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Spectropop - Digest Number 114


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                          Adventures in Stereo

There are 9 messages in this issue of Spectropop.

Topics in this Digest Number 114:

      1. Re: Mike Rashkow / Ellie Greenwich
           From: "David Gordon" 
      2. California - You Becher
           From: "K. K."
      3. Re: California CD, and Sundazed Box Set
           From: "David Bash"
      4. Re: name that tune
           From: "Jennifer Sullivan" 
      5. Sit down I think I love you
           From: Brian
      6. Naming that tune...
           From: "Randy M. Kosht" 
      7. Re: name that tune...
           From: "David Gordon" 
      8. "Don't Falter" by Mint Royale
           From: lindsay martin
      9. Hi
           From: Ted Mason 


Message: 1
   Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 12:40:45 -0000
   From: "David Gordon" 
Subject: Re: Mike Rashkow / Ellie Greenwich

> I associate this record with another amusing but clever
> record around at the time by The Definitive Rock Chorale
> - "Variations On A Theme Called Hanky Panky" containing
> the line "I can't stand this song..."  
> I think Ellie & Mike Rashkow were involved with this?

All the Definitive Rock Chorale singles (3 on Philips, 02 on Bell) were produced by Ellie Greenwich and Mike
Rashkow who formed a production company together after
Ellie and Jeff Barry has split up.

The Definitive Rock Chorale were a studio group - the
vocals on "Hanky Panky" were Ellie, Ron Dante and
Valerie Simpson.

David Gordon

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Message: 2
   Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 14:06:32 -0000
   From: "K. K." 
Subject: California - You Becher

jeffrey wrote:
> Any further news, eg, track listings, etc, of Curt
> Boettcher's California CD...

Track listings and some sound files:

Curt Becher-vocals,Guitars
Brent Nelson-drums,percussion,vocals
Joe Chemay-bass,vocals
Mike Merros-keyboards

with Help from Bruce Johnston, Chad Stuart, Brian Wilson...

Recorded at Sounds Good Studios, Santa Monica, CA
Engineered by Bill Fletcher
Producers: Gary Usher, Curt Becher, Terry Melcher

Do you Believe In Magic?

Yes I do.


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Message: 3
   Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 12:30:39 -0800
   From: "David Bash" 
Subject: Re: California CD, and Sundazed Box Set

> Any further news, eg, track listings, etc, of Curt
> Boettcher's California CD and the forthcoming Sundazed
> box set? And more generally, anybody know where I can
> read more about Curt Boettcher? Details of his life and
> work are very hard to come by.
> Jeff Haynes

I just got my copy of the California "Passionfruit" CD.
It's comprised of the previously unreleased
Passionfruit LP, as well as six bonus tracks.  As Jim
Lange would say "Here They Are"...


1. Happy In Paradise
2. Happy In Hollywood
3. (Just To Let You Know) I Love You So
4. Jamaica Farewell
5. Music, Music, Music
6. Banana Boat Song
7. Iko, Iko
8. Come Softly To Me
9. The Word
10. Brand New Old Friends
11. We Can, Yes We Can

Bonus Tracks

12. Head Shampoo *TV Commercial
13. Happy In Hollywood
14. I Can Hear Music
15. Love's Supposed To Be That Way
16. I Can Hear Music *Special Disco Mix
17. Music, Music, Music *Special Disco Mix

The sound quality is very good, and I'm definitely
starting to like even the disco inflected tunes!

As for the Sundazed Box, I'm honored to say that I'll
be writing the liner notes.  All I know at this stage
is that it will be a three disc set, comprised of The
Millennium's "Begin" LP, The Ballroom LP, and several
bonus tracks, many of them previously unreleased, even
on the Japanese Millennium and Ballroom discs! 
Sundazed assures me that the sound quality on this
release will be better than on any previous
Millennium/Ballroom releases, and based upon the sound
of their Sagittarius "Present Tense" issue, I
definitely believe them!  As of today, I don't have any
idea which bonus tracks they will be using, but as soon
as I can I will let everyone know. It promises to be a
blockbuster, though!!

