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Spectropop - Digest Number 223

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                 an intimate collection of today's tunes

There are 14 messages in this issue.

Topics in this digest:

      1. Ron Townson, R.I.P.
           From: "Spectropop Administration" 
      2. Ann-Margret
           From: "Peter Lerner" 
      3. Chiffons
           From: "Phil Reeves" 
      4. Nitzsche
           From: Bryan 
           From: "Donny Hampton" 
      6. Tina Turner "Everything Under The Sun"
           From: "Phil Chapman" 
           From: Mick Patrick 
      8. Re: Please Be My Boyfriend Again
           From: "Donny Hampton" 
      9. Reparata and the Delrons
           From: "Peter Lerner" 
     10. Re: Sandy's influences
           From: Jason Penick 
     11. Neil Sedaka
           From: john rausch 
     12. Re: I Do
           From: Jason Penick 
     13. Girls Will Be Girls CD
           From: John Clemente 
     14. The Liquid Room-8/5/01
           From: "David Ponak" 


Message: 1
   Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 11:21:19 +0900
   From: "Spectropop Administration" 
Subject: Ron Townson, R.I.P.

Ron Townson, a founding member of the Fifth Dimension and
featured singer on such chart-topping tunes as "Up, Up
and Away" and "Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In," was
reported as having died on August 2 at age 68 in Las
Vegas at home of renal failure. His wife of 40 years,
Bobete Townson, was at his side. 

Townson was known for his large size and confident stage
personality in addition to his smooth tenor voice,
Townson founded the group as the Versatiles in 1965,
changing the name to the Fifth Dimension upon signing
with Johnny Rivers' Soul City Records. While at the time
the group was criticized for sounding too white for a
black group, the Fifth Dimension is admired today for
breaking musical convention on their innovative records. 

Their first smash was Jimmy Webb's Up Up and Away, which
netted the group no less than four Grammys for the 1967
hit. The 5th Dimension also had big hits with Laura
Nyro's "Wedding Bell Blues" and "Stoned Soul Picnic."
Their biggest hit was the Grammy-winning "Aquarius/Let
the Sunshine In" from the musical "Hair.". Original group
members also included Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis and
Florence LaRue. 

Ron Townson, R.I.P.

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Message: 2
   Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2001 21:10:35 +0100
   From: "Peter Lerner" 
Subject: Ann-Margret

Ann-Margret's "I Just Don't Understand" must be just
about one of the best produced and most original records
of its time, on the deeply unfashionable RCA label.
Anyone know who produced it; who played the brilliant
guitar and harmonica, and if there's anything else
remotely as good around by the same people?


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Message: 3
   Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 17:57:53 -0000
   From: "Phil Reeves" 
Subject: Chiffons

As you may know Hoagy Lands recently visited the UK.
I have always been convinced that the Chiffons were
on back-ups on his glorious, "The next in line" etc. on
Laurie. I have asked around and nobody who interviewed
him seems to have asked him about this.

Can anyone confirm, or, was this one of those classic
missed opportunities to get into 60's NY soul chat re
Bert Berns etc.?

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Message: 4
   Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2001 17:24:59 -0700
   From: Bryan 
Subject: Nitzsche

Does anyone have any info on that Jack Nitzsche album
that was rejected by Warner Bros and never came out? Any
info at all would be appreciated. I'm talkin' about the
one after St. Giles Cripplegate.


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Message: 5
   Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 18:26:12 +0000
   From: "Donny Hampton" 

 Mick Patrick wrote:
>That Bob Crewe regretted this track was not widely
>released implies that it WAS RELEASED. I never knew that.
>Do please tell. Is there an official (or unofficial)
>release of this track that should be added to Tina
>Turner's discography? I'd also like to know if the mix
>DC Hampton has heard is the same as the acetate I heard.
>Do please share.

I didn't know it had been officially released either -
I'm still not convinced that it was - but Bob Crewe
believed that it had come out somewhere in Europe.  He
wasn't specific.  The mix of the song I've heard (on
tape) is very flamenco-flavored and chock full of
castanets.  Tina sounds even more hoarse than usual.

Don Charles

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Message: 6
   Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2001 18:40:53 +0100
   From: "Phil Chapman" 
Subject: Tina Turner "Everything Under The Sun"

MICK wrote:

> There's more of this story to tell....

MICK, you're a real tease! With a review like yours it
would be criminal to withhold the evidence, so for a
limited period only it is available from the files area
(thanks Malcolm):

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Message: 7
   Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2001 19:56:35 +0100 (BST)
   From: Mick Patrick 

Greetings from the Percells Fan Club,

Anyway, to continue the story of that TINA TURNER

The Walker Brothers recorded "EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN"
on their "Images" LP. Scott & his boys' version copied
the Tina Turner arrangement rather than the Ronettes'.
How did that happen?

