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There are 5 messages in this issue #47.

Topics in this digest:

      1. Jackie DeShannon help?
           From: Stewart Mason 
      2. req, info on peppermint rainbow
           From: "Spectropop Admin" 
      3. Plastic Ono Band
           From: Jamie LePage 
      4. List of LA studios-engineers-arrangers etc.
           From: Carol Kaye 
      5. Exile on Sunset on Spike Radio (Vol.2)
           From: "Chris Carter" 

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Message: 1
   Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 15:34:11 -0600
   From: Stewart Mason 
Subject: Jackie DeShannon help?

A good friend emailed me the following this morning:

"Also, do you know much about Jackie Deshannon?  She has
such a huge output that I really don't know where to go
other than the compilations.  I'm guessing that the 60s
albums have equal parts filler and good stuff, which is
why a comp would work, but I've also heard that some of
her  70s albums are really good straight through."

And I'm kind of embarrassed to say that I just don't know.
I think Jackie's a terrific songwriter, but it's occurred
to me that I've heard *maybe* half a dozen of her own
recordings ever.  So for my friend's sake and my own,
what's good?  Is his perception of the 60s records about
right or are they solid?  What *is* a good comp?  What's
the cut-off date, as in "Don't bother with anything
released after..."?  Neither of us are scared of vinyl,
so don't be afraid to suggest OOP stuff.


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Message: 2
   Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 03:56:12 -0000
   From: "Spectropop Admin" 
Subject: req, info on peppermint rainbow

req, info on peppermint rainbow
Posted by chuck on Wed, 11 Oct 2000 15:55:35 

Does anyone know if any of the group members of Peppermint Rainbow 
ever recorded with any other groups or individually? I know Paul Leka 
appeared with other groups, but I am particularly interested in the 
female singers with the group. The only one I know by name is Bonnie 
Lamdin. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Message: 3
   Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 13:24:43 +0900
   From: Jamie LePage 
Subject: Plastic Ono Band

There has been a lot of publicity lately surrounding
release of the Beatles Anthology book, the 60th
anniversary of John Lennon's birth, a John Lennon museum
in Japan and worldwide re-release of two Lennon "solo"
albums. I won't go into all of that here, but I am 
interested to know if anyone has heard the new Plastic Ono 
Band release. According to Reuters, Yoko Ono "supervised" 
the remixing and remastering of the 1970 album, which
includes bonus tracks "Power to the People" and "Do the

Not sure what Ono actually did as supervisor, but I sure
am curious as to how the new mixes differ from Phil
Spector's originals. Alternate takes of the POB sessions
on the Lennon box set sound flat and uninspired compared
with the original album. POB is my favorite Lennon solo
album - the simplicity and roughness of the tracks seem
at first to be at odds with Spector's typically full
sound (e.g., All Things Must Pass. However, upon closer
examination POB's album reveals Spector's subtle stacking

of the simple instrumentation which is then filled out
with delay and reverb in a way not dissimilar to other 
Spector productions of the era. This becomes most obvious 
when A/Bing with the box set outtakes.

So my question is - has anyone heard this yet, and if so,
how radically different is it from the original?

One other question - Has anyone seen anything in the
media where the reason for the remix is given? Obviously
part of it is typical "new & improved" hype to induce
fans to buy the same music again, but.usually when a high
profile album like this is remixed, the reasoning behind
the remix is used in press releases and news stories.
I've seen nothing except that Ono supervised. I have
always thought this album was mixed particularly well,
especially given the raw quality of the arrangements and
recording, and I just wonder what the official line is.


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Message: 4
   Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 09:43:25 -0700
   From: Carol Kaye 
Subject: List of LA studios-engineers-arrangers etc.

I have this on my Message Board currently and tho't you
might like to see a list derived from the log from my
studio work 1957 through the early 70s, a list of viable
hot studios that were going day and night back in the
60s (and it is *not* complete at all....).this is just
the list of those I've worked for back then.  It was a
day and night business, and no, no studio ever had its
*own* band...all the 300 or so studio musicians (see
partial list) frequented every studio.

We were *all* free-lance independent contractors studio
musicians...all in the Musicians' Union Local 47 (no,
the Union never got us work, nor even tried....they
don't do that...and in fact, they provide more support
for the musicians now then back in those days via cheap
video rates, musicians phone network etc. now).

