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Spectropop - Digest Number 339

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There are 20 messages in this issue of Spectropop.

Topics in this Digest Number 339:

           From: Mick Patrick
      2. Pretty People & soft pop & Magic Lamp
           From: "Harvey Williams"
      3. Bobby & I -- soft pop
           From: Paul Richards
      4. soft rock japan style
           From: Bill Reed
      5. The Garden Club
           From: Al Quaglieri
      6. Re: Riff pioneers
           From: "Hans Ebert"
      7. Phil Spector: "There's Someone Watching the Door "?
           From: "Peter Heide"
      8. Re: You're So Good To Me
           From: Richard Havers
      9. Re: Bobby Callender
           From: "Jean Emmanuel DUBOIS"
     10. Bobby Calender's Boy/Girl pop
           From: "Martin Roberts"
     11. Spector karaoke
           From: "Spectropop Administration"
     12. re; Bobby Calender's Boy/Girl pop
           From: Simon White
     13. Walham Green East Wapping Carpet Cleaning Rodent.......
           From: Paul Richards
     14. Pogues / Beach Boys
           From: Aliled
     15. Intentionally Deleted
             By: "Spectropop Administration"
     16. Re: Riff pioneers
           From: Bruce Kerr
     17. Re: You're So Good To Me
           From: Andrew Hickey
     18. Re: Good Vibrations recording
           From: "Brad Elliott"
     19. Re: MAGIC LAMP
           From: Mick Patrick
     20. Do yourself a Favour!
           From: "Martin Roberts"


Message: 1
   Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2002 14:25:29 +0000 (GMT)
   From: Mick Patrick



A year or so before her death, ALMA COGAN recorded some
tracks with producer Andrew Loog Oldham. Her record
company EMI didn't like them and nixed their release.
After a thirty-six year wait the fruits of that unlikely
liaison are available for all to hear on the new "The
Girl With A Laugh In Her Voice" box set.

A four disc package might seem like an extravagance but
it's available for 22 in the HMV Shop sale. That's
about one third off the full price. What do you get for
your money? 100 tracks including 10 previously unissued
and a great 64 page booklet containing a discography and
loads of great pictures. Is it worth it? Absolutely YES,
although I must admit that it's unlikely that I will
ever play the pre-Beat tracks which take up over half of
the four CDs.

According to the booklet, the following tracks are
previously unissued:

"Love Walked In" (1962)
"You're The Only One I Love" (1952)
"A Little Love" (1952)
"One" (1957)
"La Dee Dah" (1958) The Billy & Lillie song, written by Bob Crewe.
"Ha-Ha-Ha" (1957)
"Too Much" (1959)
"Now That I've Found You" (1965) Produced by Andrew Loog Oldham.
"I Know" (1965) The famous Barbara George song, produced by Oldham.
"Love Is A Word" (1965) Written and produced by Oldham.

Spectropoppers should enjoy almost all of the posthumous
"Alma" LP (contained in its entirety on CD2), especially
Alma's versions of four Beatles songs. The foreign
language recordings such as "Tennessee Waltz" and "A
Lovers Concerto", both in German, and "Tell Him" in
Japanese (!) are also great fun.

Alma had a wonderful personality which really comes
across on her records. She was a showbiz bastion but kept
her finger on the pulse at all times and cut some very
hip tracks like "It's You" (on CD4), one of the best ever
Brit Girl records, right up there with anything by Dusty.
One might complain about the non-inclusion of Alma's
ultra groovy 1965 single "Snakes And Snails" but I guess
there was no room.


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Message: 2
   Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2002 18:04:33 -0000
   From: "Harvey Williams"
Subject: Pretty People & soft pop & Magic Lamp

Paul wrote:

I'm looking for info on a group called The
> Pretty People who 'Fuzz, Acid & Flowers' say sound like
> Free Design.Any other rare soft pop that you could
> tell me about?

As far as I'm aware, there's only one Pretty People
record, an LP from I guess 1969 on a label called
Crestview (not come across them before) who appear to
have operated out of Los Angeles. Band lineup was Milo
Peerpont, Denny Gore, Pat Britt, Judy Morss, Lynseed
Lavender (I kid you not), Manzo Hill and Steve Venem.
None of these names mean anything to me, sorry! All
titles on the LP are self composed & arranged. Sound is a
bit less super-smooth than the Free Design - a bit more
combo-like with a fair bit of brass, and the lead vocals
are mainly male, but has the same great intertwining
vocal technique so beloved of FD, Association, Curt B. et
al. Definitely worth picking up.

