live gig!!!  When the concept was
> formed, and the first songs recorded, Ron Dante and
> Toni Wine and two other (forgotten) singers did a live
> promtional Gig as The Archies. This info comes from
> Ron Dante as told to Goldmine Magazine. 

I had never heard of this before, so I forwarded Mikey's
message to Ron Dante.  Here is his response:


Hello Don.

I don't remember telling the mag about a live gig. We
never performed as The Archies ever.



Don Charles

The Archies at Spectropop:
--------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------- Message: 7 Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 18:55:29 -0000 From: "Laura.E.Pinto" Subject: Re: New Archies --- In spectropop, "Mike Arcidiacono" wrote: > Archies DID do one live gig!!! > > When the concept was formed, and the first songs recorded, > Ron Dante and Toni Wine and two other (forgotten) singers > did a live promtional Gig as The Archies. > > This info comes from Ron Dante as told to Goldmine > Magazine. Now if only that was videotaped!! > > Mikey I didn't know he'd appeared with Toni Wine but I'd heard Ron had done a onetime appearance with Donna Marie after Toni Wine left the group. Ron and Donna performed as The Archies for a benefit in New Jersey. There's a pic of it posted at Spectropop's site I believe, and also on my own site, Laura's Ron Dante Fan Pages. Laura The Archies at Spectropop:
--------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------- Message: 8 Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 17:16:33 +0000 From: "Don Charles" Subject: Re: Rock Flowers >Posted to the Spectropop Bulletin board by Holly >on Sun, 03 Feb 2002 >------------------------------------------------------ > >I suppose I'm an interloper on this list but I was doing >some research and found an old discussion post wondering >if the songs on the little records that came with the >Rock Flowers dolls were the same as on the albums. No, they are not. I don't have the albums handy right now, but I'll get a track listing for you. I do know that the names of The Rock Flowers, according to the Wheel albums and singles were Debby, Ardie and Rindy (later replaced by Jacquie). Don Charles --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------- Message: 9 Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 08:37:10 -0800 From: Glenn Sadin Subject: Buggs Paul sez... > I would have thought so to but the album clearly states > Recorded In England and only in mono. If it had been an > American recording it would have probly been produced in > stereo since Coronet was also a stereo label. Mono was > (at that time) still the basic system of recording in > England for rock records, or so I am told. Paul, I have a dozen of those fake Beatles rekkids, and they ALL say "Recorded in England"! Diplomat (another budget label) also released mono & stereo discs, but their "Beatlerama Vol. 2" by the Manchesters is rechannelled in the stereo version. The Manchesters were in fact a Washington, DC combo called the Chartbusters (best known for their semi-hit "She's the One"). It all depends if the label wants to spring for the cost of a stereo mixing session, or if they used a studio with multitrack capabilities (this WAS 1964, after all, and a quicky cash-in project as well). (BTW, that Manchesters/Chartbusters album is also really good!) Glenn --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------- Message: 10 Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 08:58:40 EST From: Subject: Re: Beetle Beat In a message dated 2/6/02, octopusmusic writes: > "Recorded In England" was the answer of some US labels to > the British Invasion from 1964 to 1966. Is there someone here knowledgable enough to print up a discography of Beetle rekkids? I would love to know just how many were made...JB --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------- Message: 11 Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 08:56:14 -0500 From: Patrick Rands Subject: Re: Rock Flowers Thanks Holly for the Rock Flowers' info. I too have three of the dolls. Interestingly the songs that went with the two extra dolls (Iris and Doug) were also released on one 4 song 7 inch on Mattel in '71. That's how I got those "doll's songs". Interestingly, Holly, my fave song on the single called I Wish I Had a Monkey did not come with any of your dolls! The Rock Flowers group also had one other single that I know of that didn't appear on any album or with the dolls - maybe their last hurrah? - I don't recall the title at the moment but it's a pleasant ballad (same song on both sides). I found a link with the lyrics to the Rock Flower songs here: I bet those will bring back some memories! Also, as I recall when we last discussed the Rock Flowers a guy named Mikey, had