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Spectropop - Digest Number 361

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Topics in this Digest Number 361:

      1. RE: Bow Down & Worship?
           From: Andrew Hickey
      2. Re:Bow Down & Worship?
           From: "Martin Roberts"
      3. misc
           From: Alan Gordon
      4. Please, Mr. (& Mrs.) Post - and more
           From: "Paul Payton"
      5. Sally Go 'Round The Roses
           From: John Clemente
      6. Re: Dancing With The Majors
           From: "Doug"
      7. re: BIG DEE IRWIN
           From: Mick Patrick
      8. Big Dee Irwin
           From: Marc Miller
      9. Re: Big Dee Irwin
           From: "Robert Conway"
     10. The Crystals in London
           From: Simon White
     11. Re :When songwriting starts to suck
           From: Richard Havers
     12. backsliding
           From: Alan Zweig
     13. Re: Bow Down & Worship?
           From: Michael Marino
     14. Re: Remixing Spector
           From: Michael Marino
     15. Best of George Harrison
           From: Michael Marino
     16. Re:Bow Down & Worship?
           From: "Keith Beach"
     17. Concrete & Clay
           From: Bruce Kerr
     18. Re: Grace of My Heart
           From: Eric Van Rysdam
     19. Outsiders Happening Live
           From: "Robert Conway"
     20. Re: Sally Go 'Round The Roses
           From: Simon White
     21. Henry (Hank) Cosby - an appreciation from a fan
           From: "John Lester"
     22. The Liquid Room-1/20/2002
           From: "David Ponak"


Message: 1
   Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 03:55:01 -0800 (PST)
   From: Andrew Hickey
Subject: RE: Bow Down & Worship?

> Is this single the recently revamped version from the
> album "All things must pass"...where George tried to
> eliminate as much of Phil's excesses (in George's
> opinion) as possible. I read that George apparently
> thought that the original production sounded too
> 'old-fashioned'.

Not quite - he just thought there were too many
instruments. The new version is good, but not very
different. The single has both versions and one of the
acoustic demos of one of the tracks. Nothing that isn't
on the album reissue though.

BTW as well as Spector's sixth decade of hits this may
well also mean that My Sweet Lord is both the first and
the last solo Beatle number one, at least in the UK...

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Message: 2
   Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 19:38:27 -0000
   From: "Martin Roberts"
Subject: Re:Bow Down & Worship?

To be honest, my radio tastes are more Radio 4 and a bit
of footie on Radio 5 at the weekend than the 'chart'
hits on Radio 1 but my old Mogo mag in the shop (with
George Harrison on the front) prompted one of the girls
to say "oooh I liked him, he's number One in the charts,
ain't he?". That was enough for me! Re-mix? Well to
paraphrase, John Lester "load of Rollocks!"(think he
said something along these lines anyway!) The "My Sweet
Lord" 45 and All Things Must Pass LP were the first 'new'
Phil Spector records I ever bought (in the case of ATMP,
my mum bought me-I couldn't afford 3 7s6d!). The Re-mix
is pointless (sure Mr Spector would never have let those
vocals Pass!) BUT most of 'Phil' is still there. Good
enough for me!

Re:The 90's I've no reference books for much past the
70's but I'm pretty sure The Is She Or Isn't She Wearing
Hairspray? "Unchained Melody" was a top tenner in the
90's and the CD & 12" both had "You've Lost That Loving
Feeling" on the B-side. Good enough for me! New material?
I'd guess he'd just be another jaded, has-been
songwriter/producer Frank was writing about. Would love
to be proved wrong but somehow doubt it. But even if
they are reissues and caused by the death of another ex
Beatle. The facts (as I've twisted them!) show Phil's
music to transcend time more than any other artist. Good
enough for me!

Bow Down & Worship?


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Message: 3
   Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 12:51:24 -0800
   From: Alan Gordon
Subject: misc

Michael Godin wrote:
> A Wonderful Dream by The Majors is available on The
> Golden Age of American Rock & Roll Volume 9. On Ace
> Records from the UK.

This whole series is fabulous...

Mike Anderson wrote:
> Some live albums, really live albums, get a little studio
> help, after the fact, to improve the performance. I'm
> wondering if one of my favorites, Jefferson Airplane's
> Bless Its Pointed Little Head got any of this treatment.
> Anyone know, yes or no?

I have some REAL live JA boots from this period and they
all sound pretty amazing, performance and recording wise...
so outside a few edits, mebbe this one is completely live...

