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Spectropop - Digest Number 137

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There are 10 messages in this issue of Spectropop.

Topics in this Digest Number 137:

      1. Re: Green & Stone/The Cake
           From: Will George 
      2. Exploitation
           From: Stewart Mason 
      3. Re: Colossus discography
           From: Al Quaglieri 
      4. Re: The Cake
           From: Patrick Rands 
      5. Colossus label
           From: "Ian Chapman" 
      6. Bob Keane, Keen Records, and A&M
           From: "Randy M. Kosht" 
      7. pattern people non response 
           From: Alan Zweig 
      8. What's Missing From "Back-To-Mono"
           From: Tony Leong 
      9. On the "other" Spector Box...
           From: LePageWeb 
     10. Boettcher Box set
           From: Jon Cook 


Message: 1
   Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 09:44:28 EST
   From: Will George 
Subject: Re: Green & Stone/The Cake

In a message dated 3/26/01 Spectropop Group writes:

> Another hazy memory to share: Greene and Stone were
> actually involved with Mac Rebbenack during the Beijing
> of the Dr. John thing. I never knew Brian Stone, but
> Charlie was as fast a talker as I've met. Aside from the
> Cake (and Sonny & Cher, to some degree) he was working
> with some pretty non-Spectorish acts,including Jerry
> Williams (not Swamp Dogg) and another really talented
> New Orleans songwriter who's name escapes me.

Greene and Stone also worked with Jackie DeShannon in the
late 60s, producing her classic "Laurel Canyon" LP, which
Mac Rebennack played on.

The only Cake song I know is Baby That's Me, which Jack
Nitzsche produced. Real magic in those grooves. I'd love
to hear the entire album sometime.

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Message: 2
   Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 02:31:49 -0700
   From: Stewart Mason 
Subject: Exploitation

Jimmy B says:
>There was some mention of "new members" in old groups,
>etc as part of the Girl Group special on PBS...I've
>already commented on that particular form of highbrow
>exploitiation of pop culture to get peeple to dial with
>dollars, so I'll let THAT be (thankfully, you say!). But
>the book has yet to be written on groups consisting
>entirely of new members carrying the old name only, more
>than one touring group with the same name, illegitimate
>usage of names of groups by part time former members and
>fill-ins, and so on...Over the years I have heard
>stories about The Drifters, Platters, Wilson Pickett,
>three touring duos of Sam & Dave simultaneously, shells
>of former selves, look-a-likes, yadayadayada....Comments

There are few things sadder than a rock group on the
state fair circuit. One that qualifies is a rock group
on the Indian casino circuit.  (I saw an ad for a band,
I forget their name, that proudly announced that it
featured "Former members of Molly Hatchet and Blackfoot!"
Ouch!)  There's at least half a dozen of these
depressing edifices around Albuquerque, and some of them
book entertainment along the lines of the groups Jimmy

I try to write about these shows as much as I can for my
local alt-weekly, especially if it's a group with a
tenuous (or fraudulent) claim to the name.  Based on my
experiences with casino publicists, a good rule of thumb
is this: the more obstreperous the publicist gets when
you ask about the act, the fewer original members it has.
They *know* when they've booked a con job, and they hate
to get called on it.  So when a questionable group
appears near you, call up the venue and ask to speak to
the PR folks.  They will not be pleased to hear from you.
Call every time one of these acts is booked and pretty
soon, they're not gonna get booked there any more.  I'm
not gonna claim it's my doing, but I'm not seeing as
many faux-Associations and semi-Crystals in the casinos
around town as I used to.


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Message: 3
   Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 10:17:35 -0500
   From: Al Quaglieri 
Subject: Re: Colossus discography

101 Charlie McClendon - We're Gonna Hate Ourselves In The Morning/Thing It Is
102 Virgil Henry - I'll Be True/You Fooled Me
103 Apollos - When You Love Somebody/I Wasn't Born (Til The Day I Met You)
104 Ganip Ganop - Toot Toot Toot (Hear the Whistle Blow)/Hear the Whistle
105 Crawdaddy - Moment of Madness/Shake A Hand
106 Roadrunners - Woman Woman/
109 Mythical Meadow - The Day Has Come/
113 Jerry Ross Symposium - Ma Belle Amie/
115 Virgil Henry - I Can't Believe You're Really Leaving/
120 Paul Sylvan - Ophelia/Stop Making A Fool Of Me
121 unknown
122 Festivals - You're Gonna Make It/So In Love
125 Biddu - Sooner I Get To You/
126 Devotion - Dawning of Love/So Glad You're Home
127 Jerry Ross Symposium - Venus/
129 Bennett & Evans - No No You Don't Know/
131 Maypole - Show Me The Way/
133 Jerry Ross Symposium - First Love/Hope For The Best
135 Crystal Mansion - I Love You Baby/Earth People
136 Festivals - Baby Show It/Take Your Time
137 Carolyn Daye - I've Got You On My Mind/
138 unknown
139 Tee Set - She Likes Weeds/
140 unknown
143 News - Tend Your Own Business/Representing the Poor
147 Raul Danks - Mr. Sun/
148 Cookie Woodson - I Can Hear You/

