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Spectropop V#0423

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 06/24/00

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       Volume #0423                                   June 27, 2000   
    designed to give you many years of trouble-free listening pleasure
    Subject:     There Go the Girls
    Received:    06/24/00 9:38 am
    From:        Ian Chapman
    To:          Spectropop!
    Jack M. wrote:
    > Once again demonstrating my cluelessness, I wonder if
    > someone could help bring me up to date on the most
    > recent state of the Here Come The Girls series.  I
    > currently own volume numbers:
    > 1 (catalog NEX CD 111)
    > 3 (catalog NEX CD 193)
    > 4 (catalog SEQUEL 1012-2, and actually labeled "Volume 1"
    > but I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be volume 4)
    > 6 (catalog NEM CD 718)
    > 7 (catalog NEM CD 752)
    > 8 (catalog NEM CD 845)
    > 9 (catalog NEM CD 950)
    > What if anything comes after volume 9?  And who carries
    > the discs of this series?
    Hi Jack,
    Volume 10 was the final vol. in the series and was a
    double set, entitled "Girls Don't Come" (NEECD 327) - it
    came out earlier this year.  I think they decided they'd
    used everything worth using regarding the Pye girls,
    although I maintain they could still squeeze one more
    decent CD from the catalogue - there are still good unused
    items by such names as Sandra Barry, the Intentions, Polly
    Brown, Sam and Antoinette, to name a few.
    Can't quite figure out your catalog # for Vol. 4 - it
    should be NEX CD 238 - entitled "You Can Be Wrong About
    Boys" - my copy doesn't say Vol. 1 anywhere.
    I notice you didn't list Vol. 2 - it's no longer available,
    but it was entitled "Take 3 Girls" (NEX CD 177) and
    comprised tracks by Julie Grant, Billie Davis and Helen
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    Subject:     Q for Mr. Hal David
    Received:    06/24/00 9:38 am
    From:        Marc Wielage
    To:          Spectropop!
    Two quick questions for Mr. David:
    First, let me say that, like many others on this list,
    I've been a tremendous fan of Bacharach-David's work
    during the 1960s and 1970s.  I always felt that it was
    unfortunate that sometimes Burt's melodies got most of
    the spotlight, when the reality was that without Hal's
    lyrics, a lot of great hits like "Do You Know the Way to
    San Jose" or "Windows of the World" would've been just
    pretty tunes, as opposed to the pop classics that they
    justifiably became.
    My questions are:  Not a lot of details have ever been
    divulged about the unfortunate split-up between
    Bacharach, David, and Dionne Warwick in 1973, in the
    aftermath of LOST HORIZON.  My understanding was that
    (depending on which history book you believe) Dionne was
    either unhappy that she wasn't given any of these songs
    to sing, or that she was angry that the two songwriters
    ignored her career while concentrating on the more
    lucrative movie soundtrack market.  Regardless, I know
    that the movie was unsuccessful, Bacharach & David
    split-up, and because they couldn't write songs together
    anymore, Dionne chose to sue.
    I know it was a painful period, but would Mr. David be
    willing to tell his side of the story?  I hope that
    after nearly three decades, maybe it won't be too
    painful to recall the details.
    Secondly:  I suspect Mr. David has a lot of terrific
    stories to tell about his many years in the music
    business.  Would you ever consider writing an
    autobiography, ala Alan Jay Lerner's excellent book ON
    THE STREET WHERE I LIVE?  I bet there are many people
    out there who would enjoy reading your story.
    -= Marc Wielage      |   "The computerized authority   =-
    -= MusicTrax, LLC    |       on rock, pop, & soul."    =-
    -= Chatsworth, CA    |          =-
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    Subject:     question for Hal David
    Received:    06/24/00 9:38 am
    From:        Tom Waters
    To:          Spectropop!
