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Spectropop V#0067

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 4/12/98
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      Volume #0067                             04/14/98
         "For every star there's a man with a cigar"
    Subject:     elvis as "cover artist"
    Sent:        4/12/98 1:04 PM
    Received:    4/12/98 6:29 PM
    From:        dave prokopy,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Doc Rock, docroXXX@XXXXXXom writes:
    >Even when songs were written for Elvis, he covered Demos by
    >PJ Proby, who imitated Elvis perfectly, and laid out the
    >vocal arrangments for EP on the demos.
    well, i don't think i'd consider those to be "covers," then. 
    nearly EVERY pop artist in the fifties and sixties "covered" 
    songs in this sense. remember, not that many singers were 
    writing their own material, and the most common way for a 
    singer to record a song written by another was to listen to 
    a demo first. this isn't really "covering," tho'. when i 
    think of a "cover," i presume we're talking about a song 
    that had already been released by another artist. (whether 
    or not it was a hit isn't so important, i suppose.) MOST of 
    elvis' songs were written for him. he did do his share of 
    "covers" (moreso during his sun years, and again in the 
    seventies), but most of his songs - and nearly all of his 
    hits - were written specifically for him.
    >Often Elvis just added his voice to PJs demo track.
    THIS i take issue with - elvis GENERALLY (albeit, not always 
    - particularly for his movie soundtracks) preferred to 
    record as much as possible live. the big notable exception 
    was his late sixties work in memphis ("suspicious minds," 
    "kentucy rain," etc.). but nearly all of his fifties and 
    early-to-mid-sixties stuff was done live.
    (and i'd never heard that PJ proby story before - what's 
    your source on that?)
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    Subject:     Various
    Sent:        4/11/98 9:39 PM
    Received:    4/12/98 9:37 AM
    From:        Jack Madani,
    To:          Spectropop  List,
    Subject:     Bob Crewe Generation
    Here's the rundown on the Bob Crewe Generation lp 
    Dynovoice Stereo SLP 9003
    Distributed by Bell Records
    Produced by Bob Crewe
    Arrangements by Hutch Davie
    Engineers:  George Schowerer and Bill Szymczyck
    Studio:  Mirasound, NYC
    Side 1
    A Felicidade (Theme from Black Orpheus)
    Theme from A Man And A Woman
    Let's Hang On
    Music To Watch Girls By
    Side 2
    Concrete And Clay
    Theme For A Lazy Girl
    A Lover's Concerto
    Girls On The Rocks
    Winchester Cathedral
    In addition to Let's Hang On (obviously), the only other 
    songs on this album written by BC are Theme For A Lazy Girl 
    and Girls On The Rocks (both co-written with Hutch Davie).
    Doesn't say anywhere on here what year the album was released.
    Subject:     girl watchin' in stereo
    >> Then you'd want to get Love Power: Hard to Find U.S. Hot 100 
    >> Hits of the 60s (Sequel 669), which has it in stereo. 
    >Yes but the stereo version, If memory serves me has a guitar 
    >break (solo) that is not on the hit mono version. Or is it 
    >the other way around.
    you were right the first time, Paul; my scratchy stereo lp 
    version has a guitar thingy goin' on.
    Subject:     Look of Sleighbells
    >You will notice the song Look Of Love on the two Cd set is 
    >the original hit single in stereo with the sleigh bell 
    >overdub, whereas I believe the Golden Hits had the LP 
    >version without the overdub. To me the overdub makes the 
    That sleighbelled/kettle-drummed/extra-vocalled version was 
    also on Mercury's 2-disc "Growin' Up Too Fast:  The Girl 
    Group Anthology," so I'd already known about it.  Being the 
    sucker for sleigh bells that I am, I also prefer the 
    punchier overdub version.  Plus, the track having been 
    Spectrified, it makes more sense when at the fadeout Lesley 
    sings whoa ho hoooo, hey hey heeyyyy, just like Darlene Love 
    in Wait Til My Bobby Gets Home.
    Subject:     More covers
    Here are three more pairs of covers:
    Help Me Ronda/Help Me Rhonda
    Be True To Your School/Be True To Your School
    Cotton Fields/Cotton Fields
    all by the Beach Boys.  In the case of the first two, it's a 
    competition between an album version and a single version, 
    but we're not talking about just remixing or adding some 
    extra dubs to make an album cut sound punchier for single 
    airplay--these are total re-recordings.  Was this a common 
    practice in those days, or was it just Brian Wilson?