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Message: 4
   Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 10:26:02 -0500
   From: Patrick Rands 
Subject: Re: The Cake

Hello All;

Funny that The Cake should come up this weekend - I just
burned myself a copy of the second album by The Cake! I
recently won it at auction and am spellbound by them. I
first saw some video footage of them singing "You Can
Have Him" in which the lead singer looked quite stoned.
I then got the first LP - and while the soul recordings
aren't the greatest - I think the Spector- like songs
are great as well as the folk derived tunes. The folk
tunes are medieval-sounding and have very interesting
harmonies. The second lp (called A Slice of the Cake)
has even more of the folk tunes, and a bit of the soul
and as a whole makes more sense. These two LPs need to
be compiled onto one cd!


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Message: 5
   Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 22:04:43 +0100
   From: "Ian Chapman" 
Subject: Colossus label

> Toni-Lynn said:

> I am trying to put together a discography of the 45s
> issued on Jerry Ross' Colossus Label.

Hi Toni-Lynn

Couldn't find all the titles, but some of your missing
numbers are:- 

101 - Charlie McClendon - We're Gonna Hate Ourselves In The Morning/Thing It Is
102 - Virgil Henry - I'll Be True/You Fooled Me
103 - Apollos - When You Love Somebody/I Wasn't Born (Till The Day I Met You)
104 - Ganip Ganop - Toot Toot Toot (Hear The Whistle Blow)/Hear The Whistle
105 - Crawdaddy - Moment of Madness/Shake a Hand
106 - Roadrunners - Woman, Woman/???
109 - Mythical Meadow - The Day Has Come/???
115 - Virgil Henry - I Can't Believe You're Really Leaving/???
120 - Paul Sylvan - Ophelia/Stop Making A Fool Of Me
122 - Festivals - You're Gonna Make It/So In Love
125 - Biddu - Sooner I Get To You/???
126 - Devotion - Dawning Of Love/So Glad You're Home
127 - Jerry Ross Symposium - Venus/???
129 - Bennett & Evans - No, No You Don't Know/???
131 - Maypole - Show Me The Way/???
133 - Jerry Ross Symposium - First Love/Hope For The Best
135 - Crystal Mansion - I Love You Baby/Earth People
136 - Festivals - Baby Show It/Take Your Time
137 - Carolyn Daye - I've Got You On My Mind/???
143 - News - Tend To Your Own Business/Representing The Poor
147 - Raul Danks - Please Mr Sun/???
148 - Cookie Woodson - I Can't Hear You No More/???

Couldn't find any listings for 138 or 140 or for the
B-sides of 113 & 139

> Some of the overlooked gems (and not gems) are:
> Devonnes -- lovely Philly girl soul sound a la the Three
> Degrees. Shoulda beena hit!

Agree with that!  It *was* kind of a hit on the UK
northern soul scene in the 70s, and the 45 was widely
bootlegged.  It recently got an official CD release,
however, on the Sequel "Jerry Ross' Girls" compilation
"Here Come The Girls Vol. 9".  It sports a great pic of
the Devonnes on the cover in silver miniskirts and boots,
wielding tambourines and maracas.  

BTW, the Cookie Woodson track (148) is a solid version of
the Goffin & King number with a powerful soul vocal.


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Message: 6
   Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 09:26:21 -0800
   From: "Randy M. Kosht" 
Subject: Bob Keane, Keen Records, and A&M

In Spectropop issue 131, concerning the anticipated
guest list at the Ritchie Valens tribute yesterday (3/25),
and citing an A&M Records tie-in through Chris Montez
and Bob Keane, I wrote:

>Bob Keane also figures heavily in A&M's pre-history.

I have since been contacted by a Del-Fi source that
this was not the case.  Bob Keane's autobiography, "The
Oracle of Del-Fi," gives a detailed account of his
involvement with Keen Records, and he had left Keen
before Herb Alpert and Lou Adler came on board.  So, I
stand corrected.

Best regards,
Randy Kosht (A&Mania)
Publisher, "A&M Records: The Discography"

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Message: 7
   Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 13:35:03 -0500
   From: Alan Zweig 
Subject: pattern people non response 

Brian Chidester wrote:
>Anyone know anything about these two bands? 

No.  But "Pattern People" is a great Jimmy Webb song
done by the Fiffh Dimension. In fact this song gave me
new respect for them. I wonder if the Pattern People
did "the Pattern People".  It could have been their
theme song since the chorus goes "We're the pattern
people ba ba ba ba..."


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Message: 8
   Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 04:50:47 -0000
   From: Tony Leong 
Subject: What's Missing From "Back-To-Mono"

I've always felt that "Back To Mono" would have been
more complete with the inclusion of the following

Darlene Love: "Playing For Keeps", "Quiet Guy", "My
Heart Beat A Little Faster", and "Johnny Baby Please
Come Home" (on which Darlene practically sings duet
with Cher wailing in the background).  However, we all
were treated to "Strange Love", one of those
shouldabeen released cuts.  And, is it my imagination,
or was "Fine Fine Boy" crudely edited during the first

Ronettes: "Chapel Of Love" (my favourite version of
the song, much more interesting than Darlene's or the
Blossoms or whomever was singing in unison with her),
"Everything Under The Sun", "Lovers", even though
nobody knows who wrote that last tune!!! 

