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Spectropop V#0047

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 2/28/98
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         Volume #0047                             03/01/98
    Subject:     Calling All Music Writers
    Sent:        2/27/98 8:38 AM
    Received:    2/28/98 3:02 AM
    From:        Paul MacArthur, rtf_XXX@XXXXXXdu
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I am looking for experienced music writers for a project I will be 
    starting this summer.  If you are a SOLID writer please contact me 
    OFF-LIST for details.
    I am interested in writers who specialize in one or more of the following 
    genres: rock, pop, jazz, folk, country, r&b, lounge, classical, new age.
    Historical knowledge is a plus!!!
    - Paul
    Album of the Week: Beach Boys HOLLAND
    RIP: Carl Dean Wilson (1946-1998)
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    Subject:     doc rock's take on Nino & April
    Sent:        2/25/98 9:41 PM
    Received:    2/27/98 1:48 AM
    From:        Jack Madani,
    To:          Spectropop  List,
    dockrockz sed:
    > I could not disagree more with the comments about Nino 
    > Tempo and April Stevens CD SWEET AND LOVELY, which I 
    > reviewed last year for Discoveries magazine.
    Well, as you no doubt saw from the subsequent Spectropop digest, I myself 
    *also* disagreed with my first comments.  Anyhoo...
    > The 1985 cut, "I'm Fallin' For You," is 
    > uncharacteristically country, with Nino yodeling.
    Personally, I like the wacky lyrics best about this cut.  My wife, who 
    was in the next room while I was playing this disc, thought I had changed 
    the cd when I'm Fallin For You came on.
    > "Teach Me, Tiger," a pre "Deep Purple" April solo hit 
    > record from 1959, was inspired by a very popular TV ad of 
    > the time for hair cream.  In the ad, a pre-Get Smart 
    > Barbara Feldon rolled around on a tiger rug and growled, 
    > "Hi, Tiger!" to the camera.  The sound was pre-Ginger, 
    > more Marilyn-Monroe-in-the-fifties.
    Of course, Ginger was doing her own take on Marilyn.  Did you ever see 
    her sing I Wanna Be Loved By You on Gilligan's Island?  Not all that far 
    removed from Teach Me Tiger.
    But that begs the issue of the inspiration for the track, which I find 
    utterly fascinating!  I guess that would be kind of like how the 
    Pepsodent ad ("you'll wonder where the yellow went...") begat "Who Wrote 
    The Book Of Love."  Thanks for passing along that tidbit of information, 
    > "I Love How You Love Me," is a masterpiece, perhaps my 
    > favorite non-hit  record from the mid-sixties.  Nino and 
    > April belt it out, complete with  bagpipes and electric 
    > guitar!  Hey, it worked for me when I bought the  single 
    > in 1965, and it's even greater in stereo CD sound.
    I still find the bagpipes to be a distraction from an otherwise rocking 
    track, but I certainly won't begrudge you the right to like it.  In 
    general, the whole album has grown on me since my first impressions.
    >One of the best cuts is "The Coldest Night of the Year,"
    I'll agree with you there.  It's a marvelous song.  Personally, I think I 
    like You'll Be Wanting Me Baby better.  But TCNOTY is a winner, no doubt 
    about it.
    >The only criticism I have of the CD is that it left out 
    >wonderful cuts  like "I Surrender Dear," ""Our Love," "My 
    >Old Flame," "Sea of Love/Dock  of the Bay (medley)," and 
    >"No Hair Sam" (a great answer record to Charlie  "Mohair 
    >Sam").  Maybe if we're lucky, there'll be a volume two?
    But here's the thing:  the cd has plenty of room on it.  Why DIDNT they 
    add a few other tracks?
    In a similar vein, I'm slightly peeved that the WB "Girl Groups Of The 
    60's" cd only clocks in at 47 or 48 minutes.  Why not add a few more 
    songs?  Compilations like these aren't necessarily going to be harmed by 
    too many tracks, since they don't have the cohesive integrity of an 
    original elpee of songs.
    Ace and Sequel seem to be two of the better reissue labels for giving the 
    listener as much music as the medium will bear.
    Jack Madani - Princeton Day School, The Great Road,
       Princeton, NJ  08540
    "It is when the gods hate a man with uncommon abhorrence that they
     drive him into the profession of a schoolmaster." --Seneca, 64 A.D.
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    Subject:     March Discoveries
    Sent:        2/25/98 2:30 AM
    Received:    2/25/98 8:07 AM
    From:        Marie-J. Leclerc,
    To:          Spectropop  List,
    Hi, I've just bought the latest Discoveries (March 1998 #118) and there 
    is a great page remembering Nick Venet, and also a review of the Pet 
    Sounds Sessions. With pic of Brian with Leaf and Venet. Also, very 
    interesting articles on the British Blues, and, Peter Green!
    Take care, Marie
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    Subject:     Re: Salute To NASCAR
    Sent:        2/25/98 10:47 PM
    Received:    2/27/98 1:48 AM
    From:        Paul Urbahns, PaulurbXXX@XXXXXXm
    To:          Spectropop  List,
    Does anybody on the list live close enough to a UNION 76 gas station to 
    purchase a copy of the Salute To NASCAR CD by MIke Love, Bruce Johnston 
    and David Marks of The Beach Boys? I'd probably be willing to buy the gas 
    too if necessary.
    Email me direct. PaulurbXXX@XXXXXXm
    No UNION 76 stations in Kentucky.
    Paul Urbahns
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