    The last example is down to competing versions by helmed by 
    Brian Wilson and Al Jardine, and I know that the latter 
    version was a sizable hit at least in the UK.  Was the 
    former version ever released as a single, or was it merely 
    an album track?
    Jack Madani - Princeton Day School, The Great Road,
       Princeton, NJ  08540
    "It is when the gods hate a man with uncommon abhorrence that they
     drive him into the profession of a schoolmaster." --Seneca, 64 A.D.
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    Subject:     Toys on Sundazed
    Sent:        4/12/98 8:53 PM
    Received:    4/12/98 9:42 PM
    To:          Spectropop List,
    David Marsteller asks:
    >Has anyone got the reissue of The Toys "Attack" album on 
    >Sundazed? I'm  thinking about getting it. Are the bonus 
    >tracks worthwhile? And how is the sound quality? I expect 
    >it will be good, Sundazed generally is.
    I have the Sundazed reissue. There are virtually no liners,  
    save for what appear to be the original album liner notes  
    by Sandy Linzer and Denny Randell: Entertaining but hardly 
    informative. I have no complaints about the sound quality, 
    Bill Inglot o/b/o Rhino was involved with the remastering 
    and his work is always top notch. The thing is, are the 
    Toys really all that interesting? It seems to me Linzer and 
    Randell mapped out what would be a black GG version of the 
    Four Seasons, and after it all worked on paper took it to 
    the studio. The tracks groove; in the Let's Hang On-era 
    Four Seasons mode. The vocals are really grating though. 
    The harmonies are all rather screechy, and just ever so 
    slightly out of tune - consistently. The lead vocal on 
    Lover's Concerto is fine, but it is in a lower register. 
    Often when the lead vocalist reaches for a soulful high 
    note, she squeals atonally. Ironically, Frankie 
    Valli handled this sort of thing perfectly. Compared to 
    groups like the Chiffons or the Exciters, the Toys are 
    runners up in my opinion. 
    If you ask me, the Rag Dolls' "Dusty" (Bob Crewe/Sandy 
    Linzer/Danny Randell) is a far better GG take on the Four 
    Seasons. Doc, I'd love to hear more on the Rag Dolls, and I 
    am very interested in what Crewe might have to say about 
    all this. 
    btw, the bonus tracks on the Toys CD are perhaps the most 
    interesting tracks on the collection. It appears more effort 
    was put into these as they were destined for A-side 
    release. "Baby Toys" in particular is quite good.
    The "Attack" album cover artwork is priceless!
    Hope this helps,
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    Subject:     Re: cover versions
    Sent:        4/13/98 12:12 PM
    Received:    4/14/98 12:31 AM
    From:        Big L,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    How 'bout two by the great Billy Stewart: "Summertime" and 
    "Secret Love?"
    Big L                   Check out my Radio Legends pages at:
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    Subject:     Double Bubble Trading Co.
    Sent:        4/13/98 12:15 PM
    Received:    4/14/98 12:31 AM
    From:        Javed Jafri,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    > Subject:     Re: cover versions
    > Sent:        4/11/98 10:20 AM
    > Received:    4/11/98 9:53 PM
    > From:        Big L,
    > To:          Spectropop List,> 
    > >>Good ( and Fun) cover versions, well the list could go on 
    > forever but here's a start :> 
    > 1. Over and Over/DC5
    > 2. You Got What It Takes/DC5
    > 3. Words Of Love/Beatles
    > 4. Roll Over Beethoven/Beatles
    > 5. Do You Wanna Dance/Beach Boys
    > 6. My World Fell Down/Sagittarius
    > 7. Dedicated To The One I Love/Mamas& Papas
    > 8. Iko Iko/Dr. John
    > 9 Younger Girl/The Critters
    > 10. Little Honda/The Hondells
    > 11. You Showed Me/The Turtles
    > 12. The River Is Wide/The Grassroots
    > 13. Laugh At Me/Mott The Hoople
    > 14. Nobody But Me/The Human Beinz
    > 15. Sugar & Spice/The Cryan Shames
    > 16. Just Like Romeo & Juliet/Michael & The Messengers
    > 17. Love Potion # Nine/The Searchers.
    > 18. Hush/Deep Purple
    > 19. Summertime Blues/Blue Cheer
    > 20. Don't Think Twice It's All Right/The Wonder Who> 
    > I will accept #1, 02 , 05 , 07 , 15, 18 & 19 as fitting my 
    > definition of a "stand alone" cover. I didn't know #6, 11, 
    > 14 & 20 were covers. 