a great story about a reel to reel tape with a Rock Flowers song "You Always Call Me Up When You're Lonely". Mikey you still out there?? Did you ever dig out the reel to reel?? Patrick --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------- Message: 12 Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 09:16:13 EST From: Ron Buono Subject: Re: DORA HALL In a message dated 2/6/02 Eastern Standard Time, spectropop writes: Don't know "Pretty Boy" by Dora Hall, but I have one by her called "New Boy". That one's penned by the Addrisi Brothers, and out of interest, has her version of a Tony Hatch song, "Let Me Tell You Baby", on the flip. DORA HALL Although I found Ms. Hall's recordings to be too popish for my tastes, I have recently discovered a tune of her's called "I won't give him up" on BOTH the Rainbeau and Calamo labels. This definitely falls into the 60's girl-group mode, with a bouncy lead by Dora, and a nice group backing. Check it out if you can find a copy! Ron --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------- Message: 13 Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 11:01:24 -0000 From: "Kingsley Abbott" Subject: Bryndle The trio Bryndle?? The quartet Bryndle please! They also included Wendy Waldman, who also had a stack of solo albums, many of which i recently acquired thru a kind pal, but sadly haven't had the time to check out yet. The Bryndle CD (Was there only one??) came to my attention when Richard Thompson mentioned it as a real fave of his in Mojo magazine. I picked it up on the strength of his suggestion in the Big HMV in London's Oxford street (Only one copy there), and I've never seen it anywhere since. I'd also highly recommend it. Seems like anything Andrew Gold is infolved with is pretty classy and good for members of this list. Kingsley Abbott --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------- Message: 14 Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 20:02:34 -0600 From: "Robert Conway" Subject: Re: NEED SOME HELP Complete Cookies CD is available from Collectors' Choice CDs for $12.98 and also is available from Import CDs (I believe they have a copy from the Netherlands and a copy >from the UK) but the price is steep--approx. $25. -Bob Conway >From: Justin McDevitt: > I have placed orders for the Complete Cookies Cd at a > number of online music stores. However, the Cd has been > on backorder for about two months and I have cancelled my > orders having renewed them a number of times since early > December. > > I wil continue to look for his Cd. However, in the > meantime I would like to complete this compilation. > > I would appreciate a music file of Randy by Earl Jean > McCrea, or suggestions on a couple of reliable sites that > I may not have contacted that might have the CD. --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------- Message: 15 Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 20:20:53 -0500 From: "Mike Arcidiacono" Subject: Re: The Archies ----- Original Message from: "Don Charles" > I had never heard of this before, so I forwarded Mikey's > message to Ron Dante. Here is his response: > > I don't remember telling the mag about a live gig. We > never performed as The Archies ever. > Ron Well, then Ron must have a bad Memory, since there are PICTURES of him from the Gig!! Laura has them on her website, folks!!! I'll cut him some slack, tho..... after all, it WAS 30 years ago!! Mikey The Archies at Spectropop:
--------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------- Message: 16 Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 20:16:23 -0500 From: "Mike Arcidiacono" Subject: Re: Rock Flowers ----- Original Message from: "Patrick Rands" > ...a guy named Mikey, had a great story about a > reel to reel tape with a Rock Flowers song "You Always > Call Me Up When You're Lonely". Mikey you still out > there?? Did you ever dig out the reel to reel?? > Patrick Hello Patrick!! Mikey here, hale and hearty. As a matter of fact, I DID, after weeks of seaching for my lost studio tapes from 1980 (found them too!!) find the Rockflowers tape! here are the songs: The Rockflowers: Produced by Al Delory Always Call Me Up When Youre Lonely Put A Little Love Away Mamas Little Girl Love Letters Because I know the backround of this tape, I believe this is the ONLY Rockflowers tape in existence with these songs on it. They are from the sessions for the third LP that never was because WHEEL records went bellyup. Heres a brief history of this priceless tape: In 1980, I was in a band here in NYC with Joe Dimperio jr. His dad was head of A&R for WHEEL Records. This tape was made expressly for him directly off the 15 ips master mix to choose the next single, from the sessions for the 3rd LP. WHEEL went bellyup. Joes Dad then gave this tape to me in 1981 or so because I had expressed interest in it. In talking to Joe about this, he feels that the masters for all the Rockflowers are long gone, because there was no record company to claim them. Wheel was owned by Ringling Bros, and they never sold the assets to any other company, as far as my research has shown. Mikey The Archies at Spectropop:
--------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------- Message: 17 Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 23:19:15 -0500 From: "Javed Jafri" Subject: Jangle Radio/Spectropop Radio I have been listening to Billy Spradlin's 60's Jangle Radio service and it is indeed an outstanding service. A good 70 % of the content is comprised of semi-obscure material which has been unavailable for many years (or should I say HAD been unavailable for many years because the CD and re-release boom has in fact opened up access to a lot of this material). The music is a mix of British Invasion/Garage/Psyche/Soft and Sunshine-Pop and almost all of it is grade A . Well known names like the Kinks, Beach Boys, Four Seasons, Turtles, Lovin Spoonful, Zombies, Paul Revere and The Raiders and Gary Lewis and the Playboys are represented by album tracks and 45's that did not necessarily reach the top 40. Lesser known names like The Third Bardo, Michael and the Messengers and Teddy and The Pandas share the bill with cult faves like the Left Banke, the Pretty Things and Gene Clark. It's great to hear things like a 1968 version of Lovin Things by Marmalade or a 1965 track by the Sorrows featuring Don Fardon which is such a clear precursor to his version of Indian Reservation from 1968. Quite literally it's like hearing a much expanded version of the Lenny Kaye/Rhino Nuggets series . A continuos stream of psyche-pop by it's broadest definition and recommend to everyone on this list. I know it is not always easy to listen to Internet radio for one thing it takes quite a while to get things started ( especially on these Live broadcasts) and I find that the window that lists the song titles being played actually slows things down and I tend to listen by closing that window. Thus I'm left guessing who the artists are on many of the tracks but that can be fun too Well done Billy ! PS Kudos also to the Spectropop station on Live What a great Fleetwoods track I heard on that today (at least that's who I think it was and yes I had to close the artist display window on that too to ensure a steady stream ). Will be listening to much more of this station as well. Javed --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------- Message: 18 Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 23:52:39 -0600 From: "Justin McDevitt" Subject: DICK AND dEE dEE Hi group, Earlier this evening I had a little time to relax in front of my almost anachronistic stereo system, though a good one in its day, and still working fairly well. I pulled out a couple of 45-reissues by Dick and Dee Dee, specifically; MOUNTAIN HIGH AND VALLEY SO DEEP, (1961, I believe) and WHEN YOU'RE YOUNG AND IN LOVE). I think this is the correct title. If not, one of you will provide the title. To introduce a little side note, as a person who is blind, I cannot read song titles directly from the LP, CD or 45. So if there is a slight deviation in the song title, or the name of the group or artist is not spelled as I would imagine it, (as in Cryan Shames, as opposed to Cryin Shames), as I had thought was the correct spelling up until a few weeks ago when the actual spelling was brought to my attention by some of you, then I remain blissfully ignorant of various proclivities and artistic license. So whenever I don't quite get it right, feel free to correct me. I'm always up for new learning. Now, let me not digress further. Back to Dick and Dee Dee - Mountain High is a great song and their followup efforts were too bad either. As I recall, the last charted song that I heard from this duo was THOU SHALT NOT STEAL, (Oct-Nov 1965). I would like to know more about this duo and I am certain that one of you experts from either side of the Atlantic, or Sea of Marmara, or Tasman Sea, or the Sea of Tranquility for that matter, (does this list extend its musical tentacles to the moon)? Finally, whatever happened to Noel Harrison. I saw him on a Hullabaloo rerun a few weeks ago, compliments of American Movie Classics. I think he fared a bit better as an actor than a singer. Also on this program was a duo effort by Chad, or was it Jeremy and his wife who was making her singing debut. It is a safe bet that her singing career never got out of the starting gate. Well, it's time for bed and my synthetic screen reader voice on the PC is getting the hiccups. Yours in peace, Justin --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------- Message: 19 Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 01:19:04 -0500 From: "Paul Payton" Subject: On Aki, On Dante, On & On Martin Roberts writes: > Re:-Aki Aleong, I only have Sherrif/Revells on > boot (Vol5 of Explosive Doowops-great series) > original release VeeJay 306, he's credited as a > Co-writer.... [The] Illustrated Discography of > Surf Music notes Aki Aleong as a Hawaiian > entertainer based in Los Angeles. His 'surf' > entry [is] Mary Ann (Come Surf With Me) Vee Jay > 520, with an album of the same name by Aki & > The Nobles. By coincidence, I was on the phone with Don Drowty tonight. Don was "Dante" in "Dante & the Evergreens" ("Alley Oop," Madison Records). Our conversation was wide-ranging and there are some omissions in my notes as the information was coming thick and fast. Don knew Aki Aleong (after Sheriff & the Revels) as a prolific producer as well as recording artist; he also said that Aleong appeared in a lot of movies as a character actor. If I got my information straight, Tony Moon, one of the Evergreens, did a 45 with Aleong as producer called "NaCl - Sodium Chloride," centering around the singer's vision of his girlfriend as "salty." Besides Don and Tony, the other Evergreens were Bill Young and Frank Rosenthal, who apparently was quite an athlete and played football with many of the black artists in a lot behind the Apollo in Harlem when Dante & the Evergreens were one of the few white acts to play there. According to Don, Dante & the Evergreens was a high-school group; they cut Alley Oop first, but it was covered by the Hollywood Argyles (with Gary "Flip" Paxton, earlier of Skip & Flip with Clyde Battin) who went to the same school. (Dante's version, which I always thought superior, was the bigger hit in New York.) Don also did a 1962 single on Philips with Dean Torrance as the "Emerald City Ramblers" called "Full Blown Caddy." He was also involved with A&M (Herb Alpert is godfather of one of his children) and with Herb Alpert co-wrote "Little Miss America," done by the Beach Boys. He reports that his name was taken off the writer credits on the Beach Boys' version, but it is shown on a version on Imperial under the name "Dante & His Friends," a group he reports as including label owner Lew Chudd and George McCurn ("I'm Just A Country Boy," A&M, 1962). In addition, Don did some work with Bert Berns of Bang Records, but we didn't get into the details of that relationship in this conversation. Also on Madison was a black group that Don grew up with, the Untouchables (the amazing "Raising Sugar Cane," c. 1961. Ultimately the group changed their name to Africa and had an album, Music From Li'l Brown" (with cover art copied from "Music From Big Pink") featuring a gorgeous progressive/group-harmony single, "Here I Stand," written by Billy Storm. The LP was released on Ode and the single later reissued on Epic. The group included Brice Coefield, lead singer, who recently passed away; Charles Wright, later of Watts 103rd St Band; and Chester Pipkin, who now heads the large west coast-based ReJOYce Ministries. I seem to remember Africa changing their name again later in the '60's, but I forget to what. By the way, Madison was owned by Larry Uttal, who was later the owner of Amy/Bell/Mala, which became Arista. After many years of teaching school, Don Drowty is now on the board of directors of a Red Cross regional chapter in California and Director of the National Red Cross Youth Choir. I met Don when he was in New York working on the 9/11 rescue effort, and paused to visit the UGHA (United in Group Harmony Association) September meeting, where he did "Alley Oop" with a pick-up group of Evergreens including yours truly singing bass. By the way, there is now a 25-track retrospective of Dante & The Evergreens available through Clifton Music and UGHA. Any additions, corrections or clarifications to the above information are most welcome. Ted L.: thank you for the Petty Booka info and link I'll be checking it out in a few minutes! And Don Charles, your Archies article on the Spectropop website is excellent! Interesting to see the reference to Dora Hall. I had been told her records were "vanity projects," although I have one Patsy Cline-flavored 45 on Premore, "Hello Faithless," which is quite good. Bob Conway writes: > I've always liked Andrew Gold. Are you > aware that he is/was part of the trio > Bryndle? The group consists/consisted of > Andrew Gold, Kenny Edwards and Karla Bonoff. Yes, indeed - and Kenny Edwards was one of the original Stone Poneys as well. Time to get on my own pony and ride..... Country Paul --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------- End

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