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Spectropop - Digest Number 91


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There are 5 messages in this issue.

Topics in this Digest Number 91:

           From: "radiopro" 
      2. The Orchids/ Blue Orchids
           From: lindsaymartin
      3. Hey Baby...It's Cosmic
           From: "Kingsley" 
      4. The Peppermint Rainbow
           From: Claudia Cunningham
      5. Sound-a-likes
           From: Paul Urbahns  


Message: 1
   Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 09:35:13 -0500
   From: "radiopro" 

> > I was one of those who saw Jackie on Letterman
> > the other night. Was I disappointed! I got the
> > feeling that Jackie was too Sixties to appeal to
> > Letterman's top demographic group, those 20 and
> > 30 year olds who can't relate to Jackie. 
> IF they wanted to, it wouldn't take much for
> Letterman and Shaffer and others like them to make
> Jackie DeShannon into THE hip 60's comeback gal. Those
> 20 and 30 year olds (which really isn't one demographic
> group) will relate to pretty well anyone they're told
> to relate to. As long as you say "She's hip", "She's
> the real thing", "She's more real than all these
> plastic folks you're listening to these days". 
> There was something feeble about the way she was
> presented, I agree with that. 

In the early 80's I went out for a "Talent Scout"
evening in NYC with a man who managed a number of
successful performers and producers. He had what they
call "clout" in the Music Industry.  He was always
looking to add to his "roster" of clients and had
been persuaded by someone to check out a singer from
the '60's who was hoping to get a record deal and
make a "comeback".  She was appearing at a small club
near The Village (maybe 200 capacity) and I was
really looking forward to seeing her because she had
been known for the energy of her live performances.

The club was packed.  She was amazing!

I said..."David, someone ought to try to make
something happen for her.  She needs some songs, but
certainly has "the rest of the package".

David said...."Too old".

A year or so later I heard she got her record deal. 
Her "comeback" album became a huge hit and suddenly
she had a brand new career.  Fortunately she found
someone, an Australian of all things, who believed in
her, found the songs and moulded the "image".

Today....I still love to remind David about the time
we went to see Tina Turner when she was "too old".

Of course there are dozens of others with talent
that never get that "comeback" chance...or if
they do....get lost in "the shuffle".  Often
it's "timing" for sure, but I'd also argue that
it has a lot to do with management who, among
other things, will make sure that The Talent
isn't (as you say) presented "feebly". 

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Message: 2
   Date: 18 Jan 2001 19:22:01 -0800
   From: lindsay martin
Subject: The Orchids/ Blue Orchids

This started when I asked at the
newsgroup about the '64 British pop clip movie "Just
For You".

A British girl group called the Orchids appeared in it
singing "Mr Scrooge". I remembered the song well, but
knew nothing about them.  A web search led me to a page
on the Orchids at

They were produced by Shel Talmy; other songs included
"Love Hit Me", "Oo-Chang-a-lang", "Don't Make Me Mad",
"I've Got That Feeling". They were released in the US
under the name of the Blue Orchids. 

...And then on to an earlier Spectropop thread from
last September about a girl group called the Orchids
and their songs "The Harlem Tango" (Goffin-King),"That
Boy Is Messing Up My Mind" (Barry-Greenwich) and
"Christmas Is The Time To Be With Your Baby".

I know the Spectropop thread mentioned "Mr Scrooge" and
"Just For You" but I have a hunch - and it is just aq
hunch - that we may be talking about two different
groups here.  It would certainly explain why the "Mr
Scrooge" Orchids changed their name to the Blue Orchids
for US consumption.

Hey, I may be completely wrong here, but no doubt
someone here will have more to go on than a hunch.



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Message: 3
   Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 21:50:52 -0000
   From: "Kingsley" 
Subject: Hey Baby...It's Cosmic

Good to see recognition of "What Am I Gonna Do With
You (Hey Baby)" on our site. Aren't Russ Titleman
songs always great??  Has anyone ever attempted a
complete listing of his songs from that era anywhere?
Point me to it if so..  Whilst on the subject of "Hey
Baby", as well as the lovely Chiffons version of this
song, there is also a great version by The
Inspirations on the Black Pearl label. I keep being
unable to decide which I like best of the last two
which both beat Miss Gore for me in either version.

Also, Spectropoppers should certainly look out for
the new Free Design album. It will be on the Marina
label - the guys that did the Caroline Now
compilation CD. And it is luvverly!!!  A must for
most of the people on the site I suspect.

By the way. the Poptones label here in the UK snuck
out two limited 7" singles with one track each from
the four Boettcher related albums - Curt, Sandy S,
Millennium and Joey Stec. Only 1000 copies of each,
there may still be a few around...

Kingsley Abbott

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Message: 4
   Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 19:24:33 -0500 (EST)
   From: Claudia Cunningham
Subject: The Peppermint Rainbow

My boyfriend recorded me a song called "Will You Be
Staying After Sunday (Or Go Home on Monday)" and I
swear it sounds like Spanky and Our Gang. The group
was Peppermint Rainbow from the late 60's..very peace
and love-soft rock which was personified by groups
like Yellow Balloon, Liz Damon's Orient Express,
Lemon Pipers and Sandpipers. The groups simply reeked
of love beads, daisies in the hair and all things

We have a bet going....I say it's Elaine McFarland
(Spanky)....anyone? Claudia

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Message: 5
   Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 07:49:57 EST
   From: Paul Urbahns  
Subject: Sound-a-likes

Paul Urbahns listed just the Phil Spector sound-a-likes
recorded by Hit Records in the 60s.
> He's A Rebel  by The Gleams
> Da Doo Ron Ron  by Alpha Zoe
> Then He Kissed Me by The Dacrons
> Second Hand Love by Connie Dee (actually Connie Landers)
> Be My Baby by The Georgettes
> You've Lost That Lovin'Feeling  by Wayne Harris  
> (actually Bobby Russell)

Hans Kit asked:

> Are these tracks good/interesting copies of the original
> or were they "flat" cover versions?

Paul Urbahns replies:

There is nothing "flat" about the girl group stuff as it
features Boots Randolph on the sax breaks and he was just
as good or better than any sax player Phil ever had to
work with. The Hit Records arrangements were made to
"sound" like the originals but Bill Justis was arranging
them for the limited players used in a typical Nashville
session and no overdubbing was permitted at that time by
the Musicains Union in Nashville. So these are kinda like
"live" in the studio recordings.

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