I think I've read somewhere that 4 Way Street by CSN&Y
was totally live.  I read that Stills was angry at the
rest of the group in that they wouldn't let him "sweeten"
some vocals and guitar bits.

Doc Rock wrote:
> Has anyone mentioned Jan & Dean's Command Performance
> "Live" LP, with all-studio vocals?

Is this the same album as: "Filet of Soul" by j & d?
...which was painfully obvious to me as a 14 year old
that it was far from live

Guy Lawrence wrote:
> Don't know whether this was discussed before but I notice
> that several volumes of Hullabaloo are available on VHS
> and DVD in the States. Has anybody got them? Do I have to
> reach for my credit card again? Most importantly what is
> the Strangeloves clip like? I need a detailed account!

These are a blast.  I have them all on laser disc.  Some
are "live" and some are lip-synched.  But they're a load
of fun and some great music.  Wonderful live action bits
of history.

If this sorta stuff interests you, there are 2 volumes of
The Music Scene on DVD (and vhs I believe) that are
really fantastic.  A great live Down By The River by
CSN&Y and a fantastic medley of Every Bros. hits done by
the Bros. on a stool with David Steinberg interrupting to
mention only two.  The Everly guys sing live like friggin'

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Message: 4
   Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 19:31:24 -0500
   From: "Paul Payton"
Subject: Please, Mr. (& Mrs.) Post - and more

I just saw David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive" last night.
As most critics have noted, it's slow-moving but
intense with some great acting, but I'm not sure what I
saw in the last half! (It probably bears re-watching to
at least get some sense of the typical Lynch
obfuscation.) Relevant to us: there are auditions for a
movie for a film involving 60's female artists,
including lypsynchs of Connie Stevens' "16 Reasons" and
Linda Scott's "I've Told Every Little Star." Dead-on
look for the era, too! Brings up a question:
songwriting on "16 Reasons" is by Bill and Doree Post.
I have a 45, "Valley High," by them on Crest; very
syrupy and Anita Kerr-like but very nice. I've seen
their credits on other stuff as well. Who are/were they?
Are they still around?

Re: Jeff Barry productions - anyone else like Hank
Shifter's "Saturday Noontime" on Steed? I find it
intense and unusual. I know Shifter had at least one
other Steed 45. Anyone know who he is/was? Other info?

Don Charles: thanks for the Distant Cousins discography.
Gotta get my computer to download the musica properly....

Vincent wrote:
> I'm split on the new Elton. It feels country for him...

To these ears, one of his best early songs was "Country
Comfort." You've made me curious to hear the CD.

Mike Rashkow wrote:
> ... about backsliding song come it
> didn't happen to: Gershwin, Berlin, Loesser, Mercer,
> Rogers, Hammerstein, Hart, Van Heusen, etc.  Or are
> we talking about a different league?

Possibly; certainly different style, but also a very
different time, when the demand for product wasn't so
instaneaneous, intense and continuous, and so many
media outlets didn't burn it out instantaneously. Also,
like McCartney, Harrison and others with long
composition careers, as years pass and our knowledge of
them becomes more second-hand, we forget their uneven
stuff between the gems and remember only the best of
their ouevre. Just my opinion.

Also from Mike:
> ...a record I love so much it hurts me--Smoky Places,
> The Corsairs (featuring Jay Bird Uzell???).

Yes indeed!

> ...the words to those background/bass parts?

Damned if I know; he certainly was one of the more
inventive syllabists in doo-wop. I personally like
the "bom-ala-vekki bom-ala-vekki" and
"diddle-iddit-tangy-tang" lines the best.

> And doesn't this one really sound like it may have
> been a country song?

Should have been - I think someone did it as one, or
maybe it was just that I had the same thought. Cool
doowop ballad on the flip, too: "Thinkin' (Maybe
She's Change Her Ways)." By the way, their follow up
is a gorgeous ballad, "I'll Take You Home" - played
it as the last song at our wedding - perfect closer
("Now is the time, now we're alone, give me your hand,
I'll take you home" and that magnificent bassman
repeating it.) Is there a Corsairs album, anyone? And
if so, does it live up to their singles?

Tony Leong: put out a definitive Jaynettes compilation
and sign me up for a copy! Their records were WAY ahead
of their time indeed. (And, like the aforementioned
Corsairs, also on Tuff.)

