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Spectropop - Digest Number 295

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There are 12 messages in this issue of Spectropop.

Topics in this Digest Number 295:

      1. 5 o'clock world
           From: "Keith Beach" 
      2. Claire Francis
           From: "Ian Chapman" 
      3. I Go To Sleep/Lesley Duncan
           From: "Ian Chapman" 
      4. Re: Epic Records
           From: Frank 
      5. Re: Epic Records
           From: Al Quaglieri 
      6. Epic; Red Bird
           From: "Paul Payton" 
      7. Re: red bird
           From: Richard Havers 
      8. Chiffons: Disk-O-Tek Holiday
           From: "Jeff Lemlich" 
      9. Re: Chiffons: Disk-O-Tek Holiday
           From: Matthew David 
     10. Patty Duke
           From: Doc Rock 
     11. Mrs. Miller
           From: Will George 
     12. The Liquid Room-10/28/01
           From: "David Ponak" 


Message: 1
   Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 14:21:02 -0000
   From: "Keith Beach" 
Subject: 5 o'clock world

I just had one of those 'for-no-good-reason' sleepless
nights..tuned-in to the cultural desert of UK nightime
TV...only to be thrilled by the opening credits of 'The
Drew Carey Show', the cast doing a routine to The Vogues
"5 o'clock world". It sounded even better because it was
so unexpected. It turns out the track was only used on
the 3rd season, but as this sitcom never made it to
primetime UK TV it was a total delight to hear it this

So, my question is, apart from "5 o'clock" and Magic Town"
are there any other tracks by the band that have the same
special magic? I don't want to blow $20 on also-rans on a
greatest hits package. Oh what the hell! I know I will
buy it, but am I going to be disappointed?

Keith Beach

PS It would have been more appropriate as "It's a 2
o'clock world"

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Message: 2
   Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 00:44:39 -0000
   From: "Ian Chapman" 
Subject: Claire Francis

Elisa wrote:-

> I picked up a cool single over
> the weekend, "I don't care" by Claire Francis. (1967,
> Polydor) - I had forgotten I knew it already, from a tape
> someone made me.  It's got the most incredible booming
> faux Spector drums and soaring orchestration.
> The other cool thing is that it looks like she wrote the
> song, and there's even a "A Claire Francis Production"
> label on it. The flip's ok but nowhere near as cool.
> Anyone know anything else about her?

Claire Francis was an American singer/songwriter/producer
who was based in the UK in the mid-60s.  The ultra-fab
"But I Don't Care" seems to be her only UK single, but she
had another in the US, "I Got My Own Thing Going" on U.A. 
That one's good too, but in a completely different style,
more in the girls-with-guitars genre.  Most, if not all,
of her UK productions seem to have been on the Polydor
label, mostly on fairly obscure artists and in a variety
of styles -out-and-out MOR (Lynn Holland), uptempo soul
(Sonny Childe) and  full-blown spectropop (Dave Rich), to
name just three.  The latter is a version of a
Kooper/Brass/Levine tune, "The Last Two People On Earth",
originally a Gene Pitney track.  Vocal's a bit Wayne
Newton-ish, but the production is big.

That's all I know - never seen a pic of her anywhere, yet
she must have been a fairly well-known figure on the
London music scene at the time.  "But I Don't Care" is her
crowning achievement and by now has probably been uploaded
to the musica files page by Phil.


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Message: 3
   Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 01:06:25 -0000
   From: "Ian Chapman" 
Subject: I Go To Sleep/Lesley Duncan

Elisa was talking about Marion Maerz's version of "I Go
To Sleep":-

>I can't imagine how marvellous Lesley Duncan's version must be
>to top that - so Ian, can you give us the label details?

It was on UK Mercury MF 939, from '66, and was actually a
B-side. It has a beautiful simplicity, with a hauntingly
effective piano intro and fadeout, and Lesley sings it
immaculately.  I interviewed her some years ago and
mentioned this track as a personal favourite.  She didn't
actually own a copy at the time, and asked me to try and
find her one, because the A-side, "Hey Boy", was her own
favourite of her 60s material, and she regretted never
keeping a copy.  She told me that backing her on it (and
practically all of her Mercury singles) were Dusty, Kiki
Dee and Madeline Bell.  They were all on the Phonogram
group of labels at the time and got together because they
were dissatisfied with the backing groups available

"The Ladybirds were a bit square, the Breakaways had a
slightly harsh, nasal sound - although they got better
later on - and the Mike Sammes Singers were absolutely
Choral Society! So Dusty, Kiki , Madeline and I found
that if we got together we could produce a sound that we
liked better....we just went round and round on each
other's records."

