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Spectropop - Digest Number 172


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There are 5 messages in this issue of Spectropop.

Topics in this Digest Number 172:

      1. Something Young 45: Curt Boettcher Fans, Read On!
           From: "David Bash" 
      2. Re: Jeff and Ellie compilation???
           From: Mike C 
      3. ...And those Shindig songs....
           From: "Tony Leong" 
      4. John Cle, do you know? The Teardrops' CD!?
           From: "Chuck Mallory"
      5. Archies rule
           From: "Antonio Vizcarra" 


Message: 1
   Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 12:18:51 +0900
   From: "David Bash" 
Subject: Something Young 45: Curt Boettcher Fans, Read On!

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let all the Boettcher freaks on Spectropop
know that I have put on eBay one of the rarest of all
Boettcher items, the 45 by Something Young, "Oh Don't
Come Crying Back To Me b/w "The Words I'm Seeking".  The
45 is on Fontana Records, from 1967, and both sides are
gorgeous soft pop, with Boettcher singing lead!  Neither
side is likely to be comped on CD in the near future, or
anytime for that matter.

Spectropop Rules!!!!!
Take Care,
David Bash

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Message: 2
   Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 00:50:52 -0000
   From: Mike C 
Subject: Re: Jeff and Ellie compilation???

"Donny Hampton" wrote:

> Here's a question I've been thinking about lately:  Why
> has there never been a Barry and Greenwich compilation
> issued?  I've been peddling this idea unsuccessfully to
> both majors and reissue labels for years.  The usual
> response I get (when I get a response at all) is that the
> Phil Spector productions are not available for licensing,
> and that nobody would be interested in buying a Jeff and
> Ellie songbook CD without them. What do you all think?
> Why hasn't this ever been done, and even without the
> Spector masters, what does everyone think about this idea?
> Don Charles

Hello Don:

Back in the 90's a Japanese Label called "A-Side Records"
put out a compilation entitled "Jeff Barry/Ellie
Greenwich Masterpiece Vol.1". I don't know if they put
out Vol. 2 or 3 like they did for Goffin and King and
Barry Mann and Bacharach.  If so, I missed them.  

All of the "A-Side" cds are very hard to come by, but the
three Goffin and King cds really pulled some wonderful
obscure songs out of the blue as they did for the Jeff
and Ellie comp. too.  Stuff like "Be My Baby" as recorded
by Johnny Deerfield and "River Deep Mountain High" by The

Another rather obscure collection is entitled "Mr. Make
Believe/Jeff Barry/Brill Builging Stars/Complete
Recordings" on Brill Tone Records label.  There is no
Ellie Greenwich here, but many of the songs included here
are the unreleased demos from the late 50's and early
60's.  Brill Tone Records also did "The Right Girl-
Carole King"  and "Inside The Brill Building--Barry Mann".
Being a Goffin and King collector I was stunned when I
recieved these discs.  All of them contain previously
unreleased material.  In fact you even get to hear Gerry
Goffin and Cynthia Weil sing on a couple of tunes.  And
on Carole's disc, she sings a glorious Mann and Weil song.
The same with the Jeff Barry one: "Teenage Sonata" as
sung by Jeff himself and many more!  Fantastic! These
discs I believe are still in print and are well worth
seeking out.  

Now, if there is any one out there that can tell me about
Brill Tone Records I would appreciate it.  I wanna know
how and where they got hold of these glorious demos and
if there are more cds from this company that I have

Mike C.  

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Message: 3
   Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 18:30:23 -0000
   From: "Tony Leong"
Subject: ...And those Shindig songs....

Thanks guys for the info. about those artist on Shindig
that I asked about.  Now, here are some songs that were
featured, and if you have any info. on them, please shed
some more light.  A couple may be remakes or B-sides, but
please give me the info. you may have:

"A Shot Of Rhythm and Blues"

"Little Sallie Walker"

"Lover Man" (It was sung by Gary Brento Weis June '65,
and the lyrics are "She may be your girlfriend, but I'm
her-her Lover Man" as the Blossoms sing throughout the
song "Yeah Yeah--Lover Man").

"Let the Sunshine In" (NO, not the Fifth Dimension song!!
This one was sung by Linda Clark with Jackie and Gayle,
and it's sorta rockabilly.  The lyrics are "Well, let the
sun shine in--come on right away.....brighten up my
day...weeeellll, I'm kinda blue I am.."

"Can Your Monkey Do The Dog?"

"Who Do You Love"  Not the georgeous Sapphires tune, but
another rockabilly type raver sung by (get this!!) Donna
Loren, Bobby Sherman, Jackie and Gayle, Russ Titleman,
Glen Campell LOL!!!).

Thanks guys, Tony Leong ( I Dig SHINDIG!!)

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Message: 4
   Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 12:45:43 -0600
   From: "Chuck Mallory" 
Subject: John Cle, do you know? The Teardrops' CD!?

The Teardrops CD is being released on June 2, thus the
event in Cincinnati. I haven't found a way for people
outside of Cincinnati to get it yet, but I'll keep you
posted on
Click here for an extensive website on girl groups of the 60s!

The label is their original label, Saxony, but I don't
know whether it will be released nationwide. John
Clemente, do you know?

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Message: 5
   Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 21:22:32 +0200
   From: "Antonio Vizcarra" 
Subject: Archies rule

Hi everybody,

Sometime ago I read somewhere that there was a box set of
Archies recordings in the works. Anybody know something
about this?

I think the Archies catalog deserves to be released in a
box set as there are lots of unreleased songs which were
terrific (well, partially unreleased - many songs
appeared on the TV show but did not appear on vinyl).

By the way, if anybody has these lost gems recorded on cd,
please let me know.

Well, if the box set was just a dream how about Sundazed
releasing the five Archies albums again complete with
bonus tracks?

Wouldn't it be nice?


[Ed. Note: New at Spectropop - an in-depth look at one of 
rock 'n' roll's most misunderstood recordings groups, the 

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