Well, Long Island-based singer/songwriter/producer
PETER ANTELL came to England last year. Thanks to the
generosity of our chums at Ace Records, my cohort in
crime Malcolm Baumgart and I had the opportunity to
chat with him. It transpires that Mr Antell was working
for Bob Crewe's Saturday Music Company. Pete was there
in Bob's office that day in !966 when the call came in
>from Phil Spector requesting the 4 Seasons' guru
produce Ike & Tina for Philles. The resulting "A Man Is
A Man Is A Man" was written by Peter Antell. Wearing
his publisher's hat, Bob Crewe was successful in
getting several Saturday Music songs cut in England by
the Walker Brothers, among them were "The Sun Ain't
Gonna Shine Anymore", the Peter Antell-authored "Baby,
You Don't Have To Tell Me" and, of course, "EVERYTHING

I'll save what Peter told me about hanging out in the
studio with the Shangri-Las for another day.


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Message: 8
   Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 18:21:57 +0000
   From: "Donny Hampton" 
Subject: Re: Please Be My Boyfriend Again

Why all this mystery and speculation about "Please Be My
Boyfriend?" In John Clemente's fine chapter on The
Crystals, from his essential Girl Groups book, talks
about the track at some length.  He leaves no doubt that
it was a Phil Spector production, and also identifies the
lead vocalist as Barbara Alston.  Incidentally, I have
always believed Barbara was the lead singer on The Honey
Bees' original version of "Some Of Your Lovin."

Don Charles

 Jimmy Crescitelli wrote:

>...I've just had one of those unparalleled
>experiences: that of listening to a heretofore unheard
>girl-group number that's been on my "Want List" for many,
>many years: "Please Be My Boyfriend," ... It's SO cool to
>listen to... but, I don't think it's the Crystals. The
>lead voice is sorta lala-like, and I think Tony Leong
>mentioned the possibility of the determined Dee Dee's
>backing soprano, and there DOES seem to be a Pat thrown
>in there, but... still and all, boys and girls, I dunno.
>Maybe it's a little bit of everybody who happened to be
>around that day with whoever was manning the console?
>Then there's that picture of the lead sheet in "Girl
>Groups: The Story Of A Sound..." (page 125). Dated July
>9, 1964, it lists Spector as producer, no group name,
>and cost $169.52 to track. 
>I love a mystery...

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Message: 9
   Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2001 21:12:04 +0100
   From: "Peter Lerner" 
Subject: Reparata and the Delrons

New-ish to Spectropop, I haven't seen anything about
this great girl group. Really good girly sound, and
original songs. Is there a good collection CD available?


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Message: 10
   Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 11:17:55 EDT
   From: Jason Penick 
Subject: Re: Sandy's influences

> I don't think it takes itself half as serious as BEGIN
> does.  BEGIN was to be revolutionary.  Sandy himself
> said that his stuff was just Brian Wilson/Fleetwoods
> tributes,though I hear other influences as well.  A
> little Michael Nesmith perhaps? Brian

The record screams "Tommy James" to me.  The thing I love
about it (Sandy!) is that it took the Tommy James sound
of "Mony Mony", "I Think We're Alone Now" etc. and added
a swinging, pounding groove to some of the tracks.  Balls,
basically, which most pop music circa 1969-70 didn't have
a lot of.

I don't have any info regarding a catalog number for the
Sandy! album, but could the track line up have been the
same as the Poptones version, minus the instrumental
"Little Dog"?


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Message: 11
   Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2001 22:44:03 -0400
   From: john rausch 
Subject: Neil Sedaka

Just wondering if we might get a discussion on Mr.
Sedaka. I`ve been kinda into his early - mid 60s RCA
recordings, mainly since I just found a nice "best of"
cd with all that wonderful vintage 60s (((stereo)))
sound. Right Next Door To An Angel  is on constant
play on my pc these days. It`s like discovering a
whole new sound. Really  made me realize just how
incredible some of those songs are. I saw that he had
a book out some time ago, and I wonder if anyone here has
given it a read. Really I would like to know the
stories behind the whole Brill Bldg. era with Sedaka.

Production, techniques, session people...


John Rausch

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Message: 12
   Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 11:21:55 EDT
   From: Jason Penick 
Subject: Re: I Do

"Mike Arcidiacono" wrote:

> "I Do"......sung by Brian Wilson and a group called
> The Survivors, who were studio guys that Brian used on
> early Beach Boy sessions before the Wrecking Crew.
> GREAT record, no hit!! Mikey

Actually you're thinking of "Pamela Jean" (which IS a
great record that never hit.)  "I Do" was given by Brian
to the Castells.  Not sure how it charted, but it was far
>from a smash.  Interestingly, the Beach Boys recorded
their own version that's even better (same track,
improved vocals) and it's now available as a bonus on one
of the 2fers-- Surfer Girl/ Shutdown 2 perhaps?


