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Spectropop - Digest Number 181


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There are 7 messages in this issue of Spectropop.

Topics in this Digest Number 181:

      1. Peggy=Jessica=Tiffany
           From: "Martin Roberts"
      2. Reparata on video
           From: "Ian Chapman" 
      3. Songs featuring Radio Station logos or call letters
           From: Paul Urbahns 
      4. Tammys on cd can it be?
           From: "Jack Madani"
      5. Re: Archies New CD
           From: "Donny Hampton"
      6. Re: Rock Flowers/Goodees
           From: "Donny Hampton" 
      7. Rock Flowers On Television
           From: John Clemente


Message: 1
   Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 21:59:07 +0100
   From: "Martin Roberts" 
Subject: Peggy=Jessica=Tiffany

Nice to be able to get away from The Archies,
Hullabaloo & The Rock Flowers for a bit!

Not long had John Clemente's excellent book 'Girl
Groups, Fabulous Females....' been dipping in & out.
One of the chapters that interested me the most is The

Second time of reading Peggy's comment on "Dixie" I
remembered a girl group version I had, digging around
my 45's found it but it's not a version it is Peggy.
Released as Tiffany Michel "Dixie" adapted & produced
by Bob Gaudio For Four Seasons Prod.Co.,Inc, arr Artie
Schrock. (Fabulous vocal performance & great production)
MGM K13624 rel '66. B. side "Come Closer" Not noticed
before but this is the same as Jessica James / Outlaws
version. (Thanks to Mick Patrick's also excellent "Dyno
Voice Story" I could play CD & 45 together) Only
difference the Tiffany version lasts for a marvelous 47
seconds extra! Same label credits on both 45's.

Now I'm no voice expert and had always accepted all
"The Chiffons" were the same group. So John's assertion
that beside "Little Jimmy / Tops" 45' no Chiffons
recorded until "He's So Fine" intrigued me. I've played
the Reprise 45 and excelent early girl group that it is,
being recorded on a West Coast label & being written by
PJ Proby does seem to make it an unlikely New York
Chiffons. The Big Time 45 I've only got on a couple of
Spinorama albums so no credits, again very good but
East or West coast? Now I do have a supposed Chiffons
backing 45 on Wildcat 602 Joe Clark's "Won't You Settle
Down" co wr Rudy on a Hutch Davie produced label so
this is East Coast. The Chiffons own release on Wildcat
601 I only have on tape. Now the Len 45's excellent
Frankie Lymon/Teenagers  A side I couldn't pick out any
female voice clearly but the B side seems to feature a
female voice at the start which could (to my ears!) be
any of the above girls.

What I can't understand, if none of these groups are
"The Chiffons" why did Ronnie Mack & The Tokens use the
name of a chart act only two years previously with all
the legal problems that could have ensued? The other
side of the coin of course, why didn't The Tokens sue
Spinorama Records for cashing in on the hits of the
"real Chiffons"  by using photos of "The Chiffons" on
their album sleeves?

Questions, Questions, Questions Isn't it great!!


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Message: 2
   Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 00:01:36 +0100
   From: "Ian Chapman"
Subject: Reparata on video

Brian asked if:-

>......there is any surviving footage of
> Reparata & the Delrons performing on any of the 60's
> shows.


There is b&w footage of Reparata and the girls doing
(lip-synching) "Captain of Your Ship" from the German
60s pop show "Beat Club".  It was screened a couple of
times on UK TV about five years ago or more when they
ran a series of "Beat Club" compilations.


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Message: 3
   Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 15:45:34 EDT
   From: Paul Urbahns
Subject: Songs featuring Radio Station logos or call letters

Let me bring up a new subject that I have not seen
covered in this area before.

During the 60s and early 70s when radio stations and DJs
were the main influence on record sales. It was a fairly
common practice for record companies to issue special
versions of new releases to stations where the artist
would sing the call letters or logo of the station. These
"dropped in" items by the engineers were not on the
regular commerical releases of the same song.

Two examples someone mentioned to me today, was  a Flash
Cadillac & The Continental Kids song (he couldn't
remember the name) and a Starship record he said was "We
Built This City". I remember that "New York's A Lonely
Town" by The tradewinds had a version that sang "because
there's no KRLA" or something like that. A country song
by Tommy Overstreet "Fading Out Fading In" had multiple
versions done with individual station call letters for
distribution only to the station mentioned for their

Anyway, does the assembled group remember other songs
that were edited for the inclusion of a radio station

Paul Urbahns

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Message: 4
   Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 22:56:37 -0400
   From: "Jack Madani"
Subject: Tammys on cd can it be?

