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Spectropop - Digest Number 82

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There are 7 messages in this issue of Spectropop.

Topics in this Digest Number 82:

           From: jet3loub 
      2. Happy New Year
           From: Joey Stec 
      3. Darlene on "CBS Sunday Morning"
           From: "Spector Collector" 
      4. Molly Bee
           From: "mikey1" 
      5. Chad and Jeremy - Redux
           From: Jamie LePage 
      6. Greetings and thoughts
           From: "Kingsley" 
      7. Beach Boys vs. Deck/Surf's Up
           From: "James F.  Cassidy"


Message: 1
   Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 09:47:29 -0500
   From: jet3loub 

John Clemente wrote
> I am sad to report that Nick Massi (Macioci), one of the
> original Four Seasons, passed away from cancer on
> December 24th in West Orange, NJ. He was 73.

John,  Thanks for informing us all about Nick's passing 

His contributions to the group may go un-recognized by 
the media but will be felt by everyone whenever the 
unmistakable vocal stylings of the Four Seasons is heard 
either by those of us who consider them a part of our 
"personal soundtrack" or those hearing them for the first 

Lou Bova

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Message: 2
   Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 16:36:03 EST
   From: Joey Stec 
Subject: Happy New Year

Happiest New Year to the Spectro Gang...Thank you for 
all the wonderful information and history...

Joe Foster and the POPTONES BUNCH and Sonic Past Music 
have given the world a chance to hear music that might 
have escaped the ears and hearts of us all...Wishing you
all the best of the best in the year of Stanley Kubrick...

Lots of Love to The World from above.

Joey Stec...Sonic Past Music .. the Millennium ... 
Sagittarius.....Joey Stec...

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Message: 3
   Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 17:42:41 -0000
   From: "Spector Collector" 
Subject: Darlene on "CBS Sunday Morning"

Darlene Love appeared in a segment of CBS's "Sunday 
Morning" news show on December 24. When I learned this, 
I called their number for ordering videotapes of aired 
shows and was told that they were unable, for legal 
reasons, to sell that segment of that show. (In fact, 
they said that they could only sell one of the four 
segments that appeared that day!)

So, cutting to the chase, did any of y'all catch this 
appearance on tape, and, if so, would you please make me
a copy of it? As trade bait, I caught her recent 
appearances on "The Late Show with David Letterman" and 
on TNT's "A Very Special Christmas in Washington, D.C." 
(the latter also contains an audience shot of Phil 
Spector, with a young woman that I presume to be his 
daughter Nicole).

Happy belated Phil's birthday to everyone,

David A. Young

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Message: 4
   Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 09:46:51 -0500
   From: "mikey1" 
Subject: Molly Bee

I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I am a big 
collector of Scopitones, the '60s music videos. Anyway, 
I came across one of Molly Bee singing a song called "
Johnny Liar".

I have been going crazy trying to get a copy of this 
record. I know it was released on Liberty Records in 
1963, but no dealers seem to have this. Does anyone here
have a copy that can make an MP3 file? I'm desperate!

thanks so much,


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Message: 5
   Date: Mon, 01 Jan 01 12:51:08 +0900
   From: Jamie LePage 
Subject: Chad and Jeremy - Redux

I went after-Christmas shopping and came home with The 
Very Best of Chad & Jeremy (Varase Sarabande), the comp 
we discussed here recently.

The CD opens with A Summer Song, a wonderful soft pop 
record and the biggest hit for C&J, produced by Shel 
Talmy. In Dawn Eden's liner notes (more on those later),
the recording is said to have never been considered for 
single release until US radio discovered it. Stuart: "I 
was flabbergasted when the Great American Public took to
it." I do love the mix, the reverb is used effectively 
with the sparse string arrangement over the soft but 
decidedly rock rhythm bed, and of course C&J's vocals 
are charming in that oh-so-British way. But this was no 
act of masterminding genius. It was a fluke.

Eden's liner notes give a very nice overview of the high
points in their career, but nearly everything we 
discussed here recently seems to have been overlooked. 
We learn how John Barry signed them and produced 
Yesterday's Gone, but we don't learn anything about the 
Ember/Barry/Talmy part of the story. She doesn't mention
Shel Talmy once, and Gary Usher merely gets name-checked 
in passing. She quotes Stuart as saying Distant Shores' 
producer Larry Marks was his favorite, but we never 
learn why. The biggest disappontment was not learning 
anything about the set of circumstances which led the 
duo to relocate to US, and although Eden mentions a few 
of their notable appearances on various US TV programs, 
we don't learn how they were hired to be on so many TV 
programs in such a short period of time while other 
British acts rarely were. Chart info and producer 
credits are given, thankfully, but it would have been 
nice to know where the records were recorded and perhaps 
mention at least some of the important studio musicians 
that played (I'd love to know these details on Teenage 
Failure. The track is great. So is the drumming! Could 
this be Hal?). 

