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Spectropop - Digest Number 351

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There are 10 messages in this issue of Spectropop.

Topics in this Digest Number 351:

      1. Wildweeds/Vibrations/basslines
           From: Richard Williams
      2. Kenny Young/San Francisco Earthquake
           From: "Martin Roberts" 
      3. Re: Important Curt Boettcher news
           From: Eric Van Rysdam 
      4. Gear Fab Records
           From: "John Hesterman" 
      5. Re: Magic Lamp
           From: Carol Kaye 
      6. And Then He Sued Me?
           From: Steve McClure 
      7. Re: Oldham & Del Shannon
           From: Scott Swanson 
      8. Re: CD Towers
           From: "Javed Jafri" 
      9. Re: brian wilson London
           From: Andrew Hickey 
     10. Brian in London
           From: "Kingsley Abbott" 


Message: 1
   Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 10:37:21 +0000
   From: Richard Williams 
Subject: Wildweeds/Vibrations/basslines

1. So pleased to read warm words about the Wildweeds. I
always imagined I was the only person who'd treasured "It
Was Fun While It Lasted" all these years. If you were
living in the UK and buying everything on the black and
gold Chess label at the time, it was a lovely surprise to
discover this among the output from Fontella Bass, Ramsey
Lewis, the Dells, the Radiants, Billy Stewart and so on.

2. The Vibrations' record was actually called "My Girl
Sloopy": the title was changed for the McCoys' version.
And thinking of the Vibrations reminds me that somebody
should do a compilation of records using fake
audience/party noises as an effect, e.g. the Miracles' "I
Gotta Dance (To Keep From Cryin')", Shirley Ellis's "The
Nitty Gritty" and the CODs' "Michael". Any more?

3. Greatest bass lines: the immortal Jamerson on the
Supremes' "Love Is Here And Now You're Gone" takes some
beating (and he reprised the  lick almost 10 years later
on Robert Palmer's "Which Of Us Is The Fool?", a
wonderful single from the Pressure Drop album). And,
since nobody asked, the best-ever bass playing on a
ballad is by Marcus Miller on "The Second Time Around" by
Luther Vandross, although possibly outside Spectropop's
scope (if so, apologies).

Richard Williams

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Message: 2
   Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 21:54:41 -0000
   From: "Martin Roberts" 
Subject: Kenny Young/San Francisco Earthquake

Only track I have by Kenny in this guise is on UK
Mercury (assume US Smash) "Fairy Tales Can Come
True (Have You Heard About Lucy)"/"Su Su". Not really my
cup of tea, although think they might appeal to quite a
few listees!! '"Su Su" quite fun, a (slight) rewrite of
song he wrote and arranged for Reparta/Delrons "Toom
Toom (Is A Little Boy)". Love the use of Brackets!!

I seem to remember Mr Young came to live and work in
England and Wales! in the 70's early 80's so would
assume Rockfied record him. Personally I'll stick to his
writing, arranging and producing for so many Girl Group


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Message: 3
   Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 01:03:01 EST
   From: Eric Van Rysdam 
Subject: Re: Important Curt Boettcher news

> ...the long-lost Boettcher/ Olsen produced Together
> Records lp MOSES LAKE is slated for release in
> February of '02!  For those who don't know, Moses
> Lake was a band formerly known as the Bards who had
> some success in their original incarnation as a sort
> of Paul Revere-ish Northwest R&B/ pop band.  By the
> time they hooked up with Curt and Keith, their sound
> was more geared towards psychedelic rock, or at least
> that's how they come across on their 1969 Together
> Records single "Oobleck"/ "Moses".  The Moses Lake
> album is referred to as a masterpiece by those lucky
> enough to have heard it. If anybody has any
> verification that this release is legit, could they
> please mention something on this board? The Gear Fab
> page had no links to any order form, and it has a
> sort of low budget look that makes me uncertain if
> this is an actual record label or somebody trying to
> pass themselves off as one.  There are many other
> releases slated, according to the page, including the
> long lost THE CHILDREN, which is actually Eternity's
> Children's third lp.  I would ask any Curt Boettcher
> fans to check this URL out for themselves, and I'd be
> interested in hearing your assessments.

 I'm not sure about the legality of this release, but it
will probably look and sound sharp. Gear Fab seems to put
out interesting and obscure stuff. As far as getting it
when it comes out, try Forced Exposure mailorder out of
Boston. They listed it as forthcoming in February. I was 
curious when I saw it listed and love that my questions about 
it were already answered by Jason above!!!

Does anyone know of a good source for those Japanese
Dreamville releases (Lee Mallory, Second Millenium...)?

Eric Van Rysdam

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Message: 4
   Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 18:41:16 -0800
   From: "John Hesterman" 
Subject: Gear Fab Records

Greetings & Happy New Year Everyone!

From Spectropop - Digest Number 350 Jason Penick wrote:

"The Gear Fab page had no links to any order form, and it
has a sort of low budget look that makes me uncertain if
this is an actual record label or somebody trying to pass
themselves off as one."

