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Spectropop V#0081

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 5/9/98
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             Volume #0081                          May 9, 1998
           Crisp, clear, sparkling - Perfect even at high volume
    Subject:     Dream Babes (RPM); HCTG Vol.NINE??
    Sent:        5/8/98 7:01 pm
    Received:    5/9/98 2:44 am
    From:        Jack Madani,
    Two items that I saw in a local store, and I shore hope that 
    someone can give me some info on them:
    On the RPM label, "Dream Babes Vol.1" which is not to be 
    confused with M&M's "Dream Boy" series. How is that RPM disc? 
    Is it as good as, say, Here Come The Girls vols 1 or 8?
    I thought that the Here Come The Girls series was finished at 
    volume 8, but there was a "Volume NINE."  I wrote down the 
    subtitle of the disc but I left that slip of paper at home 
    today. It seemed to be a compilation of just a handful of acts 
    (sort of the way volume three or five is in the series), and if
    I remember the names they were the Saphires and Honey & the 
    Combs plus a couple others.
    Any helpful descriptions of these discs would be most 
    sixties girlgroup junkie
    Jack Madani - Princeton Day School, The Great Road,
       Princeton, NJ  08540
    "It is when the gods hate a man with uncommon abhorrence that they
     drive him into the profession of a schoolmaster." --Seneca, 64 A.D.
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    Subject:     It Came from Canada
    Sent:        5/8/98 11:02 am
    Received:    5/9/98 2:44 am
    From:        Javed Jafri,
    Subject:     "Big Town Boy"
    > From:        Doc Rock, docroom
    > >"Big Town Boy" by Shirley Matthews is actually not such an 
    > >obscure record here in Toronto. I believe Shirley was from this
    > >area and that song was quite a hit here. The song is still 
    > >played on the radio here. I have always liked it and have 
    > >wondered why it never did anything in the States.
    > Obscure is relative. Growing up in the Kansas City area, I 
    > never heard of it. Moving to Toledo, I find it was a big hit 
    > here and in Detroit!
    > Doc
    I can guess why "Big Town Boy" became a hit in Detroit. It was 
    probably because of initial airplay on the Canadian border Top 
    40 station, CKLW/Windsor Ontario, which was very popular in 
    Detroit from the mid 60's until the early 70's.
    > Subject:     Re: Staccatos
    > From:        BashPop, Bashm
    > Hi Javed,
    > I really like The Staccatos, and they have a song called "Let's
    > Run Away" that IMHO is their best. It's a folk-pop number with 
    > amazing harmonies! Are there any Staccatos compilations out 
    > there, either on vinyl or CD?
    > The debut album by Five Man Electrical Band is a late 60s pop 
    > gem that has been greatly overlooked by many people, including 
    > collectors.
    I think there was a Les Emmerson/Five Man Electrical Band 
    collection released a few years ago in Canada which also 
    included some Staccatos material. That might be the closest 
    thing to a Staccatos comp. Sorry but I don't have the label 
    I was perhaps unfair to the FMEB in my first post because I 
    remember them mostly for "Signs" and the other (Canadian) hits
    that followed but they did have some releases that predate Signs.
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    Subject:     Re: Spectropop V#0080
    Sent:        5/8/98 7:24 am
    Received:    5/9/98 2:44 am
    From:        JohnBarone,
    >I'll never forget the day that our local station, KEWI (Big 
    >KeeWee), played only Beatles for 24 hours one early 1964 day. 
    >Imagine, the Beatles having the Top 5 songs on Billboard at 
    Didn't the Bee Gees come close to equalling or this mark during
    their Saturday Night Fever fling. I seem to recall quite a few 
    Bee Gees tunes being played all the time, in addition to songs 
    that they wrote but were performed by others such as Tavares, 
    Samantha Sang and Yvonne Eliman(SP?) It would be interesting to
    see the Billboard charts from the period. I guess its from 
    about mid 1977 to the end of the year when they dominated the 
    charts. My guess is that all of these songs were up there in 
    the chart at the time: How Deep Is Your Love, Stayin' Alive,
    Night Fever, More Than a Woman (separate recordings by the Bee 
    Gees and Tavares) You Should Be Dancing, and Emotion by Samantha
    Sang and If I Can't Have You by Yvonne Eliman.
    The fans support page for Brian Wilson's "Your Imagination" :
    Mostly vinyl for sale at:
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    Subject:     Regional Hits
    Sent:        5/8/98 11:27 pm
    Received:    5/9/98 2:44 am
    From:        Richard Globman,
    Doc SED (referring to "Big Town Boy" by Shirley Matthews):
    >Obscure is relative. Growing up in the Kansas City area, I 
    >never heard of it. Moving to Toledo, I find it was a big hit 
    >here and in Detroit!
    Interesting observation, Doc. Question: What makes certain 
    songs big hits in some parts of the country while the same song
    might be completely ignored in other areas?
    Point in fact: In 1963, a relatively obscure Atlantic artist 
    called Willie T cut a record called "Thank You, John". While 
    pretty much ignored in most areas of the country, it was a 
    gigantic hit along the eastern seaboard (mainly VA, NC, SC) and
    sold so many records in that small area that it actually pushed 
    the record onto the Billboard Top 100 maybe #95 or 
    something like that.
    In fact, this song pops up on our local oldies station about 
    every 5 minutes or so. But most people never heard of it.
    What causes this? And, can anybody think of any other examples 
    of regional hits like this one?
    DICKYG...."Inquiring minds...."
