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Spectropop - Digest Number 159

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There are 6 messages in this issue of Spectropop.

Topics in this Digest Number 159:

      1. "Leader Of The Pack"
           From: "Tony Leong"
      2. Re; 60s radio airchecks
           From: Billy Spradlin
           From: "Mike Arcidiacono" 
      4.  Lorraine Silver - Yeah
           From:  LePageWeb 
      5. Cookaway equals Quality!!!!
           From: "Steve Ronic" 
           From: Mick Patrick 


Message: 1
   Date:  Mon Apr 30, 2001  2:58 am
   From:  "Tony Leong" 
Subject:  "Leader Of The Pack"

I just got back from Boston where I went to see the
revised stage show of "Leader Of the Pack".  Indeed it
was a wonderful tribute to Jeff and Ellie's (although
it's credited to Ellie only) music.  It was 2 hours of
great performances.  In Boston, the guest star was Mary
Wilson (!!), but she was wonderful singing "Look Of Love",
"I Can Hear Music" etc. in her well-developed alto. (What
next, Ronnie Spector in a Motown Revue singing  "Dancing
In the Street"?? :>) oops, sorry Martha!!). Compared to
the 1985 Broadway production  featuring the legendary
Darlene Love and Ellie, this new production has no
dialogue, or tacky attempts to recreate the frug or
bugaloo, nor did the actors combine beehive or Elvis-do's
with Flashdance attire. This production was one non-stop
musical with great arrangements, and a set that reminded
me of a combo of Shindig and the Hullabaloo A-go-go. The
dancing and singing were strong, and again, the show was
a great tribute to the Ellie (and JEFF) songbook.  Go see
it if it comes to your town.  Lastly, although Mary
Wilson did a fantastic job, too bad LaLa Brooks was not
also in the show.  She still has the sound, the looks,
and the presence!!

Tony Leong  

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Message: 2
   From:  Billy G. Spradlin 
   Date:  Sun Apr 29, 2001  11:26 pm
Subject:  Re: 60s radio airchecks

Freeman Carmack wrote:

> Would any of you kind people mind re-posting, to me or
> to the group,some of the wonderful archives of radio
> airchecks that we were treated to back in February.It
> has brought so many wonderful memories, as well as
> reminded me of what a wonderful era in music it was.

I would like to hear those airchecks too!

I highly recommend checking out  
with hundreds of radio airchecks in streaming real audio.
If you want a taste of what AM Top 40 radio sounded like
in the 60's it's the place to go. 

Another good place is 
for many 60's PAMS jingle packages.  I have done some
searching for jingles via Napster and discovered MP3's of
classic 60's KHJ jingles with the Johnny Mann Singers,
KFRC (though my file was incomplete) and 70's WLS & WCFL
jingle packages. 


PS: If anyone knows where I can order "Where The Girls
Are Vol 4" and "The Dynovoice Story" please e-mail me!

The original Johnny Mann singers 60's KHJ jingles - classics!

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Message: 3
   From:  "Mike Arcidiacono" 
   Date:  Tue May 1, 2001  1:20 am

"Mick Patrick" wrote:

> I just opened my copy of the new DYNOVOICE STORY double
> CD this morning. Diane Renay, Jeanne Thomas and the Beach
> Girls are all featured. But what I want now is a Tracey
> Dey meets the Rag Dolls compilation!

Can you tell me WHERE you bought the Dynovoice Story? On
line dealer?



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Message: 4
   From:  LePageWeb 
   Date:  Mon Apr 30, 2001  7:42 am
Subject:  Lorraine Silver - Yeah!

Hey guys,

My interest is piqued. The Dynovoice Story sounds great,
and how is that we've never discussed the Where The
Girls Are series before? Here Comes the Girls comes up
here often, but not WTGA. I gotta have these now!

I went over to Lorraine Silver's web site, and although I
had noted Mick's comment about the site containing "that
groovy 1965 photo that she showed us in her scrapbook" I
was totally unprepared. *Totally* Groovy status in my
book. Wow!

Lost Summer Love is a gem among gems on HCTG8, The
melody, which descends from the major 7 over the unusual
B-flat major-7 to D-minor chord pattern, is rather
sophisticated for the genre. Set against the relentless
march-type rhythm, the effect is quite infectious. For
anyone that hasn't got this already, Lost Summer Love is
available for download at her site. After seeing
Lorraine's pic on her website, I had to dig out her
other tracks too, including the Pretty Flamingo-like
"Happy Faces" (HCTG1). I had never paid much attention
to it before; it kinda gets dwarfed following the
overwhelming "Dark Shadows and Empty Hallways" by Tammy
St. John, a winning vocal and production of an
absolutely brilliant song.

Anyway, as I was looking at the photo on the website and
listening to "I Know You'll Be There" from HCTG6, I
couldn't help thinking it amazing that Lorraine Silver
recorded these tracks at the age of 12 or 13 and
wondering *why* this photo wasn't used in the CD booklets.


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Message:  5
   From:  "Steve Ronic" 
   Date:  Mon Apr 30, 2001  11:24 pm
Subject:  Cookaway equals Quality!!!!

Hi Alan and other fellow Spectropopstars,

I could go on at great length about the superb
songwriting skills of messrs Cook and Greenaway. 
Instead here are a couple of web addresses telling their
(his)story with pics and audio clips of "the UK's answer
to Boyce And Hart".

They reign supreme as far as I'm concerned when it comes
to writing pop songs along with other UK greats such as
Tony MacAuley, Geoff Stevens, Flett/Fletcher and
Dyer/Scott. and


PS: Thanks very much to the guys who replied to my
request for trades. If anybody else out there fancies
trading sunshine/soft/psych pop then e-mail me at the
above address.  I'm on the hunt for a tape or CDR of
Michael Brown's Montage.  Can anyone help? 


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Message: 6
   From:  Mick Patrick 
   Date:  Sun Apr 29, 2001  9:54 am

Jamie wrote:
> ...the Chantelles...who produced their post EMI records? 
> Surely not original Gene Norman Presents-related
> productions?


Correct, THE CHANTELLES US release on GNP Crescendo was
produced by MIKI DALLON. The label states that the tracks
were recorded in England for Deutsche Vogue. I bet
there's a nice German picture sleeve version awaiting
discovery. On Polydor the group's sides carried the
Filmusic production credit (as did their EMI 45s).

THE GOODIES...I'll believe "The Dum Dum Ditty" exists as
a 45 on the Roomate label by the Bunnies when I see a
copy. I prefer the Shangri-Las version anyhow. Strikes me
that Red Bird/Blue Cat bought in this readymade backing
track from the production company.

Shadow said in an interview that the Goodies were from
Long Island and that he wrote "Leader Of The Pack" for
them. NOT the Shangs. HORRORS!!!! Mind  you, it has been
said that he talks a lot of rubbish. I could not
possibly comment.


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