         I've always thought that the most beautiful song by
    Hal David and Burt B. is "If I Never Get to Love You".  I
    was wondering how this song came into being and if it was
    written for anyone in particular.  I have two recordings
    of it, one by Gene Pitney and the other by Marianne
    Faithfull.  Pitney's version is exciting and I enjoy the
    way he attacks the song (as he does all songs), but
    Marianne's version really brings out the beauty of the
    song in a way that does it full justice.  What is the
    story behind this amazing song?
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    Subject:     Three for Hal
    Received:    06/26/00 9:38 am
    From:        Jamie LePage
    To:          Spectropop!
    Since the last Spectropop I have been listening to a lot 
    of Hal David-penned records, paying particular attention 
    to the words. I was reminded once again of how on many 
    songs the lyrics feel happy and optimistic at the hook, 
    yet on closer examination are lonely and desperate. Always
    Something There To Remind Me, What the World Needs Now is 
    Love, Do You Know the Way to San Jose and This Guy's In 
    Love With You each utilize this device to great effect; An
    instantly memorable sing-song hook segues to this intense 
    longing in the verses. I'll tell you one thing - that 
    contrast gives deep emotional impact to many 
    Bacharach/David penned recordings.
    My first question is: Did this contrast between happy, 
    catchy hooks and low, moody verses come as a natural 
    marriage to the melodies or as a deliberate application of
    learned skills as a lyricist? Would the contrast of lyrical
    mood sometimes influence Burt's melodies?
    Next I want to ask about "the one that got away." You must
    be very gratified when Close To You became such a big song 
    long after Dionne's LP version was first issued. Are there 
    any others from this particular period of your career that
    you feel have yet to reach their potential?
    Lastly, please tell us a bit about your songs. Many Brill 
    writers were signed to Aldon, Trio, Hill & Range, etc. 
    Publishing credits on Dionne's Scepter LPs list Blue Seas/
    Jac Music. Was Jac Music your own company? If so, wasn't 
    it unusual for a songwriter to be self-published in those 
    Thanks so much for your time.
    All the best,
    Jamie "one less egg to fry" LePage
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    Subject:     ONE recording session
    Received:    06/24/00 9:38 am
    From:        Rex Patton
    To:          Spectropop!
    At 08:10 AM 6/19/00 +0900, Jack Madani wrote:
    >the I Got You Babe session, because I'd like to see the
    >look on the faces of the musicians during playback when
    >they realized that Sonny "don't forget the fries when you
    >come back with the hamburgers" Bono had come up something
    >that good.  That would have been something to see.
    I think the looks on the faces of the musicians during
    and after the session would probably have reflected them
    thinking "I wonder if Sonny is going to take credit for
    this?" While the record itself is a classic piece of pop,
    the song is basically a ripoff of Donovan's "Catch The
    Wind" and the song was arranged by Harold Battiste, who,
    from what I've read, did most of the work on the Sonny
    and Cher duo and solo efforts.
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    Subject:     Sonny as producer/Experience Music Museum
    Received:    06/24/00 9:38 am
    From:        Carol Kaye
    To:          Spectropop!
    > because I'd like to see the look on the faces of the
    > musicians during playback when they realized that Sonny
    > "don't forget the fries when you come back with the
    > hamburgers" Bono had come up something that good.  That
    > would have been something to see.
    After our first session with Sonny, no-one was surprised.
    He quickly proved how great he was in the booth as a
    producer -- tap his foot in time?  No, but he could do
    something better:  produce some great hits for himself
    and Cher - he was super at knowing what kind of
    backgrounds, arrangements for what he called "just little
    tunes that weren't hardly anything"  -- he did it..
    Something I think the public really has no idea of,
    they're so fooled by the persona, the false front of what
    he's always put people on with.  He knew exactly what he
    was doing in the booth, was an excellent producer, could
    produce more different kinds of styles as hit records
    probably better than Phil Spector.
