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Spectropop - Digest Number 298


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There are 13 messages in this issue of Spectropop.

Topics in this Digest Number 298:

      1. Re: Chiffons - Disc-o-Tek Holiday
           From: "Tony Leong" 
      2. Motorin'
           From: Michael Rashkow 
      3. Sweet Talkin Guy
           From: Chuck 
      4. "You're the One"
           From: "James F.  Cassidy" 
      5. Re: You're The One
           From: "Tony Leong" 
      6. Girl Group Rarities on CD
           From: "Don Charles" 
      7. Rock of Rages
           From: Paul Urbahns 
      8. Jackie DeShannon
           From: Will George 
      9. new diane renay cd
           From: John Rausch 
     10. Mrs Miller
           From: "Lindsay Martin" 
     11. Re: Joanie Sommers, actress
           From: Mike W 
           From: "GSPECTOR" 
     13. Vogues in the UK
           From: "Kingsley Abbott" 


Message: 1
   Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 04:28:24 -0000
   From: "Tony Leong" 
Subject: Re: Chiffons - Disc-o-Tek Holiday

--- In Spectropop, "Ian Chapman" wrote:

> Just seen this amazing clip for the first time a week
> ago, the first time I've ever seen the Chiffons live. 
> It's the coolest girl-group performance you ever saw! 
> Shot outdoors, the girls are like a hip 60s version of
> Lorelei, positioned amongst the rocks of a flowing
> stream and waterfall. Barbara and Pat are sitting,
> Sylvia and Judy (well....see later) are standing.  Very
> precariously too, I might add - choreography is limited
> to arm movements only - one slip would've meant a trip
> downstream!  They're all dressed differently - Sylvia,
> who takes lead on "Nobody Knows What's Goin' On", looks
> particularly good, with her beehive augmented by a
> single braid. There's also an endearing moment when Pat
> can't avoid a coy grin when the camera falls on her. 
> And to top it all, there's a mystery.  For the girl who
> should be Judy Craig, isn't!  When the camera does a
> close-up of the girl in the yellow dress, it's clearly a
> stand-in.  So who was she, and why wasn't Judy there? 
> Maybe John can shed some light?


Hi, funny enough, I also have a clip of the Chiffons
singing that song on "Shindig", and they were all
standing on those platforms and they just moved their
hands--no footwork--that was their usual routine!!!!! I
also posted previously that a friend of the girls, Margie,
replaced Judy for a few appearances.  I think at the
time, Judy was expecting her first daughter, and took a
bit of a leave.  I don't know where the movie clip was
filmed (probably Bronx Park??).  BTW, on the Shindig clip,
BOTH Judy and Pat are replaced by other girls.  Margie
once again replaced Judy. Pat told me she was afraid to
fly at the time (Shindig came from Los Angeles), so
Sylvia's sister Joyce (who sang with the Hearts briefly)
went with the Chiffons instead.   

Tony Leong 

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Message: 2
   Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 08:30:08 EST
   From: Michael Rashkow 
Subject: Motorin'

> And so Mike Rashkow has filled up his tank with gas and
> motored off into the blue yonder in search of sunnier
> weather.  It looks as though we'll not hear from him
> again until he finds a convenient landline to hook up to.
> Well, I'm missing him already!

Thanks Mick.


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Message: 3
   Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 13:35:25 -0800 (PST)
   From: Chuck 
Subject: Sweet Talkin Guy

Sweet Talkin Guy wowed me when I heard it first in 1966. 
I assumed it was made that year.  It really felt like a
blast form the past when it came out.  A 1963 sound in
1966.  I always thought it was the last true girl group
song to be made.  Now I'm not so sure. Any insights from
this marvelous list are most welcome.



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Message: 4
   Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 19:16:55 -0500
   From: "James F.  Cassidy" 
Subject: "You're the One"

>  I love the background tenor's show-offy upstaging of
>  the lead singer's vocals during every chorus--"you're
>  the oooooooone, yeah yeah yeah yeah")

Every time I hear this song, I'm reminded of watching
the Vogues lip-syncing it on (I think) "Where the Action
Is."  My brothers and I found this part of the song
hilarious, both for the operatic turn by the background
tenor and for the fact that he was very short compared
to the rest of the group.

Jim Cassidy

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Message: 5
   Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 04:21:55 -0000
   From: "Tony Leong" 
Subject: Re: You're The One

--- In Spectropop, "Phil Chapman" wrote:

> PC's "You're The One" is one of the best produced pop
> records of the time. And the fact she co-wrote the song
> was relatively unusual for a female middle-of-the-road
> artist. The Tony Hatch arrangement perfectly supports the
> dynamics of the song, probably played by some 'name'
> musicians, and has that full Pye sound. At the time, I
> was annoyed that the Vogues had modified the original
> 12-string intro (influenced by "When You Walk In The Room"),
> but in retrospect I find it adds to the 'beat group'
> appeal, along with the singer's best Rod Argent
> interpretation.

Dear Group:  Petula DID sing "You're The One" (and
"Downtown" and "My Love") live in the videotaped concert
"The Big TNT Show" in 1965, and Phil Spector conducted
the band.  That is the only connection I would imagine
between the 2 parties (I doubt Phil wanted to record the
song with Petula).  But I agree with some of
you--Petula's version on record ROCKS--especially that
great instrumental bridge!! Great song, too bad it was
just an LP cut in the US (the Vogues released version
charted instead), but I think Petula's version was a hit
in the UK and Australia.  One of her finer moments!!!!!!


