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Spectropop - Digest Number 247

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Topics in this Digest Number 247:

           From: Mick Patrick 
      2. Re: Goin' Back With Goffin and King
           From: "Mike Arcidiacono"
      3. Bernadette
           From: Will George 
      4. rare "Needles and Pins" version
           From: Ton Borsboom 
      5. What's up, Doc?
           From: LePageWeb 
      6. The Liquid Room-9/16/01
           From: "David Ponak" 


Message: 1
   Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 21:29:54 +0100 (BST)
   From: Mick Patrick 


Here's some hot news for Mike C and all other
Spectropoppers interested in the doings of CAROLE KING &

If and when you purchase the new "LOOK AT KILLER JOE GO"
CD by 1960s Filipino boy band THE ROCKY FELLERS (Westside,
WESA 898), make flipping sure you pay attention right to
the very end because mystery bonus track 23 is a
previously unissued version of the Goffin/King
composition "SCHOOL BELLS ARE RINGING". It uses the same
backing track as Carole's own version. If you ask me, and
I think our guvnor Jamie agrees with me, she and her
hubby wrote this song especially for the little "Killer
Joe" chaps.

And further to the ongoing originals-versus-covers debate,
this CD also features the Rocky Fellers' version of the
Goffin/King-penned "Will You Love Me Tomorrow". It uses
the very same backing track as the Shirelles' original,
as does their rendition of "Foolish Little Boy (Girl)".
And just wait until you hear the guys sing "Twist & Shout",
not to mention their 4 Seasons-style version of "Standing
On The Corner".

Don't troll 'round every HMV shop in town on a fruitless
search for specialist CDs when you could be at home
grooving to the new Barracudas anthology. Do like I do,
wire your orders to a real specialist dealer like Jim

Well, that little lot should keep Brill Building buffs
quiet for an hour or so, I'm off for a wobble with Marie.


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Message: 2
   Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 05:06:07 -0400
   From: "Mike Arcidiacono" 
Subject: Re: Goin' Back With Goffin and King

"Jan Kristensen" wrote:

> The Beginning of the End was written by Barry DeVorzon
> and Bodie Chandler. His version of the song can be found
> on a Canadian CD Barry DeVorzon & the Tamerlanes: Hits an
> Raritie Valiant 101

Hold on......didn't Frank Sinatra record the SAME TUNE in
the 40s with Tommy Dorsey? I have it on a movie

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Message: 3
   Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 10:45:25 EDT
   From: Will George 
Subject: Bernadette

In a message dated 9/19/01 8:00:49 AM, spectropop writes:

> Her following releases used her full name (Bernadette
> Castro).  I know of three 45s:

Tell Him For Me/They Don't Understand (P.P.X. 719)

Is this the same song as Dan Folger's Tell Her For Me? I
believe it was written by Orbison/Melson? Great song.
Should have been a huge hit.

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Message: 4
   Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 21:14:21 -0000
   From: Ton Borsboom 
Subject: rare "Needles and Pins" version

Hello Spectropoppers,

I have found a rare version of "Needles and Pins" which
most of us know from the 60's performed by U.K. group The
Searchers. This song sounds different and has a different
singing then the ones I know. It is sung by 2 different
male voices and halfway the song the singing tempo goes
up in a different style.

Does anybody know the name of the artists by reading the
above or could anybody give me some information so that I
can search for the performers?

I hope that this rings a bell in somebody's head.

Thanks in advance,

Ton Borsboom

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Message: 5
   Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 23:29:11 +0900
   From: LePageWeb 
Subject: What's up, Doc?

Hey all,

I've been away for a couple of weeks, and wow, there's
been so much interesting stuff in group discussion - well,
there had been anyway until the 11th. Good to hear our
New York friends chiming in, even if only to tell us that
the Brill Building is in mid-town! Low traffic here on
Spectropop after the 11th speaks volumes about our
readership. Silence is Golden - this group is the
greatest! Love and Mercy.


