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Spectropop - Digest Number 220


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    Plans For Progress - Equal Opportunity through Affirmative Action
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There are 5 messages in this issue.

Topics in this digest:

      1. Re: Sandy Salisbury
           From: Jason Penick 
      2. I Do
           From: Gregg Luvox
      3. Re: shangri-las
           From: "Tony Leong" 
      4. Re: More Things R Changing info
           From: Billy G. Spradlin
      5. notable rarities
           From: LePageWeb


Message: 1
   Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2001 22:57:58 EDT
   From: Jason Penick 
Subject: Re: Sandy Salisbury

Spectropop Group writes:

> That was a studio album?  I thought that the Sandy
> Salisbury disc "SANDY" was just a collection of 45
> releases and some extra tracks?  I never knew that it
> was supposed to be an album.  It wasn't released in
> 1969. Did Sandy say that Curt had wanted to release an
> album, but it never came out?

Yes it was to be released on Together records in early
'69, before the Blue Marble and also Michele.
> Whatever the case, I do agree that "Falling To Pieces"
> is a much better listen than "SANDY."

I haven't heard FALLING TO PIECES yet, but I think SANDY
is just a phenominal pop album.  I've never heard him get
as punchy as he does on "Spell on Me" or "Goody Goodbye".
A bunch of great songs, maybe a tad gooey by today's
standards, but I think the album would have been a big
hit at the time had it been released and promoted
correctly-- It takes a lot of the production values and
sounds that were standard pop fare at the time and
reworks them in a stronger, more immediate way.  Not
quite BEGIN, but a strong lp with a lot of merits.

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Message: 2
   Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2001 14:31:29 -0700
   From: Gregg Luvox
Subject: I Do

Can anyone provide info on the song 'I Do'? 

I heard a fantastic pop version on Spectropop Radio but I
can't remember the artist and can't find the song listed.

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Message: 3
   Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2001 03:17:03 -0000
   From: "Tony Leong" 
Subject: Re: shangri-las

Jane Wade wrote:

> Two of the original Shangri Las are dead of cancer.
> One remains but the group you are referring to are NOT
> in any way, shape or form the originals.
> Best to save your money and buy a Shangri Las CD.
> Jane

Jane and group:  

Hi, Margie Ganser died of cancer in 1996. MaryAnn, her
twin sister, died in 1970 or '71 of enchaphilitis, not
cancer, or drugs as is usually reported erroneously.
Betty and Mary, the surviving members, have no desire to
perform.  They are both currently involved in full time
non-entertainment careers.


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Message: 4
   Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2001 22:41:11 -0000
   From: Billy G. Spradlin
Subject: Re: More Things R Changing info

The Supremes version of "Things Are Changing" is on
Motown's "The Best Of Diana Ross & The Supremes -
Anthology" 2-CD set that was released in 1995. I don't
know if it appeared on the Supremes box set.

Jay & The Americans versions is on EMI's "Come A Little
Bit Closer - Legendary Masters Series" CD. I don't think
the Blossoms version has been officially released but its
on the "Brian Wilson - Still I Dream Of You" compilation
>from Japan. 

The Supremes and Jay & The Americans did a fine job (I
kinda wish it could have been the 4 Seasons - Imagine
Frankie Valli's falsetto on the line "Your race or color
won't get in your way" Yikes!) but the Blossoms version
is the greatest, Darlene's vocal performance is as
awesome as any of her Philles singles. She sings the hell
out of the hokey PSA lyric.

(back after a month-long absence - playing catch-up)

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Message: 5
   Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2001 23:45:12 +0900
   From: LePageWeb
Subject: notable rarities


> PS Anyone out there wanna hear about TINA TURNER's
> unissued Philles version of EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN?

Yes! This is one we have never discussed here as far as 
I can recall. Do tell!

On the subject of I Want You To Please Be My Boyfriend,
Phil Chapman wrote:

> In the early 80s I worked on a (never issued)
> compilation project for ABKCO. I was in one of the
> labyrinth of demo rooms in the Leiber-Stoller suite
> of the Brill Building (a thrill in itself)...One day
> Alan Betrock wandered in brandishing a 3-track tape
> with a Gold Star label containing "Please Be My
> Boyfriend". Even though the label details all looked
> fine, I was not (and am still not) convinced it was
> one of Phil's productions, or in fact The Crystals.
> My first impression was that it was more Bob Crewe's
> style, certainly the drum sound & playing would
> indicate that.