My band, The Grapes of Wrath, is signed with Gear Fab
records (they released our retrospective back in 1998)
and they are INDEED a legitimate reissue label. I have
been very impressed with the way they conduct business,
as they were completely above board with us and went to
great trouble to make sure all the i's were dotted and
t's crossed. Roger Maglio, the owner, is indeed a quality
guy. Use the e-mail link on his site to inquire of him
directly any questions you may have.

John Hesterman
San Diego, CA

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Message: 5
   Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 16:27:28 +0900
   From: Carol Kaye 
Subject: Re: Magic Lamp

Harvey Williams wrote:

> "Joe Osborn...and a partner formed Magic Lamp
> Records in 1966, with Joe acting as A&R man & engineer &
> furnishing his garage studio for the recording..."
> Very well connected, then! Joe was a wrecking crew
>, over to you Carol!

Joe was one of many elec. bassists of the 1960s.  He came
on the scene a little later in the 60s.  Others include
(in order of appearance on the recording scene, or
approx.):  Ray Pohlman, Rene Hall (who is playing bass on
my CK: Guitars 1965 lp), Arthur Wright, Bob West, Buddy
Clark, Lyle Ritz, Larry Knechtel, Wilton Felder, and even
later, Chuck Berghofer, Max Bennett and Jim Hughart.  I
know nothing about Joe's garage recording co.   Others
who did a little bit of work on elec. bass include Don
Bagley, Red Calendar, Ray Leatherwood, Morty Corb, Bob
Stone, Arni Egilsson, Abe Luboff, Ed Gilbert, Sid Weiss,
and Pat Senatore...most of whom I taught.

Carol Kaye

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Message: 6
   Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 20:04:40 +0900
   From: Steve McClure 
Subject: And Then He Sued Me?

I just heard Miss Cathy Brasher performing He Told Me He
Loved Me on Spectropop's GirlPop Radio. Was there ever any
litigation concerning this song's uncanny similarity to
Then He Kissed Me?

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Message: 7
   Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 18:40:15 -0800
   From: Scott Swanson 
Subject: Re: Oldham & Del Shannon

Declan writes:

>Also, recent discussion of Andrew Loog Oldham
>productions has got me wondering (Kieron Tyler?) to when
>and if Del Shannon's 'Home and Away' will get a proper
>CD release as afforded to Oldam's Billy Nichols LP a few
>years back.

The songs recorded for Shannon's aborted "Home And Away"
album have been available for several years on the
two-fer CD "Live In England/And The Music Plays On".

As far as I know, this CD is still in print....but if
you can't find a copy, let me know.  It contains 11
songs produced by Andrew Oldham in 1967, plus 14 live
tracks and a couple misc. recordings which weren't
produced by Oldham.

Hope this helps,


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Message: 8
   Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 22:47:28 -0500
   From: "Javed Jafri" 
Subject: Re: CD Towers

Ok here goes. Here is a comp I made for my car player :

Superman--The Clique
It Could Be We're In Love--The Cryan Shames
Questions and Answers--Apples In Stereo
Sausilito-Ohio Express
Ride Your Pony--Fleshtones
Things We Should Have Said--The Grassroots 
Is It Like Today--World Party
Farmer's Daughter--Yo La Tengo
I Know There's An Answer--Sonic Youth
Don't be Gone Long--Ragamuffins
Baby Baby It's You--Yellow Balloon
Al Strung Out-Nino Temp and April Stevens
Some Velvet Morning--Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood
No Other--Gene Clark
The Bird That You Can't See--Apples In Stereo
Make A Circuit With Me --Polecats
See My Baby Jive--Roy Wood & Wizzard
This Could Be The Night--Modern Folk Quarter
Laugh At Me--Sonny Bono
Ridin In My Car--NRBQ
I Can't Let Go--The Hollies
Looking At A Baby--The Collectors
Jumbo--The Bee Gees
The Fun We Had--The Ragamuffins
Dear Brian--Chris Rainbow  


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Message: 9
   Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 18:24:19 -0800 (PST)
   From: Andrew Hickey 
Subject: Re: brian wilson London

> Where is Brian Wilson appearing and what dates?

Royal Festival Hall, Sun 27-Wed 30 of this month.
Tickets sold out ages ago, but I have a spare for the
Tuesday and there may be others on this list with
spares for the other days if you want to go.

> I'm going on the Wednesday night - excited beyond
> words and have turned down offers of hearing the 'Live
> at Roxy' CD as I want to experience BW and his band
> fresh and for the very first time....I'm sure I'll be
> in awe and disbelief that I'm so close to and have
> experienced total genius.

Heh... if the setlists and boots from the last tour he
did are anything to go by, the gigs should be many,
*many* times better than the Roxy CD. And that's
saying something...

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Message: 10
   Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 11:54:45 -0000
   From: "Kingsley Abbott" 
Subject: Brian in London

I'm going all four nights - Well, I had to...It may be
our last chance... Various people I know are using the
Waterloo bar on level 4 as a meeting spot pre
concerts...(from as early as 5pm)

Rashkovsky queries:

> Is there a demonstrable relationship between interest
> in 60's music and high IQ and/or language skills?

Duh...Dunno ask Jughead...

Kingsley Abbott
(Ex Primary Headteacher)

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