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Spectropop - Digest Number 254

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Topics in this Digest Number 254:

           From: Mick Patrick 
      2. Mary Weiss in Salon
           From: Robert Bates 
      3. Re: King demos
           From: Al Quaglieri 
      4. It Might As Well Rain Until September
           From: John Clemente 
      5. Ann Margret
           From: LePageWeb 
      6. Re: Unchained Melody
           From: "Don Charles" 
      7. The Liquid Room-9/30/01
           From: "David Ponak" 


Message: 1
   Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 21:46:08 +0100 (BST)
   From: Mick Patrick 

Singer/songwriter/guitarist BRENDA MELSON, better known
as Jean of 1960s duo Dean & Jean, has died aged 63. Her
lengthy recording career included collaborations with
Eubie Blake, Roland Kirk, Tommy Tucker and Richard
"Groove" Holmes. Brenda also recorded solo as Brenda
Jones, Brenda Lee Jones and Brenda Lee Melson.

Born in Dayton, Ohio, Brenda began her recording career
in the early 1950s. She teamed up with Welton Young in
1958, the pair were christened Dean & Jean by their
manager, future congressman C J McLin. Dean & Jean inked
with the New York-based Laurie label in 1960. Early
duties included the writing of songs such as "King
Without A Queen" and "The Majestic" for Dion.

Dean & Jean began recording for Rust in 1962 and hit the
Top 40 with "Tra La La La Suzy" and "Hey Jean, Hey Dean"
in 1963/4. They recorded many other excellent tracks for
the company including stomping updates of the evergreens
"I Wanna Be Loved" and "Mack The Knife" but split up
soon afterwards. Brenda went on to record with Richard
"Groove" Holmes.

After overcoming cancer in 1979 Brenda became a born
again Christian and began a voluntary career in prison
welfare. She and her husband formed the Son Reign
Ministry in 1985. Of the 28 prisons in the state of Ohio,
Son Reign ministered in 23 of them. After a lengthy
hiatus Brenda resumed her recording career in the 1990s
distributing cassettes of her albums free of charge to
any prison inmate who requested them.

Brenda Melson died of cancer on Saturday August 4 aged


PS Some readers may be aware that I was involved in the
release of a Dean & Jean LP some years ago. Brenda (Jean)
was a big favourite of mine.

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Message: 2
   Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 11:18:02 -0400
   From: Robert Bates 
Subject: Mary Weiss in Salon

For Shangri-las groupies, Mary Weiss, never one to miss
a tragedy, speaks about her experiences on Sept. 11,
when she was working in New York as the World Trade
Center was attacked.


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Message: 3
   Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 13:14:36 -0400
   From: Al Quaglieri 
Subject: Re: King demos

At the May debut screening, the audience was thick with
collector/industry types. There was a collective gasp
when those acetates first appeared onscreen. Someone
brought it up in the Q&A afterward. If I recall, Carole
found that stack in her parents' basement.

Al Q.

At 03:56 PM 9/25/2001 +0000, you wrote:

>On the A & E program "The Teens Who..." there is a
>picture of a stack of these precious demos and some
>"mysterious" hand flips through them.

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Message: 4
   Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 23:47:41 -0400
   From: John Clemente 
Subject: It Might As Well Rain Until September

Hello All,

I spoke with Margaret Ross Williams of The Cookies and she said yes, the

Cookies sang the backing vocals on Carole King's "It Might As Well Rain 
Until September".



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Message: 5
   Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 13:17:47 +0900
   From: LePageWeb 
Subject: Ann Margret

Will George let on that Bear Family did an Ann-Margret set.
Was there really enough material for that? I love the
David Gates track "Hey Little Star" but I figured it was a
fluke because Ann Margret always seemed like an actress
with a singing career and not truly a girl group-type
recording artist. Well, Julie London isn't girl group
either but I adore her stuff. Still, it seems like RCA was
rather clueless in its approach to early 60s pop
production. I figured Colpix' Shelley Fabares would yield
more Brill gems. Any further comments on the box set
and/or Ms. Margret's Brill era recordings?

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Message: 6
   Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 15:55:18 +0000
   From: "Don Charles" 
Subject: Re: Unchained Melody

Heaven has no wrath like a Spector fanatic informed that
one of his favorite Philles hits was not, in fact,
produced by Phil Spector!  I had the same argument about
"Unchained Melody" with former Goldmine editor Jeff

It took Peter Richmond's wonderfully provocative article
>from Philately (I forget the date of publication) to
convince him . . . and I'm still not certain he's
totally convinced.

