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Topics in this Digest Number 173:

           From: "chris king" 
      2. Re: Bruce Richie
           From: "Jeffrey Glenn"
      3. Re: ...And those Shindig songs....
           From: Andrew Hickey
      4. Teardrops CD
           From: John Clemente
      5. Brill Tone Compilations
           From: "Donny Hampton"
      6. Boettcher/Usher related Poptones
           From: "Kingsley Abbott" 
      7. We Got Your Archies Right Here!
           From: "Donny Hampton" 
      8. Re: Jeff and Ellie compilation??? 
           From: "LePageWeb" 
      9. Re: Archies rule
           From: "Mike Arcidiacono"


Message: 1
   Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 17:07:23 -0000
   From: "chris king" 

Fellow Spectropoppers - Just a brief mail to let all you
UK based girl group fans that Mick Patrick, girl group
aficionado & renowned compiler of oodles of fab 'n' gear
compilations (Here Come The Girls & Where The Girls Are,
to name just 2 superb series) is the extra special guest
DJ @ the June Da Doo Ron Ron.  Mick will be spinning a
scintillating selection of discs plucked from his
extensive collection on Thursday 28th June @ Buffalo
Bars (formerly Po Na Na) in Highbury, North London. 
Full info is below.  Kindest regards & many thanks for
your indulgence,

Chris D King

DA DOO RON RON - the original 60's girl group club

When:-Thursday 28th June @ Buffalo Bars, 259, Upper
Street, Highbury Corner, London N1.  Directly adjacent
to Highbury & Islington tube station.  Venue
tel:-020-7359-6191  DDRR web  
Admission:-Four pounds with a flyer (you can download
>from the web site!) or a fiver without

Doors:-9pm - 2am
DJ's:-Regular DJ's Chris D King & Mark 'the Poet' Norton
are joined by special guest DJ Mick Patrick

Sounds:-Da Doo faves from the likes of The Ronettes,
Lesley Gore, Dusty, Dionne, Chiffons, Shangri-La's,
Velvelettes, Chris Clark, Lulu, Helen Shapiro, Barbara
Lewis et al

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Message: 2
   Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 06:17:05 -0700
   From: "Jeffrey Glenn"
Subject: Re: Bruce Richie

> I think these are by Roulette artist Richie Bruce.  The
> acetate you have appears to bring together two tracks
> that were issued as separate 45s: "Cry I Will
> Tonight"/"You're My World" - Roulette 4691 ('66), and
> "Plan My Life"/"Any Girl That Wants Me" -  Roulette 4731
> ('67).
> Ian

Thanks to both Ian and Al Quaglieri (who answered in the
same digest) my question about the acetate I found.  It
is indeed Bruce Richie (the same store also had the
first of the Richie 45's listed above, so I went back
and got it too (and discovered that "You're My World" -
the actual A-side - is even better!).

I've come across a couple more 45's that I can't date
(including a Fraternity 45 by Brothers Pride that has no
catalog number), but I'll leave that to another post.

Anyway, thanks again!


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Message: 3
   Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 09:32:46 -0700 (PDT)
   From: Andrew Hickey 
Subject: Re: ...And those Shindig songs....

I assume here you're asking about the songs
themselves, rather than particular performances:

> Thanks guys for the info. about those artist on Shindig
> that I asked about.  Now, here are some songs that were
> featured, and if you have any info. on them, please shed
> some more light.  A couple may be remakes or B-sides, but
> please give me the info. you may have:
> "A Shot Of Rhythm and Blues"

First recorded by (I think) Arthur Alexander
(certainly he popularised it). I have a feeling this
was the B-side to Anna (Go With Him), but I can't be
100% certain. It became a standard beat group song in
the early 60s, with almost every Merseybeat type group
having a go at it. The Beatles' version, for example,
can be found on Live At The BBC, with Lennon vocals...

> "Can Your Monkey Do The Dog?"

I think this is by Rufus Thomas, one of his string of
novelty songs on Chess like 'Walking The Dog', but I
won't stake my life on it...

> "Who Do You Love"  Not the georgeous Sapphires tune, but
> another rockabilly type raver sung by (get this!!) Donna
> Loren, Bobby Sherman, Jackie and Gayle, Russ Titleman,
> Glen Campell LOL!!!).

