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Spectropop - Digest Number 60

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There are 4 messages in this issue of Spectropop - Digest Number 60.

Topics in this digest:

      1. andy and claudine
           From: Jack Madani 
      2. Ronnie & Darlene
           From: john rausch 
      3. the famous Gold Star Thunder
           From: "Jack Madani" 
      4. Hayley, Shelley, Patty et al
           From: Jamie LePage 


Message: 1
   Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 21:37:54 -0500
   From: Jack Madani 
Subject: andy and claudine

>>My biggest complaint over the Longet Best-Of is that it's
>>underfilled (somewhere in the mid-40 minute range). 
>Does it include "Man in a Raincoat"?

No, sorry to say.  However, this does at least give me
a chance to mention that, in addition to extremely
groovy performances of Here There & Everywhere, and
Small Talk, Claudine also turns in a way-cool recording
of Ain't No Mountain High Enough.  The music itself is
almost as majestic as the Diana Ross original; but
Claudine does all them spoken parts in FRENCH!! 
omigawd, it is so cool sounding (cooing:  "si tu es
>When I want to explain to someone how I can listen to so
>much "easy listening",
>I tell them to listen to Andy Williams singing "God Only

You're right about that "Love, Andy" album being
magnificent "easy listening" stuff.  I have the 1994
Columbia twofer cd that pairs "Can't Get Used To Losing
You" with "Love, Andy," and while the first lp has its
moments of greatness (the title song towers above
everything else), that "Love" album is totally killer,
no filler.  Kisses Sweeter Than Wine is just so totally
cool, with its pedal points and the pure-jazz bass line
on the choruses.

>He seemed like such a wimp when I
>was a kid.  Then again, he was married to a killer.


As a kid, I was surprised to find that I actually liked
Andy's tv show, which I thought of as one of my "mom's
shows."  (as opposed to the Lawrence Welk show, which I
could never enjoy--and yet I can still to this day sing
the LW show's closing song; but I digress)  I thought
the show actually had a sense of humor, and I sneakily
liked his singing even though I wouldn't dare let my
mom see that I did.  And what was up with that weird
bear?  Even as a 9 year old, I could tell there was
something subversive going on there.


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Message: 2
   Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2000 20:33:53 -0500
   From: john rausch 
Subject: Ronnie & Darlene

Hi All Here`s some news I gathered for the upcoming
holiday season:

Darlene will guest on Late Night with David Letterman on
December 21st. This will be her 15th performance of

*Darlene Love will host the PBS special "LEGENDARY LADIES"
which will be taped November 18th at Foxwood Casino in
Connecticut. Joining Darlene will be Martha Reeves, The
Angels, Ronnie Spector, Shirley Austin of the Shirelles
and Gladys Horton of the Marvelettes. Air date to be

These 2 items from

And another note on Ronnie: Ronnie will be performing in
New York at B.B. King's Blues Club on Dec 22 & 23.  It's
billed as "Ronnie Spector's X-mas Party Vol. 7". (Thanks
Bill English !) Lets get that Phil Spector Xmas lp out
and start the holidays!

John Rausch
Phil Spector`s Wall Of Sound at
Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes featuring Ronnie Spector

Phil Spector at Spectropop!!!

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Message: 3
   Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 12:39:05 -0500
   From: "Jack Madani" 
Subject: the famous Gold Star Thunder

I was re-listening to my Dream Boy Volume 1, and on came
"Seven Days In September" by Ginger & The Snaps (which I
guess was actually the Honeys), and there's that
thunderclap sound effect.  Isn't that the same
thunderclap we were not long ago talking about, which
was used on the Ronettes' "Walking In The Rain" and the
Cascades' "Rhythm Of The Rain?"


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Message: 4
   Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 18:38:57 +0900
   From: Jamie LePage 
Subject: Hayley, Shelley, Patty et al

Another recycled message - caveat emptor

The quoted passages are written by Claudia who is, as
many here know, a long time group member. Claudia
confirmed she wouldn't mind me posting this, so here ya

> I remember Hayley Mills semi-hit, "Let's Get Together"
> (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)" from the movie, "Parent Trap". It
> made the charts for a short time in '60.  

The single (Buena Vista 385) was released 9/4/61. It
peaked at #8 during the month or October. The recording
lasted only 1:28!!! Written by Disney favorites the
Sherman Brothers (Mary Poppins, Small World, etc.), the
song was performed in the movie by Annette! Don't believe
me? Check out the film where the students from the girls
camp get together with the boys camp for a chaperoned
dance party. That's Annette singing, no mistaking it, but
I have never seen Annette's version on release.

Hayley Mills album Let's Get Together is pretty good,
although the production by Camarata is nothing special
really. Her British accent works well on the recordings,
though, and strong material from the Sherman Brothers the jacket is adorable!