Don Charles

>Don't believe everything you see on one of Spector's
>labels - Example: The original release of "Unchained
>Melody" by the Righteous Brothers does not credit Phil as
>producer. Why? 'Cuz originally Spector was pushing the
>other side of Philles 129, "Hung On You," and "Melody"
>was the "throw-away" B-side...When DJs flipped the
>platter over & started playing the other side, Spector
>had to move fast & get his name on it as producer, when,
>in fact, Bill Medley produced it. There are 2 different
>Philles releases of the record...One has Spector as
>producer of "Hung" only, the other has him producer of
>I had this point illustrated on my website, with the
>factual backing of friends Jack Fitzpatrick & Peter
>Richmond ( both of whom I used for verification purposes),
>but Mark Ribowsky vehemently discounted this "hypothesis,"
>we argued the point in several emails, and I eventually
>pulled that section off the site just to put an end to
>the hassle (altho' he never discounted Jack & Peter's
>contention that Spector did not do "Unchained").

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Message: 7
   Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 17:08:15 -0400
   From: "David Ponak" 
Subject: The Liquid Room-9/30/01

The Liquid Room, hosted by David Ponak (me), airs every
Saturday night from Midnight to 3AM (PDT) on 90.7FM KPFK
Los Angeles, as well as streaming at 

This past week marked the debut of "The Liquid Room Love
Hour," an hour of the sexiest LR sounds from 2-3AM. 

Here's what when down:

The Liquid Room-9/30/01

1.The Association/Come On In
Birthday (WB)

2.De-Phazz/The Mambo Craze
Godsdog (Mole Listening Pearls-UK)

3.Chang Siao Ying/Come Back To Me
Asian Takeaways (Normal-Germany)

4.Blur/Tender (Cornelius Remix)
Coffee & TV (single) (Food-UK)

5.The Raymakers/Solar Bubbles (Seksu Roba Mix)
Wow, Pneumatic EP (Crippled Dick Hot Wax-Germany)

6.Steve & Eydie/Walk On By
This Is Steve & Eydie (RCA)

7.Jimi Tenor/New World
Cosmic Relief EP (Warp-UK)

8.Maxwell Implosion/Dancing Nuts
Iron Curtin Revisited (Crippled Dick Hot Wax-Germany)

9.They Might Be Giants/Man, It's So Loud In Here
Mink Car (Restless)

10.The Carnival/Love So Fine
The Carnival (World Pacific)

11.Thunderball/Scorpio Rising
Scorpio Rising (ESL)

12.David Axelrod/Jimmy T
David Axelrod (Mo Wax-UK)

Henry (Warner Music-Japan)

14.Dudley Moore/Love Me
Bedazzled (soundtrack) (Harkit-UK)

15.Rob/Sweet Femke
Don't Kill (Source-France)

16.Figurine/Our Game (Is Over)
The Heartfelt (March)

17.Polysics/Wake Up, Polysics!
Eno (Sony Music-Japan)

18.Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass/Summertime
Summertine (A&M)

19.Fugu/The Best Of Us
Fugu 1 (Minty Fresh)

20.Super Furry Animals/Juxtaposed With You
Rings Around The World (Epic-UK)

21.Ester Drang/Words That Cure, Part 1
Golden West (Burnt Toast Vinyl)

22.Scott Walker/That Night The Mad, Mad World Of
Soundtracks Volume 2 (Motor/Universal-Germany)

Point (Trattoria)

24.TJ Rhemi/Shaam Aye
Invisible Rain (Shakti)

25.Bertrand Burgalat/Biscarrose
The Sssound Of Music (Emperor Norton)

26.Jacky And Roy/The Winds Of Heaven
Grass (Capitol)

27.Cousteau/She Don't Hear Your Prayer
Cousteau (Palm Pictures)

28.Sammy Davis Jr./I've Got Your Under My Skin, etc. (Medley)
That's All! (Rhino/Reprise)

29.Lou Christie/Beyond The Blue Horizon
Lou Christie (Varese Sarabande)

30.Pico/Akai Sabaku E Ikanai Ka
Soft Rock Drivin'-Snow Dolphin Samba (Polydor-Japan)

And now...presenting the "Liquid Room Love Hour"

31.Dusty Springfield/The Look Of Love
Casino Royale (soundtrack) (Varese Sarabande)

32.Ennio Morricone/Excuse Me, Let's Make Love
Excuse Me, Let's Make Love (GSF)

33.Serge Gainsbourge/Ballade De Melody Nelson (Howie B
Remix) I Love Serge (Mercury-France)

34.Isaac Hayes/Ellie's Theme
Shaft (soundtrack) (Staxx)

35.Pizzicato Five/Tokyo Mon Amour
Romantique '96 (Readymade-Japan)

36.Jack Jones/Light My Fire
Where Is Love (RCA)

37.Groove Armada/Edge Hill
Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub)

38.Ai No Rhythm/Sado..... (This is the infamous
Japanese spanking record) 7" picture disc (????)

39.Sylvia/Pussy Cat
The Sensuous Sounds Of Sylvia (Rhino)

40.Kahimi Karie/David Hamilton
Tiny King Kong EP (Crue-el-Japan)

41.The Isley Brothers/Lay Lady Lay
Givin' It Back (Epic-Legacy)

42.The Bob Crewe Generation/Let Me Touch You
Let Me Touch You (CGC)

43.Paul Williams/Morning I'll Be Moving On
Someday Man (Reprise)

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