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Spectropop - Digest Number 218

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There are 7 messages in this issue of Spectropop.

Topics in this Digest Number 218:

      1. Del-Fi's Sisters
           From: "Tony Leong" 
      2. Re: shangri-las
           From: Jane Wade 
      3. Re: River Deep
           From: dzarem 
           From: Mick Patrick 
      5. Last Chance Saloon
           From: "Martin Roberts" 
      6. Two from Varese
           From: LePageWeb 
      7. The Liquid Room-7/30/01
           From: "Ponak, David"


Message: 1
   Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 04:16:51 -0000
   From: "Tony Leong" 
Subject: Del-Fi's Sisters

Hey group, can anybody shed some light on this??  On the
Del-Fi CD, there are several tracks by an Hispanic
girl-group called the Sisters.  The majority of their
vocals were done in a pleasant 3-part harmony unison. But,
they had 1 BEAUTIFUL unreleased tune called "His Name Was
John".  Actually, only 1 of the girls is singing (there
are no background vocals at all).  Does anybody know
which member is singing that great song? Was it Ersi
Arvisu who later went on to sing for a spell with El
Chicano (I've never heard their material, but in a book,
I did see a photo of her performing with them at the
Apollo in NYC).  And can anybody tell me what the members
of the Sisters are doing now? 

 Tony Leong

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Message: 2
   Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 13:08:25 -0700 (PDT)
   From: Jane Wade 
Subject: Re: shangri-las

Two of the original Shangri Las are dead of cancer.
One remains but the group you are referring to are NOT
in any way, shape or form the originals.

Best to save your money and buy a Shangri Las CD.

--- Patrick Rands wrote:
> Jennifer wrote:
> > a  friend of mine just saw on that the
> > shangri-las are doing a small tour that includes a
> > TBA boston date.
> It most probably isn't -the- Shangri Las - I believe
> an imitation band has been making the rounds,

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Message: 3
   Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 14:02:46 -0000
   From: dzarem 
Subject: Re: River Deep

The Supremes and Four Tops released River Deep in late
1970. It is on their album The Magnificent 7.

> Does anyone have any info on a Supremes song called
> "Things Are Changing" written by Phil Spector?  It sounds
> very much like he produced it, but did he?  Anyone know
> what year that was recorded?  The Supremes also did a
> version of "River Deep, Mountain High" which I don't think
> he showed up for.
> Skip

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Message: 4
   Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 10:37:06 +0100 (BST)
   From: Mick Patrick


...original message:

> Ooh, Mick - you need a repeat-play turntable with varispeed.
> :-) Jamie
I knew you were bilingual, Jamie, but I'm surprised
you're fluent in Queen's English!!! We've all seen more
Carry On movies than is good for our health, methinks.

BTW, I just checked out the THINGS ARE CHANGING page on
the Spectropop site . . . looks like I'm not the only
one guilty of producing mocked up GOLDSTAR labels.

Anyway, I'm off out with Phil Chapman for a Tandoori


PS Anyone out there wanna hear about TINA TURNER's
unissued Philles version of EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN?

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Message: 5
   Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 09:12:52 +0100
   From: "Martin Roberts" 
Subject: Last Chance Saloon

Ignoring his Diane Renay fetish, I can't agree with Mick
about bootlegs, they are just the last chance saloon.
Don't think many Spectropopers would turn down the
opportunity to own a legitamate release of "Dance The
Screw" or "Things Are Changing". Even The Crystals LP's.
Not sure how much they sell for now on the collectors
market but would guess the Marginal CD's are the only way
a lot of Spector fans will have of getting "Mashed
Potatoe Time" on record. CD-R, MP3' (whatever they are),
tapes & bootlegs all help to fuel the fire of collecting
and show the Record Co's that there is a demand for a
legitamate release. Would Capitol have released quite so
many out-takes, alternative versions etc. of The Beach
Boys if Sea of Tunes hadn't shown that record collectors
want 20 versions of "Good Vibrations"!

Just a thought, I'll get back to my nipple piercing now
to the sound of Gary Bell "Anyway That You Want Me"!


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Message: 6
   Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 08:44:51 +0900
   From: LePageWeb 
Subject: Two from Varese

Did anyone catch Brian Wilson on Conan with Jeffrey
Foskett and the Wondermints? Instead of Surfin' USA or
Barbara Ann, they performed Our Prayer/Heroes and
Villians from Smile! Surprising choice of material for a
network show like that - Brian and Co. pulled it off
without a hitch. Brilliant!

Lately I've been thinking about getting Rhino's expensive
Buffalo Springfield box. Just wondering if there is
enough on there for a Nitzsche/Gold Star/Greene & Stone
fan. Opinions?

Aside from that release, I found a couple other
interesting things over at Varese's web site - "Girl
Group Sound: 25 All-Time Greatest From Red Bird Records"
and "P.F. Sloan Child Of Our Times: The Trousdale Demo
Sessions." The Red-Bird collection looks to be a fairly
conservative/familiar Girl Group comp. I think I already
have every track on the disc one place or another.
What's the appeal here? Alternate mixes? Or is this more
or less an MFP type of generic oldies package?

The PF Sloan release looks really interesting. I quite
enjoy other songwriter "demo" releases that have come
out these last few years - John Carter Denmark Street
demos are wonderful and the Second Sandy Salisbury album,
Falling to Pieces, despite the rudimentary production
value, may be better than his actual studio album - the
material is that strong.

