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Spectropop - Digest Number 3

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There are 4 messages in this issue.

Topics in this digest:

      1. ADMIN NOTE
           From: Spectropop Admin
      2. Re: Greasy Bass Band
           From: Carol Kaye 
      3. The Nice Age-7/16/00
           From: David Ponak
      4. Re:  Scopitones
           From: Frank 


Message: 1
   Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 10:29:57 -0000
   From: Spectropop Admin

Dear Friends at Spectropop,

With the release of Digest Number 2, the new Spectropop
List is up and running. Thanks to all for patience during
the transition.

As a reminder, subscribers may change their subscription
setting from "daily digest" to "email each message" if so 
desired by visiting the eGroups website at

Please note that Digest Number 1 was a test edition and
was not sent to list members. The new list commences with
Digest Number 2.

Should anyone need help with their subscription settings,
please feel free to contact Spectropop Admin at any time.

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Message: 2
   Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 10:16:49 -0700
   From: Carol Kaye 
Subject: Re: Greasy Bass Band

> I just picked up a copy of a two year old British
> compilation called The New Testament of Funk. Lots of
> groovy breakbeat, samplicious selections and funky stuff
> in general. Track #4 is listed as "Bass Catch" and
> credited to artists "Carol Kaye & The Greasy Bass Blues
> Band" which feature I suppose lottsa Carol Kaye samples
> looped into a heavy bass/beat sound.....Kind of
> interesting...JB

Hmmm...thanks for the information, I had no idea of that's a direct lift-off of my CD "First Lady Of Bass"
which has the 4 tracks that Ray Brown and I did together,
has John Guerin on drums, Howard Roberts on guitar, and
Milt Holland on percussion.  Well, just another reason to
confront someone who is using my stuff without paying me,
thanks for the information.  And if anyone else out there
comes across my things, please let me know...they rip off
the studio musicians too for any royalties.

I have been hearing all kinds of reports of Bert Gerech
of HotWire Records, and it's always something to know
finally the deception of what is going on with theft of
my music. I will be terminating any contracts with
HotWire Records because of this blatant use of my music, 

The Union gal even has been saying "that's not you guys on
Feelin' Alright, that's a copy" thereby the companies are
now getting away with their direct copy of our works (yes
it was us....they can't copy that recording note-for-note
feel-for-feel like the way we did it, no-one is *that
experienced* and we know our playing, like the sound and
feel of our oral voices)...just because a union employee
was told that by an advertising company, and she, not
wanting to go through the trouble of checking with the
recording co. bought it, so we now don't get any royalty
or re-use (geez, $160.00 I can't count on now, that would
have broken them to pay out $750.00 to pay the musicians
and the Union).

So any help I can get on this, sure appreciate it.

I'm fairly lucky, I have a teaching career, wrote the
leading bass tutors, video courses, and am the resident
bass educator at the famous and prestigeous Henry Mancini
Institute-UCLA, and still do seminars, but most of us
don't have that opportunity and are in poor health and
need that extra monies to keep care of themselves....while
we're grateful for the pension, it's not "that much" etc. 
I'm 65 now and thank God I know about herbs, and know how
to take care of myself so I'm not in that
doctor-prescription trap. 

Thanks again for your information, 
Carol Kaye


Message: 3
   Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 10:54:08 -0700
   From: David Ponak 
Subject: The Nice Age-7/16/00

The Nice Age streams every Sunday from 5-7 PM (PDT) at


This week I did a double shift, filling in for Gary
Calamar on The Big Heat, which features entirely
soundtrack music.

The Big Heat

Orbital Beached The Beach OST London 31079  

The Hollies With Peter Sellers After The Fox After The
Fox OST Rykodisc 10716  

Chakachas Jungle Feve Boogie Nights OST Capitol 55631]

Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul Fallin' Judgment Night OST
Epic 57144  

David Arnold Come In 007, Your Time Is Up The World Is
Not Enough OST Radioactive 112101  

Ennio Morricone Man With A Harmonica One Upon A Time In
The West OST RCA 70714 

Lalo Schifrin Theme From Enter The Dragon Enter The
Dragon OST WB 519  

Twiggy & Twiggy I Only Want To Be With You Dead Man On
Campus OST Dreamworks 50032  

