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Spectropop V#0056

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 3/25/98
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          Volume #0056                               03/25/98
                          Rockin' On Bandstand
    Subject:     Klein/ABKCO
    Sent:        3/24/98 11:40 PM
    Received:    3/25/98 2:22 AM
    In a message dated 3/23/98 11:46:54 AM, you wrote:
    <<Anyone have an opinion on the quality of the ABKCO CDs in 
    terms of overall sound, care in remastering and re-release 
    I think it was our friend Allen Klein that said that he 
    didn't care about quality of reissues, cause if you redo 
    them every so many years, "they'll have to re-buy em".
    ---[ archived by Spectropop - 03 /25/98 - 10:48:55 AM ]---
    Subject:     stones on CD
    Sent:        3/24/98 9:37 AM
    Received:    3/24/98 10:00 AM
    From:        dave prokopy,
    >I did notice I couldn't find the version of Time is on My 
    >Side that I remember preferring: the version that has no 
    >lead guitar on the intro. Is that version unavailable on 
    it's available - along with some other rarities (to CD, at 
    least) on the _singles collection_ box set.
    >What about 2120 South Michigan Ave from the French 
    >Around & Around?
    that should be on the (US) _12x5_ CD.
    >Wasn't there a different take of Everybody Needs Somebody 
    >To Love too?
    there were. one was released on the american _now_ album, 
    the other on the british _no. 2_. the british albums were 
    all available on CD initially (in europe), but they've 
    subsequently been replaced worldwide by the american 
    counterparts, which is totally inane, since the stones' 
    american albums were routinely butchered in the same way the 
    beatles' albums were. (i.e., truncated from 14 to 12 songs, 
    with the singles added, all to make more albums out of the 
    same number of songs.) why abkco stuck with the inferior 
    american line-ups rather than the vastly superior british 
    versions is beyond me.
    >Also, why isn't Metamorphosis available on CD?
    probably because no one involved with it really wants to see 
    its release. it was a terrible album, with lots of 
    attrocious overdubs and terrible mixes. it was basically a 
    bootleg at the time, released after the stones changed 
    >I bet a very good rarities release could be put together 
    >(in addition to all the Hot Rocks releases) from 
    >Metamorphosis and several bonus tracks...
    >Anyone have an opinion on the quality of the ABKCO CDs 
    >in terms of overall sound, care in remastering and re-
    >release research?
    they're TERRIBLE. possibly the worst catalog out there by a 
    major sixties artist. aside from the aforementioned problem 
    of using the american mixes, the sound quality is atrocious. 
    these discs were all mastered around 1985, at the dawn of 
    the CD revolution, and no attempt has ever been made to 
    overhaul the discs in the past decade, and there don't 
    appear to be any plans in the forseeable future to do so, 
    either. they appear to have used source tapes several 
    generations removed from the masters, and the choice of 
    mixes is terribly inconsistant. within an album, it will 
    switch from mono to stereo mixes. and some albums feature 
    mono mixes while other albums with the same song will 
    feature the stereo. (for example, _hot rocks_ features lots 
    of stereo mixes that aren't in stereo on their respective 
    in some cases, the mixes appear to be some freak stereo/mono 
    hybrid. it's not mono, but it's not the "wide" stereo of 
    the sixties. it's almost as if the engineer took a stereo 
    mix and panned the left and right in about half way!
    very frustrating.
    ---[ archived by Spectropop - 03 /25/98 - 10:48:55 AM ]---
    Subject:     Re: Ragamuffins
    Sent:        3/24/98 5:09 AM
    Received:    3/24/98 7:55 AM
    From:        BashPop, BashXXX@XXXXXXm
    In a message dated 98-03-23 12:01:18 EST, you write:
    << Subject:     Ragamuffins ??
     From:        Javed Jafri,
     A friend sent me a cassette...
     One of the songs on the collection is called "The Fun We 
     Had" by the Ragamuffins. This group sounds like a cross 
     between Jan and Dean and the Fantastic Baggies. Actually the 
     song sounds a like a re-write of "Summer Means Fun". Does 
     anyone know anything about this group?>>
    Hi Javed,
    "The Fun We Had" was on the Pebbles series previous to The 
    Melody Goes On. Here is the section on The Ragamuffins, from 
    the liner notes of the Pebbles Volume 4 CD Reissue, which 
    were compiled by Greg Shaw:
    "Another studio group, this was a Dunhill production, 
    written and produced by Gary Zekley, a vastly underrated 
    talent whose name crops up on more than a few outstanding 
    California records. For nostaltic (sic) slant and pure 
    spirit this is a real standout".
    In other words, I guess there isn't too much information out 
    Spectropop Rules!!!!!
    Take Care,
    ---[ archived by Spectropop - 03 /25/98 - 10:48:55 AM ]---
    Subject:     Re: Ragamuffins
    Sent:        3/24/98 9:42 AM
    Received:    3/24/98 10:00 AM
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    Your Summer Means Fun comparison is interesting, because I 
    always guessed the inspiration for this track was Farmer's 
    Daughter! This is the A-side of Tollie 9027 and was written 
    (and I assume produced) by Gary Zekley for Dunhill 
    Productions. If memory serves, Jay Lasker headed Tollie 
    before moving (or evolving) to Dunhill, so the connection 
    isn't all that strange. Anyway, it sounds like Gary Z on 
    lead vocal on "The Fun We Had." The B-Side, "Don't Be Gone 
    Long," is credited as being co-written by Zekley and 
    Altfeld (the latter whom we know through his J&D work). One 
    very peculiar thing about this "Summer Place-ish" B-side: 
    Apparently sometime later the rhythm track to "Don't Be 
    Gone Long" was released on Dean's "Brer Bird Records & 
    Other Things" label under the title "The Theme From Leon's 
    Garage," only this time credited as co-written by Torrance 
    and Zekley! I assume "Leon's Garage" refers to Russell 
    Bridges' home studio, can anyone concur?
    Of interest to fans of Lou Adler; "Theme" was the only one 
    of the three tracks credited as being published by Trousdale 
    Music, in spite of the fact that "Theme" is the identical 
    track used on "Don't Be Gone Long!" Lasker-Adler-Zekley-
    Altfeld-Torrance-Russell-Blaine. Quite a thread there, and 
    somehow it must all loop back to Waronker and friends over 
    at Liberty... Hmmm.......
    ---[ archived by Spectropop - 03 /25/98 - 10:48:55 AM ]---
    Subject:     It's Like A Yellow Balloon
    Sent:        3/24/98 2:56 PM
    Received:    3/25/98 2:22 AM
    From:        Javed Jafri,
    The Japanese compilation I mentioned in my original post has 
    the Ragamuffins B-side and also "The Theme From Leon's 
    Garage". The latter BTW is credited to Our Gang who I guess 
    were Dean Torrance and Gary Zekley. This collection has some 
    real "Wilsonian" treats. Other highlights include a 
    previously unreleased version of "Here Comes The Rain" by 
    Gary Zekley which is more Beach Boys influenced than the Jan 
    & Dean version. If BW had evolved in a sunshiny pop as 
    opposed to the more experimental style he took with Smile, 
    he might have made music like this in 1967. That's not to 
    say that this music is not experimental in it own right. 
    Take the early 60's surf/vocal harmony sound, factor in a 
    little substance indulgence and you end with "Yellow 
    Balloon". Factor in a lot of substance abuse and you don't 
    get "Smile"
    ---[ archived by Spectropop - 03 /25/98 - 10:48:55 AM ]---

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