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Spectropop - Digest Number 57

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There are 4 messages in this issue of Spectropop -  Digest Number 57.

Topics in this digest:

      1. Re: Melodies for You + Morning Glory days jpn cds
           From: "Carlos" 
      2. New Poptones reissues
           From: "Toby" 
      3. Harpers Bizarre
           From: Jamie LePage 
      4. Petula Clark back to perform Andrew Lloyd Webber music
           From: Jamie LePage 


Message: 1
   Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 18:52:16 +0100
   From: "Carlos" 
Subject: Re: Melodies for You + Morning Glory days jpn cds

david lysakowski" wrote:
>Subject: Melodies for You + Morning Glory days jpn cds
Hi there!

Both were released in September 1997, are as follows:

"Melodies For You" (MVCE-22005)

 1. Mama Cass Elliot, "It's Getting Better"
 2. Grass Roots, "Melody For You"
 3. P.F. Sloan, "I Found A Girl"
 4. Thee Prophets, "Playgirl"
 5. MFQ, "Night Time Girl"
 6. Tommy Roe, "It's Now Winters Day"
 7. Mamas & The Papas, "People Like Us"
 8. Critters, "Younger Girl"
 9. Grass Roots, "You Didn't Have To Be So Nice"
 10. Mamas & The Papas, "Look Through My Window"
 11. Tommy Roe, "Sweet Sounds"
 12. Lamp Of Childhood, "No More Running Around"
 13. Hamilton Joe Frank & Reynolds, "Don't Pull Your Love"
 14. Mama Cas Elliot, "Move In a Little Closer, Baby"
 15. MFQ, "Don't You Wonder"
 16. Grass Roots, "You Baby"
 17. P.F. Sloan, "From a Distance"
 18. Tommy Roe, "Cry On, Crying Eyes"
 19. Thee Prophets, "A Little Bit Of Love"
 20. Hamilton Joe Frank & Reynolds, "It Takes The Best"
 21. 8th Day, "Raining Sunshine"
 22. Pebbles & Shells, "Let's Be More Than Friends Tonight"
 23. Critters, "Mr. Dieingly Sad"

"Morning Glory Daze" (MVCE-22006)

 1. Strawberry Alarm Clock, "Incense And Peppermints"
 2. American Breed, "Bend Me, Shape Me"
 3. Brian Hyland, "On The East Side"
 4. Peppermint Rainbow, "Will You Be Staying After Sunday"
 5. Cuff Links, "Tracy"
 6. Pleasure Fair, "Come To The Sunshine"
 7. Strawberry Alarm Clock, "Sit With the Guru"
 8. American Breed, "Don't Forget About Me"
 9. Fun & Games, "Don't Worry Baby"
 10. Twinn Connexion, "Turn Down Day"
 11. Sundowners, "Always You"
 12. American Breed, "To Put Up With You"
 13. Peppermint Rainbow, "You're The Sound Of Love"
 14. Fever Tree, "Come With Me (Rainsong)"
 15. Strawberry Alarm Clock, "Pretty Song From Psych-Out"
 16. Orange Colored Sky, "Orange Colored Sky"
 17. Sundowners, "Edge Of Love"
 18. Strawberry Alarm Clock, "Tomorrow"
 19. Twinn Connexion, "Oh Wht A Lovely Day"
 20. Cuff Links, "When Julie Comes Around"
 21. Brian Hyland, "Don't Cry Donna"
 22. Pleasure Fair, "Morning Glory Days"
 23. Strawberry Alarm Clock, "Barefoot in Baltimore"

Both are great but I prefer Morning Glory Daze selection:
Twinn Connexion, Sundowners, Orange Colored Sky... yummy



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Message: 2
   Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 01:42:11 -0000
   From: "Toby" 
Subject: New Poptones reissues

I'm listening to the new Curt Boettcher and Millennium
releases right now...hmmm, anybody else agree that the
material is good, but not as good as the original
Sagittarius and Millennium albums? A lot of Boettcher's
music on his solo album sounds more like the laidback
space country of "The Blue Marble" than the folk-ish
harmony pop of "Introducing The Ballroom". I definitely
prefer the latter style.


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Message: 3
   Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 12:47:59 +0900
   From: Jamie LePage 
Subject: Harpers Bizarre

I wrote a note in response to someone who mused that
Harpers Bizarre records were all novelty rock (e.g., New
Vaudeville Band, Tiny Tim), and while I didn't get
permission to quote the original message, I thought I
would cross post my response here (seeing how Spectropop
is so quiet lately...).


Harpers Bizarre stuff is NOT all novelty rock. I
recommend their albums highly.

Warner Bros producer Lenny Waronker took this act under
his wing, and besides spawning a huge hit with Simon's
59th Street Bridge Song, Waronker used the artist to
exploit the songs of other Warner labelmates such as Van
Dyke Parks and Randy Newman. HB's Ted Templeman of course
became an essential Warner Brothers player in the years
that followed, as an in-house producer he took the Doobie
Brothers, Van Halen and Van Morrison to new heights in
their careers. But enough on Templeman'a post HB career,
for the point of course being to convince  the skeptical to
take another listen to Harpers Bizarre's music.

So it was that Lenny, armed with the combined
extraordinary talents of session musician/arranger/
songwriter/in-house resident genius Van Dyke Parks and
Lenny's childhood buddy songwriter supreme Randy Newman,
set out to make a hit act out of the Tikis (Harpers
Bizarre), and of course right out of the box they had the
smash with 59th Street...Unfortunately, the recording is
quite novelty oriented, as is much of their work, and it
stereotyped the band's image - It was like a big sign on
the album jacket saying "serious rock fans stay away".
And stay away we did.

I know it is easy to write HB off as a novelty act,
because I used to think of them in that way too. But
after so many people whose tastes I respect raved their
records, I had to find out for myself, and I am glad I
got past the stereotype of "nostalgic highly orchestrated
pre-rock pop" to discover some essential recordings.
Their albums each have several lovely tracks. Van Dyke
Parks's "Come to the Sunshine" and "High Coin" work very
well, as do Randy Newman's "Vine Street", "Debutante's
Ball" and "The Biggest Night of Her Life".. Besides the
excellent songwriting (check their version of Small Talk
for a great rendition of this Bonner/Gordon favorite),
you gotta love their records if for no other reason than
the amazing musicianship by the top-rated first call L.A.
session cats, including Nick DeCaro and Leon Russell!

Give Harpers Bizarre another listen. You will not be


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Message: 4
   Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 11:50:15 +0900
   From: Jamie LePage 
Subject: Petula Clark back to perform Andrew Lloyd Webber music

>From the newswire:

AEDT Sunday 12 November 2000  
AAP -- Former British child star Petula Clark, whose
1960s hits included "Downtown," "I Know a Place" and
"Don't Sleep in the Subway," is joining a touring
production of "The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber."

In addition to singing "Memory" from "Cats," "I Don't
Know How To Love Him" from "Jesus Christ Superstar," and
"Don't Cry For Me Argentina" from "Evita," Clark will
reprise her role as despondent diva Norma Desmond when
she does "As If We Never Said Goodbye" from "Sunset
Boulevard." She starred in that Lloyd Webber musical in
London and the United States.

"I sang the songs so often that they almost became like
my songs. Now when I sing them, it's like I'm back with
Norma. She's become sort of like a friend," Clark was
quoted in Friday's Pasadena Star-News.

The 67-year-old performer, who arrives in Pasadena on
Tuesday for a week of shows, played Desmond in London's
West End production of "Sunset Boulevard' from 1995-97
and again on a U.S. tour in 1998 and 1999. - AP


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