The following link leads to a collector's choice music
page that deals with a new import:

> Egyptian Shumba-Singles & Rare 1962-65
> Lou's four-octave range made his voice attract as much
> attention as Frankie Valli's in the mid-60s, when he
> scored big hits with tunes like "Two Faces Have I" and
> "The Gypsy Cried." Those Roulette hits are included, but
> the real finds here are his rarely anthologized Colpix
> sides and his recordings with the girl group the Tammys
> ("Outside the Gates of Heaven," "Back Track," "Gypsy,"
> etc.). 22 tracks, several unreleased and
> first-time-stereo! Release date: June 25
> 1 The Gypsy Cried
> 2 Two Faces Have I
> 3 Summer Snow
> 4 Outside The Gates Of Heaven 
> 5 Guitars And Bongos 
> 6 Merry Go Round 
> 7 Make Summer Last Forever 
> 8 Back Track 
> 9 Have I Sinned 
> 10 Pot Of Gold 
> 11 Too Many Miles 
> 12 Part Of Growing Up 
> 13 Take Back Your Ring 
> 14 Don'Tcha Back Track 
> 15 Lost In The Crowd 
> 16 Egyptian Shumba 
> 17 What'S So Sweet About Sweet Sixteen 
> 18 Gypsy 
> 19 Hold Back The Light Of Dawn 
> 20 Blue Sixteen 
> 21 His Actions Speak Louder Than Words 
> 22 Egyptian Shumba -- #1 

Can it really be?  Oh to have Egyptian Shumba on cd, to
say nothing of What's So Sweet About Sweet Sixteen,
wherein the Tammys' powerful Western Pennsylvania
accent pulls the phrase "wahhhhhts sewwwww sweet
abahhhhht sweet sixteen" all out of shape like it was

jack who's feeling like havin' a bottle of pop, just
like they do in Sewickley.

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Message: 5
   Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 23:46:32 -0000
   From: "Donny Hampton"
Subject: Re: Archies New CD

 Billy Spradlin wrote:

>'s the
>best sounding and compiled Archies best-of CD I have seen
>so far. It's nice to finally get the "Everything's Archie"
>TV Show theme song, plus the hard-to-find 1971 single
>"This Is Love" on CD. (I've never heard this song before
>but the chorus reminds me of...Matthew Sweet?!) My only
>gripe is that it's only 39:20 and has "only" 16 tracks. A
>lot of great LP tracks are missing, IMO. Despite the
>short time this is the Archies CD to get if you havent
>bought one before.

I was supposed to be involved with that Archies
compilation as the liner notes writer, but I pulled out
because I wasn't happy about certain aspects of the
production.  There were a lot of limits placed on Bill
Pitzonka, who produced the CD.  The dearth of tracks was
definitely an issue with me.  Still, Bill loves this
music, there's a demand for Archies product, and I hope
it does well.  I've been told that the best Archies
compilation ever is a 25-track set currently on release
in the UK.  Has anyone heard it?

Don Charles

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Message: 6
   Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 23:50:47 -0000
   From: "Donny Hampton"
Subject: Re: Rock Flowers/Goodees

"Mike Arcidiacono" wrote:

>Enter Ringling Bros.  They had been trying to get into
>the record business, but for some reason they were not
>able to make it work.
>Other artists on the label were The Klowns (Barry
>Bostwick!!) and I think that Andy Kim was also briefly
>on the label.

The Klowns were indeed part of the Ringling
Brothers-Barnum and Bailey organization, but the only
album and singles I know of were released on RCA Victor. 
If there are singles on Wheel produced by Jeff Barry, I'd
sure like to find them.

Don Charles

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Message: 7
   Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 21:40:36 -0400
   From: John Clemente>
Subject: Rock Flowers On Television


I remember seeing the Rock Flowers appear on Wonderama
with Bob McAllister.  They sang (if I remember correctly)
"Make It With Good Company", the same song featured in
the toy commercials.  I also remember the dolls having
different names than the actual personnel of the group. 
I remember this because one of them had my sister's name,
which was Rosemary.

John Clemente

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