    I'm off soon to go to Seattle to do a seminar there on
    "Studio Work, the bass role in it", plus do a concert with
    our Jazz Trio "Thumbs Up" (Ray Pizzi and Mitch Holder). 
    We're playing for the opening ceremonies for Paul Allen's
    Experience Music Museum June 23-24, the only
    straight-ahead jazz group to do so.
    BTW, all the bass sounds you hear in the museum are from
    the recordings I did for EMP months ago along with the
    personally-filmed interview playing and talking they sent
    a film-crew down here to do a couple of years ago....lots
    of press on this fabulous museum.  After a chance personal
    article in the NY Times about my website etc., NPR Morning
    Edition w/Bob Edwards did a nice interview (see link below)
    and a multi-person NPR one with Brian Wilson on the making
    of Good Vibrations on this Monday 19th in the afternoon,
    so much happening.  
    Carol Kaye
    PPS.  There's also a wonderful feature interview I
    managed to get for the magazine I write a regular column
    for, Bassics Magazine, on Brian Wilson, how he wrote out
    the bass lines, etc.  Will be out in about 2 weeks in
    major music stores.
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    Subject:     that one recording session
    Received:    06/24/00 9:38 am
    From:        David Marshall
    To:          Spectropop!
    I know this probably isn't the genre under discussion,
    but Boheamian Rhapsody would have had to have been very
    interesting.  If not that Heroes and Villians.
    dave marshall
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    Subject:     The Girls won
    Received:    06/24/00 9:38 am
    From:        Paul Urbahns
    To:          Spectropop!
    John wrote:
    << Looks like Ronnie & the girls won
    True, it's too bad the girls didn't ask for non exclusive
    rights to the recordings so both they and Spector could
    license the material. The judge was right in not taking
    the recordings away from Phil. But if Ronnie had rights
    to issue them too then at least the stuff would be
    available on more than just the Abkco label. The Ronettes
    tracks along with the Crystals should be represented on
    every girl group comp on the market just like the
    Shirelles. But as long as Phil controls the masters, it
    will not happen. I have the songs myself,but the next
    generation is not going to hear them unless they get
    spread around.
    Paul URbahns
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    Subject:     The Nice Age-6/18/00
    Received:    06/24/00 9:38 am
    From:        David Ponak
    The Nice Age streams every Sunday from 3-6PM (PDT) at
    Buffalo Daughter 	Super Blooper New Rock Grand Royal
    n/a  2000-06-18 15:00:48
    Dino, Desi, & Billy	 Through Spray Colored Glasses The
    Mad Mad World Of Soundtracks Motor 553499  2000-06-18
    Steve & Eydie 		Black Hole Sun Loungeapalooza
    Hollywood 62072 2000-06-18 15:08:01
    Tahiti 80 		Butterfly Puzzle Minty Fresh mf 36
    2000-06-18 15:12:51
    Lalo Schifrin 		Music To Interrogate By Bullitt
    (Soundtrack) WB 783
    2000-06-18 15:17:03
    Capsule		Riche Et Belle  Parismatic Catskills 003 
    2000-06-18 15:19:47
    Clark Products 	Hooray For Human Engineering Product Music
    Honest-Abe 94004  2000-06-18 15:24:06
    Chakachas		 Jungle Fever Boogie Nights
    (Soundtrack) Capitol 55631  2000-06-18 15:27:59