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    Subject:     Sukiyaki lyrics
    Sent:        5/8/98 12:06 pm
    Received:    5/9/98 2:44 am
    From:        David B Ponak,
    Sukiyaki Lyrics, (excuse my possibly bad translation)
    Ue o muite aru koo               Walking with my head held up
    namida ga kobore nai yoo ni      So that my tears won't fall
    Omoidasu haru no hi              Remembering that spring day
    Hitori bo chi no yoru            Alone at night
    Ue o muite aru koo               Walking with my head held up
    Niji n da hoshi o kazoete        Counting the fading stars
    Omoidasu natsu no hi             Remembering that summer day
    Hitori bo chi no yoru            Alone at night
    Shiawase wa kumo no ue ni        Happiness is above the clouds
    Shiawase wa sora no ue ni        Happiness is above the sky
    Ue o muite aru koo               Walking with my head held up
    Namida ga kobore nai yoo ni      So that my tears won't fall
    Nakinagara aruku                 Walking and crying
    Hitori bo chi no yoru            Alone at night
    (Whistling Solo)
    Omoidasu aki no hi               Remembering that fall day
    Hitori bo chi no yoru            Alone at night
    Kanashimi wa hoshi no kage ni    Sadness is beyond the stars
    Kanashimi wa tsuki no kage ni    Sadness is beyond the moon
    Ue o muite aru koo               Walking with my head held up
    Namida ga kobore nai yoo ni      So that my tears won't fall
    Nakinagara aruku                 Walking and crying
    Hitori bo chi no yoru            Alone at night
    Hitori bo chi no yoru            Alone at night
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    Subject:     The Sukiyaki Association
    Sent:        5/9/98 10:33 am
    Received:    5/9/98 10:35 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    Marty Rudnick asks:
    >Does anybody know the lyrics to "SUKIYAKI" by Kyu Sakamoto?
    This is an interesting song. I believe it holds a couple of 
    records in terms of chart success; say - Mr. Wielage, do you 
    have any noteworthy musictrax facts about this song? I 
    understand Sukiyaki is unique in having been a Billboard top 
    ten single in three different decades. Certainly this is the 
    only Japanese language song to ever hit #1 in US. The name "The
    Sukiyaki Song" is really lame, though. It's actually called "Ue 
    o Muite Aruko." Renaming it Sukiyaki is the same as releasing 
    Blue Suede Shoes in Japan and calling it "The Hamburger Song."
    Francesc Sole, fss wrote about the Association:
    >today I found a cd by The Association called "The French 60's 
    >EP & SP Collection". I think we didn't mention this in some 
    >previous messages about this band.
    Right, we had mostly talked about Curt B and the early records. 
    Association catalog is not represented as it should be on CD. I 
    have been thinking of getting the French EP collection, anyone 
    that has heard it have any comment?
    Next Tuesday at the BMI Pop Awards Richard Addrisi will be 
    given the Seven Million Performance Award for co-writing 
    Association's "Never My Love." Reportedly, this has always 
    been one of Alan Haber's favorite songs in the whole wide 
    world ;-).
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    Subject:     Re: The Association
    Sent:        5/8/98 7:59 pm
    Received:    5/9/98 2:44 am
    From:        Jeff Glenn,
    <today I found a cd by The Association called "The French 60's 
    EP & SP Collection". I think we didn't mention this in some 
    previous messages about this band. It features 20 songs:
    Cherish/Don't Blame The Rain/Along Comes Mary/Your Own Love/No 
    Fair At All/I'm The One/Looking Glass/Come To Me/Windy/Sometime
    /Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies/Standing Still/Never My Love/
    Requiem For The Masses/Everything That Touches You/We Love Us/
    Time For Livin'/Birthday Morning/Six Man Band/Like Always.
    It boasts to have remastered and digitalized sound and it 
    really sounds good stereo to my ears, except for Looking Glass.
    It comes as a double cardboard- 1996, MAM Productions, Magic 
    Records 175042. No address given.
    Francesc, I have to disagree with you on this one. I too picked
    up the "French 60's EP & SP Collection" and had to turn it back 
    in because the noise reduction had been applied so 
    heavy-handedly that you could hear the noise gates "pumping" as
    they opened and closed rendering the disc virtually unlistenable
    to my ears. And it's a shame as there are some songs here (from 
    their second LP RENAISSANCE) that are available nowhere else on
    The best available Association compilation CD is by far the 
    Japanese FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES CD. It features a much 
    better overview of their career from their second 45 - a 
    version of Dylan's "One Too Many Mornings" - to a 1980 45 on 
    Elektra - "Dreamer" (unfortunately mastered from the 45, but 
    the only sonic flaw in the set). It also features some of the 
    later WB 45's like "Goodbye Columbus."  The sound quality (
    aside from "Dreamer") is really first rate - you can really 
    tell that one of the basses on "Along Comes Mary" is an upright
    bass - and it's almost all stereo (only "One Too Many Mornings" 
    is mono).
    Another excellent Association CD was a U.S. disc released on 
    Pair Records (licensed from WSP) called SONGS THAT MADE US 
    FAMOUS. This was a two-fer of their first and third LP's (AND 
    original artwork or any liner notes. Still, for a late 80's 
    release it boasts very good, clear sound, and the stereo mixes 
    of both albums were used. Alas, it's out of print, and I 
    haven't even seen one used for many, many years now.
    Hey, Jamie, why haven't they put out the Association LP's out 
    on CD in Japan? After all WB in Japan reissued all four Harpers
    Bizarre LP's in the early 90's. And it would be nice if someone 
    (maybe even WB) would issue a good 2-CD anthology on the 
    Association, licensing their first 45 ("Babe I'm Gonna Leave 
    You" on Jubilee Records in 1965 - yeah, the same song that Led 
    Zeppelin recorded in 1969, and a good version of it too) and 
    carrying on through their Elektra 45's (and please include the 
    vocal tour-de-force "Over the Persian Gulf," the B-side of the 
    second Elektra 45 in 1981).
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