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Spectropop V#0055

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 3/22/98
  •    =========================================
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         Volume #0055                 03/24/98
            Give me Liberty or Give me Dot!
    Subject:     He's So Shy
    Sent:        3/21/98 9:51 AM
    Received:    3/22/98 5:08 AM
    From:        Jack Madani,
    To:          Spectropop  List,
    A while back I had mentioned a few post-60's girlgroup 
    records that had made it to the radio in the past 25 years, 
    listing the Pointer Sisters' He's So Shy among them. I just 
    found out HSS was co-written by Cynthia Weil. So I guess 
    that would explain *that*.
    Jack Madani - Princeton Day School, The Great Road,
       Princeton, NJ  08540
    "It is when the gods hate a man with uncommon abhorrence that they
     drive him into the profession of a schoolmaster." --Seneca, 64 A.D.
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    Subject:     Liberty Recors Book
    Sent:        3/21/98 1:35 AM
    Received:    3/21/98 3:21 AM
    From:        Marc Miller, marXXX@XXXXXXom
    To:          '',
    Kids, re:
    	>>Liberty Records
    By Michael "Doc Rock" Kelly, Ph.D.
    Published 1983<<
    I have read this book.  I bought it thinking it was just a 
    discography and was pleasantly surprised (actually amazed) 
    that it was a history AND discography.  Really a "must read" 
    for anyone into, uh, make that anyone on this list!
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    Subject:     Re: Bobby Vee
    Sent:        3/20/98 1:11 PM
    Received:    3/21/98 3:21 AM
    From:        Marc Wielage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Doc Rock <docroXXX@XXXXXXom> commented;
    >Bobby Vee DID record "It Might As Well Rain Until September."
    >It ended up on his "Night Has A Thousand Eyes" LP, along with
    >another original record, "Go Away Little Girl." Bobby had too
    >many songs that were too good to put them all out on 45s, so
    >people like Carole and Steve Lawrence had the hits.
    That's not exactly the whole story. In a 1982 interview for 
    a TV special on her ONE TO ONE album (later released on home 
    video), Carole King played a piece of "Take Good Care of My 
    Baby," which she and Gerry Goffin had written for Bobby Vee. 
    She then went into the intro of "It Might As Well Rain Until 
    September," and laughed and admitted the two songs were 
    extremely similar.
    Carole's explanation was that Vee had rejected the latter 
    song because it was a) too similar to the other one, and b) 
    a little too wimpy for the guy's point of view, so she and 
    Gerry decided to just release her demo. As you know, it 
    wound up as her first Top 40 hit as a performer.
    As far as I know, Vee didn't even record the song until 
    months later, for his mid-1963 album THE NIGHT HAS A 
    THOUSAND EYES. I suspect he regretted this, because he only 
    had three Top 40 hits in all of 1962. He didn't have that 
    many "too good" songs, if you ask me. One more hit never 
    -= Marc Wielage      |   "The computerized authority     =-
    -= MusicTrax, Ltd.   |       on rock, pop, & soul."      =-
    -= Chatsworth, CA    |         =-
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    Subject:     Liberty Records
    Sent:        3/21/98 2:39 AM
    Received:    3/21/98 3:21 AM
    From:        Doc Rock, docroXXX@XXXXXXom
    To:          Spectropop  List,
    RE: Liberty Records.  Slight correction:  The book came out 
    in 1993, not 1983!  Give me Liberty or Give me Dot!
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    Subject:     Stones
    Sent:        3/23/98 2:39 AM
    Received:    3/23/98 3:21 AM
    To:          Spectropop  List,
    Saw the Stones in concert last week. Pretty amazing. Won't 
    bore you with the full report, but seeing them did make me 
    pull out the Brian Jones-era Stones CDs for a fresh listen. 
    Funny, I haven't listened much to Stones on CD, but I did 
    notice I couldn't find the version of Time is on My Side 
    that I remember preferring: the version that has no lead 
    guitar on the intro. Is that version unavailable on CD? What 
    about 2120 South Michigan Ave from the French Around & 
    Around? Wasn't there a different take of Everybody Needs 
    Somebody To Love too? Can't seem to find those either. Also, 
    why isn't Metamorphosis available on CD? I bet a very good 
    rarities release could be put together (in addition to all 
    the Hot Rocks releases) from Metamorphosis and several bonus 
    tracks (like the stereo 19th Nervous Breakdown we discussed 
    some time ago). 
    I haven't really done a sit down study of the Stones on CD, 
    but I did notice a few strange things in the mastering on 
    Between the Buttons (possibly my fave). Anyone have an 
    opinion on the quality of the ABKCO CDs in terms of overall 
    sound, care in remastering and re-release research?
    Finally, it seems Jack Nitzsche worked on even more of the 
    early Stones records than I had previously thought. I knew 
    about the RCA recordings on Out of our Heads, but apparently 
    he had quite a bit to do with Buttons as well. Any comments?
    Charlie Watts rules!!!! 
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    Subject:     Ragamuffins ??
    Sent:        3/23/98 1:15 PM
    Received:    3/24/98 2:20 AM
    From:        Javed Jafri,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    A friend sent me a cassette copy of a Japanese collection 
    called "The Melody Goes On" a volume of soft rock songs from 
    the sixties. The collection includes songs by Eternity's 
    children, Yellow Balloon, Gary Zekley and others. Quite an 
    enjoyable collection that should appeal to fans of sixties 
    One of the songs on the collection is called "The Fun We 
    Had" by the Ragamuffins. This group sounds like a cross 
    between Jan and Dean and the Fantastic Baggies. Actually the 
    song sounds a like a re-write of "Summer Means Fun". Does 
    anyone know anything about this group?
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