    The original versions of 6,11,14 and 20 were as follows :
    6. My World Fell Down/The Ivy League
    11. You Showed Me/The Byrds or to be exact the pre-Byrds, 
    this Gene Clark song can be found on the Byrds "Preflyte" 
    14. Nobody But Me/The Isley Brothers
    20. Don't Think Twice, It's All right/Bob Dylan ( Peter, 
    Paul and Mary had the first chart hit). 
    Before I go here's six more great covers. Some of these are 
    very close to the original in arrangement but I enjoy them 
    all. By the way there is a link between number 4 , 05 and 6.
    1. Love's Made A fool Of You/The Bobby Fuller Four
    2. Come On Let's Go/The McCoys
    3. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy/The Buckinghams
    4. Do Something To Me/The British Roadrunners
    5. Sugar On Sunday/The Clique
    6. Superman/REM
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    Subject:     Four Seasons' drummer
    Sent:        4/13/98 11:04 AM
    Received:    4/14/98 12:31 AM
    To:          Spectropop  List,
    Doc Rock writes:
    >And does anyone have any burning questions you'd like to 
    >have asked?
    This may not be something you'd have to ask Mr. Crewe, 
    (someone on the list may know the answer), but I was always 
    blown away by the drummer on all the Four Seasons' records. 
    He sounded like Hal, only just a little funkier. Anyone know 
    the gentleman's name?
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    Subject:     soooo sad
    Sent:        4/12/98 9:49 PM
    Received:    4/13/98 7:11 AM
    From:        Jack Madani,
    To:          Spectropop  List,
    It suddenly occurred to me that two numbers that I adore, 
    Lesley Gore's What Am I Gonna Do With You, and Glen 
    Campbell's Guess I'm Dumb, were both co-written by Russ 
    Titelman.  I don't know if that means anything.
    But it does lead me to something else that I've often 
    thought about regarding what makes a great Specterscopic 
    tune, and it has less to do with the recording quality or 
    arrangement--namely, for me, the best Specterrific numbers 
    are overloaded with melancholy.  They're sad songs, or 
    achingly wistful, or downright tragic (although tragic is 
    harder to do, because it's too easy to slip into plain old 
    pathetic).  Some examples, in no particular order:
    The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (Walker Brothers)
    WAIGDWY (Lesley Gore)
    Guess I'm Dumb (Glen Campbell)
    I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (Beach Boys)
    You'd Better Come Home (Pet Clark)
    Baby That's Me (Cake)
    All Strung Out (Nino & April)
    Wonderful Summer (Robin Ward)
    Can't Stop Lovin' The Boy (Carolines)
    Lonely Without You (Julie Grant)
    He Knows I Love Him Too Much (Paris Sisters* or Glo Macari)
    This is by no means a complete listing, and I've even left 
    out the entire true-Spector* canon.  But the idea here for 
    me is that there's something very appropriate in that echo-
    y, pedal-point bassline wall of sound that really brings a 
    lump to my throat if the singer's singing about something 
    he/she can't have or lost.  One of the most effective uses 
    of a wall of sound song in a tv show was several years ago 
    in Crime Story, when Paulie's callgirl girlfriend was rubbed 
    out by rival mobsters, and he collaborated with the cops to 
    help get his revenge on the guys what did it.  The Walker 
    Brothers' version of The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore was a 
    leitmotif throughout the episode, and even at the end when 
    the bad guys were got, there was Paulie all by himself, his 
    vengeance taken, but still with his girlfriend dead.
    Loneliness is a cloak you wear.
    Jack Madani - Princeton Day School, The Great Road,
       Princeton, NJ  08540
    "It is when the gods hate a man with uncommon abhorrence that they
     drive him into the profession of a schoolmaster." --Seneca, 64 A.D.
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    Subject:     Stand Alone Covers
    Sent:        4/13/98 12:30 AM
    Received:    4/13/98 12:33 AM
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Here are two more:
    Go Now-Moody Blues cover over the Bessie banks original
    Here Comes The Night by Them over There You Go by the Exciters
    Both originals are personal favorites, but the covers are 
    the ones better known by the public; both Brit Invasion 
    covers are memorable recordings. 
    ---[ archived by Spectropop - 04 /14/98 - 12:34:55 AM ]---

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