Can anyone comment on these? I don't even know if they
are new. Sure wish Varese would provide better info and
some teaser audio files on their web site...

To follow is track listing for each of these Varese

All the best,


Girl Group Sound:
25 All-Time Greatest From Red Bird Records 

The Boy From New York City - The Ad Libs 
People Say - The Dixie Cups 
You Don't Know - Ellie Greenwich 
Leader Of The Pack - The Shangri-Las 
Good Night Baby - The Butterflys 
I Can't Let Go - Evie Sands 
Iko Iko - The Dixie Cups 
Go Now - Bessie Banks 
The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget - The Jelly Beans 
Gee, Baby, Gee - The Butterflys 
Remember (Walking In The Sand) - The Shangri-Las 
He's So Easy To Love - Roddie Joy 
I Wanna Love Him So Bad - The Jelly Beans 
The Dum Dum Ditty - The Goodies 
Chapel Of Love - The Dixie Cups 
I Wonder - The Butterflys 
Baby, Be Mine - The Jelly Beans 
You Should Have Seen The Way He Looked At Me - The Dixie Cups 
Big Bad World - Cathy Saint 
Take Me For A Little While - Evie Sands 
Give Him A Great Big Kiss - The Shangri-Las 
Come Back, Baby - Roddie Joy 
Gee, The Moon Is Shining Bright - The Dixie Cups 


 Sloan, P.F.
Child Of Our Times: The Trousdale Demo Sessions 

You Baby 
I Know That You'll Be There 
Another Day, Another Heartache 
Miss Charlotte
Is It Any Wonder 
Can I Get To Know You Better 
Look Out Girl 
See Ya Around On The Rebound 
Child Of Our Times 
I've Got No More To Say 
Cling To Me 
I Don't Wanna Say Goodnight 
My First Day Alone 
Troubled Mind 
Spinning Wheel 
It's Too Late Baby 
You're A Lonely Girl 
Say It Again 
Baby I Can't Stop Myself 
Danger Man (Secret Agent Man) 

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Message: 7
   Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 16:18:06 -0400
   From: "Ponak, David" 
Subject: The Liquid Room-7/30/01

The Liquid Room, hosted by David Ponak (me), airs every
Saturday night from Midnight to 3AM (PDT) on 90.7FM KPFK
Los Angeles, as well as streaming at /
Please join me this coming weekend!

The Liquid Room-7/30/01

1.The Association/Come On In
Birthday (WB)

2.United Future Organisation/The Planet Plan
3rd Perspective (Antilles)

3.Pussycat/Bus Stop (in French!)
EP Collection (Magic)

4.Arling & Cameron/5th Dimension
We Are  A&C (Emperor Norton)

5.Kirinji/..Graffitti (Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix)
Kirinji RMX (Warner-Japan)

6.Beta Band/Squares
Hot Shots II (Astralwerks)

7.I Monster/Daydream

8.Ennio Morricone/Belinda May
Morricone 2001 (Dagoron)

9.They Might Be Giants/Man, It's So Loud In Here
Mink Car (Restless)

10.West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band/Eighteen Is
Over The Hill A Childs Guide To Good And Evil (Sundazed)

11.Swandive/Words You Whisper
Words You Whisper (Siesta-Spain)

12.The Honeys/(Let's Take) A Holiday
The Honey's Collection (Collector's Choice Music)

13.Phoenix/If I Ever Feel Better
United (Astralwerks)

14.Hirth Martinez/Be Everything
Hirth From Earth (WB)

15.Basement Jaxx/Broken Dreams
Rooty (Astralwerks)

16.Margo Guryan/Goodbye, July
25 Demos (Franklin Castle)

17.Swing Out Sister/Through The Sky
Somewhere Deep In The Night (Universal-Japan)

18.J. Girls/The World Of Yellow
Goodnight Tokyo (Readymade-Japan)

19.Zero 7/This World
Simple Things (Ultimate Dilemma)

20.Roxy Music/Just Another High
Sire (Virgin)

21.Nigo/Kung Fu Fightin'
Ape Sounds (Mo Wax)

22.Laine Hall/Time Marches On Bob Crewe Presents The
Dynovoice Records Story (Westside-UK)

23.Jon Brion/Ruin My Day
Meaningless (Straight To Cut Out)

24.Edwin Astley/The Saint (theme)
The Saint (Razor & Tie)

25.Tomiki Kanda/Golden Weed
Landscape Of Smaller's Music (Crue-el)

26.The Stranglers/Midnight Summer Dream
Feline (Epic)

27.The Rotary Connection/Memory Band
The Rotary Connection (Cadet Concept)

28.Astrud Gilberto/Where There's A Heartache (There Must
Be A Heart) Gilbert w/ Turrentine (CTI)

29.The Pearlfishers/Across The Milky Way
Across The Milky Way (Marina-Germany)

30.Orpheus/Never In My Life 
The Very Best Of Orpheus (Varese Sarabande)

Sound-Dust (Elektra)

32.Bob Dorough/Love (Webster's Definition)
To Communicate (Vivid-Japan)

33.The Busy Signals/Tommorrow's Ways Today
Pretend Hits (Sugar Free)

34.Paul Williams/Mornin' I'll Be Moving On
Someday Man (Reprise)

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