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Topics in this digest:

      1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!
           From: Joe Foster 
      2. A Bitter Phil to Swallow
           From: Jimmy Crescitelli 
      3. Re: Coronados
           From: "Jeffrey Glenn" 
      4. Re: Shangs vocals/ I Can Never Go Home Mumblings!!
           From: "Tony Leong " 
      5. Re: CD Towers
           From: LePageWeb 
      6. Re: Tandyn Almer
           From: Bruce Kerr 


Message: 1
   Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2002 01:25:51 +0000
   From: Joe Foster 
Subject: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

Dear Friends...

A happy 2002 to you all....Joe 

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Message: 2
   Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2002 01:59:35 EST
   From: Jimmy Crescitelli 
Subject: A Bitter Phil to Swallow

Regarding Ken Levine's post about his reading of the
Ribowsky book... I once yelled at my mother for loving
Frank Sinatra so much: "How could you? He was awful! He
hung around with mobsters!!!" And she looked at me and
quietly said, "but he made beautiful music." 

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Message: 3
   Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 21:14:58 -0800
   From: "Jeffrey Glenn" 
Subject: Re: Coronados

> Thinking of the Sandpipers' "Louie Louie" brings to mind a
> soft-pop version of "Johnny B. Goode" by the Coronados -
> small label (light blue, forget the name), early 60's.
> Surprisingly valid and credible. (Not sure I have it.)

I've got this Coronados 45, and you're right - it's very

Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry)/Shook Me Down (Bob Feldman)
- Parliament 750: 1967, Engineered by Terry Murphy

As you can see this is actually from 1967 and was
clearly influenced by The Mama's & Papa's soft versions
of 50's/early 60's hits like "Do You Want To Dance" and
"Twist And Shout."  The B-side is a midtempo pop tune;
it's OK, but not as strong as "Johnny."  Anyone wants to
hear either I can oblige.


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Message: 4
   Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2002 02:34:15 -0000
   From: "Tony Leong " 
Subject: Re: Shangs vocals/ I Can Never Go Home Mumblings!!

--- In spectropop, "Vlaovic B" wrote:

> > Plus, Shadow Morton confirmed it for me last Spring
> > that the lead SINGING voice on "What Is Love" IS Betty
> > Weiss. The Gansers had voices that were way too deep
> > to sound like THAT!!! Unfortunately, I forgot to ask
> > him why they ask BETTY not MARY at the start of
> > "Leader Of The Pack" if that was Jimmy's ring she was
> > wearing..........btw, that was Maryann and Betty doing
> > the talking--Margie was humming in the background!
> Ah mysterious Shangri-Las vocals!  I'd often wondered
> about the lead on 'What is Love'.  Although clearly it's
> Mary who utters the between verses bits ie.  'Ah Gee'.
> Has anyone ever been able to understand the brief words
> spoken in 'I Can Never Go Home Anymore'.  They appear in
> the deep background of the instrumental break which
> preceeds the 'Do you ever get the feeling...' line. I've
> noted that in some versions (the Varese Sarabande
> compilation) this instrumental break is abbreviated;
> hence no utterances.
> Clues?

Hello there, 

It was Tony Leong that confirmed with Shadow last Spring
that Betty Weiss (Liz) sang "What Is Love".   Any way, I
have a version of "I Can Never Go Home Anymore" where
after the violins end at the bridge, Mary pleads
"Lissssten--I'm not finisssshhhhed" (as breathlessly and
emotionally as only SHE could), then the line 'Did you
ever get that feeling....." continues. In the normal
pressings of the song (sans "I'm not finished"), that
line is edited out into a bit of a mumble if you listen
closely.  Gotta go now--here comes the tra--ai--ainnnn...

Tony Leong 

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Message: 5
   Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2002 16:53:31 +0900
   From: LePageWeb 
Subject: Re: CD Towers

Hi everyone,

The group has been rather active lately! It's nice to
have a little time off. "Oh that magic feeling, nowhere
to go."

Here's a bit more info on the discs from my CD Towers
that were asked about.

Dave ponders:

> The album that caught my eye was the Gerry Goffin album. 
> I assume it's a Japanese release?  What is it?

You are right - this is a 2001 Japanese release through
Air Mail Records of Gerry Goffin's obscure 1973 Adelphi
album "It Ain't Exactly Entertainment." And it ain't
exactly what fans of Gerry Goffin and Carole King's Brill
era songs would expect, either. Co-produced by
Barry Goldberg and recorded in Muscle Shoals, the tracks
are beautifully crafted 1970s country rock recordings.

I don't know what it is about people who deny their
achievements while envying the talents of others. This
album sounds to me like Gerry Goffin denouncing all his
great Brill Building era work in aspiration of becoming a
2nd generation Bob Dylan soundalike. It reminds me a bit
of Royal Flush by Terry Melcher in its bitter, jaded,
junked out groove, but Royal Flush is pure SoCal surf/show
biz jaded, IAEE sounds like a misplaced New Yorker lost
in a junked out boogie-woogie Dixie/Vietnam/Memphis Blues
again. or something. Does it work? Let me put it this way
- I adore the Cookies. I also love Blonde on Blonde. Two
different beasts. 

"It's Not the Spotlight" is the closest Goffin gets to
anything potentially commercial on the album. It sounds a
bit like the Band. Rod Stewart and Beth Orton both
covered this in the 70s and 90s respectively. There is some
very good material here - but Brill it ain't.

Country Paul asks:

> Van Dyke Parks - Moonlighting: what label? 
> Released when?
February 10, 1998
> Available?