Everyone worked with each other and were hired either at
the behest of the producer, the arranger, the record
company, or the contractor (he had last-say on "who" got

Once in a great while someone outside would be hired at
the asking of the "star" but this was a business, not a
"favoritism" thing at all....if you played and helped
everyone get a hit recording, you got hired.  But if you
were druggie, a boozer, etc. no, you were never
hired....with so much money rolling on all the dates,
no-one could afford to take a chance on a fouled up

You had to be on-time, you had to fit in with everyone,
you had to be creative as you were counted on for unique
creativity to help create instant lines (and most of the
time in the 60s, that was necessary) as well as read if
there was music even there to be read (in the TV
film-movie studios, this was a huge criteria, reading
and even creating).


Some studios at which I've recorded over the years:
Radio Recorders, Gold Star, Radio Recorders Annex & 10-H
(R. R. 10-H was later known as TTG), United, Western, El
Do (El Dorado), Capitol, Harmony House, Nashville-West,
Westwood, H-R (Henry Russell), TTG, Audio Arts, Moonglow,
Steiners (Formosa St.), Hollywood Sound, Heider's,
Conway, World Pacific (later known as Liberty), RCA,
International Sound, Neophone, Ted's Studio, Crown
Records, CBS, Columbia, Del Fi (Bob Keene's studio),
Hollywood Central, Sunset Sound, Rendezvous, Ryder Sound,
Stereo Masters, Whitney Studios - Glendale, RPM,
Glenn-Glenn, Fox, Universal, MGM, Desilu, Columbia
Studios both Valley and Fairfax, Paramount, Disney,
Warner Bros., CBS Valley, CBS Fairfax, Emperor, American,
Ultimate, Louis Jackson's, Bell Sound, McGregor's,
Valentine's - No. Hollywood, LA Sound, Continental Sound,
Stereo Fi, Goldwyn, RJ, Original Sound, Amigo, Venture,
Record Plant, Hollywood Sound, Independent, Decca,
Revolution Records in Toronto Can., Sound Factory, ID
Sound, A&M, Sun-West, Studio Center, Dimension,
Hollywood Video, Poppi, ABC-Dunhill, MGM-Fairfax, Abbey,
Haji Sound, Devonshire. Also some various studios in
Nashville, San Francisco, NYC, Kansas City, Ojai, San
Diego, and Denver.


Some Engineers with whom I've worked: Thorn Nogar,
Lowell Frank, Stan Ross, Larry Levine, Al Schmidt, Ami
Hadani, Henry Lewy, Wally Heider, Pete Abbot, Bones Howe,
Walter Gest, John Krause, Chuck Britz, David Wickes,
Armin Steiner, Dave Hassenger, Eddie Brackett, Dick
Bogart, Hank Cicalo, Joe Polito, Buddy Brundo, Larry
Brown, Wally Traugott, Bob Costa, Val Garay, Humberto
Gatica, Ed Green, Bruce Botnick, Lee DeCarlo, Angel
Balestier, Michael Braunstein, Ian Eales, Joel Fein, Tim
Boyle, Mickey Crawford, Jay Lewis, Murray McFadden, Joel
Moss, Don Murray, John Neal, Joe Sidore, Guy Costa,
Rudy___ at RPM....


Some Arrangers for whom I've worked: H.B. Barnum, Perry
Botkin, George Tipton, Jack Nitzschie, Perry Botkin, Bob
Alcivar, Ray Pohlman, Gene Page, Don McGinnis, Pete King,
Victor Mizzy, Lyn Murray, Quincy Jones, Billy Strange,
Howard Roberts, Johnny Manne, Harold Batiste, Frank
DeVol, Henry Mancini, Tom Scott, Lalo Schifrin, David
Rose,  Ernie Freeman, Art Freeman, Shorty Rogers, Oliver
Nelson,  Jerry Long, Gil Askey, Allan Copeland, Louie
Jordan, Clare Fischer, Nelson Riddle, Michel LeGrand,
Michel Columbier, Harry Sukman, Billy Goldenberg, Clark
Gassman, Lincoln Mayorga, Don Ralke, Joe Green, Dee
Marton, Billy May, Billy Byers, Jack Elliot, Don Ellis,
Benny Golson, Sid Feller, Allan Copeland, Oliver Nelson,
Tutti Camaratta, Ian Smith, Billy Vaughn, Jeff Barry,
Lionel Newman, Alfred Newman, Mort Garson, Don Peake,
Ray Conniff, Don Costa, Elmer Bernstein, Percy Faith,
Artie Butler, Jack Hayes, John Bahler, Marty Paich, Jeff
Alexander, Jack Eskew, Sy Mitchell, Lex Aznevous, Ralph
Burns, Bob Prince, Al Sindray, Hugo Montenegro Tony
Hatch, Johnny Mandel, Roger Kellaway, Nick DeCaro,
Julius Wechter, J. J. Johnson,  Jerry Goldsmith, Al
Capps, David Gates, Mike Melvoin, Rene Hall, Hank Levine,
Arthur Wright, Bob Bain, Sid Feller, Rene Block, Benny
Carter, Burt Bachrach, John Williams, Dave Grusin, Bob
Florence, Fred Karlin, Fred Myrow, Bob Thompson, Monk
Higgins, Gene McDaniels, Don Piestrup, Jerry Fielding,
Bob Rosario, David Shire, Les Baxter, Mickey Whelan,
David Blumberg, Leonard Roseman, Harry Geller, Dick
Orsoff, Syd Ramin, Harley Hutcherson, Dallas Smith, Jack
Dougherty, Jewel Grant, Jerry Steiner, Marshall Leib,
Nester Leavante, Gene Norman, Geo. De Barrio, Gary