Piero Umiliani Le Ragazze Dell' Arcipelago Svezia Inferno
E Paradiso OST Right Tempo 901  

The Bob Crewe Generation & Glitterhouse An Angel Is Love
Barbarella OST Dynovoice n/a 

Paul Williams The Hell Of It The Phantom Of Paradise OST
A&M 4106  

Angelo Badalamenti The Mysteries Of Love Blue Velvet OST
Varese Sarabande 47277  

Roy Ayers King George Coffy OST Polydor 2622  

Astro Boy Theme Astro Boy OST Crown 15514  

Lupin III Theme (FPM Remix) Punch The Monkey Heatwave

Bjork Amphibian Being John Malkovich OST Astralwerks

Roy Budd Getting Nowhere In A Hurry (Instr.) Get Carter
OST Castle 001  

Manfred Mann My Little Red Book (Film Version) What's New
Pussycat? OST Rykodisc 10740 

The Wondermints Austin Powers Austin Powers OST Hollywood

Hugo Montenegro Theme From "The Fox" The Mad Mad World Of
Soundtracks Motor 449  

Lalo Schifrin Ice Pick Mike Bullitt OST WB 783  

Sofia Loren Soldi Soldi Soldi Boccaccio '70 OST RCA 116 

Dino, Desi , & Billy The The Wind And Sea Follow Me OST
UNI n/a  

The Bugaloos The Bugaloos The Bugaloos Capitol 581 

The Celestials Juanita's Place On The Flip Side OST Decca

Charles Fox So Long Ago Yesterday Love American Style OST
Capitol N/A  

Son Of Godzilla (Konishi Remix) Destroy The Monsters
Nippon Columbia .  

Moby Oil One The Saint OST Virgin 42959  

Georgio Moroder Chase Midnight Express OST Casablanca

Vangelis Blush Response Bladerunner OST Atlantic 82623   

The Nice Age

Senor Coconut Trans-Europe Express El Baile Aleman
Emperor Norton 7028  

>From Bubblegum To Sky Shaboom They Said Me And Amy And
The Two French Boys Eenie Meenie 002  

The High Llamas Anna Lee, The Healer Caroline Now-The
Songs Of Brian Wilson & The Beach Boys Marina 50 

Groove Armada At The River (English Riviera Mix) Coming
Home Stereo Deluxe SD050 

Motocompo Take Me To Your Party Single Poplot 001  

Anubian Lights East Of Suez The Miracle Of Sound In
Motion demo n/a  

Stereolab Outer Bongolia The First Of The Microbe Hunters
Elektra 62537  

The Stone Roses Vs. Rabbit On The Moon I Wanna Be Adored
old school vs. new school vol. 2 Jive 41714  

ECD Direct Drive (The Readymade Remix) All Systems Are Go
Go ESL 030  

Saint Etienne Heart Failed (In The Back of a Taxi) Future
Shock Vocal Mix Mantra MINT 54 CD 2 

Roger Manning/Brian Reitzel Seach For Tomorrow Logan's
Sanctuary Empeor Norton 7031  

Polysics Jerkin' Back 'N' Forth XCT Ki/oon n/a  

Harco Atmosheric Shower same V2 n/a 

Esvrevnoc Bee Charmer EB Epic 1977  

Avantage Lucy Fizz Pop Station Toshiba-EMI 24346  

Kool DJ Red Alert & The Major Force Posse Prop-Master's
Party Major Force Classics Major Force 061  

Banco De Gaia Harvey And The Old Ones The Magical Sounds
Six Degrees 10122  

Space Ponch Tati Suite The World Shopping Flavour 87624  

Chemical Brothers The Sunshine Underground Surrender
Astralwerks 76102  

David Ponak-Host Of The Nice Age
c/o TOKYOPOP Music
5670 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

David Sanford-Head Of Music Programing
Spike Internet Radio Inc.
1445 N. Stanley Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046


Message: 4
   Date: Wed, 19 Jul 00 09:37:28 +0100
   From: Frank 
Subject: Re:  Scopitones

Tom Waters wrote:

>Can anybody help me out or direct me to
>where I could purchase Scopitones on VHS?  

>One more thing, does anybody know where I could get a
>video of Francoise Hardy music clips from the '60's or
>early '70's?

Hi Tom,

I should have some of these clips on video somewhere.
I'll check and see if I can locate them.



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