Thanks for sharing that fascinating story, Phil! I too
wondered if it might not be a Bob Crewe session,
seeing as how it was apparently held in New York and
billed to Philles, and bearing in mind the later Ike
& Tina sides that Crewe did for Phil. Also, big
thanks for playing for us both Please Be My Boyfriend
and the Chic-Lets' "I Want You To Be My Boyfriend".
I'm sure for many of us it was the first time to hear
these. By the way, who wrote the Chic-Lets record if
not Jeff and Ellie?

> My favourite of this genre is the Chiffons "I Have A
> Boyfriend" - you can rely on Jeff & Ellie to get the
> naive sentiment just right!

I adore this record, and for precisely the reason you
give. "...I met him a week ago.." Great stuff.

On the subject of Things Are Changing, Mark Landwehr wrote:

> For a look at all 3 EEOC labels & the sleeves for the
> Blossoms & the Supremes releases, check my website.

Nice page, Mark! First time I have seen the *real*
Plans for Progress labels and the pic sleeve for the
Supremes version.  Very interesting. Your updated web
site is very nice, btw.

Jay & the Americans' Things Are Changing sleeve is
shown in their Legendary Masters CD and it is the same
color scheme as the Supremes. Now all we need is the
Lucecita and Julio Angel version...

As many will recall, we've discussed this track several
times here and between Jerry Riopelle himself, Brad
Elliott and Mark Landwehr, we pretty much sorted out
the various stories (who did BW write it for, did he
play piano on the Spector track, did Riopelle actually
have production input on the rhythm track etc.). I was
certain someone wrote to confirm the rumored version of
this track by Lucecita and Julio Angel, and sure enough,
a bit of searching revealed a most intriguing post
about this Puerto Rican version. Dated December 9, 1998,
Robert Tirado, "the ronette hound," posted a message
sharing the following with us.

All the best,



> Received: 12/09/98 7:42 am
> From: R Teyes
> To: Spectropop
> To: Brad Elliot, Mark Landwher and Jamie LePage
> From: Robert 
> It may be of interest to you that I have tried
> unsuccessfully to contact Fitzpatrick & Fogerty re the
> following: Yes, there was a 45 produced in Puerto Rico
> with Lucecita and Julio Angel in the 60's. My buddy John
> Rausch (the Ronettes' webmaster) initially brought the
> subject up to me. I recall the 45 in those days (I was
> born in PR but raised in New York City). On one of my
> many trips there, I had befriended Lucecita, for whom
> John Rausch has graciously helped me develop a web page.
> Phil Spector and Chappel Music along with Trio, Screen
> Gems, etc. were going to sue Lucecita's manager Alfred D.
> Herger because he had recorded in Spanish by Lucecita
> (Lucy) "Be My Baby", "Then He Kissed Me" and a few
> others in the respective catalog of each company-and
> because Herger had not paid licensing and royalty fees.
> Remember, Lucecita was an up and coming singer and
> really an ingenue in the field. Same with Julio Angel.
> They all went to the Tribuna (court in PR) and all
> parties settled out of court. Part of Phil Spector's
> settlement besides the $$$$, was that Herger record both
> Lucecita and Julio Angel in "Things Are Changing". This
> was done expediently in such a fashion that the nearly
> broke Herger asked Phil if he could use the backing
> tracks of the Supremes and Phil relented. (Rumor had it
> that Phil owed the IRS $$$ and he would take this
> Spanish version of "Things.." as a loss not knowing that
> PR favored Lucecita's version so much that bootleg
> copies were done since only 80 45 copies were produced
> and only for the radio stations. If you visit my web
> page on Lucecita, I have placed a graphic on the 45 from
> a book by a buddy Javier Santiago. (This is what I
> wanted to share with Fitzpatrick & Fogerty). You don't
> need to go through the whole web site- just visit :

> Lucecita told me some years ago about the court hearing
> that day in the 60's and how nervous she was but how
> everything fell into place. Lucecita is today considered
> the national singing voice of PR much like Marion
> Anderson was to the mainland US...Thanks guys and John
> Rausch you know how I feel about you already...Robert
> the Ronette Hound (and Lucecita hound!)

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