I assume this is the one 'I walk 47 miles on barbed
wire/I got a cobra snake for a neck-tie.... Come on
take a little walk with me Eileen and tell me who do
you love'? If so it's another R&B standard. The
'original' was by Bo Diddley, but it's just a
collection of 'floating lyrics' (blues lyrics that
appear in many different songs) set to Bo Diddley's
normal beat - the line 'I got a tombstone hat and a
graveyard mind/I'm just 22 and I don't mind dying' for
example being a cleaned up version of lyrics from
Stack O Lee.

No idea about the other songs mentioned I'm afraid...

Subliminal message:
Cat Satisfaction Survey - the first album by Stealth 
Munchkin mark II - out in May

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Message: 4
   Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 13:23:08 -0400
   From: John Clemente 
Subject: Teardrops CD

Hello Everyone,

This Saturday, June 2, I will be at Yesteryear's signing
books and meeting The Teardrops in person for the first
time.  Paul Trefzger will be on hand.  I will ask him
for details on the CD which is being officially released
at this time.  I can't wait to tell everyone about it.



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Message: 5
   Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 15:38:10 -0000
   From: "Donny Hampton"
Subject: Brill Tone Compilations

Mike C wrote:
>Back in the 90's a Japanese Label called "A-Side Records"
>put out a compilation entitled "Jeff Barry/Ellie
>Greenwich Masterpiece Vol.1". .. Stuff like "Be My Baby"
>as recorded by Johnny Deerfield and "River Deep Mountain 
>High" by The Easybeats.

I'd love to hear it!  Is it still available?

>Another rather obscure collection is entitled "Mr. Make
>Believe/Jeff Barry/Brill Builging Stars/Complete
>Recordings" on Brill Tone Records label.  

Yes, those Brill Tone CDs are wonderful.  Unfortunately,
I believe they are all bootlegs.  In fact, I know they
must be, because the Jeff Barry package includes portions
of my interview with Jeff, uncredited, unapproved, and
most definitely uncompensated!

Jeff Barry

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Message: 6
   Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 13:01:13 +0100
   From: "Kingsley Abbott" 
Subject: Boettcher/Usher related Poptones

Seeing David's post re the rare Curt 45 on ebay, reminded
me about some upcoming Poptones releases that are due
very soon. Albums include the Gary Usher Symphonic
tribute to Brian Wilson (MC5038CD), Curt's California -
Passion Fruit (MC5037CD), Sagittarius "Blue Marble" and a
7" single limited edition (of 1000 I believe) coupling
Sandy Salisbury's "On and On She Goes (With me Tonight)"
with Sagittarius' "In My Room".  The Passion Fruit Cd is
especially interesting as it has some different versions
of some of the better known tracks, has avoided too much
of the longer disco mixes, is much improved sound to
previous unofficial issues and introduces "Will You Ever
See Me" which was new to me.  There is also a brief track
"Head Shampoo" which is based on "We Can, Yes We Can". 
Oh and "Brand New Old Friends" sounds great with a long
fading harmony tag...  Poptones will also have The Byrds
"Preflyte" as MC5044CD.

More coming as well...Deep Joy!

Kingsley Abbott

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Message: 7
   Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 15:46:47 -0000
   From: "Donny Hampton" 
Subject: We Got Your Archies Right Here!

> Sometime ago I read somewhere that there was a box set of
> Archies recordings in the works. Anybody know something
> about this?

This is a project that Ron Dante wants to do at
RKO/Boardwalk Records.  So far, it's a no-go.

> I think the Archies catalog deserves to be released in a
> box set as there are lots of unreleased songs which were
> terrific (well, partially unreleased - many songs
> appeared on the TV show but did not appear on vinyl).

I couldn't agree with you more!

> By the way, if anybody has these lost gems recorded on
> cd, please let me know.

I don't have them on CD, but I do have a cassette with
over 30 of those unreleased songs on it, recorded
directly from the TV shows.  Sound quality is NOT great.

> Well, if the box set was just a dream how about Sundazed
> releasing the five Archies albums again complete with
> bonus tracks?

Antonio, RKO Records has released two original Archies
titles THE ARCHIES and ARCHIE'S PARTY, respectively.  The
packaging is pretty awful (though photos of Ron Dante
appear on both CDs), but they did a good job remastering
the tracks.  No bonus tracks, though.  I think these CDs
are available through and/or cdnow.

> [Ed. Note: New at Spectropop - an in-depth look at one of
> rock 'n' roll's most misunderstood recordings groups, the
> Archies:

Gee! Thanks for the plug!