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Message: 13
   Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 00:46:56 -0400
   From: John Clemente 
Subject: Girls Will Be Girls CD

Hello All,

Please remember, the previously unreleased Cinderellas
track is actually The Cookies!

John Clemente

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Message: 14
   Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 12:38:04 -0700 
   From: "David Ponak" 
Subject: The Liquid Room-8/5/01

The Liquid Room, hosted by David Ponak (me), airs every
Saturday night from Midnight to 3AM (PDT) on 90.7FM KPFK
Los Angeles, as well as streaming at
Please join me this coming weekend!

This Saturday, August 11, there will be a very special
show at Spaceland (on Silverlake Blvd. in Silverlake)
featuring the Raymakers (live), DJ Dougee Dimensional of
the Gentle People, and yours truly, DJ David  Ponak.
I'll be spinning fairly early (still have to make it to
my radio show the same night..) Please come by and say

Also, I want to pay respect to Ron Townson, vocalist for
the 5th Dimension, who passed away this past Thursday at
age of 68. If you haven't cracked out your "Magic Garden"
and "Up, Up & Away" CDs or LPs lately, it's time to give
them a spin and revel in the magic.

The Liquid Room-8/5/01

1.The Association/Come On In
Birthday (WB)

2.Yasuharu Konishi/The Readymake Shoe Repar
Popshopping Mixed Up (Crippled Dick Hot Wax-Germany)

3.Armando Trovajoli/Fiorella With The Umbrella
City Boys Not Found Original Soundtrack (Trattoria-Japan)

Moby (Instinct)

5.Mel Henke/The Lively Ones
La Dolce Henke (Scamp)

6.The Beach Girls/Ski-ing In The Snow
Bob Crewe Presents The Dynovoice Records Story (Westside-UK)

7.The Gentle People/Motion Heater (Yoshinori Sunahara Remix)
Mix Gently (Flavour Records-Japan)

8.The Raymakers/Solar Bubbles

9.Bran Van 3000/Astounded
Discosis (Grand Royal)

10.Rupert Holmes/Who, What, When, Where, Why
The Epoch Collection (Varese Sarabande)

11.Puffy/Atarashii Hibi
single (Sony Music-Japan)

12.Margo Guryan/Hold Me Dancin'
25 Demos (Franklin Castle) 

13.Outkast/So Fresh, So Clean (Fatboy Slim Remix)
Single (Arista)

14.Puddu Varano/On A Sunny Day
Carry On Kinky Beat (Acerba-UK)

15.Yellow Magic Orchestra/Hi-Tech Hippies
Technodon (EMI-Japan)

16.Tom Ze/Nao Buzine Que Eu Es Tou Paquerando
Tom Ze (Phillips-Brazil)

17.The 5th Dimension/The Magic Garden
The Magic Garden (Buddah)

18.The 5th Dimension/Dimension 5ive
Portrait (Buddah)

19.The 5th Dimension/Another Day, Another Heartache
Up, Up And Away (Buddah)

20.The 5th Dimension/Paper Cup
The Magic Garden (Buddah)

21.Anubian Lights/Starvox
Naz Bar (Crippled Dick Hot Wax-Germany)

22.Nick Decaro/All I Want
Italian Graffitti (MCA-Japan)

23.Arling & Cameron/Dirty Robot
We Are A&C (Emperor Norton)

24.Marizane/Sad Foolish Robot
Hypercube Sideshow

25.Balduin/A Flavored Bouquet
Creative Cookery (Crippled Dick Hot Wax-Germany)

26.Swan Dive/Kaleidoscope
June (V2-Japan)

27.Linus Of Hollywood/Where Are You?
Make Yourself Happy (Franklin Castle)

28.Roxy Music/A Song For Europe
Stranded (Virgin)

29.Denki Groove/N.O.
The Last Supper (Sony Music-Japan)

30.Michel Polnareff/La Michetonneause
Les Premiere Annes (Universal-France)

31.They Might Be Giants/Mink Car
Mink Car (Restless)

32.Priscilla/He Noticed Me
The Story Of the Paris Sisters 

33.Biz Markie/Just A Friend
Biz's Baddest Beats (Cold Chillin')

34.Goldfrapp/(Let's Get) Physical
Live In Vienna (unreleased)

35.Lucio Battisti/Aver Paura...
Una Donna Per Amico (Peters)

36.Peppermint/My Hard Boiled Egg Heart
Peppermint (Mango Sweet Rice)

37.Bootsy Collins/As In I Love You
Bootsy? Player Of The Year (WB)

38.Swing Out Sister/Somewhere Deep In The Night
Somewhere Deep In The Night (Universal-Japan)

39.Isaac Hayes/By The Time I Get To Phoenix
Hot Buttered Soul (Stax)

40.Paul Williams/Mornin' I'll Be Moving On
Someday Man (Reprise)

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