Finally, RIP Miss Peggy Lee. Style, class, soul,
technique, and a Zen eloquence in much of her work that
spoke silent volumes about her talent. Find her "Sing A
Rainbow"  from way back in time on Decca, and see if it
doesn't grab you too.

Country Paul

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Message: 5
   Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 18:58:40 -0500
   From: John Clemente
Subject: Sally Go 'Round The Roses

Hello All,

Long ago, I quit trying to figure out exactly what the
song was about.  It falls into the "American Pie"
category. I speculate that it's a play on an old
nursery rhyme or a folk tune.  Also, please remember,
Tony, the group name for "Dear Abby" was released as
The Hearts.



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Message: 6
   Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 15:09:42 -0000
   From: "Doug"
Subject: Re: Dancing With The Majors

--- In Spectropop, "Martin Roberts" wrote:

> I love the sound of The Boys Next Door as well. First
> 45 I bought was the Tokens production "There Is No
> Greater Sin" Co-Wr (topically) Al Cooper/"I Could See
> Me Dancing With You" Cameo. None of there other
> records quite lived up to the standard of this but
> then, not many records by anyone do! Another single
> from the jukebox! I would list the Sundazed CD (this
> time of course great sleeve notes, 22 tracks-inc.
> unreleased and credits!) another must-have.

  I agree that by far the Cameo single is their best.
  Also, their later Atco singles were a "Dunwich
  Production," and they produced some singles by the
  Rumbles (also signed as a Dunwich Production), the best
  Nebraska group of the sixties.

  The Rumbles even did a version of the BND's "Wildest
  Christmas" b/w a near note-for-note copy of the Four
  Seasons' version of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town."


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Message: 7
   Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 19:28:55 +0000 (GMT)
   From: Mick Patrick
Subject: re: BIG DEE IRWIN

> -----Original Message from big.puff

> Did I dream it or has Big Dee Irwin's  "Happy Being
> Fat'  been released on cd at some point?  I sure  I
> saw it somewhere but the brain has gone....


Picture this: the frozen North. A quintet of young Air
Force men, cold and bored, is drawn together by a mutual
love of doo-wop harmonising. A plot from Northern
Exposure? Could be, except that we are in Greenland and
the year is 1955. Spending all their spare time, and they
have plenty, hanging out at the Narsarssuak service club,
the guys polish their sound around the airbase's piano -
a sound distinguished by the singular baritone of their
imposing lead singer, Sgt. DiFosco Ervin.....

Above is the opening paragraph from the booklet which
Westside WESM 511). Among the 25 cuts are every track Dee
recorded for the DIMENSION label including, of course,

Much later in his career, Dee moved to the West Coast and
did much good work behind the scenes for the musicians
union. I'm wondering if Carol Kaye knew him in this
capacity and, if so, may care to tell us what he was like
as a person.


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Message: 8
   Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 11:03:07 -0500
   From: Marc Miller
Subject: Big Dee Irwin

Simon, re:

> Thanks for all the Jaynettes  info, men. Now I need
> some help on something else. Did I dream it or has
> Big Dee Irwin s  "Happy Being Fat'  been released on
> cd at some point ?  I sure  I saw it somewhere but
> the brain has gone....

It's on the Colpix-Dimension Story, Rhino (71650), from
1994 now out of print.


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Message: 9
   Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 11:53:47 -0600
   From: "Robert Conway"
Subject: Re: Big Dee Irwin

>From: simon white
>Thanks for all the Jaynettes  info, men. Now I need some
>help on something else. Did I dream it or has Big Dee
>Irwin s  "Happy Being Fat'  been released on cd at some
>point ?

West Side issued a Big Dee Irwin anthology a couple of
years back.  It came out after the Little Eva collection
on West Side.  I also have the Big Dee Irwin track on
Rhino's douible-CD set, "The Colpix-Dimension Story."

Bob Conway

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Message: 10
   Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 14:00:33 +0000
   From: Simon White
Subject: The Crystals in London

 And now a question for or South of England veiwers only.

In the mid to late eighties I saw a group of Crystals at
North London Poly. One of them was definately Dee Dee
Kennibrew. Does anyone know who the others were likely to
have been ?

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Message: 11
   Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 12:15:15 +0000
   From: Richard Havers
Subject: Re :When songwriting starts to suck

the new Elton John CD......