(btw, over the last dozen years or so I was able to meet
Van Dyke Parks under very casual situations a few times,
and each time he was very friendly, personable, and
genuinely humble. I have heard many others say the same
thing about him.)

> Sandy Salisbury - Falling to Pieces: 
I think this is essential! I like this much better than
the "Sandy" album because it is simpler, with less of the
cluttered production of Sandy - great pop songs like So
Close to Heaven, Do Unto Others and Love Divided by Two
in their pure form. You can read the review at AMG here:

> David Gates - Masterpiece Vol. 1: new? old? If old, is
> "Once Upon A Time" (NOT the Kander-Ebb song) on it?

Yes it is, as recorded by Wayne Newton. This CD was
originally released in 1995 on A-Side as AZ-5028.

David Gates : No One Really Loves A Clown 
The Manchesters : I Don't Come From England 
The Country Boys : The Oakie Surfer 
The Murmaids : Heartbreak Ahead 
The Girlfriends : For My Sake 
Johnny Burnette : The Fool Of The Year 
Johnny Crawford : Living In The Past 
Wayne Newton : Too Late To Meet (Once Upon A Time) 
The Fleetwoods : My Special Lover 
Ann-Margret : Hey, Little Star 
Shelley Fabares : Football Season's Over 
Connie Stevens : Lost In The Wonderland 
Brenda Lee : Ain't Gonna Cry No More 
The Blossoms : Lover Boy 
Jody Miller : Something In My Eye 
The Lively Set : Let The Trumpets Sound 
Dino, Desi & Billy : Tie Me Down 
Nino Tempo & April Stevens : You'll Be Needing Me Baby 
The Ventures : Ya-Ya Wooble 
Hal Blaine : Mr. Eliminator 
David Gates : The Happiest Man Alive 

> Paris Sisters - Sing their Favorites: same questions as
> all the above

Produced by Phil Spector except where noted otherwise
Be My Boy
I Love How You Love Me
All Through The Night
He Knows I Love Him Too Much
A Lonely Girl's Prayer
Let Me Be The One
What am I to Do
Dream Lover (Nitzsche-produced)
My Good Friend (Greene/Stone-produced)
Sincerely (Nitzsche-produced)
See That Boy (Nitzsche-produced)
You (Greene/Stone-produced)
Long After Tonight is All Over (Nitzsche-produced)
Some of your Lovin' (Nitzsche-produced)
Too Good to be True (Greene/Stone-produced)
I'm Me (Greene/Stone-produced)
It's My Party (Nitzsche-produced)
Born to be With You (Nitzsche-produced)
Daughter, Daughter (1956-producer unknown)
I Love How You Love Me (Curb-produced) 

> Jack Nitzsche - His Restless Days: what's on this???!?

This is a Japanese gray-area release from 1996 (RMD-1006)
VOCAL SIDE : Arranged by Jack Nitzsche
1. Merry Clayton It's In His Kiss (R. Clark) Capitol 4984 
2. Bobby Day Know It All (M. Cooper) RCA 8133 
3. Terry Day That's All I Want (A. Hazzan) Columbia 70587 
4. Toni Jones Love Is Strange (Smith-Baker) Smash 1814 
5. Caesar & Cleo Love Is Strange (Smith-Baker) Reprise 0419 
6. Ramona King What About You (B. Chandler) Eden 5 
7. The What Four Anything For A Laugh (Levenson-Stone) Capitol 5449 
8. Lou Christie If My Car Could Only Talk (Herbert-Christie) MGM 13576 
9. The Walker Brothers Love Her (Mann-Weil) Smash 1976 
10. Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans The White Cliffs Of Dover (Burton-Kent) Philles LP 4002 
11. Eddie Hodges Secret (H. Greenfield-H. Miller) Columbia 42649 
12. Gary Crosby Who (Neil-Keller) Gregmark 11 
13. Davy Summers Calling All Cars (R. Regan) Vim 101 
14. Jimmy Griffin She Used Be Mine (Tobias-Carr) Reprise LP 6091 
15. Lesley Gore Baby That's Me (Nitzsche-DeShannon) Mercury LP MG 61042 
16. Gary Lewis & The Playboys Jill (G. Bonner-A. Gordon) Liberty 55985 
17. Bobby Darin 18 Yellow Roses (Darin) Capitol 4970 
18. The Paris Sisters Lonely Girl (Di Martino-Jarrard) MGM 13236 
INSTRUMENTAL SIDE : Performed by Jack Nitzsche and His Orchestra 
19. I Want To Hold Your Hand (Lennon-McCartney) Reprise LP 6155 
20. The Man With The Golden Arm (E. Bernstein) Reprise 0262 
21. African Waltz (G. MacDermot) Reprise 0417 
22. Senorita From Detroit (Cooper-Nitzsche) Reprise 0364 
23. Fantasie Impromptu (Chopin) Reprise LP 6200 
24. Prelude #4 in G (Chopin) Reprise LP 6200 
25. Funeral March (Chopin) Reprise LP 6200 

Whew! I sure an glad I didn't have to type all of this!

Happy new year, everyone!


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Message: 6
   Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2002 03:35:19 EST
   From: Bruce Kerr 
Subject: Re: Tandyn Almer

Al Q wrote:
> ...Tandyn Almer's only known solo single:
> After hearing it, you might see why he never did another.


You said it...what a stinker, how could that be the same
guy that wrote "Along..."?

Happy New Year!

Bruce Kerr

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