Lesley also told me that Dusty had always liked one of
her other songs, "When My Baby Cries", and had intended
to record it, but never did.  Pity, as it would have been
ideally suited to Dusty circa "Some Of Your Lovin'".
Others reorded it - the Poor Souls on Decca, and Yvonne
Prenosilava on Pye - but Lesley did record it herself
(Mercury MF 830), and it would be hard to improve on her
version.  Lesley fared better a few years later when
Elton John recorded her composiiton, "Love Song".  Again,
this was something she'd already recorded herself as a
B-side for RCA.     A collection of her 60s material is
overdue, but I guess licensing difficulties would arise
due to Lesley recording for three separate label
companies over the decade.


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Message: 4
   Date: Thu, 15 Nov 01 09:15:33 +0200
   From: Frank 
Subject: Re: Epic Records

CBS does not just own EPIC records. As a matter of fact
the EPIC label was thought of and created by CBS, unlike
some labels which were either licensed by other labels
or merely bought later on. It makes quite a difference
in so much as everything produced by EPIC always
belonged to CBS and could not find its way on some other


>Uh, Sony...for the most part...owns the Epic catalog.
>> With just a few companies out there holding older
>> labels, I'm just curious as to which entity owns the
>> Epic Records catalog?  Anyone know?


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Message: 5
   Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 15:36:46 -0500
   From: Al Quaglieri 
Subject: Re: Epic Records

"Mike Arcidiacono" wrote:

>SONY music owns Epic, Columbia, Date, Mainstream and many

Portrait, Alpine, Odyssey, Spindizzy, Bang, Shout, TNeck,
Full Moon, Okeh

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Message: 6
   Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 15:56:48 -0500
   From: "Paul Payton" 
Subject: Epic; Red Bird

Re: Epic Records - it is a Sony label, and its catalog
gets re-release occasionally on Sony Legacy.

Re: Red Bird discography - What a catalog they of artists
had!! I remember the Rockaways - "Top Down Time"/"Don't
Cry (Tomorrow's Tears Today)" RB 10-005 as being sort of
surf/britpop. Anyone know anything about it? And Jeff
Barry's "I'll Still Love You" out-Motowns Motown and
drives like a steamhammer!! An all-time fave.

Anyone know if the Shaggy Boys, 10-074, were the same
group as on UA doing "Behind These Stained Glass Windows,"
a Beach Boys-related sound?

Also, another all-time fave is the Soul Brothers' "Keep
It Up" on Blue Cat - the only paso doble r&b track I can
think of offhand. Great performance!

And great site - will bookmark! (Their "links" page is a
great place to start some neat surfing.

Country Paul

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Message: 7
   Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 10:06:09 +0000
   From: Richard Havers 
Subject: Re: red bird


10-049 is supposedly Justin Haywood with 'London is
Behind Me'. It is actually Justin Hayward in his pre
Moody Blues Days. It was leased from Pye in the UK where
is was released as Pye 7N 17041 the year before. It was
released on Red Bird shortly before Justin joined the
Moodies in September 1966. 'London is behind me' is kind
of Gordon Lightfoot meets Lonnie Donegan. It is available
on a UK CD The Roots of Rock (CMRCD 066). Justin was
managed at the time by Mr Donegan, and for a while after
he joined the Moody Blues. It's the reason why Mr Donegan
owns the publishing on 'Nights in White Satin'......a
fact that Mr.D glosses over when he complains about his
lack of royalties from his Skiffle years.

The Ral Donner is I think 10-057 not 10-051. ' Love Isn't
Like That' bw 'It Will Only Make You love Me'. Donner
signed to Red Bird in '66, George Goldner  had originally
signed Donner to Gone Records in 1961.

Best Wishes


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Message: 8
   Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 14:47:19 -0500
   From: "Jeff Lemlich" 
Subject: Chiffons: Disk-O-Tek Holiday

The Chiffons treat us with the "Brute Force" of "Nobody
Knows What's Goin' On In My Mind"!

Jeff Lemlich
everybody says we're too young but what do they know

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Message: 9
   Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 15:26:18 EST
   From: Matthew David 
Subject: Re: Chiffons: Disk-O-Tek Holiday

Jimmy Crescitelli writes:
> Any info on this teen flick and the Chiffons' appearance
> therein? Enquiring minds want to know!

Hi Jimmy,

This movie was originally released in the UK under the
title Just For You in 1964.  Peter & Gordon, Millie Small,
The Applejacks and other British acts appeared in the

In 1966, new footage was added for US release (The
Vagrants, The Rockin' Ramrods, Freddy Cannon).  Freddy's
producer Frank Slay was executive producer of Disk-O-Tek
Holiday, so he gets to perform a whole bunch of his hits.