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Message: 6
   Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 18:07:50 +0000
   From: "Don Charles" 
Subject: Girl Group Rarities on CD

Does anyone know if "Here She Comes" by The Darlettes
and "Hickory Dickory Dock" by Baby Jane & The Rockabyes
have been reissued on CD yet?

Don Charles

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Message: 7
   Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 15:48:45 EST
   From: Paul Urbahns 
Subject: Rock of Rages

Carole writes:
> In the Leader of the Pack musical, Ellie sings the
> song Rock of Rages.  Does anyone know anything about
> this song? Has it been recorded at all?

Rock of Rages appears as the last track on side three of
the original Broadway cast album for the show. Since it
appears to be something written for th show, I doubt if
it has been recorded by anyone other than Young Ellie
(Dinah Manoff). It was written by Ellie Greenwich and J.
Kent and published by My Own Publishing Co., Inc and Jent
Music, BMI.

Hope this helps.

Paul Urbahns

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Message: 8
   Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 00:32:07 EST
   From: Will George 
Subject: Jackie DeShannon

Just a note to let all interested parties know that the
latest issue of JACKIE is up at the Jackie DeShannon
Appreciation Society website. 

Jackie DeShannon Appreciation Society

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Message: 9
   Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 19:23:04 -0500
   From: John Rausch 
Subject: new diane renay cd

Not sure if this is old news or new, been awhile since I
have been to her site.

She is offering a 2 cd set.Read the site carefully as she
mentions "from original vinyl" and also some more recent
recordings from the 80s and a Navy Blue  remake-remix.
John Rausch

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Message: 10
   Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 17:48:54 +1000
   From: "Lindsay Martin" 
Subject: Mrs Miller

Will George wrote:

>Does anyone have any idea whatever happened to Mrs. Miller?

Will, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but the
homepage at the "Mrs Elva Miller Central" website says
"In loving memory Oct 5, 1907 - July 5, 1997".

Anyway, go to

you'll learn more than you ever needed to know about the
extraordinary Mrs Miller.



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Message: 11
   Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 09:53:51 -0000
   From: Mike W 
Subject: Re: Joanie Sommers, actress

What was unique about this Music Sound was it's West
Coast Flavor. 

To me, the music's general tone can only be honestly
described as thin, and like that of sterile, music for
television orchestra sounding that one could find in Tv
program themes. But then that's no surprise, as this
music showcased and was made by and specifically for,
those psudeo-Pop vocalists who achived fame, first in US
Tv of the sixties, especially those from the Warner Bros.
Television Stable of Tv "Stars". Johnny Crawford, Paul
Petersen, Shelley Fabres, were others, outside of the
Surfside 6, 77 Sunset Strip crowd.

Another offshoot of this genre, were those
psuedo-Psychedelic and Rock Music Harpers
Bizarre, another Warners-Reprise group...who rated
material written by Randy Newman, Van Dyke Parks, et al..,
and engaged slots on the Smothers Brothers-Pat Paulsen

In Tv "Pop Reality", all of these people were a
Producers and a Talent Agents nightmare idea of what
Psychedelia and Rock Music was. 

Today they are coooooool to collect, but that's just
about it! If one is looking for substance, Phil had it
down with his own patented sound!


--- In Spectropop, Frank Wright wrote:
> > "One Boy" was produced by The Big Sound of Don Ralke.
> > Ralke is credited for doing the instr. overdubs on
> > Jan & Arnie's "Jennie Lee", before moving to Warner
> > Bros. to produce some of that label's early hits by
> > Ed Kookie Byrnes, Connie Stevens, Tab Hunter, Dick &
> > Dee Dee, and of course Joanie Sommers.  I like his
> > Big Sound. Not quite as big as Spector achieved, but
> > pretty cool for 1959-60.

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Message: 12
   Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 00:02:13 -0700
   From: "GSPECTOR" 

Hello All.

I am glad that royalties are finally going to where
royalties should have gone.

My father did do a lot of great work with many of the
groups in the 60's but he did not do ALL the work.

I am sure the interest alone will help them out if they
are no longer performing so I can only imagine how this
(late) royaly check will help them all as well as their
families. I just hope my father does not have it shipped
in pennies as I have heard he has done before.

Please do not misunderstand, I love my father very much
(though he does not keep in contact) but fair is fair and
they did a lot of work as well.

>From the Keyboard of:
Gary P. Spector
Not just another P.S. fan,
His son.

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Message: 13
   Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 20:13:35 -0000
   From: "Kingsley Abbott" 
Subject: Vogues in the UK

Dean thought that "You're The One" probably didn't come
out in Britain, but it certainly did - on the wonderful
London American label...Ah, happy days...that label housed
all Uncle Phil's classic output, The Vogues, The Critters,
The Association, The Turtles and a mass of great one-offs
(for us at least) from The Ragamuffins, The Randells, The
Halos and many many more... With London and EMI's
Stateside (started to put a spoke into Decca's London
American imprint) we were pretty well sorted here in those
golden days!

Kingsley Abbott

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