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Spectropop V#0004

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 11/1/97
               _, __, __,  _, ___ __,  _, __,  _, __,
              (_  |_) |_  / `  |  |_) / \ |_) / \ |_)
              , ) |   |   \ ,  |  | \ \ / |   \ / |  
               ~  ~   ~~~  ~   ~  ~ ~  ~  ~    ~  ~  
       Volume #0004                                 11/02/97
    Subject:     Re: Barry & The Tamerlanes
    Sent:        11/1/97 12:21 AM
    Received:    11/1/97 8:04 AM
    From:        Jack Madani,
    To:          Spectropop,
    Spectropop List,,Internet writes:
    >I was wondering if anyone had information on 'I Wonder What She's  
    >Doing Tonight' by Barry (DeVorzon) & The Tamerlanes.
    Is this the same song that was also done by Boyce & Hart?  I always 
    assumed B&H were the writers of that song.
    Jack Madani - Princeton Day School, The Great Road,
       Princeton, NJ  08540
    "It is when the gods hate a man with uncommon abhorrence that they
     drive him into the profession of a schoolmaster." --Seneca, 64 A.D.
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    Subject:     Re: Barry And The Tamberlanes
    Sent:        11/1/97 9:10 AM
    Received:    11/1/97 10:31 AM
    From:        David Bash,
    To:          Spectropop,
    > Subject:     Barry & The Tamerlanes
    > From:        Kevin & Collette Mangold,
    > Hello all!
    > (And thanks to those irresponsible enough to let me on the list!)
    > I was wondering if anyone had information on 'I Wonder What She's Doing
    > Tonight' by Barry (DeVorzon) & The Tamerlanes.
    > It was a minor success and the album, released on Valiant is almost
    > impossible to find.  (With all of the re-issue labels popping-up, it
    > seems strange that no one has seen fit to re-issue this one.
    > Great song, catchy production and sounds eerily like Gary Lewis doing
    > the lead vocal!  Check it out!
    > Rock On!
    > Kevin
    Hi Kevin,
    Welcome!  I have had the pleasure of reading several of Collette's posts
    on the Audities list, and have also made some cool tape trades with her!
    Yeah, I'd love to see the Valiant album reissued as well!  You may
    already know this, but the song "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight" does
    appear on two CDs:
    One Hit Wonders of The 60s Volume 1 (Rhino Records)
    Rock N Roll Era-60s Juke Box Memories (Time-Life)
    Of course, the song appears in mono on those CDs.  I don't believe it
    exists in stereo, but I've wished for a long time that someone would
    find a stereo master.  What a great song it is!
    I've got a question for list members:  Which do you like more: "I Wonder
    What She's Doing Tonight" by Barry And The Tamberlanes, or "I Wonder
    What She's Doing Tonite" by Boyce & Hart.  I'd vote for the former, but
    it's damn close!
    Do any of you remember the "I Dream Of Jeannie" episode with Boyce &
    Hart and Spector?  Hilarious stuff!!
    Spectropop Rules!!!!!
    Take Care,
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    Subject:     RE: Phil Spector Christmas LP
    Sent:        11/1/97 4:57 AM
    Received:    11/1/97 8:04 AM
    From:        Marc Miller, marXXX@XXXXXXom
    To:          '',
    DICKY G, re:
    >>This is such a wonderful album that I would love to get it on CD.
    I have not been able to find it.
    Does anyone know if it's available?<<
    While it's already been pointed out that the Xmas LP is available on the
    Spector Box, it's also available by itself on ABKCO 4005.  Be sure to
    rush out and buy it today, so Allen Klein has enough money for Xmas...
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    Subject:     Bring Me The Head Of Lou Adler
    Sent:        11/1/97 6:11 AM
    Received:    11/1/97 8:04 AM
    From:        MCG&WSM,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jamie LePage writes:
    >I don't have an inside scoop that I can speak of, but I have a feeling it 
    >is not the *album* that Carole hates, rather, I guess she isn't all that 
    >chummy with a certain Mr. Adler. Still, I don't think she has approval 
    >rights on reissues, so it may just be that the U.S. label doesn't view 
    >the album as having sufficient commercial potential. 
    I'm not sure how relevant this is, but I have a CD which I keep 
    under several layers of concrete and lead, and only touch 
    wearing thick gloves and a full-body anti-contamination suit.  
    This is - or looks like - a straight CD transfer of Carole's 
    Wrap Around Joy, an album I always liked, for reasons that have 
    nothing at all to do with the music, and probably earn me the 
    Sad Bastard of the Year Award.  Personal associations, sob, 
    those were the days, where is she now - you get the picture. 
    This CD looks *just* like Wrap Around Joy - until you put it on, 
    that is. Don't do it, folks.  On every single track, a crude 
    disco beat has been lashed on and secured with six-inch nails, 
    mixed way high, not at all unlike the legendary Dutch mix of the 
    Beach Boys' Bluebirds Over The Mountain.  Judas Priest, it's 
    awful.  But it's on a legit European label. It is not a boot.
