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Spectropop - Digest Number 297

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Topics in this digest:

           From: Mick Patrick 
      2. Re: Bells, Jingling or Not
           From: James Botticelli 
      3. Leader of the Pack
           From: Carole Gibson 
      4. Chiffons - Disc-o-Tek Holiday
           From: "Ian Chapman" 
      5. Nobody Knows What's Going On In This Video
           From: "Phil Chapman" 
      6. RE: You're The One
           From: Dean Scapolo 
      7. You're The One
           From: "Phil Chapman" 
      8. RE: Vogues
           From: Keith Beach 
      9. Re: Vogues...The CD Compilations
           From: Mike W 
     10. Soft Yet Surefire  Backing Vocals
           From: James Botticelli 
           From: papito 


Message: 1
   Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 16:59:46 +0000 (GMT)
   From: Mick Patrick 


The following news item was forwarded to me by a friend
in the biz. It might prove of interest to

A NEW YORK Appeals court has upheld a previous ruling
ordering producer PHIL SPECTOR to pay $3 million to THE
RONETTES in unpaid royalties.

Tuesday's decision (November 13) follows a 1998 ruling
that found Spector had violated a 1963 contract with The
Ronettes - the all-girl outfit, containing his wife
Ronnie, that he put together, managed and produced. It
was found that the contract concerned only royalties on
record sales. Spector made millions at The Ronettes'
expense selling the recordings for use in advertising
and on film soundtracks. According to Billboard,
industry custom in such circumstances required Spector
to pay a 50 per cent royalty to the recording artists.
The trio didn't see a penny.

The appeals court judge ordered the reclusive Spector to
pay Ronnie Spector, her sister Estelle Bennett 55, and
their cousin Nedra Talley Ross $2.97 million plus


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Message: 2
   Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 00:18:48 EST
   From: James Botticelli 
Subject: Re: Bells, Jingling or Not

> Can I suggest that the group, assuming that many of
> us will play Darlene's "Christmas" track this year,
> use it as a trigger to spare a thought for all the
> families who will be without their loved ones this
> year.  It can be our moment of reflection...but still
> have a good one everyone. 

sure, playing Darlene's "Christmas" is  part and parcel
of the obligatory holiday landscape, and a great song
i'tis!    May I suggest a change in pace in the interim?
On A&M is Burt Bacharach with "The Bell That Couldn't
Jingle"....Sums up the emptiness of life and offers an
infusion of joy simultaneously...Use some today....JB

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Message: 3
   Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 09:09:39 +0000
   From: Carole Gibson 
Subject: Leader of the Pack

In the Leader of the Pack musical, Ellie sings the song
Rock of Rages.  Does anyone know anything about this song?
Has it been recorded at all?  This question may have been
asked before but I'm pretty new on here.


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Message: 4
   Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 00:21:13 -0000
   From: "Ian Chapman" 
Subject: Chiffons - Disc-o-Tek Holiday

Just seen this amazing clip for the first time a week
ago, the first time I've ever seen the Chiffons live. 
It's the coolest girl-group performance you ever saw! 
Shot outdoors, the girls are like a hip 60s version of
Lorelei, positioned amongst the rocks of a flowing
stream and waterfall. Barbara and Pat are sitting,
Sylvia and Judy (well....see later) are standing.  Very
precariously too, I might add - choreography is limited
to arm movements only - one slip would've meant a trip
downstream!  They're all dressed differently - Sylvia,
who takes lead on "Nobody Knows What's Goin' On", looks
particularly good, with her beehive augmented by a
single braid. There's also an endearing moment when Pat
can't avoid a coy grin when the camera falls on her. 
And to top it all, there's a mystery.  For the girl who
should be Judy Craig, isn't!  When the camera does a
close-up of the girl in the yellow dress, it's clearly a
stand-in.  So who was she, and why wasn't Judy there? 
Maybe John can shed some light?


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Message: 5
   Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 12:45:39 -0000
   From: "Phil Chapman" 
Subject: Nobody Knows What's Going On In This Video

Tony Leong:

>Sylvia is standing and miming the lead....almost
>looks like a Ronette with her beehive and long braid in
>the back!!!

Opening with a National Geographic front cover type scene,
a suspect miming moment (details please, Ian), a
self-conscious stand-in and a piece of cheap symbolism
thrown in at the end, this clip is too good to miss. I
have made a low-res mpeg (3.7 mb) for Spectropopers'
enjoyment available...

One of the fun things about this is that, presumably for
safety reasons, there is no footwork whatsoever - which
makes this a very handy routine when stuck in traffic,
waiting your turn on the exercise machine, supermarket
checkout, or whatever. And if you can find a nearby
waterfall, well, you're made:-) Can anyone out there
identify the location? Just curious.