As for other rare soft pop: a band which has been
mentioned on Spectropop before a while back (but never
anywhere else!) is The Gordian Knot, who released a
self-titled LP on Verve. It's simply thee most perfect
Association-copy LP you've (n)ever heard.

(Incidentally, for UK subscribers; was anyone else as
overjoyed as I was to hear The Cowsills' "The Rain, The
Park...", segue into The Association's "Everything That
Touches You" and then into The Critters on Brian
Matthew's Sounds Of The Sixties this weekend? And then he
played Timon's "The Bitter Thoughts Of Little Jane", a
classic of UK toytown psych. And then he played some
weird UK psych record with a ridiculous name that I'd
never heard before. Who was that band?)

Magic Lamp: I don't know if anyone else has mentioned
this, but didn't Jan & Dean release a 45 on this label?
(Checks discography).... yep. 1966: ML 401 was California
Lullabye/Summertime, later reissued on J&D records. A
fantastic double sider!! Couple of other points: I think
I remember reading somewhere that most copies of the
terrific Karen Carpenter 45 released on Magic Lamp (along
with all the master tapes) were sadly destroyed in a fire
at Joe Osborn's home in the 1970s. Also, Paul Peyton
mentioned a 45 by Micky Jones & The Triumphs, I Can Live
Without You. Is this the same song as Jerry Yester's I
Can Live Without You? Judging by your description, it
could well be. What a great song that is. I'd be
interested to hear a cover. There must be a discography
of this label somewhere; there are clearly many
interesting tales behind its catalogue....

Harvey Williams.

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Message: 3
   Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2002 12:19:19 -0000
   From: Paul Richards
Subject: Bobby & I -- soft pop

Great to hear other people with The Match album,  Love
Years Coming is also pretty fabulous.  It must be my
favourite LP. I'd love to think there was more material
by them out there somewhere. Not bad for 50p! I've also
got a copy of Bobby & I [as I said on the front page]
Love is for the Sharing is such a great song. Other
softpop rarities-Green Lyte Sunday, Pythagoras Theorem
[UK], Colours of Love [uk], Keith Textor Singers, Design
[uk], Alan Copeland[did they sing on Hugo Montenegro's
stuff-If you haven't checked it out yet get a copy of
'Good Vibrations' CD Moog Power is pretty good too]
Singers [Norwegian wood/Mission Impossible-Download on
Audiogalaxy] Dino , Desi & Billy's Thru spray colored
glasses also available to download on said site. Does
anyone know The Collage Lp-Fuzz, Acid & Flowers doesn't
like it but I think it's great, especially'Rainy Blue
Memory Day'.

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Message: 4
   Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2002 09:02:03 -0800 (PST)
   From: Bill Reed
Subject: soft rock japan style

Bryan wrote:

> Here's a list I saved once. Thought it might come in
> handy. I think David Bash came up with this:



Speaking of Soft Rock, when I was in Japan a couple of
months ago I picked up a copy of the following book:

Soft Rock A  to Z: The Sound of Late 60s Pop Music.
volume 4 (!!!!) published 1998

It is an anthology drawn from the pages of a soft rock
journal, Vanda.

One or two page essays about the expected groups /
performers: Cyrkle, Cowsills, Harpers Bizarre, Vogues,
Barry Mann, etc., and the not-so expected: Harmony Grass,
Goldbriars, etc, plus essays and interviews on/with Tony
Macaulay (?), Curt Boettcher, Jerry Ross, Tony Hatch,
Roger Nichols (natch), Jim Webb, Gary Zekley, Anders and
Poncia, Bob Crewe.  Also about a dozen pages devoted to
groups that apparently never had albums released but
only singles: illustrations of 45 rpm's (or as the
Japanese call them "donuts") by outfits such as What For,
Orange Bicycle, Onyx, Shaggy Boys (not 2 B confuzzzed
with just plain ole Shaggy), Groop, High Noon, Sundae
Train, Group Therapy, Other Voices etc.

Naturally I can't vouch for the veracity of the
content, but it's 220 pages, and even if you can't
read Japanese, it's fairly useful as a reference work.
Lots of album cover illustrations (some color) plus
song title listings and calalog numbers are in


"Biru" Reed

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Message: 5
   Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2002 10:30:57 -0500
   From: Al Quaglieri
Subject: The Garden Club

There is a nice copy of The Garden Club's "Little Girl
Lost-and-Found" at the Spectropop files area...