Some Producers for whom I've worked: Bumps Blackwell,
Herb Alpert, David Cavenaugh, Lester Sill, David Axelrod,
Al Hazan, Bodie Chandler, Cliffie Stone, Joe Hooven,
Mike Lloyd, Stu Phillips, Jack Lee, Neely Plumb, Bob
Alcivar, Brian Wilson, Phil Spector, Tommy Allsup, Sonny
Bono, Ike Turner, Scotty Turnbull (Turner), Lou Gottlieb,
Jim Haskell, Al DeLory, Bill Justis, Rex Dennis, Murry
Wilson, Randy Woods, Art Boduhn, Larry Gordon, Fred
Smith,  Wilder Bros., Kelly Gordon, Rich Delvy, Bob
Keene, Randy Woods, Joe Reisman, Milt Rogers, Nino Tempo,
Barry Devorzan,

Dick Glasser, Ted Glasser, Marty Cooper, Jerry Riopelle,
Nick Venet, Fred Darien, Al Allen, Dick Pierce, Kim
Farley, Kim Weston, Don Crawford, Hank Russell, Joe
Leahy, Jimmy Bowen, Lou Adler, Rene Hall, Joe Saraceno,
Lou Bedell, Lennie Waronker, Joe Green, Barry White, Ron
Shanklin, Gary Ziegly, Dick Bock, Randy Newman, Bill
Justis, Don Crawford, Maxwell Davis, Jan Berry, Lee
Young, Marc Gordon, Hal Davis,

Frank Wilson, Rev. James Carmichael,  Randy Sparks, Dick
Burns, Green/Stone, Gary Lewis, Lee Hazelwood, Mike Curb,
Dennis Lambert, Al Kooper, Dave Pell, Ben Johnston,
Snuffy Garrett, Jerry Fuller, Chuck Sagle, Leon Russell,
Frank Zappa, Charles Stern, Lou Raymond, Kip Tyler, Russ
Titelman, Gary Usher, Geo. Garabedian, Don Crawford,
Richard Perry.....

SOME CONTRACTORS (Contractors are who make the calls to
hire you in the studios, not always their choices...they
have to follow the choices of the producers-arrangers
and then their own choice):

 George Poole, Ben Barrett, Marty Berman, Jack Gruberman,
 Mike Rubin, Hy Lesnick, Sid Sharpe, Mike Post, Al Lapin,
 Urban Theilman, Ed Cobb, Jules Chaiken, Bobby Helfer,
 Viola and Marion Klein, Roxy Roth, Jim Bond, Don Lenier,
 John Vidor, Nate Caproff, Lennie Malarsky, Bill Miller,
 Sandy DeCrescent, Lloyd Basham, Mike (Michel)Rubini,
 Abe Segal, Kurt Wolf, Sol Gruberman, Charles Price,
 Herman Berardenelli, Phil Kahgen, Jack Schulman,
 ___Davidson....  also, any Union studio musician could
 draw up the contracts as a "contract" and thus earn 2x
 again more pay, dates didn't have to be booked by
 "regular contractors" who just did that work and
 nothing else.

Music Copyists were a very important part of our
recording business too, here's just a few names of the
vip copyists:  Bill Hughes, Vern Yokum, Bob Ross, Roger
Farris, Bob Bornstein, Dave Ward.