Staying with odd locations, does anybody remember, or
even possess, the TOTP footage used for Ike & Tina's "A
Love Like Yours"? - I have vivid memories of the Ikettes
skulking around a monastery garden, emerging from behind
giant stone urns to deliver their lines.


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Message: 6
   Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 21:06:18 +1300
   From: Dean Scapolo 
Subject: RE: You're The One


I just have to comment on this comment:

>Holy hits, batman!! You mean, you've never heard "Youre
>The One"???

>One of the best songs of the 60s!!!

First of all, You're The One is not a Vogues original,
it was written and originally recorded by Petula Clark
(with Tony Hatch), and was therefore not released in
Britain, as far as I know. We got both versions here,
but our charts didn't start till 1966. The Vogues
version is great, and I do prefer it to Petula's version,
but Petula's is the original.

Dean Scapolo

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Message: 7
   Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 21:07:24 -0000
   From: "Phil Chapman" 
Subject: You're The One

Deena Canale:

> Quite a few tracks have that special magic--I'm
> particularly fond of "You're the One" (beats Pet
> Clark's record by a wide margin...

That just isn't true! Much as I like the Vogues version,
PC's "You're The One" is one of the best produced pop
records of the time. And the fact she co-wrote the song
was relatively unusual for a female middle-of-the-road
artist. The Tony Hatch arrangement perfectly supports the
dynamics of the song, probably played by some 'name'
musicians, and has that full Pye sound. At the time, I
was annoyed that the Vogues had modified the original
12-string intro (influenced by "When You Walk In The Room"),
but in retrospect I find it adds to the 'beat group'
appeal, along with the singer's best Rod Argent

> I love the background tenor's show-offy upstaging of
> the lead singer's vocals during every chorus--"you're
> the oooooooone, yeah yeah yeah yeah")

This is a direct lift of Pet Clark's random ad-lib
during the instrumental section. And yes, it is so good
that The Vogues decided to be rather more obvious and
place it on every chorus. Favourite Vogues tracks:
"Magic Town", "Five O'clock World", "My Special Angel",
"See That Girl", "You're The One", "Where Did We Go
Wrong" (another Clark/Hatch tune also recorded superbly
by PC!)

Around 68/69, I attended the then equivalent of a
Spectropop get-together, and was told a fascinating
story by Phil Symes (I think) along the lines that Phil
Spector had attempted a version with Petula Clark for
an American release (TV show, film soundtrack or
something), but she had trouble with the vocal because
the backing track was "...a racket"! My imagination
remains fired to this day, but, as the rumour has never
been substantiated, I suspect it is just one of the
many 60s myths.


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Message: 8
   Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 05:03:48 +0000
   From: Keith Beach 
Subject: RE: Vogues

Well, thanks one and all for the vote of confidence in
The Vogues. I did check out, which had
soundbites of nearly all of the Rhino collection. So
that's my contribution to economic recovery sorted.

Nobody mentioned the great routine that Drew Carey and
cast do to the song...check it out if you can.

I'm off to practice the fatboy's dance moves.

Keith Beach

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Message: 9
   Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 09:17:11 -0000
   From: Mike W 
Subject: Re: Vogues...The CD Compilations

Dear Members,

Could you share your opinions on what CD compilations to
pick up, that have the best sound, song selections, etc ????

Thanks so much !


--- In Spectropop, Dean Scapolo wrote:

> The Vogues were a brilliant quartet to come out of the
> 60s...

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Message: 10
   Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 09:10:01 EST
   From: James Botticelli 
Subject: Soft Yet Surefire  Backing Vocals

In a message dated 11/17/01 4:48:36 AM, Dean Scapolo

> The Vogues were a brilliant quartet to come out of
> the 60s, unlike most late 60s groups their style was
> more like the harmonising groups

Speaking of harmonizing groups, this may be slightly
off-topic, but I had a chance to see The Whispers last
night here in Boston at the acoustically & visually
pleasing Berklee Performance Center. I discovered first
hand the reason for the name for the group. The backing
vocalists, two strikingly handsome middle-aged men, were
impeccably soft yet solidly surefire with the backing
vocals. I rarely rave about live shows...frankly most
don't live up to the billing IMHO, but in this
case......***** Most highly recommended at this

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Message: 11
   Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 19:57:41 -0800 (PST)
   From: papito 

Here is a copy of the NY Daily news.

I have added the photo to the Spectropop Group photo 
page in the "Ronettes" folder.

Go Ronnie Estelle and Nedra!!!
those are MY girls!!
Robert Tirado from the Bronx, NY

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