Al Q.

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Message: 6
   Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2002 20:18:49 +0800
   From: "Hans Ebert"
Subject: Re: Riff pioneers

Let's not forget the bassline to She's Not There by the
Zombies...And what about the bassline to Reach Out, I'll
Be There by the Four Tops?

Perhaps it's time for a poll: The 20 Greatest Pop/Rock
Basslines of all time.



Javed wrote:
>>>> the Equals copped the riff from " You're So
>>>> Good To Me" on their one and only American hit
>>>> "Baby Come Back

Phil wrote:
>>> the riff on "You're So Good To Me" ... runs
>>> throughout the entire record, rather like "Stand
>>> By Me", "I Can't Help Myself" and "Then He
>>> Kissed Me"

Jamie wrote:
>> Motorin' - Martha and the Vandellas - What a bassline!
>> Rescue Me - Fontella Bass - one of the coolest.

Phil again:
> Motown were the undisputed masters of this kind of
> rhythm. Check out the earlier also Johnny Bristol
> co-write/production of The Velvelettes "These Things
> Will Keep Me Loving You" ...And while I'm on a roll -
> listen to Marvin Gaye's "Baby Don't You Do It", another
> Motown classic: a record entirely over one note (Bflat)
> - metronomic 16s throughout. Pioneering stuff!

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Message: 7
   Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2002 18:27:57 +0100
   From: "Peter Heide"
Subject: Phil Spector: "There's Someone Watching the Door "?

Got this 5 cdset from the dude who has sold them
endlessness the last 6 months or so at eBays.

I was told that the sound of the outtakes was up there
along with Beach Boys "Sea Of Tunes" series... and its
absolutely not.

Is it my copy or *are*  the sound kind of muddy ?

Wont say its bad but where SOT is "mint"...the PS set is
only "very good".



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Message: 8
   Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2002 21:14:56 +0000
   From: Richard Havers
Subject: Re: You're So Good To Me

Javed writes:

> Can you give us more info about this recording, it
> should have been a hit. Sounds like it from the peak
> era of Mr. Oldham's career circa 66-67.

It was actually arranged and produced by Denver Gerrard,
according to the label Andrew's role was 'Supervision'...
which could mean he did very little. It was released on
January 21st 1966.

But I must take issue as to it being one of the best BB
covers ever.......It is pretty lame harmony vocals. In
fact they sing off key in several places, they only get
away with it because of the reverb cranked up to eleven.
If you want a BB cover from the same period and one that
was produced by ALO check out Tony Rivers and the
Castaways 'Girl Don't Tell Me' from February '66. It's
much better.

What about the best BB/Brian Wilson covers of all time?

Here's ten for starters.

Guess I'm Dumb/The Wondermints
Caroline No/Anthony Rivers (Tony Rivers son)
Please Let Me Wonder/Harmony Beach
Girl Don't Tell Me (in French)/Souvenir
Don't Talk Put Your Head on My Shoulders/Victor Mendoza &
John Abercrombie
'Til I Die/Clark Burroughs Group
Surfer Girl/Jeffrey Foskett
All I Wanna Do/June & The Exit Wounds
Endless Harmony/Free Design

If I sent this an hour later the list would probably be
different, but it's good for discussion!

When we've done with covers we should try
tributes/ list would start with 'Dear
Brian' By Chris Rainbow.

Surfs Up......


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Message: 9
   Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2002 13:40:36 +0200 (MET)
   From: "Jean Emmanuel DUBOIS"
Subject: Re: Bobby Callender

Dear Bobby Callender fan,

Two fine Lp's of Bobby Callender have been rereleased by
the Italian cult reissue label Akarma. I really dig the
Rainbow album classic of the Boston sound circa 1968 from
Mr Callender. Great soft psych.
check out:



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Message: 10
   Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2002 19:17:46 -0000
   From: "Martin Roberts"
Subject: Bobby Calender's Boy/Girl pop

I am afraid I know nothing about Bobby except for one
Coral 45, bought from a Girl Group box. It then resided
amongst my other girls until Mick pointed out my mistake
- a shame I've learned to live with! However Bobby does
posses the most breathless vocals this side of Priscilla

To hear for yourselves check out the musica files.