Drums: Hal Blaine, Earl Palmer, Sharkey Hall, Jesse
Sailes, John Guerin, Paul Humphrey, Panama Francis,
Shelly Manne, Alvin Stoller, Irv Cottler, Jim Keltner,
Louis Bellson, Ed Thigpen, Jake Hanna, Ed Shaughnessey,
Jeff Porcaro, Nick Ceroli, Harold Jones, Mel Lewis,
Larry Bunker, James Gadson, Charley Blackwell, Ed Greene,
Ron Tutt, Jack Sperling, Frankie Capp, Jackie Mills,
Harvey Mason, Sol Gubin, Cubby O'Brien, Jim Gordon.

Percussion: Gene Estes, Gary Coleman, Emil Richards,
Julius Wechter, Joe Porcaro, Lou Singer, Jerry Williams,
Victor Feldman, Lauder, Milt Holland, Bobbye Hall, Jack
Lord, Alan Estes, Kenny Watson, Jack Arnold, Frank Flynn,
Tommy Vig, Dale Anderson, Jerry Steinholtz, Larry Bunker.

Guitar: Rene Hall, Howard Roberts, Bud Coleman, Tommy
Tedesco, Barney Kessel, Tony Rizzi, Billy Strange, Glen
Campbell, Allen Reuss, Bobby Gibbons, Bob Bain, Dennis
Budimer, John Gray, Bill Pitman, Al Casey, Al Hendrikson,
Irving Ashby, Mundell Lowe, Mike Anthony, Lou Morell, Al
Viola, Ray Pohlman, Arthur Wright, Nick Bonney, Toots
Thielman, Don Peake, Charles Wright, James Burton, Dean
Parks, Mitch Holder, Mike D'Asey, David Cohen, Jerry
Cole, Charley Chiarenza, Neil LeVang, David T. Walker,
Larry Carlton, John Collins, Jim Helms, Al Vescovo,
Louie Shelton.

Keyboards: Don Randi, Leon Russell, Mike Melvoin, Arnold
Ross, Larry Knechtal, Ray Johnson, Joe Sample, Clare
Fischer, Larry Muhoberac, Pete Jolly, Lincoln Mayorga,
Jimmy Jones, Gerald Wiggins, Mike Rubini, Don Abney,
Mike Lang, Roger Kellaway, Billy Preston, Artie Butler,
Clark Gassman, Russ Freeman, Dave Grusin, Mac abbennec,
Gene Garf, Al DeLory, Gene Page, JoAnn Grauer, Pearl
Kaufman, Paul Beaver (1st sysnthesizer), Jimmy Rowles.

Saxes: Plas Johnson, Bill Green, Steve Douglas, Jackie
Kelso, Jim Horn, Jay Migliori, Gene Cipriano, Abe Most,
Willie Schwartz, Marshall Royal, Bob Hardaway, John
Klemmer, Bud Shank, Paul Horn, Tony Ortega, Buddy
Collette, Ted Nash, Bob Cooper, Ronnie Lang, John
Bambridge, Pete Crisleib, Tom Scott, John Lowe, Julie
Jacobs, Babe Rushton, Dick Houlgate, Harry Klee, Bill
Holman, Harold Batiste, Chuck Gentry, Justin Gordon,
Benny Golson, Bill Hood, Jack Montrose, Ernie Watts,
Jack Nimitz.

Trumpets: Ollie Mitchell, Tony Terran, John Audino, Pete
& Conte Candoli, Blue Mitchell, Jules Chaiken, Bud
Brisbois, John Best, Harry "Sweets" Edison, Cat Anderson,
Bobby Shew, Chuck Findley, Paul Hubonen, Cappy Lewis,
Manny Klein, Don Rader, Roy Caton, Buddy Childers, Ray
Triscari, Bobby Bryant, Don Ellis, Maurey Harris, Steve
Hufstetter, Oscar Brashear, Uan Rasey, Snooky Young, Jay
Daversa, Al Aarons, Lee Katzman, Freddy Hill.

Trombones: Lew McCreary, Dick Nash, Milt Bernhart, Dick
Noel, Bob Enevoldsen, Harry Betts, Billy Byers, Tommy
Shepard, Gail Martin, Lloyd Ulyate, George Roberts, Bob
Brookmeyer, George Bohanon, Gil Falco, Bobby Knight,
Charlie Loper, Dick Gould, Vern Friely, Kenny Shroyer,
Mike Barone, Grover Mitchell, Dick Hyde, Lou Blackburn,
JJ Johnson, Dave Wells, Curt Berg, Frank Rossolino,
Tommy Pederson, Dick Leith, Chris Riddle.