For a "very best of" comp there is a lot of filler. It 
appears Talmy did very few of their singles. His 
production of September in the Rain is forgettable, 
while Jimmy Haskell's production of If I Loved You is 
wonderful. Before and After is very good but I still 
prefer Fleetwoods, I Don't Want to Lose You Baby is 
a charming if average faux Spector attempt, Distant 
Shores is my fave, and Teenage Failure is terrific.

I also got a great Les Baxter 2fer "Tamboo/Skins", Julie
London 2fer from 1960, 02 completely mind boggling 
Esquivel 2fers, and the find of the day - Third in the 
Brill Tone songwriter series, "Mr. Make Believe" by Jeff
Barry. There are 59 tracks on this 2 CD set and an 
incredible, in-depth interview with Jeff. Any one else 
got this yet? Opinions?

All the best for the remainder of the holiday season to 
all. Momentarily off topic but of interest I know to at 
least a few Spectropoppers :-) There was a minor 
accident at the Enchanted Tiki Room on Christmas morning, 
no one was hurt but there is a fascinating report on 
the accident and this neglected Disneyland attraction at:

Happy new year, century, millennium!


PS to Carol,

You wrote:

>I don't think you can compare this with Phil Spector's 
>operation at all. Even I have a huge record company 
>compared to surf-s up

Sorry for any confusion. No way can you compare Surf's 
Up to Phil Spector's operation! Surf's Up is just a 
licensee. Hope that helps clarify. Thanks.

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Message: 6
   Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 14:22:31 -0000
   From: "Kingsley" 
Subject: Greetings and thoughts

Seasonal greetings to all fellow poppers.

I have a few thoughts about the current discussions:

Firstly the UK Capitol Years Beach Boys Box set was 
indeed legal. It was compiled, very intelligently and 
thematically, by Mike Grant and Roy Gudge of the 'Beach 
Boys Stomp' UK fan organisation who were I believe the 
guys that brought Peter R into the picture. The 12" box 
had the covers designed so that they made up into a 
car-on-beach picture when placed together. The BW 
productions additional album was not part of this big 
pic. It was issued as vinyl and cassette sets, and was 
sold mainly through mail order, although a few sets did 
find their way into London stores where they were 
sometimes split up and sold individually. It sold for 
around 30 pounds.

Regarding the debate on Deck/Surf's Up, I am raising my 
eyebrows for two reasons. I am surprised that the Beach 
Boys would take legal action against Brad E's efforts 
with his long track record of BB involvement - books, 
sleeve notes etc. I'm sure that he would have thought 
that what he was doing was legal, although I do take 
Carol's point as to the rights of the artists, without 
whose efforts and talents none of us would be writing to
this list. However It is a surprising old lot of nonsense
when set against all the recent (and past) issues of 
slightly different versions of this early material. I 
actually ordered one such by mail order, thinking it to 
be the Brad one (which I assumed would be the last word)
and then found it to be another one! Thsee things ought 
to be able to be settled over a drink, without making 
the lawyers rich, but I feel like King Canute saying 

Spectropoppers should try logging on to
to check out the new albums from Jeff Foskett and Jeff 
Larson. Both excellent albums, as were both gentlemen's 
previous issues. Everyone would love them. Go get!

Lastly I was very sad to read about Nick Massi, whose 
post Seasons activities were discusses here not too long
ago. Having had the good fortune to have interviewd Bob 
Gaudio recently for a piece in UK's Record Collector I 
know the high regard that he was held in. A very 
talented man and a great vocal arranger whose ideas 
influenced many a vocal group. He will be missed a great

Kingsley Abbott

PS I am anxious to talk to musicians who have been 
influenced by Pet Sounds, or have contact with others 
who have. This is for a new project, and I would love 
for people to contact me directly about it as soon as 
possible. Thanks.

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Message: 7
   Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 09:59:47 -0500
   From: "James F.  Cassidy" 
Subject: Beach Boys vs. Deck/Surf's Up

I find it very hard to believe that Brad Elliott, whose 
livelihood as a Beach Boys chronicler/Capitol consultant
depends on maintaining good relationships with the band 
and its management, would risk his bread-and-butter by 
knowingly engaging in an illegal activity. If there's a 
question of ownership or unpaid royalties, it's between 
the Beach Boys and Deck Records. I assume Brad/Surf's Up
has been dragged into it only because Brad's the latest 
licensee of the tracks and any new monies to be earned 
from the reissue will flow through Surf's Up.

Jim Cassidy

P.S. I have no relationship or prior history (good or 
bad) with any of the parties involved in the suit.

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