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Spectropop - Digest Number 59

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There are 4 messages in this issue of Spectropop.

Topics in Digest Number 59:

      1. Mello Cads
           From: David Ponak 
      2. Harpers Bizarre
           From: Jamie LePage 
      3. Re: Andy Williams, Claudine, Harper's etc.
           From: Carol Kaye 
      4. Re: Andy Williams
           From: alan  zweig 


Message: 1
   Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 09:38:47 -0800
   From: David Ponak 
Subject: Mello Cads

Hi Folks. Sorry to get into shameless self promotion mode
here, but I thought I'd share with you the news that my
soft rock/lounge act the Mello Cads has signed with
Franklin Castle Records. FC honcho Linus Of Hollywood
will be co-producing our debut CD, "Soft As A Rock," due
in Spring 2001.

In the meantime, the label has posted a free, 04 song
internet EP of our older recordings called "Through The
Past, Softly." You can download a folder that will not
only give you all 4 tracks, but artwork which you can
print out and insert into a jewel case.

Check it out.

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Message: 2
   Date: Wed, 15 Nov 00 02:15:49 +0900
   From: Jamie LePage 
Subject: Harpers Bizarre

alan zweig wrote:

>I wouldn't call them "novelty rock" but their nostalgic, 
>old timey, vo-dee-oh-doh sound does seem to dominate.

LOL! I totally agree - the album sequencing hasn't held up 
well. None are structured for end to end listening,
that's for sure. It does make one wonder just what the 
folks in Burbank were thinking at the time!

>I had five of their records. I just put what I considered 
>the great tunes onto CD. The tunes that DON'T remind me of
>Winchester Cathedral. There are 14 of them. Not bad I guess.
>The two real gems are "Mad" and "Come Love".

You missed some great ones! :-)

What about Witchi Tai To? Botkin's arrangement on this is 
superb, and the track has a truly haunting, timeless 
quality. It's probably my favorite.

>1. Come love

Bruce & Terry also recorded Come Love. The differences are 
interesting. I am fond of both.

>11. Drifter

Roger Nichols and Paul Williams - Great song. When HB were 
on, they were on. This is a great track!

>12. Something better

So is this - it has to be. Barry Mann and Gerry Goffin, 
Jack Nitzsche's arrangement...hard to go wrong. Nitzsche 
also arranged Blackbird on the same album, and although 
the track isn't among their best, it's rather interesting
that as late as '69 Nitzsche still used multiple guitars 
to play in unison as he did as early as on DeShannon's 
Needles and Pins.

Thanks for the post, Alan. I pulled out the discs for that!


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Message: 3
   Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 09:32:53 -0800
   From: Carol Kaye 
Subject: Re: Andy Williams, Claudine, Harper's etc.

Jack wrote:  

>Strange how that Andy Williams seems to get
> name-checked rather often here on Spectropop

Andy's a fine singer, and turned out many a hit record
back in those days.  We also did the Claudine Longet
tracks (Andy and Claudine used John Guerin on drums, a
fine jazz drummer) at the same studio he loved to record
in those days (and spoke about it when I later saw him in
Denver, late 80s), Columbia Studio D where we also cut
the OC Smith things - John Guerin on drums then too,
others like Bobby Goldsboro studio D (John Guerin on
drums), and recorded Johnny Mathis (Earl Palmer on drums),
Simon & Garfunkle (Hal Blaine on drums), Patti Page,
Doris Day, Mahalia Jackson, "Indian Reservation" hit,
latter singers w/Hal Blaine on drums etc. in the big
studio A there.

Claudine was a nice lady and Andy was very much
supportive of her singing, while not a great singer, she
did alright for those styles.

I'm on the Harpers Bizarre things too, but can't remember
much about those dates....there were a lot of those kinds
of things we cut back then.  

Carol Kaye

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Message: 4
   Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 14:14:24 -0500
   From: alan  zweig 
Subject: Re: Andy Williams

Jack_Madani wrote:

>Subject: Small Talk
>My biggest complaint over the Longet Best-Of is that it's
>underfilled (somewhere in the mid-40 minute range). 

Does it include "Man in a Raincoat"?  What a strange song,
especially when sung with Claudine's little girl voice.
Call me sick but I can't help but think of a flasher when
I hear that song. ('Which begs the question why I like
the tune so much.)

>(Strange how that Andy Williams seems to get name-checked
>rather often here on Spectopop, btw)

When I want to explain to someone how I can listen to so
much "easy listening",

I tell them to listen to Andy Williams singing "God Only
Knows". I just now heard his versions of "Day by Day" and
"I need you".  I think this record is a bit later than
the great "Love" album.  And it sounds like his choirboy
voice was getting even more sweet at this point. Sweet
but strong.  He wasn't going to run out of breath.  He
didn't have to push or strain to reach a note.  And he
didn't have to show the power of his voice.  Like Robert
Goulet or someone. A sweet voice but not a choirboy.  A
strong voice but not imposingly so (has Pavarotti covered
"MacArthur Park"?). He seemed like such a wimp when I
was a kid.  Then again, he was married to a killer.


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