String Bass: Chuck Hamilton, Joe Comfort, Don Bagley,
Adlophus Alsbrook, Al McKibbon, Chuck Berghofer, James
Bond, Red Mitchell, Red Calender, Lyle Ritz, Buddy Clark,
Cliff Hils, Ray Brown, Joe Mondragon, Ralph Pena, Steve
LaFever, Monty Budwig, Irving Edelman, Chuck Domanico,
Abe Luboff, Jim Hughart, Morty Corb, Gene Cerico, Bob
Stone, Frank De La Rosa, Ray Durand, Bob West, Peter
Mercurio, Mike Rubin, Ed Gilbert, Nat Gangursky, Abe
Siegel, Sid Weiss, Jerry Scheff, Carson Smith, Rolly
Bundock, Don Greif, Ray Neopolitan, Mel Pollan, Bob
Berteaux, Max Bennett, Ray Siegel, Milt Kestenbaum.

Elec. Bass: Ray Pohlman (first No. 1 call studio bassist
LA 1957-1964+, was musical conductor of "Shindig" TV
Show), Arthur Wright, Rene Hall, Bob West, Larry
Knechtel, Buddy Clark, Chuck Berghofer, Jim Hughart, Joe
Osborn, Max Bennett, Steve LeFever, Jerry Scheff, Lyle

Strings: John Vidor, Harry Bluestone, Lenny Malarsky,
George Poole, Ed Lustgarten, Virginia Gill, Jimmy
Getzoff, Eleanor Slatkin, Fred Katz, Ray Kramer, Tibor
Zelig, Erno Neufelder, Fred Seykora, Bobby Bruce, Nate
Kaproff, Jerry Reisler, Sid Sharpe, Al Saparoff, Anatol
Kaminsky, Ray Kelly, Jerome Kessler, Ann Karam, Arnold

Harmonica: Tommy Morgan, Toots Theilman.

French Horns: Vince De Rosa, Dick Perissi, Bill Hinshaw,
David Duke, Willie Ruff, Dwight Carver.

Harpists: Catherine Gotthoffer, Dorothy Remsen, Stella
Castellucci, Gayle Levant, Joy ______

Accordian: Carl Fortina, Pete Jolly, Frank Marocco,
Dominic Frontiere, Jimmy Haskell.

Studio Singers: Jackie Ward, Gracia Nitzche, Bob Alcivar
Singers, Billie Barnum, Susie Tallman, Gordon Mitchell,
Gene Morford, Ian Smith, Ron Hickland singers, Randy Van
Horne Singers (Vangie, B.J., Mary, Hugh, Thurough, Bob
Zwern, Sue, Allen), the Blossoms (Darlene Love, Fanita,
Jean King), Johnny Mann Singers, Jack Halloran Singers,
Jimmy Joyce Singers, John & Tom Bahler, Al Capps
(Eligibles), George Tipton, Ian Freebairn-Smith, Brenda
& Pat Holloway, Clydie King, Ray Pohlman, Loren Farber,
Tom Bosley, Betty Burke, Barbara Caton, Clark Gassman,
Don Robertson, Scott Page, Merrie Clayton, Sally Stevens.

There are more than this list, but this gives you a
picture of the musicianship, a real family of talented
people, who made 1,000s of recordings of the late 50s,
60s, early 70s, etc.

Carol Kaye

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Message: 5
   Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 16:48:01 -0700
   From: "Chris Carter" 
Subject: Exile on Sunset on Spike Radio (Vol.2)

Hey Now!

"Exile on Sunset" is up and running! Yes you can listen
24 hours a day...... 7 days a week to non-stop hand
picked classic cool sounds.The show will change every

Here's what you do ...after clicking on 

1. Go to "Radio"...
2. Pick your speed (56K)....etc...
3. Scroll down to ROCK-CLASSICS
4. LISTEN....(a child can do it!!!!)

Here's what you can hear this week

Velvet Underground, The
Rock & Roll
Warner Bros.