The Chiffons perform "Nobody Knows What's Goin' On (In My
Mind But Me)".


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Message: 10
   Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 17:55:09 -0500
   From: Doc Rock 
Subject: Patty Duke

>And on a second note, since Christine Quaite has been on
>topic recently, a friend insists he saw an episode of
>The Patty Duke Show and she did a version of Tell Me
>Momma but in a much softer style. Can anyone confirm
t>his info?
I have it on tape.


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Message: 11
   Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 17:17:58 EST
   From: Will George 
Subject: Mrs. Miller

Does anyone have any idea whatever happened to Mrs. Miller?

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Message: 12
   Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 15:52:09 -0500
   From: "David Ponak" 
Subject: The Liquid Room-10/28/01

The Liquid Room, (usually) hosted by David Ponak (me),
airs every Saturday night from Midnight to 3AM (PDT) on
90.7FM KPFK Los Angeles, as well as streaming at 

Join me this weekend for a very special in studio visit

The Liquid Room-11/11/01 

1. The Association/Come On In
Birthday (WB)

2.I Monster/French Mods Can't Drink
7" (Rodeo Meat-UK)

3.Pat Williams/The Streets Of San Francisco
The Mad, Mad World Of Soundtracks Vol. 2 (Motor/Uni-Germany)

4.Cymbals/Higher Than The Sun
Higher Than The Sun EP (JVC Victor-Japan)

5.Kings Of Convenience/I Don't Know What I Can Save You
>From (Roy Ksopp Remix)
Versus (Astralwerks)

6.The Jackson 5/The Love You Save (Asakusa S.C. '01 Mix)
Source Source: The J-5 Remixes 2 (Uni-Japan)

7.Cubismo Grafico/Story Ends (Boris Gudunov's Old Fashioned Mix)
Buonissimo Remixes (Escalator-Japan)

8.ABBA/She's My Kind Of Girl
Ring Ring (Polydor)

9.George Gets His Freak On (UK white label 12")

10.Henry Mancini/Sorta Blue
Music From Peter Gunn (Buddah)

11.Dahlia/Good Flight!
Quatrienne (Happiness-Japan)

12.Kid Loco/I Can't Let It Happen To You
Kill Your Darlings (Atlantic)

13.Yukari Fresh/Triplicate Quackery
Erik (Escalator-Japan)

14.Gary Lewis & The Playboys/Girls In Love
EMI Legendary Masters Series (EMI)

Guest set from Debby Diamond of The Januaries

15.The Januaries/Cinema Girl
The Januaries (Food Chain)

Biota Bondao (Food Chain)

17.Zero 7/Iikafanelle
Simple Things (Palm Pictures)

18.John Barry/Midnight Cowboy
Midnight Cowboy Soundtrack (RCA)

19.The Januaries/Don't Smile (unreleased demo)

20.Broadcast/Long Was The Year
The noise Made By People (Warp)

21.Mors Syphilitica/My Virgin Widows
Almost Pop

22.Delgados/Thirteen Gliding Principles

23.Trembling Blue Stars/Until The Dream Gets Broken
Alive To Every Smile (Sub-Pop)

24.Olivia Newton-John/Sam
Magic-The Very Best Of ONJ (Uni)

25.Bjork/Alfur Ut Ur Hol (Fool On The Hill)
Bjork (debut LP from 11 year old Bjork!)

26.Pulp/Bad Cover Version
We Love Life (Island/UK)

The Liquid Room Love Hour

27.Chris Montez/The Look Of Love
A&M Remastered Best (Polydor-Japan)

28.Jimi Tenor/Better Than Ever
Utopian Dream (Saihku-Finland)

29.Serge Gainsbourg/Cargo Culte
Ballade De Melodie Nelson (Uni-France)

30.Lalo Schifrin/Quiet Village
Black Widow (CTI)

31.Ai No Rhythm/"The Spanking Song"

32.Fun Lovin' Criminals/Love Unlimited
100% Columbian (Virgin)

33.Isaac Hayes/(They Long To Be) Close To You
Black Moses (Stax)

34.Julie London/Light My Fire
Mondo For Flower Age (EMI-Japan)

35.Jack Jones/What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life
Jack Jones Sings Michelle Legrand (RCA)

36.Katerine/Le' Appartement
Les Creatures (Rosebud-France)

37.Claudine Longet/Who Needs You
Love Is Blue (A&M)

38.Scott Walker/Only Myself To Blame
The World Is Not Enough Soundtrack (Radioactive)

39. Paul Williams/Mornin' I'll Be Movin' On
Someday Man (Reprise)

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