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Spectropop - Digest Number 1

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               Serendipity and synchronicity              

Spectropop Mailing List has moved to Since 
its inception, Spectropop's membership has grown to 
nearly 300. With numbers growing weekly, there is a need 
to automate the list in order to keep it running 

The new Spectropop email address for posting messages is: 

For those unfamilar with eGroups, it is an email group 
communication service that makes managing and 
participating in email discussion groups easy and 
efficient. eGroups offers flexibility to subscribers, who 
may vary the setting of their subscription by visiting 
the eGroups website. 

The immediate effect of this move will be that all 
members will be automatically subscribed to the new 
Spectropop group and will continue to receive the 
digests as you have before. 

Another effect of the move is that small advertisements 
will appear at the bottom of individual posts. It is a 
small price to pay for the benefits eGroups offer to its 
members. Spectropop Admin does not profit from such ads, 
and Spectropop List remains a non-commercial "hobby" list 
as it was originally intended. 

The list will continue to be moderated and spam-free. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each of 
the Spectropop List Members for your interest and 
participation to date, and we look forward to building an 
even stronger and more interesting list as a result of 
this move. 

Should you have any questions with regard to this move, 
please do not hesitate to contact Spectropop Admin.

Thank you. 

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