Crystals: "Please Be My Boyfriend".  I couldn't tell
which Crystal sang the lead on the song until John
Clemente (girl group aficionado Supreme ((no pun
intended))) reported that Barbara Alston was the star
of that recording.

Tina Turner and the Ronettes, Ellie, Blossoms, Edna
Wright and whomever else was at the sessions: "Hold On

And can you imagine the excitement of detailed session
info (dates, back-up singers, overdub sessions)
accompanying each track instead of the lyric booklet?????
I can't begin to tell you how many of my
"Spector-colleagues" ask "Does Cher sing on "Walkin In
The Rain??", "Isn't Edna on "He's A Rebel" with
Darlene and Fanita??"

Wishing for too much, huh???  

Tony Leong 

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Message: 9
   Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 14:26:46 +0900
   From: LePageWeb 
Subject: On the "other" Spector Box...

Jennifer wrote:

> I was wondering how good the "Back to Mono" Spector box
> set was. is it better to buy that or to buy the
> individual cds?

Hi Jennifer,

Many have expressed disappointment with the state of
ABKCO-controlled catalogs. We discuss this from time to
time here, but no one seems to have a convincing reason
why ABKCO chooses not to exploit its catalogs to maximum
potential. Sadly, besides the early Rolling Stones and
Cameo/Parkway, the Phil Spector catalog is under ABKCO's
catalog management, This is so ironic, given that all
three of these catalogs are rich with important
recordings that would undoubtedly sell well in the
collectors and oldies niche markets, if available -
especially if presented with informative liner notes and

Today, ABKCO itself is losing the opportunity because
superior collections of material, particularly from
Europe, are already filling the gap. With P2P on the
rise, people are bound to share unavailable versions,
as well as originals, of works that are technically
under ABKCO's control. In other words, Dave Clark might
have had a point in the 80s, but in year 2001 the
"value added" argument doesn't hold any water - at all.
What is ABKCO thinking?

There was a time, Jennifer, several years ago, when Rhino
had a Spector box set slated. Here are a few notes from
earlier discussion on the subject...

At one point...a five CD Spector box [was planned for
release in Japan by MMG. It] was pressed and ready to
ship when Spector somehow stopped the release. MMG
reportedly destroyed nearly all the copies although a
few did survive. I have heard this set and the mastering
is superior to the ABKCO set that was released a few
years later. When the subject of this unreleased box set
comes up, occasionally I hear people refer to it as the
unreleased Rhino set. 

Paul Urbahns wrote: "Bill Inglot told me on the
telephone once he was working with Larry Levine on a
Spector set. Goldmine even ran an article on it and
listed all the tracks. Bill told me Spector wanted
everything, except for maybe some newer recordings by
Darlene Love in mono. My memory is not good, but I think
it was Inglot that asked Larry Levine to help since
Spector is so hard to work with and he trusts Larry
Levine. The Rhino set never came out...The ABKCO set is
junk like most everything else they put out. But better
than nothing. The individual artist Cds (Ronettes,
Crystals, and darlene Love) credit mastering by Larry
Levine and Jody Klein."


A photocopy turned up of liner notes to the unreleased
Japanese Spector box set we've been discussing. Here's
the deal:

The first page of the liners indicates:

Moon Records (predecessor to MMG) contracted the rights
>from Phil Spector International in 1987, but the box
was not released because Spector kept changing his mind
about the sequence and song selection. Originally the
box was to be released in exactly the same format
worldwide, but at the time of the writing of the notes
(Sept. '89) Japan was the only country with release
plans; even Rhino in the US had completely given up.
Everything about the track selection, sequencing etc.
was decided overseas (outside of Japan), and the only
digital masters Moon had available were those Spector
had designated for the box. Suggestions from Moon for
additional or alternative tracks were met with silence
>from Spector's organization. 


A few copies still exist of this box set, and those who
have heard it unanimously acclaim its superiority to the
ABKCO set. There is a picture of the unreleased box set
at the following web page:

And finally, someone posted an interesting message to
the BBS with several quotes from Larry Levine. For

"When you equalize in digital the sound stays too 
clean and you don't hear any changes," Levine says. "We 
had to take the digital back to analog and put it through 
a tube amp to soften the sound. And then we went back to 
digital with it."  

For a lot more from Larry Levine (and many others) on
Back to Mono, go to:



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Message: 10
   Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 18:43:27 EST
   From: Jon Cook 
Subject: Boettcher Box set

Thank you to whomever brought this news to the newsgroup.
I don't recall that person saying that the tracklisting
is now on the Sundazed site, but it is. 

Sounds like a fantastic compilation- and reasonably
priced to boot. 

Jon Cook


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