Maybe I'm the only one, but I think it's dull,
derivative, pedestrian and pretty one paced. The single,
'I Want Love' is as bad a single as he has ever done.
The opening track, 'Emperor's New Clothes' is almost
identical, melodically, to I Want Love.

And then there are the lyrics.......predictable and

It's a long way from the great days. However what I
think it says is that there is a dearth of good
competition around so it's the best of a mediocre bunch.

But that's just me.....and I love his early stuff. I
even like some mid years material like 'Since God
Invented Girls' with Carl, Bruce and Adrian Baker on

Standing by to be shot at

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Message: 12
   Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 17:03:03 -0500
   From: Alan Zweig
Subject: backsliding

>From: Michael Rashkow

> And, while I found the various theories interesting, I
> think they all beg the question, how come it didn't
> happen to: Gershwin, Berlin, Loesser, Mercer, Rogers,
> Hammerstein, Hart, Van Heusen, etc.  Or are we talking
> about a different league?

I don't think they are in different leagues.  And that's
why I asked the question.  But I have a theory that might
distinguish 60's songwriters from their predecessors. Or
maybe not. But I don't think the composers of the classic
American songbook worried too much about the legitimacy
of their music.  They didn't have to listen to a lot of
voices telling them "Sure you can write those simple
three chord songs but can you write REAL music?" They
just did what they did.  They didn't try to get more
serious when they got older (though I know that some of
them did try their hands at classical music) I don't
blame any artist for trying to grow but sometimes you
grow right of the thing you're good at.


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Message: 13
   Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 06:07:50 -0000
   From: Michael Marino
Subject: Re: Bow Down & Worship?

--- In Spectropop, Martin Roberts wrote:
> With George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord" sitting on top of
> the British charts Mr Spector has now had 6 decades of Top
> Ten Hits in the UK.
> Wooooh!!!....... Way To Go Phil!!

Way to go Phil????

Last I heard, this was a George Harrison tune and the
poor guy is now dead.  Gimme a break.

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Message: 14
   Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 06:22:07 -0000
   From: Michael Marino
Subject: Re: Remixing Spector

--- In Spectropop Paul Underwood wrote:
> For me, the jury is still out on George Harrison's "All
> things must pass": I'm not sure I want to hear all the
> instruments.

I believe "All Things Must Pass" is one of PS's
production triumphs from the 70's.  It is certainly far
superior to what he did on Let It Be (because of its
patchwork nature) and his work with Lennon.  In fact,
I'd love to hear a remix of "Instant Karma" which, to me,
sounds like it was recorded in someone's bathroom.
Great song though... but I digress.

"All Things Must Pass" is excellent work from Phil
because he allowed George, his guitar and Clapton's
guitar to shine rather than be buried in the mix.  This
was a case of what I call the Wall of Compromise.  I
believe, in this case, it was absolutely necessary.

George and his friends, with PS's help, came up with an
all time classic that I still enjoy to this day. Good
job fellas!

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Message: 15
   Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 06:38:55 -0000
   From: Michael Marino
Subject: Best of George Harrison

How about a career retrospective in honor of George
Harrison?  In my fantasy world, this would be my track
list for a great 2 CD set in chrono order, of course...

Disk One

1. I Need You
2. If I Needed Someone
3. Taxman
4. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
5. Savoy Truffle
6. I Me Mine
7. Here Comes The Sun
8. Something
9. I'd Have You Anytime
10. My Sweet Lord
11. Isn't It A Pity
12. What Is Life
13. If Not For You
14. Run of the Mill
15. Apple Scruffs
16. All Things Must Pass
17. Bangla Desh
18. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
19. Dark Hoarse
20. You

Disk Two

1. This Song
2. Crackerbox Palace
3. Blow Away
4. Here Comes The Moon
5. Not Guilty
6. All Those Years Ago
7. Wake Up My Love
8. Cloud 9
9. Got My Mind Set On You
10. When We Was Fab
11. Devil's Radio
12. Someplace Else
13. Wreck of the Hesperus
14. Handle With Care
15. Heading For the Light
16. Poor Little Girl
17. Cheer Down
18. New Blue Moon
19. Horse To Water

Comments, Revisions, Critiques are welcome!

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Message: 16
   Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 07:58:43 -0000
   From: "Keith Beach"
Subject: Re:Bow Down & Worship?