    Chisato Moritaka 	Umi Made Gofun single Zetima 1004 
    2000-06-18 15:32:36
    The Committee 	California My Way Happy Together-The Best
    Of White Whale Records Varese Sarabande 6035  2000-06-18
    Pizzicato Five 		Sweet Soul Reviews (Turtles In The
    Night Mix) Single
    Nippon Columbia CODA 159  2000-06-18 15:39:49
    The Banana Splits 	I Enjoy Being A Boy We're The
    Banana Splits Decca n/a  2000-06-18 15:46:07
    Manabu Iwamura 	Cafe Sciantang Viva La Generation
    Readymade ********* 50250  2000-06-18 15:51:27
    The Bob Crewe Generation An Angel Is Love Barbarella
    Soundtrack Dynovoice n/a  2000-06-18 15:57:42
    Stereo Phase Update Sunshine Superman Pop Articifcielle KK
    341  2000-06-18 16:01:33
    Curt Boettcher 		Tumbling Tumbleweeds Misty Mirage
    Archives 0024 2000-06-18 16:06:14
    Doopees 		Doopee Time Doopee Time For Life
    3594  2000-06-18 16:09:47
    Nino & April 		You'll Be Needing Me Baby All
    Strung Out Varese Sarabande 6036  2000-06-18 16:14:21
    Esvrevnoc 		Bee Charmer EB Epic 1977 
    2000-06-18 16:14:24
    Giorgio Moroder 	Chase Midnight Express Soundtrack
    Casablanca 824206
    2000-06-18 16:18:17
    Spoozys 		Cosmic Surfin' Spoozys Bad News 11
    2000-06-18 16:27:53
    Yellow Magic Orchestra Rydeen (Towa Tei Remix) YMO Remixes
    Victor 60483  2000-06-18 16:32:21
    Jerry Goldsmith 	Planet Of The Apes Main Title
    Planet Of The Apes Soundtrack Project 3 5339  2000-06-18
    Adventures In Stereo	 We Will Stand Monomania Bobsled
    11  2000-06-18 16:41:03
    The Tokyo Beatles 	Can't Buy Me Love Meet The Tokyo
    Beatles Victor 12010  2000-06-18 16:43:02
    Kahimi Karie 		Pygmalism Journey To The Centre Of
    Me Polydor 1927  2000-06-18 16:46:37
    Nana Kinomi 		Suki Sa 60's Cutie Pop Collection
    King 499 2000-06-18 16:52:31
    Motocompo 		Take Me To Your Party single
    Poplot 1001  2000-06-18 16:55:12
    The Brothers Four 	Revolution Soft, Safe And
    Sanitized Rhino 71751  2000-06-18 16:58:45
    Melon 			Quiet Village Deep Cut Sony 761 
    2000-06-18 17:01:24
    The Carrie Nations 	Come With The Gentle People Beyond
    The Valley Of The
    Dolls (Soundtrack) n/a n/a  2000-06-18 17:08:04
    Tomovsky 		Mr. 2050 Orange Fiction dohb discs
    1221  2000-06-18 17:10:26
    Lee Hazlewood 	Wind, Sky, Sea & Sand Poet Fool Or Bum LHI
    97100  2000-06-18 17:17:49
    Nona Reeves 		W Animation WB 10011  2000-06-18
    Scott Walker 		Joe Till The Band Comes In BGO 320
    2000-06-18 17:24:17
    Rusty Sqeezebox 	Same Old Song Isotopes Eggbert
    80030  2000-06-18 17:29:33
    The 5th Dimension 	Summer's Daughter The Magic Garden
    Buddah 99667  2000-06-18 17:34:13
    Ladytron 		Playgirl Miss Black And Her
    Friends Bambini 4 2000-06-18 17:37:25
    Claudine Longet 	Love Is Blue Love Is Blue A&M 1941
    2000-06-18 17:40:39
    Our Hour 		Cal Flower Electric Heavy Land LD
    &K 27  2000-06-18 17:43:39
    Steve Lawrence 	The Drifter Roger Nichols Songbook n/a n/a
    2000-06-18 17:49:39
    Springs 		The Way To Another Side Picnic
    Universal 29010 2000-06-18 17:52:44
    David Ponak-Host Of The Nice Age
    c/o TOKYOPOP Music
    5670 Wilshire Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    David Sanford-Head Of Music Programing
    Spike Internet Radio Inc.
    1445 N. Stanley Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90046
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