Spectropop Rules!!!!!
Take Care,
David Bash

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Message: 4
   Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 09:18:28 -0500
   From: "Jennifer Sullivan" 

I know of two versions of this song. the one i really
like is "sit down i think i love you" by the mojo men
(it's on the nuggets box set). there is also one by
buffalo springfield if i'm not mistaken.

hope that helps

still blissed out on the margo guryan cd,


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Message: 5
   Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 11:38:24 -0000
   From: Brian
Subject: Sit down I think I love you

Tony Paqglia wrote:
Name of song with lyrics "sit down I think I love you"

Record by The Executives
Name {guess what?} "Sit down I think I love you"  {spot on}
The Executives were around mid 60s on
Some of their other records
--My aim is to please you--#4 --June 67
--Sit down...--#4--Sept 67
--It's a happening world--#30--March 68
--Windy day--#7--Aug 68
--Christopher Robin/Summer Hill Road--#36--December 68

They were released here on Festival and the Decca group
in US. In the UK--on some EMI group label.
Soft pop rock group along the lines of their
record names


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Message: 6
   Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 18:39:38 -0800
   From: "Randy M. Kosht" 
Subject: Naming that tune...

Hello, Tony:

You'll probably get a ton of replies on this one, many
undoubtedly more knowledgeable than mine (Warner/Reprise
specialists, anyone?).  The line you heard ("Sit Down, I
Think I Love You") is also the title of the song, and it
sounds like you are describing the hit version by The
Mojo Men on Reprise Records.  That was from the winter
of '66-'67 and was one of my favorites of the time.  If
memory serves, it was written by Stephen Stills; Buffalo
Springfield recorded a version on (I think) their first
LP.  I heard theirs on "Where the Action Is."

Best regards,

Randy Kosht (A&Mania)
Publisher of "A&M Records: The Discography"

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Message: 7
   Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 12:28:44 -0000
   From: "David Gordon" 
Subject: Re: name that tune...

Tony Paglia wrote:

> Hi all,
> A question from a long-time lurker:

Hi Tony,

Sounds like the Mojo Men on Reprise. The song was
written by Steve Stills of Buffalo Springfield then
covered by the Mojo Men (Reprise 0539, 12/66) with Van
Dyke Parks on production/arrangement.

All the Mojo Men's Reprise material is available on CD
>from Sundazed. Their website is at

David Gordon

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Message: 8
   Date: 27 Feb 2001 04:11:17 -0800
   From: lindsay martin
Subject: "Don't Falter" by Mint Royale

Couple of Digests ago, Kingsley Abbott and Lou
mentioned recent songs that might appeal to
Spectropoppers.  Try the Mint Royale song, "Don't
Falter", which I believe came out in 1999.  It seems to
epitomise everything I love about pop of the last 40
years or so, yet it doesn't sound particularly retro or
revivalist: I doubt anyone would mistake it for a lost
60s track.  It has all the joy of the best 60s
girlgroup/Brill pop somehow wrapped up in an insanely
infectious turn-of-the-millenium arrangement.  Just
marvellous, I reckon.


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Message: 9
   Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 20:52:10 -0000
   From: Ted Mason 
Subject: Hi

Wow this is a cool list.  

Hi everyone, my name is Ted Mason.  I was in a band
called Modern English in 1997 but I am really into all
the 60's stuff, Pet Sounds, Mamas Papas and of course
the Beatles.  I started my own label with that vibe
named after the British secret service, Mi5 Recordings. 
It is sort of the brit pop art swinging london stuff. 
We have Jesus Jones, Midge Ure from Ultravox and my new
band the Blue Mockingbirds.   

Well, I don't won't bore you guys, but this is cool!

Ted Mason

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