Thanks to a good Spectrobuddy, I finally got to see the
A&E doc "Hitmakers: The Teens Who Stole Pop Music." I
know some people commented negatively on it -  but I
loved it! I wasn't disappointed that there wasn't much
footage of the artists being interviewed because I
expected this to be a program on the Brill
writers/producers, and in this respect the program
delivered. Yeah, the overall balance seemed a bit odd -
Spector was under-represented (even though they did
recycle that great bit where the Blossoms sing "Every
evening when the sun goes down..."), but it was wonderful
seeing two faves of mine get a lot of comments in, Jack
Keller and Russ Titelman. Nice bit on Pomus/Shuman. and
Carole King was wonderful too! The way Mann, Weil, King
and Goffin were all sitting around the kitchen drinking
water (for some reason I imagined it to be Carole's house),
it was just so relaxed compared to a cold TV studio
setting - both Carole and Cyn looked SO good! Everyone
was very natural and one thing that stood out to me was
how EVERYONE (even Donnie) expressed such PASSION about
what they were doing at the time - even though Cynthia
seemed to joke quite a bit about it ("Any song that has
woh woh woh in it is NOT significant, Phil..."). When the
subject of Who Put the Bomp came up, Cyn playfully
punched Barry in the shoulder and said "Great Song!" How
can you help but smile? Even Gerry Goffin seemed happy to
talk about the Brill days for once. It was terrific!

Jeff and Ellie were represented well, I thought,
although I would have liked a bit more Ellie. Was there
too much Greg Shaw? Maybe. But generally, the comments
that survived the final cut were good ones. Fair enough.
The producers used a lot of vintage photos I had never
seen before too. The filler footage (antique 45 player,
etc.) was inoffensive, and I thought the editing was
fairly well done.

Shadow was very cool, and Jerry and Mike were as witty as
ever. Mary Weiss' comments were interesting but her bit
was far too short! I'd love to see a full documentary
focusing on Jeff and Ellie, Shadow Morton and the Shangs.
Now THAT would be something!

Well, it wasn't comprehensive but how could it be given
its limitations? I think it is essential viewing for
anyone interested in the Brill Building sound.


Thanks for playing I'm Nobody's Baby Now by Reparata for
everyone. Now I know what everyone is so knocked out
about.  But I will save my Reparata message for another 


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Message: 6
   Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 16:03:57 -0400
   From: "David Ponak" 
Subject: The Liquid Room-9/16/01

The Liquid Room, hosted by David Ponak (me), airs every
Saturday night from Midnight to 3AM (PDT) on 90.7FM KPFK
Los Angeles, as well as streaming at 

In light of the horrors of the past week, I felt an urge
to break format and play a selection of recordings that
might somehow be mentally constructive in our current
state of mind.

The Liquid Room-9/16/01

1.The Red House Painters/The Star Spangled Banner
2.Jimmy Scott/Our Day Will Come
3.The Beach Boys/Wouldn't It Be Nice (acappella)
4.Brian Wilson/Love And Mercy (Live)
5.The Pearlfishers/Across The Milky Way
6.Frank Sinatra/Angel Eyes
7.Scott Walker/It's Raining Today
8.The Free Design/Love Does Not Die
9.Stevie Wonder/Love's In Need Of Love Today
10.Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach/My Darkest Place
11.Jack Jones/I Had A Dream
12.Marvin Gaye/What's Happening Brother
13.Astrud Gilberto/Where There's A Heartache (There Must Be A Heart)
14.Jane Siberry w/k.d. lang/Calling All Angels
15.The Association/Requiem For The Masses
16.Dionne Warwick/Reach Out For Me
17.The Beach Boys/Cuddle Up
18.Isley Jasper Isley/Caravan Of Love
19.Joy Division/Atmosphere
20.Dusty Springfield/I Think It's Gonna Rain Today
21.Paul Williams/Do You Really Have A Heart
22.Al Green/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
23.Jimmy Webb/The Worst That Could Happen
24.David Bowie/Across The Universe
25.The Isley Brothers/Harvest For The World
26.Nina Simone/I Shall Be Released
27.Zero 7/The World
28.The Free Desing/Windows Of The World
29.Margo Guryan/Sun
30.The Beach Boys/Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
31.Blur/The Universal
32.The Bee Gees/World
33.Depeche Mode/And Then
34.Saint Etienne/Like A Motorway
35.Isaac Hayes/Our Day Will Come
36.The Impressions/This Is My Country
37.Ray Charles/America The Beautful
38.Elvis Presley/American Trilogy
39.Burt Bacharach/What The World Needs Now
40.Lou Christie/Beyond The Blue Horizon
41.The Wondermints/Ooh Child
42.The Human League/Love Is All That Matters
43.Burt Bacharach/Living Together/Growing Together

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