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Spectropop V#0425

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   Volume #0425                           July 12, 2000   
              Surpassing the State of the Art             


Subject:     Warner/Spector singles
Received:    07/11/00 11:35 pm
From:        Charles G. Hill
To:          Spectropop!

Saith Anthony G. Pavick:
> SPS 0409 - Ronnie Spector - Paradise -- I only a promo so
> I need the b-side

"When I Saw You", previously on _Presenting the Fabulous
Ronettes_ and, I think, B-side of "I Can Hear Music
(Philles 133)....cgh

 Charles G. Hill  |  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  |

           "All we are saying is give pizza chants."

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Subject:     Warner/Spector/Big Tree
Received:    07/11/00 11:35 pm
From:        john rausch
To:          Spectropop!

Anthony G  Pavick wrote:

> Can anyone tell me if there is a discography of the
> singles on Warner Spector available? I want to have a
> full run, SPS 0400 to SPS 0410, but am missing the
> following:

Hi Tony,Here is the discog. I have , taken directly from
the Fogerty/Fitzpatrick book: Collecting Phil Spector
A (*) denotes a non Spector production:
0400 Woman`s Story/Baby I Love You
Darlene Love
1401 Christmas Baby Please/Winter Wonderland
0402 A Love Like Yours/Just Enough To keep me Hangin
Lenny Bruce
Pro589 Law Language And Lenny Bruce - Promo EP
0403 Make The Woman Love Me/Running Close Behind You*
0404 Unissued
0405 Dance Dance Dance*/Rain 2000*
0406 Unissued
0407 Soul Man*/Part 2*
Pro627 Soul Man*/Part 2* - 12" promo
Danny Potter
0408 Standing In The Sunshine*/Red Bluff*
Ronnie Spector
0409 Paradise/When I Saw You
Darlene Love
0410 Lord If You`re A Woman/Stumble And Fall
Big Tree/Spector
16063 Born To Be With You/Running Close Behind You*
Warner/Spector Albums
Lenny Bruce
9101 Law Language And...
9102 Unissued (Dion)
9103 Phil Spector`s Christmas Album
9104 Phil Spector`s Greatest Hits (2 lp)

The above are directly from the book...

John Rausch

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Subject:     SOME MUSEUM! Great trip - great gig - great seminar
Received:    06/26/00 11:51 pm
From:        Carol Kaye
To:          Spectropop!

Whew, talk about a whirlwind of work, fun, work fun,
interviews, watching Debby Hastings play with Bo Diddley,
and meeting and chatting with Taj Mahal and his fine
bassist (and other musicians too, all great guys). But
back to Debby...Talk about a happening GROOVE!!  Debby
was laying it down like no-one else for Bo Diddley,
loved the drummer to. Noel Redding sat in for one numbe
(the crowd liked that), but then Debby quickly and
authoritively took charge for the master-groove again
afterwards as only she can.  Yo!!

My seminar was sold out again this time, and it was
a.great audience. We all had fun, and I'm happy to say
there were a lot of great questions from the audience
(accent was on studio work more than my normal
educational seminar, but I got a lot of good tutoring
things in there, the important stuff...)I got a standing
ovation - how beautiful! It's all on film and will
probably be shown at the museum too. 

The following day was our concert.  They placed us at
the start of the heavy concerts of the VIP rock groups.
It was a good crowd at the Mural Amphitheater, which has
a huge stage, and the crowds loved it. It was so much

I want to thank all the crews at Experience Music both
for the seminar and the live concert on stage, they were
efficient, great to work with and right there on the job.

And the museum?!  You won't believe it.  There were 10s
of 1,000s of people and it really looks great on the
outside, wild design of course, and fitting for the many
styles of music that are archived in there - it's a
heavy-duty feeling that hits you when you first look at
this powerful museum, it hints at the power inside of it
too, all the instruments, and the best thing of all: all
the inter-active things.

There is a $20 admission charge, but you get a set of
headphones and this little gadget with which to pointand
click at at all the objects in the museum to learn about
them and hear demonstrations (I can't begin to describe it
all, it's so huge and massive, with all the inter-active
stuff). You can bookmark these for downloading (with a
special number you get for later website downloading on
your computer) -- you have to do it within 30 days and
then you can put it on your hard-drive forever on your
computer for further viewing...just fantastic!