OOPS! Sorry Martin, I forgot about Righteous Bros
reissues. All the same it's a slightly hollow claim for
'six decades of hits' if it includes reissues. It's not a
measure of Phil's continuing talent to produce good
music...just an happy accident of public taste.

keith beach

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Message: 17
   Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 02:03:47 EST
   From: Bruce Kerr
Subject: Concrete & Clay

> >"Concrete & Clay" ... is this the same song that was a
> > UK hit for Unit 4+2?
> Absolutely - "they were "dueling covers." I prefer
> Rambeau personally;

Does anyone know where I can hear "Concrete & Clay,"
ideally mp3 but streaming media at a minimum.


Bruce Kerr

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Message: 18
   Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 01:59:41 EST
   From: Eric Van Rysdam
Subject: Re: Grace of My Heart

>Superficial as it is, I enjoyed the movie so I bought the
>CD and video (and recently the DVD). I really liked most
>of the soundtrack but the female group, For Real, hands
>down steals the spotlight.  One flaw: (two actually...why
>can't the songs follow the same order as in the movie?)
>What happened to the Bacharach-Costello penned "God Give
>Me Strength"? and "Hey There"--both sung by Edna
>Buxton/Illeana Douglas?

It's 2am so the title escapes me, but the film version of
God Give Me Strength was released on a Rhino "love songs"
collection... search the Rhino site and it should be
there somwhere... Not sure if Hey There appears anywhere

I love that scene in the movie where the McDonald
brothers from Redd Kross are pissed off at Matt Damon's
new musical direction for the band... Who pulled the
short straw and got to play the "Mike Love" character!?!

Eric Van Rysdam

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Message: 19
   Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 00:03:31 -0600
   From: "Robert Conway"
Subject: Outsiders Happening Live

Re. "live" LPs:  I meant to write earlier...In my youth,
I liked most of the singles by the Outsiders.  I waited
for a Greatest Hits LP that never came so I finally
popped $4-$5 for the Outsiders "Happening Live" or some
such title, with all the group's hits.  I remember that
sick feeling that gripped my body as I gripped my empty
wallet--emptied on a true piece of garbage.  Not only was
there a ton of fake crowd noise on the LP  but the horns
were totally gone, making the tunes unbearably empty and
boring--totally unlistenable.

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Message: 20
   Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 10:34:57 +0000
   From: Simon White
Subject: Re: Sally Go 'Round The Roses

Thanks for theJaynettes stuff - I 'm a bit confused with
the Jaynettes/Hearts connection though. Are we saying
that the Jaynettes were the Hearts? Time for a Jaynettes
cd  anthology I think?

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Message: 21
   Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 23:53:19 -0000
   From: "John Lester"
Subject: Henry (Hank) Cosby - an appreciation from a fan

Here is my post about my idol...

Hank was with Motown almost from inception (1962 to 1973).
He started out as a musician and in those early days
played tenor sax on Eddie Holland's "Candy To Me" and
"Leaving Here", Marvin's "Can I Get A Witness" and the
Darnells "Come On Home".  Hank worked with John Lee
Hooker on his first recording date in Chicago whilst
playing on tour for Jackie Wilson.

But Hank was talented - he proved it as a writer and
producer through his association with Stevie
Wonder...just look at these titles...Uptight, Nothing's
Too Good For My Baby, Ain't That Asking For Trouble,
Pretty Little Angel, I Was Made to Love Her, For Once In
My Life, Shoo Bee Doo Be Doo Da Day, I'm Wondering, My
Cherie Amour, Thank You Love, Be Cool Be Calm (and Get
Yourself Together), I Want My Baby Back (assigned
originally to the Velvelettes!), Angel Baby, I'd Cry,
Everytime I See You I Go Wild, Never Had A Dream Come goes on and on.  I have to mention my own
additional personal Stevie favourites - I'm More Than
Happy (I'm Satisfied), Somebody Knows, Somebody Cares,
Give Your Love, I've Got You, Stevie's "My Girl", I
Can't Let My Heaven Walk Away, Why Don't You Lead Me To

But Hank didn't work with just Stevie.....he worked with
Martha (I Should Be Proud) Jr Walker (Home Cookin')
Brenda Holloway (Hurt A Little Everyday), Edwin Starr
(Love Is My Destination), Miracles (Tears Of A Clown),
Supremes (No Matter What Sign You Are), Marvelettes (I
Should Have Known Better) Dalton Boys (I've Been
Cheated).....and with my dear Velvelettes (and also the
Vandellas) on "I'm In Love (and I Know It)".  He is also
a credited producer on Earl Van Dyke's "That Motown

Much later, he worked with Jonah Jones, Claude Francois,
Hearts of Stone and lots more and let's not forget that
it was Hank's idea to group Motown's top people to form
"The Clan" for "Love Child".