Don Charles

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Message: 8
   Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 00:13:01 -0000
   From: "LePageWeb"
Subject: Re: Jeff and Ellie compilation??? 

Mike C (Carter?) wrote:

> Back in the 90's a Japanese Label called "A-Side Records"
> put out a compilation entitled "Jeff Barry/Ellie
> Greenwich Masterpiece Vol.1". I don't know if they put
> out Vol. 2 or 3 like they did for Goffin and King and
> Barry Mann and Bacharach.  If so, I missed them.

I followed the A-Side releases fairly closely and am
fairly certain they never got past Volume 1 with Jeff &
Ellie. Same with Brian Wilson and David Gates. But as
you mentioned there were three volumes each on Carole
King, Barry Mann and Burt Bacharach. Phil Spector too.

> Stuff like "Be My Baby" as recorded by Johnny Deerfield
> and "River Deep Mountain High" by The Easybeats.

*smile* There are some very odd versions on there. Here
is the track listing:

Teenage Sonata / Sam Cooke 
Tell Laura I Love Her / Ricky Valance 
Be My Baby / Johnny Deerfield 
Mr. Magic Moon / Kim Sisters 
Tell Me What He Said / Helen Shapiro 
Maybe I Know / Lesley Gore 
He's Got The Power / The Exciters 
Chapel Of Love / The Chicks 
He Ain't No Angel / The Ad-Libs 
The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget / The Jelly Beans 
Chip Chip / Gene McDaniels 
Da Doo Ron Ron / Billy J.Krammer & The Dakotas 
Goodnight Baby / The Searchers 
River Deep Mountain High / The Easybeats 
I Got To Go Back / The McCoys 
She Hangs Out / The Monkees 
Keep On Dancing / The Ronettes 
Johnny (Baby Please Come Home) / Darlene Love 
Cha Cha Charming / Ellie Gaye 
I'll Still Love You / Jeff Barry 
Hanky Panky / The Raindrops 
What A Guy / The Raindrops 

As you can see from the list, there are a couple of
fairly obscure Spector masters on there. It appears the
masters on this and other A-Side comps were not licensed
>from the owners. They were, however, not illegal releases
because Japan's copyright law at the time put these
recordings in the public domain. The law changed to give
retroactive protection for 50 years from first issue, and
the change in that law put A-Side (and M&M) out of
business. That's probably why there was no Volume 2 or 3
on Jeff/Ellie, Brian Wilson or David Gates.

> Now, if there is any one out there that can tell me
> about Brill Tone Records I would appreciate it.  I
> wanna know how and where they got hold of these
> glorious demos and if there are more cds from this
> company that I have missed.

*smile again* I've asked that very question here before,
but if anyone knows they're not talkin'. It really
is hard to believe these Brill Building demos have
surfaced, legitimately or otherwise. The quality is
pristine, and the liner notes are exceptional (with one
glaring exception - never is there any word as to how
these tapes were discovered). Also, as far as I know
there are only the three releases you mentioned so far.

Donnie's original post asked:

> Why has there never been a Barry and Greenwich
> compilation issued?

Donnie's point is well taken. Even though Rhino recently
released their definitive Burt Bacharach set, I
understand there is a brand new Bacharach compilation in
the works. Universal is working on a Barry Mann
compilation from their vaults as well. Could one reason
for the lack of Jeff & Ellie comps be that so much of
their material was released on labels that are not owned
by the majors and are therefore difficult to license?
Sure, the Spector stuff is out of the question, but many
of their other releases were on small labels too. I don't
know - it's just a thought. 

...and how about that Polygram Music Jeff & Ellie comp?
Promo only, with no Spector masters, yet even it was
pulled (how does one delete a promo only release anyway???)
I don't have the comp right in front of me but I recall
it being very uneven with attempts to fill in the gaps
with new interpretations of the songs by contemporary
alternative bands, a concept that doesn't even work on
paper much less on disc. Anyway, does anyone know what
the problem was with this comp and why it had to be


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Message: 9
   Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 10:37:57 -0700
   From: "Mike Arcidiacono" 
Subject: Re: Archies rule

Antonio wrote:

>Well, if the box set was just a dream how about Sundazed
>releasing the five Archies albums again complete with
>bonus tracks?

Hey, all the Partridge Family stuff has bee released on
Cd.....and its the SAME Musicians that played on the
Archies stuff!!!


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