It's the DISNEYLAND OF THE MUSIC BIZ!!  You can have so
much fun examining everything and even sit down and jam
with others, playing on a guitar, drums or ? in that
museum - there are instructional things to quickly help
you learn how to play those instruments, just
amazing.....some interesting lighting things too, hi-tech
stuff from "mars" it looks like. I didn't have a chance to
go through it all, but I saw the looks on people's faces: 
they were AMAZED! You've simply got to see this place!

Ray, Mitch, and I were all happy and thrilled to be a
part of the opening ceremonies of this great event --
Seattle has a big winner there!

This museum btw is in tribute to all styles of music,
not just rock and pop, and the respect for musicians is
quite evident with the caring and the 1st class that
goes with it!  Paul Allen, himself a good blues
guitarist is to be congratulated for his caring for us
and the music industry, this is a very selfless fun
project he embarked on, andit  will prove fun for
everyone who visits for many years to come.

I just want to add that my comments on this Seattle
experience come from natural exuberance. I am not trying
to brag; simply speaking it's a new phenomenon for me to
be tho't of as a "woman" in music. Back in the 70s and
even in the early 80s, it was "cool" to be a woman
musician, to have credits like a man without question of
gender, and in the 50s there were many many fine women
musicians in jazz. It's very strange that this new way of
thinking took hold - so I hope you understand my true
motivations, my message comes from natural exuberance.

The whole experience was very wild and fun. I was amazed.
It was really something, great trip, great museum, great
experience, the Experience Music!   

Carol Kaye

Forgot to add, a beautiful little wild bird landed on my
shoulder and stayed there for minutes in the afternoon,
then just flew away, just next to the trees near the
Space Needle, to one side of the big stage at EMP.

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Subject:     The Nice Age-7/9/00
Received:    07/11/00 11:35 pm
From:        David Ponak

The Nice Age streams every Sunday from 5-7 PM (PDT) at


Yann Tomita   We Travel The Spaceways Music For Astro
Age Sony 5626  

Hugo Montenegro  MacArthur Park Moog Power RCA 37052  

Lee Hazlewood  10 or 1 1Towns Ago 13 SLR 402  

Zoo Bombs   Mo' Funky Let It Bomb Emperor Norton 7026  

Faye Wong   Love For Strangers Only Love For Strangers
Only EMI 9012  

Astrid Gilberto   Where There's A Heartache (There Must
Be A Heart) s/t CBS 

Rupert Homes   Who What When Where Why The Epoch
Collection Varese 5520  

Manning/Reitzel  Islands In The Sky Logan's Sancturary
Emperor Norton 7031 

Marvin Gaye   When Did You Stop Loving Me When Did I
Stop loving You Here My Dear Motown 37463 

Rusty Squeezebox  Expecting To Fly Isotopes Eggbert

Claudine Longet  Love Is Blue Love Is Blue A&M 1941  

Stereo Phase Update  Sunshine Superman Pop Artificiele
KK 141 

Workshy   Let It All Go Clear Heatwave 50177 

Shy    Theme For A Summer Place Atomium 3003 Bungalow

Saint Etienne   How We Used To Love Sound Of Water Sub
Pop 509 

Yellow Magic Orchestra Hi-Tech Hippies Technopolis EMI

Nona Reeves   Animaton 5 Animation WB 10011 

Das Pop   The Little Boy Llama Ranch Compilation
Trattoria 5828  

Tomovsky   Mr. 2050 Orange Fiction Dohb Discs

United Future Organisation The Planet Plan 3rd
Perspective Antilles 487  

The Orchids   I Will Call You (The 45 King Remix) Major
Force Classics File 061  

Broadcast   Where Youth And Laughter go Extended Play
Warp 129  

Kahimi Karie   Pygmalism Journey To The Centre Of Me
Polydor 1927  

The Tiki Tones  Topless Holiday The Leisure Experiment
Hecat 700139  

Underworld   Cups Beaucoup Fish V2 70422 

Orbital    Way Out The Middle Of Nowhere London 31065 

Magnetic Fields  I Don't Want To Get Over You 69 Love
Songs Vol. 1 Merge 166  

Rupert Holmes  I Don't Want To Get Over You The Epoch
Collection Varese 5520 

Capsule  Riche Et Belle Parismatic Catskills 003 

David Ponak-Host Of The Nice Age c/o TOKYOPOP Music 5670
Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036

David Sanford-Head Of Music Programing Spike Internet
Radio Inc. 1445 N. Stanley Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046

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