Hayley's great line from the Trouble With Angels:
"Listen! I have the most scathingly brilliant idea!" 

You gotta love it! Hayley is godhead!

> It was a
> time when lots of kid stars and young adult stars of
> t.v. and movie fame were making records, a trend
> started by Ricky Nelson ("Ozzie & Harriet") and Edd
> Byrnes and Connie Stevens ("Hawaiian Eye").

Yeah! I think Connie Stevens is tops! Lost in Wonderland is
one of my all time faves (written/produced by David Gates).
However, the practice of using teen TV and film stars to
market records predates rock and roll by decades. Shirley
Temple and Judy Garland are examples. Post British Invasion
use is best exemplified by the Monkees. It is no
coincidence that WB, Colpix, UA and Buena Vista were the
labels releasing teen star records - they were the film
companies' record divisions. 
> Does anyone recall Paul Peterson of the "Donna Reed
> Show" singing "My Dad" and "She Can't Find Her Keys"?
> And Johnny Crawford of "Rifleman" singing, "Your Nose
> Is Gonna Grow", "Cindy's Birthday" and "Rumors"
> ?Shelly Fabares (of "Donna Reed")  had "Johnny Angel"
> and Patty Duke ("The Patty Duke Show") sang the
> ballady, "Don't Just Stand There"....

Coincidentally, I have Patty Duke's album right here on
my desk.

The B-Side to Don't Just Stand There - Everything But Love
- is a strong side on its own. Poor little rich girl with
her own sports car and a big allowance has everything Daddy
can buy, but no one to love. No wonder a hot dog makes
her lose control (what a wild duet I imagine)...

Patty isn't much of a singer - at all - but she somehow
managed to squeak out four US chart hits in less than one

Johnny Crawford had several chart singles on Bob Keane's
Del-Fi label. Crawford couldn't sing much either but
Cindy's Birthday is really a strong record with an eerie
quality to it. Crawford's records are of very high
quality (especially given Del-Fi's usual standards) and
the songs are penned by such hitmakers as David Gates and
Barry Mann. I recommend any of his hits collections.
> Annette Funicello of the Mickey Mouse Club was
> probably the most prominent of the genre. No one ever
> accused her of having a singing voice.  Rating her as
> a singer and actress, she was, let's say, "very good
> to her mother." But "O Dio Mio" was a good song, I
> thought. And she had these absolutely horrid  songs
> out like "Pineapple Princess" and "Tall Paul", but she
> was, after all, Annette and could get away with it.Who
> couldn't like Annette? 

Well, I for one love Annette's records, and her voice is
the main reason! Disney productions (Paul Camarata did
many) were rather tame, and although the musicianship is
spot on, the productions are bland and lifeless, the
arrangements unimaginative. Annette carries her records
nearly by herself (in my opinion), although she had
strong material to work with. Pineapple Princess is a
regular number played in my Tiki Room (a pop Polynesia
thing - my little piece of artificial paradise). In fact,
the entire Hawaiannette LP is a staple for my Tiki Room
along with Martin Denny, Les Baxter and (my fave of the
genre) The 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett play Hawaiian
Favorites. (I've been looking for a reason to bring this
album up here! It's like Snuff took Spector's concept
of having several instruments playing in unison and
added bizarre arrangements to Hawaiian favorites. If you
have the chance to hear this - do it! A wonderful slice
of LA recording from the early-mid sixties. Any info or
comments on this or other 50 Guitars releases will be

Back to Annette, First Name Initial is a great one, and
Dreamin' About You (Goffin/King) is too. Strange that
Monkey's Uncle (Sherman Bros. again) didn't chart. Today
that single is highly prized for its inclusion of the
Beach Boys on backing vocals. The clip of Annette
performing the song with the Beach Boys has them playing
instruments but anyone with even a basic knowledge of
Brian Wilson's arranging and producing would know
instantly the record is not Brian's work.

Then there are the stories about Annette and Paul Anka.
Disney property - Hands Off!! Train of Love is from the
album Annette sings Anka. It's a 12 bar blues, and so funny
because the only soul Annette has ever shown is that on the
bottom of her shoes! 

Sad sad news, she can't sing rhythm and blues.

But she can chat on the phone with Shelley, mess around
with Frankie, intro Hardy Boys segments and if they had
only called the record "Annette *Does* Anka"...Oh well,
just a thought...

> And I'd rather hear those folks singing any day, some
> of which was pretty good, than the atrocities being
> played today.....Claudia 

Any day, thank you!!!!!

I skipped over Shelley Fabares because I have way too much
to say on the subject and this message is already
excessive. Claudia, you should know better than to bring up
teen girl singers! I can't resist!


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