    I just *can't* believe Carole is freely allowing this sort of 
    thing to happen to her back-catalogue.  Do that to something of 
    mine, and you're dead, friend.  Like, *now*.  This CD is worth 
    ten years' hard of anyone's time; the guy who ices the creep who 
    did this can hide out with me, any time.  If Adler (who produced 
    the original) licensed this dog, Carole is not just going to be 
    "not all that chummy" with him - she's going to be hunting him 
    down with heavy armor and air cover.  And I'm with her.  Maybe 
    she fears a similar fate for The City, and has buried the master 
    somewhere in Death Valley.
    Anyone know anything more about this?
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    Subject:     Return To Brill Days
    Sent:        11/1/97 7:46 AM
    Received:    11/1/97 10:30 AM
    From:        David Marsteller,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Thanks to this list I've been thinking about the Brill building and  
    Motown's 60's songwriting organization and was wondering if something  
    similar could sprout and flower again. I think one of the main hindrances 
     is the opinion (created post Beatles and Dylan) that an artist was  
    inferior if he (or she) didn't write their own material.  For some 
    peculiar reason, Nashville doesn't attach this stigma to its artists. 
    Perhaps this is why Nashville still has a fairly active songwriting  
    community. Do you think we might be able to come back to the approach  
    that an artist with a good song is just that, and not really be concerned 
     on whether the song is self-written or not?
    /**   "Reach out and grab a fistful of now"                            **/
    /**                                             Thornetta Davis        **/
    /**      David Marsteller                       **/
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    Subject:     Salt Water Taffy
    Sent:        11/1/97 3:42 AM
    Received:    11/1/97 5:24 AM
    From:        Keith D'arcy,
    To:          Spectropop,
    Hello all....
    This should be an easy one.  Does anyone out there know where I can get a 
    copy of the Salt Water Taffy LP in relatively good shape?  My Salvation 
    Army special is quite the worse for wear.  
    Long shots:  Anyone out there know where I can locate the New Wave LP on 
    Canterbury?  Heaven Bound with Tony Scotti?  Robert Lester Folsom's Music 
    and Dreams?
    Tapes would be fine!  Swaps available...  I have some unreleased Margo 
    Guryan songs!!!
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    Subject:     Re: Spectropop V#0003 and Japanese CD dates
    Sent:        11/1/97 9:59 PM
    Received:    11/1/97 10:00 PM
    To:          Spectropop List,
    In Spectropop V#0003, DerekAldenBill surprises all with the 
    lowdown on Sharon Marie, Laura Nyro gets not one but two 
    mentions, and Jack Madani already delves into the Ribowsky 
    Spector biography. Fantastic!
    Jeffrey Glenn asks:
    >Released December 12, 1993
    >There's also a date on it of December 11, 1995, possibly the date it  
    >was to be deleted (...Can you give us an idea if the dates on  
    >Japanese CD's indicate the issue and deletion dates?)
    The former date is indeed the release date. The latter date, 
    always two years after the release date, is the date until which 
    the CD is restricted from commercial secondary uses. There is a 
    two-year restriction in Japan on renting to the public CDs of 
    international repertoire.
    Hope that helps!
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    Subject:     Darlene & goose bumps
    Sent:        11/1/97 12:33 AM
    Received:    11/1/97 8:04 AM
    From:        Jack Madani,
    To:          Spectropop,
    Spectropop List,,Internet writes: >btw, the build 
    just before the release in "Christmas (Baby Please  >Come Home)" where 
    Darlene sings "please, please" never fails to  >move me.
    Amen to that!  I always get chills at just the same moment.
    Say, I was in a video store and they were playing the Schwarzenegger Xmas 
    movie from last year.  I think it's called "Jingle All The Way," but 
    don't hold me to that.  Anyhow, there was a snippet of a tune that 
    sounded very much like a Spectorian recording, but the lead singer 
    sounded like Jonathan Richman.  Anyone with the soundtrack to this movie 
    out there who could enlighten me a little?  I'd appreciate it.  Granted 
    this isn't exactly within the purview of this list, but I'm so in love 
    with pop music of the early sixties that I'm always on the lookout for 
    latterday recreations of that sound.  Faux Spector, Jamie and I call it.
    And finally, let me also say [belatedly] welcome to everyone.  I have the 
    same feeling I had when I first discovered a Beach Boys list, namely, 
    hallelujah, a place where I can hang out with the other freaks!  I can't 
    tell you how ticked off I get when I hear or read about how there was no 
    good music between Buddy Holly's death and the British Invasion.
    Jack Madani - Princeton Day School, The Great Road,
       Princeton, NJ  08540
    "It is when the gods hate a man with uncommon abhorrence that they
     drive him into the profession of a schoolmaster." --Seneca, 64 A.D.
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    Subject:     leiber & stoller ... & mann
    Sent:        11/2/97 12:56 AM
    Received:    11/2/97 1:45 AM
    From:        Brent Kubasta,
    To:          Spectropop  List,
    for those who have been discussing influences on leiber & stoller, i
    recommend a visit to your local library to seek out the short story
    "disillusionment" by thomas mann. any l&s (or peggy lee!) fan will find
    this story *very* enlightening.
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