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Message: 11
   Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2002 09:27:53 +0900
   From: "Spectropop Administration"
Subject: Spector karaoke

Posted to Spectropop Bulletin board by by Donarama
 on on Sat, 29 Dec 2001

Is it possible that a karaoke disc exists of only Phil
Spector compositions ? Of all of the discs that I have
seen, only one or two Spector titles are included. Would
sure love to listen to just the tracks !!!...Thanx

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Message: 12
   Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2002 01:14:53 +0000
   From: Simon White
Subject: re; Bobby Calender's Boy/Girl pop

Martin Roberts wrote on 5/1/02:

> I am afraid I know nothing about Bobby except for one
> Coral 45, bought from a Girl Group box. It then resided
> amongst my other girls until Mick pointed out my mistake
> - a shame I've learned to live with! However Bobby does
> posses the most breathless vocals this side of Priscilla
> Paris!

I did a little research on Bobby myself - I too had
assumed he was a girl until I picked up  'Vissicitude' on
Coral - the only other thing I knew was "My Baby Changes
Like The Weather" -and listened to the lyrics [which seem
to be about working in a hairdressers ! ]. It seems he
worked as a producer for Murry the K on radio and the
later stuff is obviously  a bit freaky.

But the thing that surprised me most was he's black !

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Message: 13
   Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2002 01:08:14 -0000
   From: Paul Richards
Subject: Walham Green East Wapping Carpet Cleaning Rodent.......

......& Boggit Extermination Association!-Death of a
Kind.Harvey,unfortunately I missed the Cowsills & Association,but I
caught the Timon & this track.I cant remember if I've got it,I know a
mate of mine definitely has it.I do like a bit of UK psych.Thanks for
the info on the Pretty People& Gordian Knot-they sound fantastic.Any
chance of doing a swap.I have tons of softpop.

Paul Richards.

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Message: 14
   Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2002 19:37:50 -0800 (PST)
   From: Aliled
Subject: Pogues / Beach Boys

Regarding the Pogues possible appropriation of part of a
Beach Boys song.  It's entirely believable! I was a
common patron at the store that Shane used to work at,
which I believe had some connection to his dad - "Rocks
On" I believe it was called.  A bunch of (generally)
older Irish guys who sold punk rock obscurities along
with folk, 50s, skiffle and TONS of Beach Boys stuff.
It must have been, for many years, the big source of BBs
bootlegs in London.  I bought lots of weirdo BBs stuff
there, even when interest in them was at a low point
(early to late 80s).  The owner of the shop funded the
first few recordings Shane made, as a member of the
Nipple Erectors (later the Nips).  It was always fun
talking to a a colorful 65 year-old Irish guy about
obscure BB b-sides and witnessing his enthusiasm, though
you'd think he was a bit too old to ever have been a fan.
I'm actually a little suprised that you don't hear more
Beach Boys in the Pogues!


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Message: 15
   Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2002 16:27:43 +0900
   From: "Spectropop Administration"
Subject: Intentionally Deleted by Spectropop Admin

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Message: 16
   Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2002 04:25:44 EST
   From: Bruce Kerr
Subject: Re: Riff pioneers

Hans Ebert said:

>And what about the bassline to Reach Out, I'll Be There
> by the Four Tops?

Yes, it taught bass players to stop concentrating all the
time on the "1" note of each chord...and the pulse of it.

And that song also had the alltime signature drum fill
for Motown, copied on thousands of records:  "1-dit da-da
dah" (say the da-da part fast).

Bruce Kerr

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Message: 17
   Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2002 00:56:58 -0800 (PST)
   From: Andrew Hickey
Subject: Re: You're So Good To Me

> What about the best BB/Brian Wilson covers of all
> time?

Wonderful - Adventures In Stereo
Carry Me Home - Primal Scream
Let's Go Away For A While - Sean Macreavy
On & On She Goes - Sandy Salisbury
In My Room - Sagittarius
Surfer Girl - Paul Simon
Do You Have Any Regrets - Darian Sahanaja
It's About Time - Golden Penetrators
Sail On Sailor - Ray Charles
the version of Go Away Boy on the Caroline Now CD
(Pearlfishers? Can't find my copy of the CD)
Guess I'm Dumb - Wondermints

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Message: 18
   Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2002 19:01:55 -0600
   From: "Brad Elliott"
Subject: Re: Good Vibrations recording

Carol Kaye wrote:

> There is a book in the UK that wrongly claims "Good
> Vibrations" hit was recorded at Gold Star. The truth is
> important. That UK book is entirely wrong, and I think
> it's terrible that Gold Star tries to claim that. I get
> the re-use and credit for it on Elec. Bass and I never did
> Good Vibrations at Gold Star at all, but at Western.
> All 12 record dates in my log for "Good Vibrations" list
> Western as the studio with Brian Wilson. The very first
> record date for "Good Vibrations" is listed as being at
> Gold Star...that track was never used as the bootlegs
> belie.