Calloway, Cab
Reefer Man
Ost - Grass

Dylan, Bob
Ballad Of A Thin Man
Highway 61 Revisited

Quicksilver Messenger Service
Fresh Air
OST - Grass

Rolling Stones, The
Their Satanic Majesties Request

Flamin Groovies, The
Teenage Head
Groovies Greatest Grooves

Cooper, Alice
Slick Black Limousine
The Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper

Presley, Elvis
Bossa Nova Baby
Sings Leiber & Stoller

Monkees, The
Porpoise Song (Theme From "Head")

Beatles, The
Blue Jay Way
Magical Mystery Tour

Electric Light Orchestra
Oh No Not Susan
On The Third Day

Wood, Roy
The Definite Album
BR Music

Bolan, Marc
Hippy Gumbo
The Beginning Of Doves

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Catblack (The Wizard's Hat)
Castle Communications

T. Rex
Tenement Lady/Darling
Left Hand Luke: The Alternate Tanx

Cars, The
Moving In Stereo
The Cars

Alexander, Willie
Mass. Ave
V/A - DIY - Mass. Ave.:The Boston Scene (1975-83)

Mission Of Burma
That's When I Reach For My Revolver
V/A - DIY - Mass. Ave.:The Boston Scene (1975-83)

Marquee Moon
Marquee Moon

Only Ones, The
Another Girl, Another Planet
V/A - DIY - Teenage Kicks:UK Pop 1

Uncontrollable Urge
Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology

Cramps, The
Human Fly
Psychedelic Jungle/Gravest Hits

Drake, Nick
River Man
Five Leaves Left

Simon And Garfunkel
Scarborough Fair/Canticle
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, And Thyme

Buckley, Tim
Ashbury Park Version 2
Works In Progress

Young, Neil
Expecting To Fly

Morrison, Van
Slim Slow Slider
Astral Weeks
Warner Bros.

Clash, The
The Right Profile
London Caliing

Hunter, Ian
All American Alien Boy
Once Bitten Twice Shy

John, Dr.
Right Place Wrong Time
The Ultimate Dr. John

Little Anthony & The Imperials
Shimmy, Shimmy, Ko-Ko-Bop
V/A - Dick Van Dyke's Dance Party

Jackson 5
Goin' Back To Indiana
Greatest Hits

Edmunds, Dave
I Hear You Knocking
V/A - Incredible Collections:Wheel Of Knowledge

Sensational Alex Harvey Band, The
Gang Bang
The Collection
Castle Communications

Coz I Love You
Feel The Noize - Slade Greatest Hits

Wig Wam Bam
The Best Of Sweet

Roxy Music
Editions Of You
For Your Pleasure

Eno, Brian
Third Uncle
Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)

Be Bop Deluxe
Mill Street Junction
Tramcar To Tomorrow

City Boy
Deadly Delicious
City Boy
Bear Tracks

Bowie, David
Unwashed And Slightly Dazed
Bowie At The Beeb

Bowie, David
White Light/White Heat
Bowie At The Beeb

Bowie, David
Cracked Actor
BBc Radio Theatre, London, June 27, 2000

Fall, The
Bill Is Dead
Cog - Sinister

Velvet Underground, The
Some Kinda Love
The Velvet Underground

Smith, Patti Group
Space Monkey

Doors, The
The Soft Parade
The Soft Parade

Mothers, The
The Mud Shark
Fillmore East - June 1971

Faces, The
Too Bad
The Best Of Faces: Good Boys...When They're Asleep...
Warner Archives/Rhino

Stewart, Rod
True Blue
Never A Dull Moment

Wood, Ron
Sure The One You Need
I've Got My Own Album To Do
Warner Bros.

Beck, Jeff
I Ain't Superstitious

Jam, The
The Butterfly Collector

Rich Kids
Ghosts Of Princes In Towers
V/A - DIY - Teenage Kicks - UK Pop 1 (1976 - 79)

Band, The
Whispering Pines
The Band

Young, Neil
Broken Arrow

Beach Boys, The
Here Today
Pet Sounds

Revere, Paul & The Raiders
The Essential Ride 63-67

Who, The
Glow Girl
Odds And Sods

Who, The
Pictures Of Lily
BBC Sessions

Small Faces
Itchycoo Park
OST - Grass

Mick Jagger
Memo From Turner
OST - Performance
Warner Bros.

Lomax, Jackie
Sour Milk Sea
Is This What You Want?

Beatles, The
Think For Yourself
Yellow Submarine

Lowe, Nick
So It Goes
The Best Of Nick Lowe

Lowe, Nick
So It Goes
The Best Of Nick Lowe

Ever Fallen In Love 
V/A - DIY - Starry Eyes - UK Pop 2

Robinson, Tom Band
All Right All Night
Razor & Tie

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