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  • Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 03:29:17
  • Spectropop - Digest Number 71

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    There are 7 messages in this issue of Spectropop.
    Topics in this Digest Number 71:
          1. FIRST WAVE CD to be released next week
               From: "Brad Elliott" 
          2. Re: Pete Anders - Vinnie Poncia
               From: Andrew Hickey 
          3. Vinnie Poncia & Pete Andreoli (Anders)
               From: Geri & John Clemente 
          4. Pete Meets Vinnie
               From: "Jamie LePage" 
          5. Upcoming Usher related CDs
               From: "Ron Weekes" 
          6. a newbie says hello
               From: "Jennifer Sullivan" 
          7. The Tradewinds
               From: Dean Scapolo 
    Message: 1
       Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 14:22:04 -0600
       From: "Brad Elliott" 
    Subject: FIRST WAVE CD to be released next week
    At long last, my 2-CD compilation of the entirety of The
    Beach Boys' 1961-62 Hite Morgan-produced recording
    sessions is being released.  FIRST WAVE: THE COMPLETE
    HITE MORGAN SESSIONS is set for release next Wednesday,
    Dec. 20, on my Surf's Up Records label, and I'm now
    taking orders on my website:
    Full information on the 2-CD set is posted on the site,
    including an image of the cover and a detailed track
    lineup.  The album is available only by mail order; it
    will not be for sale in stores.  At my website, you can
    order copies via an online Secure Server or, if you have
    an unreasonable fear of ordering merchandise over the
    Internet :-), instructions are provided for other means
    of ordering it.
    I hope everybody finds this release to be an interesting
    and worthwhile look into the genesis of The Beach Boys as
    a recording group.
    Surf's up!
    Brad Elliott
    Surf's Up Records
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    Message: 2
       Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 19:06:50 -0800 (PST)
       From: Andrew Hickey 
    Subject: Re: Pete Anders - Vinnie Poncia
    > Does anyone have any information on these 2 guys who
    > worked and wrote songs for Phil Spector. I know they
    > were the Tradewinds, maybe the Innocence, and some
    > others. Is there a list of their "group"?
    Dunno about Anders, but a Vinnie Poncia (presumably
    the same one) co-wrote and played on half a dozen
    songs on Ringo Starr's 'Ringo' album. Possibly other
    Starr solo albums as well - that's the only one I have.
    Buy the new Stealth Munchkin album -
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    Message: 3
       Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 23:28:36 -0500
       From: Geri & John Clemente 
    Subject: Vinnie Poncia & Pete Andreoli (Anders)
    In answer to Michael Gessner's quest for info, Vinnie
    Poncia and Pete Andreoli were singers/songwriters from
    Providence, Rhode Island who came to New York to make
    their fortune.  They were in a group called The Videls,
    who had a mild hit with "Mr. Lonely" on JDS Records in
    1960.  After the group folded, they got more into
    songwriting and were introduced to Spector through a
    mutual business associate, staying long enough to write
    "(Best Part Of) Breakin' Up" and "Do I Love You" for The
    Ronettes, "Stumble and Fall" for Darlene Love, the
    seriously obscure "Please Be My Boyfriend" and the
    unreleased "Mary Ann" for The Crystals, among others. 
    Vinnie Poncia moved into producing for Leo Sayer and
    Melissa Manchester.  I don't know what became of Pete
    Andreoli (Anders).  Part of this info came from "He's A
    Rebel" by Mark Ribowsky.
    John Clemente
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    Message: 4
       Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 07:30:25 -0000
       From: "Jamie LePage" 
    Subject: Pete Meets Vinnie
    Michael Gessner wrote:
    > Does anyone have any information on these 2 guys who
    > worked and wrote songs for Phil Spector. I know they
    > were the Tradewinds, maybe the Innocence, and some
    > others. 
    I spot checked the archives because I had the impression
    Anders and Poncia were often discussed here. They are one
    of the missing links between Brill-era girl group pop and
    soft pop of the later 60s, having been staff writers for
    Hill & Range for Spector etc. before recording three
    singles for Red Bird (including the classic "New York's a
    Lonely Town") and later recording for Artie Ripp's Kama
    Sutra operation (where they released discs under the
    names Tradewinds and Innocence). It was Ripp who
    introduced them to Don Ciccone, the lead singer for the
    Critters. Later there was a great single on Buddah by
    Pete Anders ("Sunrise Highway"). Much of this material
    has been reissued on CD: both the Tradewinds and
    Innocence albums, plus a full CDs worth of "Anders and
    Poncia Rarities". I recommend both.
    Surprisingly, though, not too much came up in the group
    archives, mostly discussion on Mary Ann produced by Jerry
    Ross and of course Ringo I Love You. They made one single
    for Spector under the name "The Treasures" (a cover of
    Len/Mac's Hold Me TIght), and I believe if memory serves
    they were on one or both of the Annette label 45s..
    I wrote a bit more about them previously and you can find 
    that here:
    Spectropop V#0264
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    Message: 5
       Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 13:34:16 -0700
       From: "Ron Weekes" 
    Subject: Upcoming Usher related CDs
    Thanks to Jamie for the heads up on the three Gary
    Usher/Curt Boettcher/Brian Wilson related CDs that are
    coming out next year on the Dreamsville label in Japan.
    Stephen McParland has provided some additional
    information.  He has done the liners for the CALIFORNIA
    CD.  He also says :  the material is coming from the
    Usher Family Archive.  CALIFORNIA is from MASTER TAPES
    and some acetates; BLUE MARBLE Is from a mint album (no
    masters could be found) and SYMPHONIC is from the master.
    So the question is, will any labels release this material
    in the States?  
    If not, who is a reasonable priced retailer that I could
    mail order this material from?
    Ron Weekes 
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    Message: 6
       Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 09:41:18 -0500
       From: "Jennifer Sullivan" 
    Subject: a newbie says hello
    I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jennifer
    and I'm a 23 yr old 60s dj in Boston. My main reason for
    joining this list is that I'm obsessed with girlpop (both
    old and new) I love any of the stuff the sequel label
    puts out (here come the girls etc), the feminine complex,
    margo guryan (who i'm pen pals with!), and lesley gore ...
    and newer stuff like velocette, comet gain... my favorite
    band of ALL time is the zombies. this summer I flew to
    england to see rod and colin perform and met them!!
    highlight of my life thus far!! well before I start to
    ramble I'll close.
    Look forward to learning loads more about good music!!
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    Message: 7
       Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 22:17:13 +1300
       From: Dean Scapolo 
    Subject: The Tradewinds
    Hi all,
    Vinnie Poncia and Pete Andreoli were indeed both the
    Trade Winds and the Innocence. They first recorded with
    the Videls,and later did backing vocalsfor the 1910
    Fruitgum Company. Poncia later produced albums for Ringo
    Starr and Melissa Manchester. This is according to my US
    top 100 chart book.
    I have all four chart singles of the Trade Winds and the
    Innocence, and they are very rare.
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