I want to acknowledge the music that Hank gave me, you
and all of us. Rest in peace Hank....I shall miss you...

John Lester

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Message: 22
   Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 12:23:24 -0800
   From: "David Ponak"
Subject: The Liquid Room-1/20/2002

The Liquid Room, (usually) hosted by David Ponak (me),
airs every Saturday night from Midnight to 3AM (PDT) on
90.7FM KPFK Los Angeles, as well as streaming at

The Liquid Room-1/20/2002

1. The Association/Come On In
Birthday (WB)

3.Buffalo Daughter/Discoteque Du Paradis
I (Emperor Norton)

4.Kiyoko Ito & Happenings 4/Organso
60's Beat Girl With G.S. (WEA-Japan)

5.Pat C. with the Maxwell Implosion/Tic Tac
Saudade Suite (Rambling Records-Japan)

A to B (Bungalow-Germany)

7.Stephane Vareques/Le Pape Du Pop
Wizzz (Musiques Hybrid-Japan)

8.Fad Gadget/Ricky's Hand
The Best Of Fad Gadget (Mute)

9.Aria Haze/Orange Meadows
Aria Haze (Bleep)

10.The Revillos/Scuba Scuba
Rev Up (Captain Oi)

Schema Livello Due (Schema-Italy)

12.Serge Gainsbourg/Sex Shop
Le Cinema De Serge Gainsbourg (Universal-France)

13.The Diff'rent Strokes/Last Night
This Isn't It (Guided Missle-UK)

14.R. Dean Taylor/Gotta See Jane
The Essential Collection (Universal-Germany)

15.ILS/Strange Light
Idiots Behind The Wheel (Fuel-UK)

16.Ennio Morricone/Deep Down
Danger Diobolik-Soundtrack (Sycodelic-Europe)

People People (File Unique-Japan)

18.Eels/Fresh Feeling
Souljacker (Dreamworks-UK)

19.Cymbals/Swing, Swing, Swing (Word Boy Word Girl Mix)
Well Done (JVC Victor-Japan)

20.The Tokens/Sunset See My Sadness
It's A Happening World (WB)

21.Brute Force/No Olympian Height
Confections Of Love (Columbia)

Visconit Con Hielo (Plastic-Japan)

23.The Ballroom/Spinning, Spinning, Spinning
Magic Time: The Millenium and Ballroom Recordings

24.Harry Bruer/Moog Foo Yong
Electronic Toys (Normal-Germany)

25.The Fur Ones /El Cacahuate (Monorail)

Point (Matador)

27.Little Computer People/Electropop Music
Electropop (PS1149NET)

28.The Tennessee Guitars/I Walk The Line
7" single (Bell)

29.Kahimi Karie/Melt The Snow
My Suitor (Polydor-Japan)

30.(The Real) Tuesday Weld/I Love The Rain
Where Psyche Meets Cupid (Kindercore)

31.J.K. & Co./Little Children
Suddenly One Summer (Sundazed)

32.The Raymakers/Group Grope
7" (Transistor)

At Last Alone (Toys Factory)
34.Montefiori Cocktail/Sofistcati (Nicola Conte Soft
Samba Strings Rmx) Irma On Canvas (Irma)

35.James Last/Soul March
Lounge Legends (Universal-Germany)

36.Swan Dive/Words You Whisper
Words You Whisper (Siesta-Spain)

37.The Cyrkle/Baby, You're Free
Red Rubber Ball (Sundazed)

38.Scott Walker/It's Raining Today
Scott 3 (Phillips-UK)

39.The Peppers/Pepper Box
The Peppers (Event)

40.Gangway/My Girl And Me
Compendium (BMG-Denmark)

41.Jack Nitzsche/I'll Be She Knew It
Three Piece Suite: The Reprise Recordings 1971-1974
(Rhino Handmade)

42.Al Kooper/You Never Know Who Your Friends Are
Rare & Well Done (Columbia Legacy)

43.Roger Manning & Brian Reitzell/Search For Tomorrow
Logan's Sanctuary (Emperor Norton)

44. Paul Williams/Mornin' I'll be Movin' On
Someday Man (Reprise)

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