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Spectropop V#0060

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 4/2/98
  •      =======================================================
            ___  ___  ___   __  ____  ___   __  ___   __  ___ 
           / __)(  ,\(  _) / _)(_  _)(  ,) /  \(  ,\ /  \(  ,\
           \__ \ ) _/ ) _)( (_   )(   )  \( () )) _/( () )) _/
           (___/(_)  (___) \__) (__) (_)\_)\__/(_)   \__/(_)      
           Volume #0060                               04/03/98
               Project 3 Records have achieved Total Sound!
    Subject:     Awake In A Dream
    Sent:        4/1/98 11:15 PM
    Received:    4/2/98 3:42 AM
    From:        Kieron Tyler,
    To:          Spectropop  List,
    'Awake in a dream' is on side 2 of The Critters 2nd LP 
    'Touch and Go' on Project 3. Composed by Jimmy Ryan, it is a 
    Critters original. 
    T&G is one of the top harmony pop LPs of all time (at least 
    in my view, better than the Yellow Balloon), and has that 
    special Enoch Light enhanced stereo sound too.
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    Subject:     Francoise, Serge and Petula
    Sent:        4/2/98 4:05 AM
    Received:    4/2/98 11:07 PM
    From:        Marie-J. Leclerc,
    To:          Spectropop  List,
    I have been wondering this before and Spectropop is the 
    perfect place to ask my questions. Did Francoise Hardy ever 
    have a "hit" in the US? She was a big star in Europe in the 
    sixties and early seventies (she is still recording very 
    good albums as for now), had a big succes here too in Quebec  
    with "Comment te dire adieu" ("It hurts to say goodbye") and 
    many more songs, she appeared in some movies too, I can 
    think of "Grand prix" and "What's new pussycat". (One 
    musician that can be found on Francoise albums is Mick 
    Jones of Foreigner. You might recognize him on Johnny 
    Haliday albums too, he was a regular session guitarist at 
    the time.)
    "Comment te dire adieu" was co-written by no one else but 
    another French icon, Serge Gainsbourg. Which brings me to my 
    second question: except for the now infamous "Je t'aime moi 
    non plus", was Serge "known" in the US too? His work is a 
    little treasure, it goes much beyond that "Je t'aime" song 
    that was more a cheek in tongue essay that did well. BTW, 
    the first version was done with Brigitte Bardot singing with 
    Serge but never was released till the late eighties, but the 
    one that officially came out with Jane Birkin was definitely 
    much better.
    Just before going, I don't recall "No go showboat" by 
    Petula, but I do recall a very good version of "This is my 
    song" who became "C'est ma chanson , and once again it was 
    a hit here. Did I dream it or Petula also recorded the 
    Melanie song "Look what they done to my song" ("Ils ont 
    change ma chanson")? I can swear I heard that long ago.
    Thanks for any infos and take care all, Marie
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    Subject:     Re: brill building comp
    Sent:        4/1/98 10:50 AM
    Received:    4/2/98 3:42 AM
    From:        KingoGrief, KingoGrXXX@XXXXXXm
    To:          Spectropop  List,
    In a message dated 98-03-31 12:41:00 EST, you write:
    << They also 
     have the Brill Building compilation for $12.77 but it's on 
     cassette. I ordered that too, but haven't got it yet. Wish 
     it was the CD. >>
    caveat emptor...i purchased said collection on cd about half 
    a year ago and returned it the next day...awful sound 
    quality, and some vocal/instrumental tracks sounded like 
    they could possibly have been was dominion 
    who put this out, wasn't it?  that should have been a 
    btw, those buddah/kama sutra comps...are those cd's?
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    Subject:     Rock Jock Hall Of Fame
    Sent:        4/2/98 2:46 PM
    Received:    4/2/98 11:07 PM
    From:        Big L,
    To:          Spectropop  List,
    This may be a bit off the stated subject of this
    list, so please indulge....
    DecalcoMania (THE club for fans of radio) has
    released a three tape set styled Decal On Tape #6,
    and subtitled "The Rock Jock Hall Of Fame."
    This project was produced by yours truly. It pays
    tribute to the 40 best DJs of all time, as selected
    by our membership a few years back. There are a few
    surprises, but all the guys you'd expect (Armstrong,
    Ingram, Steele, Morgan, Owens, et al) are represented.
    Included with the tapes is a bio booklet with photos
    and info, which was produced by Scott Wainwright.
    This is for anyone who enjoyed 60s style radio. It is
    now available for (I believe) $15.
    For ordering information, you may contact:
    Big L                   Check out my Radio Legends pages at:
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    Subject:     Spector bootleg
    From:        Peter Heide,
    Reprinted with permission of the author
    I`m not sure about this, but I think its the first bootleg 
    on CD with Phil Spector. Its called "Phil and Friends 
    vol.1" On the cover, no Spector but a picture of Lennon 
    !!."Made in Luxenburg" definitely not, its from Netherlands. 
    Why I write this to the list is because of a single track ( 
    nothing new for most of you I guess) called "Things Are
    Changing" by The Blossoms. its credited Spector/Wilson. 
    In the booklet, which is pretty  good, by the way, it's 
    stated that Jay & The Americans and The Surpremes used the 
    the same backing tracks on a album and a single. Its a 
    extremely interesting CD with lot of rare tracks by Lennon, 
    Darlene Love, Dion, Fowley etc.
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    Subject:     back to the Cookies
    Sent:        4/2/98 11:55 PM
    Received:    4/3/98 8:22 AM
    From:        Jack Madani,
    To:          Spectropop  List,
    >As I clear out my mailbox I reread some old Spectropop 
    >digests, and re-noticed this from Doc Rock:
    >All of the Cookies' records ["Chains," Don't Say Nothin' Bad 
    >About My Baby"] were originally written for Philadelphia 
    >artists. ....Listen to "The Old Crowd" which became a Lesley 
    >Gore LP cut. That song was obviously written for the Orlons 
    >-- just dig that drum!
    Doc, I dig what you're saying like totally. And then, now 
    that I'm thinking along those lines, I'd bet "Don't Say 
    Nothin' Bad About My Baby" could *also* have been written 
    for the Orlons. Compare it to "Don't Hang Up:"
    don't say nothin' bad about my baby
    ---oh nooooooooo
    don't hang up
    ---oh nooooooooo
    Jack Madani - Princeton Day School, The Great Road,
       Princeton, NJ  08540
    "It is when the gods hate a man with uncommon abhorrence that they
     drive him into the profession of a schoolmaster." --Seneca, 64 A.D.
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