Boy, I really hate to dispute somebody like Carol, but
that last statement just doesn't hold up.  As Kingsley
noted, "the whole session history is particularly
difficult."  Nevertheless, it's pretty much undisputed
that the final version of "Good Vibrations" does indeed
contain some sections that were recorded at Gold Star.
To wit:

Brian Wilson (1976): "'Good Vibrations' took six months
to make.  We recorded the very first part of it at Gold
Star Recording Studios, then we took it to a place called
Western, then we went to Sunset Sound, then we went to
Columbia.  [We used four different studios] because we
wanted to experiment with combining studio sounds.  Every
studio has its own marked sound.  Using the four
different studios had a lot to do with the way the final
record sounded."

Chuck Britz (1978): "'Good Vibrations' -- you have three
pieces totally ... two edits in there.  He did the
opening at Gold Star for the drum sound, then RCA for a
few bars, and then back to Western all the way through...
You have two edits in there, because I made them for
Brian.  Everything was mixed at Western."

David Leaf (in the PET SOUNDS SESSIONS liner notes):
"This session [the Feb. 17-18 session at Gold Star] is
the source of the verse on the finished track."

Carol Kaye (quoted in the "Making of Pet Sounds" booklet
that came with the PS SESSIONS box): "I asked him [Brian]
what he used for the record.  He said he used the front
part from the first session, then re-recorded it an used
for the back part, and cut the middle on an organ at Gold

For the record, a total of 14 sessions for the
instrumental track of "Good Vibrations" have been
documented from AFM contracts -- 2 at Gold Star, 09 at
Western, 02 at Sunset Sound and 1 at Columbia.  That's not
to say there weren't other sessions (in fact, I'm sure
there were), but those are what we have complete
documentation for at the moment.

BTW, Carol, you're shown on the AFM contract as having
played on the second Gold Star session for "GV" on April
9, 1966.  A fantastic lineup of musicians were on that
session: Carol, Hal Blaine, Frank Capp, Al de Lory, Steve
Douglas, Carl Fortina, Bill Green, Larry Knechtel,
Michael Melvoin, Tommy Morgan, Ray Pohlman, Lyle Ritz,
Paul Tanner and one guy whose name I don't recognize --
Arthur Smith.

Surf's up!

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Message: 19
   Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2002 09:51:38 +0000 (GMT)
   From: Mick Patrick
Subject: Re: MAGIC LAMP


> Harvey Williams wrote:
> ...There must be a discography of this label somewhere...

Indeed there is, Harvey, but I can't vouch for its
completeness. I'll have to make this snappy because I've
left the bath running:

MAGIC LAMP 1964-1966

513 Shuggy Bo - Tick Tock/Rosalee
514 Linda Hughes - Tell Jim I Love Him Only/Heart Don't Hurt Me Anymore
515 Johnny Burnette - Bigger Man/Less Than A Heartache
516 The Travelers - Big House/Goin' Home
517 Doc Mort Downey - Ballad Of Billy Brown/Flattery
612 Walter & the Fanciers - Campaign Train/Arrivederci
614 Dontha Wright - Dim Cafe/Summer's Gone
616 Jane Canada - Am I Dreaming/Your Eyes Will Tell On You
701 Vince Edwards - What Colors Are You/I'm Not The Marrying Kind
702 Lendel/Monn - Strike Another Match/Strawberry Song
703 Lee Donson - Mississippi/Sixteen States
704 Karen Carpenter - I'll Be Yours/Looking For Love
705 Mickey Jones & the Triumphs - I Thought I Could/Can't Live Without You
401 Jan & Dean - California Lullaby/Summertime


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Message: 20
   Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2002 11:20:12 -0000
   From: "Martin Roberts"
Subject: Do yourself a Favour!

When I first started chatting about some of my 60's
'treasures' a few members got in touch privately to ask
to hear some of the tracks. All these names have been
lost when my computer crashed, if however anyone is
still itching to hear Amy/Jarretts "I Know Johnny Loves
Me" Hit, Scott & Shirley "Mockin'Bird Hill" Columbia etc.
Let me know. Now I've become a 'Techno Wizard' I can
send files (Off List). Usual Mick P. rules apply, if
it's on a legit release "Do yourself a favour and buy
the friggin' CD."

(Courtesy of The Lovey, Dovey World Of Spectropop)


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